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  1. -support Blatant staff disrespect, you deserved your punishment Every encounter I’ve had with you was negative. Whether it’s you copbaiting, or you being a minge while on government. You don’t have your own evidence.
  2. National Security Agency Director: Vinny NSA Chairman: Rhenic NSA Chief Of Staff: Gamikzone NSA Deputy Chief Of Staff: TBD NSA Assistant Chief of Staff: Cows NSA Division Chief: TBD NSA Deputy Division Chief: Seb SOPs: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1d7OiMIgT2iYfgr3s6kYZcscQQiz979gNhTq71xfC-Dw/edit?usp=sharing Roster: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TMfYlkABri72j-dzNs0_b9FUbLCirbXOwNfX1s_s1SA/edit?usp=sharing Application: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdpA8zB8sGRC25i20Hl2Es5B-nWJ-R07wO9GBoRXqBXz-j2Mg/viewform
  3. +Support if you were unbanned on all the other platforms, you should be unbanned.
  4. Rhenic

    warn appeals

    -Support From the looks of it, this warn was completely valid and you just don't want it on your record. That is not a reason to appeal. This is for false warns not warns you don't want.
  5. +support All command should really start enforcing this much harder.
  6. Literally 4 days left to appeal before it’s over 3 months lol We need LeapingLizard’s side of the story though .-. @Leapinglizard101 Maybe he’ll check the forums? xD
  7. Rhenic

    New Guns For PD!!!

    We don't have an airsoft gun for a pistol now!
  8. -support Never seen you on Inactive on forums Way too new to the community Not much effort in application No poll Question 15 is incorrect Good luck!
  9. I agree! You need to be much more active on the forums, Duv
  10. ^^^ I have no idea if you are respectful or disrespectful, mature or immature, etc. I have never seen you before and I would like to see you before I +support.