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 So I have been thinking I really love Christmas and giving so I was thinking of doing a Christmas custom class give away to 1 person,    the custom class is just a basic $75 once the give away is done I will be gifting a member $75 worth of credits for they can  add it, 

To enter 

1:Tag at least 3 of your friends  in the comments 

2: Follow me on gaming light  to keep up to date if anything changes 

3 : wait until Christmas ?

  4: all names will be going into a draw   and will be lived streamed at Christmas Eve

If not allowed smt could delete this at anytime  

Countdown https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/christmas?iso=20181225T00&p0=55&msg=Christmas+custom+class+give+away+&font=serif&csz=1


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I'm not even trying to get followers though  I could care less.  I am doing this because its almost Christmas and giving is one of my favorite things around this year ?

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