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  1. Personally, I would only use the warn system for small infractions and to log punishments. For things such as minging and purposely breaking the rules because they think its funny, I would suggest warning them and giving them a 30 minute to 2-hour ban. The warning system truly is flawed in the fact that if they aren't long term players and they are simply here to minge they could care less if they get warned. We just need something to ensure that people know that minging and breaking roleplay will not be tolerated, because at the moment that's sadly all we pretty much see anymore.
  2. What do you want to see? - I want to start seeing harsher punishments for people who are simply on the server to minge. Frankly, I have been playing on this server now for a few years and the decreasing amount of roleplay is very concerning, something must be done in order to preserve our roleplay otherwise, we are going to start to see a steep decline in our playerbase. Why should we add it? - We should add this because our roleplay server is turning into a clownfest full of minges and people who constantly break the rules, but over and over again they just receive a small slap on the wrist. It was evident back in Valk's day that being stricter created a better roleplay experience overall, why did we get so lax? What are the advantages of having this? - It would create a more enjoyable roleplay experience for everyone to thrive and play in. Who is it mainly for? - Everyone.
  3. A New Era for State During recent months, State as a whole, has been unwillingly forced to overcome many obstacles that limited our success and potential on the server. All of the troopers in our department had to collectively step up and take on large amounts of responsibility to ensure that State could stay afloat with only limited command at the helm. However, we together have conquered these obstructions and collectively we will once again regain our supremacy over Rockford. No longer will our valiant and extremely dynamic Rockford State Police Troopers be held back and looked upon as “average.” A new dawn is arising, and we will not sit back as a department and watch our beloved server bow down to those who desire to corrupt and destroy what we all hold dear on this most glorious of servers. We are raising our bar once again, applicants will be thoroughly background checked and only the best of the best will be accepted. Our pearly gates are open to all applicants who have the appetite for immersive and intense roleplay, as well as those who are looking to join a brotherhood of mature and astute colleagues. Thank you for reading, Rockford State Police Command
  4. +Support Great guy that's extremely responsible, would make an amazing addition to the staff team.
  5. Great to hear! As DOC countinues to expand and gain new players, we hope that this type of roleplay will be much more prevalent on the server.
  6. This is a great idea, Ghostly and I will be discussing this to possibly further expand on some rules regarding how many DOC have to be on, what to do in certain situations etc... -Deputy Warden Wolfgang
  7. This server promotes player generated roleplay and the rule you are suggesting would hamper the player’s freedom on the server. However, I can agree that there are really mingy families out there and it should be a priority of ours to come up with ways to enforce stricter roleplay within these larger groups and overall on the server.
  8. I'm gonna miss you Ajax, it was an honor being able to have the chance to get to hang out and know you. We 100% gotta get on VR soon for sure and you still have to show me your skills on that bass guitar MR. we still gotta play together you bum. PS: I would have responded earlier if you tagged the right person XD ?
  9. Wolfgangg

    Buy Gas Masks

    The price for a gas mask would need to be raised to at least 200k minimum, at 25k it would be eligible for use by almost everyone and would cause gas to become obsolete and useless. Otherwise, +support
  10. Fat -Support The “deal” was made in OOC chat, which has absolutely zero RP relation.
  11. First off, I frankly dislike your attitude, it’s borderline inappropriate for your rank. Secondly, the people who would be running this ‘sub-division’are all mature players that simply desire an elevated roleplay experience and are in it only for the roleplay. We plan on having an extremely small roster to prevent from having a large department and only accepting the best of the best. Thirdly, as already stated multiple times this isn’t going to be anything like BSI. It will be apart of PD and used for only non-combat roles.
  12. +SUPPORT Advert should only be used for serious roleplay purposes and was designed to specifically limit this kind of ridiculous behavior.
  13. Name: Wolfgang Rank: Trooper SteamID: STEAM_0:1:110415690