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  1. - Support Completely immature. I know Snar and he definitely wouldn’t do something like that based on race.
  2. MAJOR + SUPPORT - Was previous staff member - Active - Deserves another chance - Was a great previous staff member
  3. + Support Regardless if it was a “joke” it’s still unprofessional. That’s what this report is about.
  4. Steam Name: [GL] Logan Ingame Name: Logan SteamID: STEAM_0:1:149846194 Have you donated to the server? Yes, $362. Staff Restriction Length: Permanent Staff Member that Staff Restricted you: th3  Reason for Staff Restriction: Threat to the Community | Staff on (a community name) Why do you think that your Staff Restriction should be removed? (longer the better): To begin things off, I am not appealing for my staff restriction to be removed, however I am appealing that it gets shortened. The reason I think it should be shortened because ever since I have joined this community April 2017 I have loved every minute of it. After playing on this community for a while I had went and applied for staff because I wanted to help this community out in so many ways possible. Since then, I had applied for staff and had reached all the way up to the rank of Admin. I had gotten Support, Discord Moderator and Forum Diplomat. I had gained these positions because I wanted to help this community in more ways than one. I was then staff on this community for 11 months, coming into a year. Since then, I was removed from staff due to past issues and was given a 6 month staff restriction. Obviously unhappy, I took the staff restriction and was dealing with it. I was then offered a development position over at a different community. After I took that position, I was given the permanent staff restriction by th3 after someone from that community was coming over to player poach. I had never and will never player poach as it hurts the community so much and wouldn’t want to do that for a community that I loved to play on and loved everyone on it. I am writing this appeal at 3 in the morning asking for another chance to be able to eventually get staff back on this community. I had no intent to harm this community and have worked hard for everything I have here and all the friends I have on here and wouldn’t trade it for any community. Thank you so much for taking your time to read this.
  5. Logan

    Stack's LOA

    The good kind of surprises! ?
  6. + Support Almost had two times the chances of other players to clean up his act.
  7. Logan

    I'm so sorry.

    + Support for reasons above
  8. - Support for reasons above