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  1. Thank you for everything that this community has done for me. There is too many people to count and do mentions for so if I don't mention you I am sorry. Friendly Steve: Congrats on Head Admin. You deserve it bro! Still message me Shmoopy: I am going to miss you Billie Eilish guy. Fame: Thank you for being a great HoS and giving me so many chances you didn't have to give me. Thank you for believing in me. Snar: Going to miss you bro! Thank you for being a great manager and putting hard work into the servers every day. Zeeptin: Thank you for working really hard and being a great owner! Glad to be apart of this community for a year and a half and staff for 11 months. It was a great and fun time. Igneous: Thank you for working hard on SCP and bringing it to where it is today. Th3: three fiddy, thanks for working hard on SCP as well. Matthew: Thank you for everything that you have done for staffing and working hard on this community. TurdBurgler: Going to miss you Jack (now nat ) Spection: Thank you for working hard as a head admin (unfortunately removed) Thank you for giving me advice and motivating me. Will Newel: Although you will not be able to see this, thank you for being a good Canadian and running SRT for the 2 years that you did, sad to see you were removed from your position. Everyone else: Thank you for making staffing for this community and playing on this community fun but it is unfortunately my time to go. Jeffe: U R A M E M E Hannah: Going to miss you! You are a great sharpshooter as well as a great friend who can give advice.
  2. It is my time to go unfortunately. Thank you to everyone who made SS really fun. I am going to be leaving the community
  3. I am very saddened to write this message however, I am going to be leaving the community as well as leaving all my positions. It was great being able to serve Rockford City Police Department well and I thank everyone for the opportunity to be your command member for the past 7 months. Matthew: You are a great deputy chief and keep up the great work. Bob Bob: Keep doing great! Dane: I am going to miss you Dane!! Low Command: Thank you all for making it fun to work along side every single one of you guys and there's always someone's time to go and I believe that it is my time to go. Final call out, Major Logan 1L54
  4. Logan

    Logan's Resignation

    Well, unfortunately, my time has come. I am saddened to be writing this but I am stepping down from my SRT position. Thank you for everyone who made my experience great. Matthew: Thank you so much for everything that you have done for SRT and thank you for giving me the opportunity that I had to lead an amazing department. Shmoopy: I am going to miss you Billie Eilish dude. Keep in touch. Steve and Willy: Keep working hard in SRT, I know you will go far! CHIKEN: Keep being the minge you always were, (jk) keep doing great in SRT! Everyone else: Thank you for letting me lead this amazing department and helping it come to the point that it is at now. Final call out, SRT LT Logan 1T12
  5. - Support You didn't give much information. If you were blacklisted, you shouldn't be on the forums. You need to also put more effort in your appeal.
  6. Clear evidence of you prop minging as well as not complying with staff and threatening to RDM in the sit. You then go around and try to make yourself the victim. - Support
  7. - Support Although you are forgiving, what you said about Zeeptin, the person who works his butt of for the community was not right. We can’t just let you get away with it, because people have been blacklisted for saying rude and disrespectful things like that about the owner. Although I do believe you are sorry, I believe that you are sorry because you got banned for it, not because you really mean it.
  8. + Support Clear breach of the staff handbook. Evidence is clear Further action should be taken A strike should suffice