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  1. Steam Name: [GL] Logan Ingame Name: Logan SteamID: STEAM_0:1:149846194 Have you donated to the server? Yes, $362. Staff Restriction Length: Permanent Staff Member that Staff Restricted you: th3  Reason for Staff Restriction: Threat to the Community | Staff on (a community name) Why do you think that your Staff Restriction should be removed? (longer the better): To begin things off, I am not appealing for my staff restriction to be removed, however I am appealing that it gets shortened. The reason I think it should be shortened because ever since I have joined this community April 2017 I have loved every minute of it. After playing on this community for a while I had went and applied for staff because I wanted to help this community out in so many ways possible. Since then, I had applied for staff and had reached all the way up to the rank of Admin. I had gotten Support, Discord Moderator and Forum Diplomat. I had gained these positions because I wanted to help this community in more ways than one. I was then staff on this community for 11 months, coming into a year. Since then, I was removed from staff due to past issues and was given a 6 month staff restriction. Obviously unhappy, I took the staff restriction and was dealing with it. I was then offered a development position over at a different community. After I took that position, I was given the permanent staff restriction by th3 after someone from that community was coming over to player poach. I had never and will never player poach as it hurts the community so much and wouldn’t want to do that for a community that I loved to play on and loved everyone on it. I am writing this appeal at 3 in the morning asking for another chance to be able to eventually get staff back on this community. I had no intent to harm this community and have worked hard for everything I have here and all the friends I have on here and wouldn’t trade it for any community. Thank you so much for taking your time to read this.
  2. Logan

    Stack's LOA

    The good kind of surprises!
  3. + Support Almost had two times the chances of other players to clean up his act.
  4. Logan

    I'm so sorry.

    + Support for reasons above
  5. - Support for reasons above
  6. “If you haven’t been warned in 2 weeks straight from your most recent warning, you can appeal a single warning from over 3 months ago”
  7. Even though the warn was old you still need to provide a screenshot of the warn in game when you do !warns