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  1. Agreed. This screenshot does not show that Dice directly did this, but was only holding restraints.
  2. -Support You had sooo many chances to stop breaking the rules. I highly doubt all 68 or even close to 68 of your warns are false or duplicates.
  3. You can already do this. Make a crime family, get a bunch of people, have them all buy a custom class or get them access to one. Problem solved.
  4. Rhenic

    Farewell October

    You better come back to us one day!
  5. Sad to see you go October. Hopefully this isn't goodbye forever
  6. +support Active Mature Well known Knows the rules Fit to be a staff member Friendly Great at roleplay Great application Good luck!
  7. +support Clearly died as thief, causing the raid to be over for him.
  8. and it only lasted for a few hours XD
  9. Be in-game more often though