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  1. Dang, I remember when EMS was brought back for the first time still. You were a great Chief or EMS. Good luck on SCPRP!
  2. Rhenic


    ^^ This should fix it. If not, I have no idea. This isn’t an issue for me.
  3. Welcome to Gaminglight!
  4. +support It would be balanced too because government can use gas and we can use good guns!
  5. Congrats! I look forward to working with you guys in combined ops!
  6. Lol just wait until you get SA and it goes down to 130 like mine did
  7. This was a beautiful raid XD
  8. Less lag so we can add more stuff.
  9. Rhenic

    Minge Appeal

    Again, I didn’t originally minge you. Spection, one of our Head Admins minged you. I extended your minge after you called a few other staff and I retarded. That’s why your minge was extended. You’d have to talk to Spection about your original minge.
  10. Rhenic

    Minge Appeal

    Like I said before, I assume you got minged for interupting the PD meeting like the other 5 people. Spection originally minged you for 10 minutes because of this. You called staff about it, we came, and you called us retarded. You got a warning for staff disrespect and your minge was extended by 10 minutes, making it a total of 20. There's no point in appealing it because the minge is already over.
  11. Rhenic

    Minge Appeal

    I told you why I think you got minged originally (by Spection). Then you decided to call me and the other staff members talking to you retarded and we extended it to 20 minutes from 10.