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  1. no he didnt, we asked him to ban him, he said yes, then went afk for hours so i posted this then he came back and then ban him
  2. Your In-game:DURAMAX Your SteamID:STEAM_0:1:432494372 The player's name in-game:Night Man The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_0:1:218239007 What did the player do:DDOS threats, Spam Admin chat, Racism Evidence (REQUIRED):https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1563952891 Look at staff call What do you believe should happen to the player: Ban Any extra information: Nobody above the Rank moderator was on at this time.
  3. - support Played a server that had one and all everybody did was steal cop cars and civilians cars for no reason. way to easy to be abused
  4. -SUPPORT It is Not your job to "God Check" any staff. The Only reason you should ask for another staff member is if the sit is about the Staff handling the sit Or is in the same family as the person your calling a sit about, In my own opinion that is.
  5. Bobob, How would i go about getting such avatar made for me?
  6. In-Game Name: DURAMAX Steam Name:DURAMAXDIES3L SteamID:STEAM_0:1:432494372 Are you a Moderator+?yes How often are you on TeamSpeak? At all times when playing server. Do you have a working quality mic? yes What timezone are you in? central Why would you want to join our Support team( 100 words+) I would like to join the gaminglight support team due to being around the server for the last 8 months, i have gained alot of ingame and out of game experience and with that has given me the knowledge to help new and old members of the community in positive ways. i enjoy helping others with any of there problems. I would also like to help take the load off of some of the other support. i am very active in game and in ts. Im doing my best to get my post count up to show my forum activity. although im on forums almost at all times. I see alot of people during the peak times of the day sitting in the requesting tags section and would be more than happy to help out as much as possible. I hope im given the opportunity to help out. Thanks again -DURAMAX How do you think you could affect support staff in a positive way? I feel i could affect the support staff by keeping a positive attitude to help keep and grow a strong community How would you greet someone that has a problem in one of our support channels? I would start off by introducing myself then going on with asking what seems to be the problem and doing my best to handle the situation from there. Have you read our rules and do you promise to uphold all those rules to the best of your ability?yes
  7. As shown in the video, yes i had a gun. I put it away and had a repair tool out attempting to repair my car. when garry is telling me to drop the weapon i was getting closer to them saying i didnt have a gun out. i had a repair tool out. seeing the video i can see how that could look like me holding a pistol. but lets be honest here, we all know that if i have a gun in my hand and you try to confront me about a murder. im going to kill you. in turn i stalled time saying i didnt have a gun until other family member broke the attention of garry in which i had killed him.
  8. +/- Support knowledgeable of rules admin for along time always willing to get on staff In my honest opinion when i feel like when i have to ask for your help with a situation or a whitelist you give this inconvenience kind of attitude
  9. Lets start by pointing out the lack of evidence.. so here is the story while its fresh on my mind.. 2 people that i had called staff on were continuously carjacking me with out advert would run up to my car right as i was repairing my car. they would jump in the driver seat right as i got to 100% so i then shot and killed them.. about the 3rd time snookiebear shows up as im repairing my car and come up to me with a gun and says to drop the weapon. i explained i had no weapon and i tried to explain the situation but lets face it garry hates me and doesnt want to listen instead ignore like he does the rest of gaminglights population. so anyway i keep repeating my self i have no weapon. mind this entire time i have king in my name. well Finch also has king in his name comes up from the side of garry and starts shooting him, garry then shoots me once while i still have a repair tool in my hand then turns his attention to finch. so at this points its finch vs garry so i then pull my weapon and help finch kill garry. i feel no rules were broken and no disciplinary action should be taken.
  10. Garry kim is so excited to see you back!
  11. Although i really like the idea, Explosions in any form cause lag. we dont need any help adding lag