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  1. So my computer broke down and I am kinda done with computer gaming  right now as I went though like 3 or 4 so I think I am done with this game also 

    @Freeze thank you for being such a good commander of swat I know you do not get that enough but I appreciate everything you do 

    @[GL] Mikey thank you for everything! 

    Voxis   thank you so much for being such a perfect boyfriend to me  I love you so much hopefully we can have fun on PS4 one day 

    @Ender omg I seen you grow up so fast and maturing as you ranked up though swat you really remember my self when I was very dedicated don't give up like what I did you can get pass this 


    @frog milk can't for get your ass you are one of the chillist and funniest people on the server you made my day so many times  

    @Phil   there's to much to say but the memory's we had were so amazing and you are such a good commander !

    Everyone else If I missed you just know I'll miss you this is my final 10-07 ✌️

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    2. Phil


      Vro ngl tis a sad day, always sucks to see one OG ive known for like 2yrs go 😭

    3. Ghosted


      Sad to see someone who has been with the community so long leave. We need to do an AWP duel some day whenever your ready to comeback to PC gaming.

    4. Freeze


      Honestly sucks to see you go Hannah. Thanks for the many fun years on SWAT and in the Yuki family. Hope to see you soon again.

      Take care ❤️

  2. i guess ill prob keep my money thanks ecott i just dont want to pay like $200 on models for my 2 classes and some one gets it for $30 that just doesn't seem to fair to me and the guy who copied my other model said he will most likely copy this one to because he likes the bodygroups in it but ill wait till what zeeptin has to say, i wouldnt mind him having it if he paid the amount i paid though
  3. is it possible that i could get a custom class player model locked if i pay extra because my new model i am getting is going to cost me over $100 and i wouldn't really like a person getting it for $30 after i place it in the game or do they have to pay the same amount as i do for it now?
  4. that word is so over used and old
  5. i mean you arent wrong
  6. i always give them 10 seconds idk why but i always thought it was rule you must give them time to drop the money
  7. Ingame Name: Hannah Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:422051471 Job Name: Hannah King Car change lykan_hypersport_lw < got removed from the server Change: nfsmustang (0) - Paid by STEAM_0:0:422051471 old car post proof
  8. What you want to see? - i would like to see these weapons getting buffed at the momment they are way worse than the average gun you buy from a gold or sliver dealer Why should we add it? - Makes the guns actually worth something and not little shooters what only do like 20 dmg per hit these guns should be more elite than any other gun dealer What are the advantages of having this? -Buffed guns and makes people want to get on elite gun dealer and makes players actually wanna buy there gun's Who is it mainly for? - Links to any content -
  9. Hannah

    im still bad btw

    @Freeze promote this cdt
  10. -support learn some respect for the dead