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    My man is smart enough to craft a complex and high-tech keycard cracker but has resorted to yeeting stones at security.
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    ^don't be surprised when you wonder why you aren't getting promoted....
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    Hey there! I've got no idea why you're dragging my name through the mud when in reality I didn't do anything. And for the record, those aren't the only reasons that you were removed. Hoovy too a chance on you in the first place, because I allowed him to. In case you forgot, you got in trouble with Zeeptin in the past because of your attitude, and then came back saying you changed. Clearly, you haven't, who would have guessed. Now your removal was ET was hardly shocking to me, and I'll give you the reasons why. Also, just to clarify, I didn't Ban/Kick nor tell anybody to Ban/Kick you from any Gaminglight servers, so please don't tell people I did. First off, I'm going to say that I have evidence of everything I'm about to say, however, I'm not going to post it on here because it isn't necessary. 1. Your attitude. Frankly, it kinda sucks. You have blown up on me in discord, MULTIPLE TIMES, and quite literally asked me to blacklist you from the community, while you were event team. I didn't even mention that with anybody, and obviously, you continued being ET. That was me being nice to you. 2. Throughout the course of you being event team, you've stated multiple times that you wanted to leave this "damned server". 3. Correct me if I'm mistaken, but when I denied your staff application, you went on a tirade about it and berated me in the DM's. That was the day that you said you wanted to leave the community, and then said you were going to leave the event team. Instead though, and I quote, "changed [your] mind though" "so [you] just went on loa" "but [you] want to leave this damned server". Those are your exact words (the "I"s were replaced with "you" for grammar). So in my eyes here, the LOA you went on seems to all have stemmed back to you getting denied for staff, and getting angry about it. 4. It is also specifically stated in the Staff Handbook that LOA's up to or longer than 1 month are a demotion. These are all facts, so instead of calling me abusive, let's take a look at all the facts. Not to mention the fact that you asked to be blacklisted, while being an event team, and then I didn't even mention it to anybody and let you continue being an event team. AND EVEN STILL, after this stunt you just pulled. I'm not going to blacklist you. Because I frankly don't care if that's your opinion on me. You're allowed to have it. But if you ever try to pull a stunt like this again, I won't be so nice.
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    Nice lies, Just to establish some things. You were removed for taking an undetermined LOA with no end date listed, having a terrible team attitude, and honestly you didnt seem to care about the preestablished guidelines and rules for that sort of thing until Hoovy (The Event Team Leader) removed you and issued a blacklist as the result of mass inactivity. Also I have no idea why you are saying that you were kicked or banned from any GL discord because I have gone through and double checked multiple times and you werent kicked or banned from any GL discord... So in conclusion due to the mass disrespect and smears you attempted to lodge against two great friends, your blacklist from Event Team is permanent and with no appeal and you will not be allowed to apply for staff. I wish you the best however we dont want people with your attitude on our staff or event teams. You will also be content moderated on the forums because of the following rule violation. Please remember we are a friendly community and the forums is a great place to interact as long as you are friendly and respectful to everyone.
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    What you want to see? - The removal of the rules, regarding that Epsilon-11 has to be now called in on a low defcon (3/2/1) In lore Epsilon 11 came in when the foundation was in trouble and the defcons were lowered! What is the point of lowering the defcon if Epsilon 11 cannot come in and help because we now have to be requested? I also think Epsilon 11 should be able to go inside of D block if it is defcon 3/2/ and the D block riots are out of control. I think when Secruity request MTF support and Epsilon 11 is already inside the facility we should be allowed to go and help and then leave as we usually did before. Why should we add it? - So Epsilon 11 can enter when it is defcon 3/2/1 and help the Foundation return to a defcon 4/5. So Epsilon 11 can contain any SCPS breached and assist on anything needed. What are the advantages of having this? - Epsilon 11 won't have to wait on a call in while it is defcon 3/2/1 I think thats unfair to everyone in Epsilon 11 and its against our SOP which everyone in Epsilon 11 follows. Who is it mainly for? - Epsilon-11
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    so You wanna play rust but dont have it eh Well this is your chance to win a copy of rust on steam. Comment why you think you deserve rust the most. And pick a random number between 1 - and 500. The most detailed and deserving / descriptive comments will go into a hat draw (their number) Rust giveaway finishes July 2nd. 12pm NZST
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    Accepted Player will receive a 29 week ban and a warning. Also he will be blacklisted from every foundation and CI job as well as 106.
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    Accepted! Please allow up to a week for any suggestions you have requested to be added in game or on the forums.
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    As you all know Rust is very new to us! We would like to see Rust become a long term project for Gaminglight. That being said we would like to see some people become SMT/Manager that are playing on the server a lot. We are looking for those that are constantly playing the server as well as giving great feedback to us in order to make it better. I will be looking at the players over the next few weeks to see who might be a good fit to help us!
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    I have no clue why everyone is approving this as a user.
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    Forum Diplomats As a Forum Diplomat, your main objective is to moderate the forums so that we can maintain a safe, friendly, and productive community. You are tasked with removing harmful content, defusing arguments, and ensuring the forum rules are followed. Expectations As a forum diplomat, you are expected to be well versed in the Forum Rules. You are expected to enforce them. You are expected to maintain professionalism, activity, and maturity on the forums at all times. You are expected to use the forums moderation tools in order to ensure a safe environment. Chatbox Moderation The "Pencil" Icon on the left is used to edit messages. You are only to use this when editing your own chatbox messages, you are not to edit anybody else's message. The "Subtraction" icon on the right is used to delete messages. Only delete messages from the shoutbox when a user is spamming (3+ messages) or when a user is posting links or inappropriate content. Topic/Thread/Comment Moderation As a Forum Diplomat, you are only allowed to use the 3 actions that are boxed in red. Hide - Hiding a post conceals it from being seen from regular users browsing the forums. You should only hide posts that violate forum rules, and always give a reason when hiding a post. Failure to provide a valid reason will result in a strike. Move - Moving a post is self-explanatory. You are only allowed to move posts when the person that made the post requests it to be moved. Moving any other post requires a Head Diplomat's+ approval. Delete - You are only to delete posts with approval from Head Diplomat+ General Guidelines As a Forum Diplomat, you mostly just need common sense. If something is obviously not supposed to be on the forums, then be sure to moderate it appropriately. As long as you follow the forum rules and maintain activity, you will be fine. Do not target individual users based on bias, and just do your job! Also, Forum Warnings are only to be given out by Head Admin+, so please do not use that functionality. Being a forum diplomat is a privilege, and can be taken away at any time if you are deemed unfit for the position. If you have any questions, be free to contact me. (These guidelines are a WIP)
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    Name of Job: MTF Nu-7 Commander Job Model: models/codmw2/codmw2he.mdl Job Description: The MTF Nu-7 Commander leads Nu-7 to the best of their ability. They will try to guide everybody on their feet And how to do their job properly. This job is accessible to the Colonel, Vice Commander, and the Commander. They are Security Clearance level 4. Job Weapons: tfa_m416, tfa_csgo_sawedoff, tfa_csgo_awp, tfa_csgo_deagle, tfa_nmrih_fubar, tfa_csgo_frag , tfa_csgo_flash , tfa_csgo_smoke, fas2_ifak, weapon_cuff_elastic, weapon_m9, dradio,salute_swep, cross_arms_swep, cross_arms_infront_swep, Job Salary: $200 Job HP: 275 Job Armor: 250 Extra Info: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=414865323 Name of Job: MTF Nu-7 Officer Job Model: models/codmw2/t_codm.mdl Job Description: As an Officer in Nu7, you are 3rd in command and are in charge of receiving orders from your commanders and making sure the enlisted follow them. They are Security Clearance level 3. Job Weapons: tfa_acr, tfa_csgo_nova, tfa_csgo_deagle, tfa_csgo_frag , tfa_csgo_smoke , tfa_csgo_flash, weapon_cuff_elastic, weapon_m9, dradio, salute_swep, cross_arms_swep Job Salary: $150 Job HP: 175 Job Armor: 175 Extra Info: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=414865323 Name of Job: MTF Nu-7 Trainer Job Model: models/npc/portal/male_08_garde.mdl Job Description: The Nu-7 Trainer is responsible for training new Recruits, continuing Nu-7’s growth. This job spawns in the LCZ Shooting range and has a Level 2 Security Clearance. Job Weapons: tfa_csgo_mp9, tfa_csgo_revolver, cross_arms_swep Job Salary: $100 Job HP: 100 Job Armor: 100 Extra Info: Spawns in the shooting range/ Pack already in the server / Can whitelist for operative Name of Job: MTF Nu-7 Heavy Job Model: Same as is Job Description: The MTF Nu-7 Heavy has a M249, and is usually in the front lines, covering for other Nu-7. They are Security Clearance Level 2. Job Weapons: tfa_csgo_m249, tfa_csgo_ump45 , tfa_csgo_frag , tfa_csgo_smoke , tfa_csgo_flash, weapon_cuff_elastic, weapon_m9, dradio, salute_swep Job Salary: $150 Job HP: 250 (It needs to be this high as the CI heavy is the same thing but it has more health than what it has now, and it feels underpowered.) Job Armor: 225 Extra Info: N/A Name of Job: MTF Nu-7 Sniper Job Model: models/thecubnick/warface/usf_01/sniper_usf_01.mdl Job Description: The MTF Nu-7 Sniper is equipped with an AWP. They are usually behind enemy lines, sniping them off one by one. They are Security Clearance Level 2. Job Weapons: tfa_csgo_awp, tfa_mp7, tfa_csgo_frag , tfa_csgo_smoke , tfa_csgo_flash, weapon_cuff_elastic, weapon_m9, dradio, salute_swep Job Salary: $120 Job HP: 175 Job Armor: 150 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1734349826 Job Name: MTF Nu-7 Close Ranged Specialist Job Model: Same as is Job Description: Dont change the description Job Weapons: tfa_csgo_ump45, tfa_csgo_nova, tfa_csgo_deagle,tfa_csgo_frag , tfa_csgo_smoke , tfa_csgo_flash, weapon_cuff_elastic, weapon_m9, dradio, salute_swep Job Salary: $150 Job HP: 150 Job Armor: 150 Extra Info: N/A Name of Job: MTF Nu-7 Medic Job Model: models/thecubnick/warface/usf_01/medic_usf_01.mdl Job Description: The MTF Nu-7 Medic is equipped with medical supplies, and are usually healing allies whenever necessary. They are Security Clearance Level 2. Job Weapons: Same as is + salute_swep Job Salary: $120 Job HP: 125 Job Armor: 125 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1734349826 Name of Job: MTF Nu-7 Operative Job Model: Same as is Job Description: The MTF Nu-7 Operative is the starting class, with a basic loadout, and is where everyone starts out with. They are Security Clearance Level 2. Job Weapons: tfa_csgo_m4a4,tfa_csgo_ump45,tfa_csgo_tec9, tfa_csgo_frag, tfa_csgo_smoke , tfa_csgo_flash, weapon_cuff_elastic, weapon_m9, dradio, salute_swep Job Salary: 125 Job HP: 125 Job Armor: 125 Extra Info: I decided on requesting a minor health buff on the operative because CI, A1, and E11 starters all have more health/and/or armor than the Nu7 Operative. Name of Job: MTF Nu-7 Juggernaut Job Model: models/maolong_operator_skin11_pm.mdl Job Description: MTF Nu-7 Juggernaut is equipped with the deadly Negev, and is always in the front lines of the battle. They are Security Clearance Level 2. Job Weapons: Add the salute_swep to the job Job Salary: Can't change Job HP: Can't change Job Armor: Can't change Extra Info: The model is already in the server, it just needs to be the specific Nu-7 camo. Name of Job: MTF Nu-7 Recontainment Specialist Job Model: models/maolong_operator_skin11_pm.mdl Job Description: The MTF Nu-7 Recontainment Specialist is equipped with everything necessary to assist and recontain SCP’s. They are Security Clearance Level 2. Job Weapons: Add the salute_swep to the job Job Salary: Can't change Job HP: Can't change Job Armor: Can't change Extra Info: Same as Juggernaut Final Note: Please remove https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=792509629 from the server once the update is released, it will no longer be needed for Nu-7.
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    Hello Carpenter, I say this over and over that D class either need nerfs or guns need to have their damage buffed because these constant riots ruin RP for multiple departments. The inability to control them results in situations were research cannot get D class, security gets stuck in the hallway and event team being unable to really do significant events due to the massive amount of attention they take up. I can’t even send patrols out or give researchers escorts at times. It also ruins it for the D class who actually want to RP and have no choice but to just riot. Then I have D class who say that say research is at fault and then continue to riot while those same researchers are unable to do research because of said riot they won’t quit doing. Or when I have them say security sucks at their job when no amount of security is going to stop 15+ rushes when D class have no NLR and my security do. It’s maddening to the mind for most security and research. Any nerfs to D class are greatly appreciated for the sake of RP. +Support
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    Locked to prevent arguing Pending
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    1. What is your in-game name?: 501st PL MAJ BLZL Thunder 1243 2. What is your steam name?: Legendary_Dragonborn16 or just Dragonborn16 3. What is your steam ID?: STEAM_0:1:228212453 4. Do you have any other experience with staffing?: (If yes, explain) Not being staff itself but I am a GM if that is considered staff, then yes. I have been a GM for a few months now almost and have somewhat of a respectable reputation as a good GM and people say they've liked most of my events. 5. What date did you start playing on the community? (roughly) About 1/4/19 somewhere around that time so I've been here over 7 months 6. What date did you make your forums account? Around the same time I joined the community like 1/6/19 7. Current rank on server (This is a ULX rank ONLY! Not a RP Rank)? Grand Master/Gamemaster 8. How many warns do you have on the server? Like 1 9. Have you donated? Like 120+ dollars 10. What rank are you applying for? Trial Moderator 11. Have you read the staff guidelines at You will be tested on it: Yes, read and understood. 12. Timezone: PST 13. Permission (Admin+ need this): 14. Why do you believe that you deserve the rank? (Can be any length) Because many people both who are newer or from the past know me and or know of me and know that I am not a minge and will do my best to be a Moderator for this community. I also believe that my experience as a GM will help me if I were to be a staff member too, it also covers similar rules so that I know what to do and not to do in various situations. I also feel that I am fair and not biased which is a good trait for staff members to have so player's who cause trouble get fair punishment if not any punishment at all. Another thing is that I know very well how to be calm and patient with people since I know some of our player's that join our community have mild autism, and we still respect and treat them well since I have friends with autism who are very kind and funny. I'm also a team player so if I need help with a situation I am unsure about I will make sure to consult with higher staff members. 15. How would you handle someone that is Mass RDMing and when you bring him/her to an admin sit all they do is curse at you? I would refer back to the guidelines if I myself didn't understand a rule or what the certain abbreviations mean, and I would ask for help from a higher staff to help determine a punishment for the player if one is needed depending on what they did or are being accused of doing. During a sit I would remain calm and ask them what happened after they've calmed down a bit as well, then I would go see what the other side of the story is and determine which side is more true and ask if there were any witnesses whether they are players or other staff. I would also inform them of why they are being warned and/or punished if any punishment is needed.
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    Androntel i never thought i Would see the day when i would see you resign, but unfortunately you did. We didn't really spend that much time together but i would like to rember all of them. You your a get General in my eyes. Some people might disagree with me but i say screw them, you did the best you could do to lead the Navy/MP. Two things ill never forget about you are McDrontels and the time you demoted me in the Navy. -USN Seal Team 3 CPT Warwinner PS. come pop on the server once in a while ok.
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    I agree with Lucky; however, you don’t need to wait a month. I’d just say 2-3+ weeks. Bonk, you’re a nice guy and you’re set on the right path, but some might find it harder to +support you right now due to the recent “I’m leaving” post. Even though you decided to stay, you left a bad path in some people’s mouths and that worries people in a staff app. Otherwise I’d love to see you as part of the staff team.
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    Agreed, I feel as you should wait to apply and prove more that you have matured.
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    LETS ALL CONGRATULATE RANG ON MAKING SUPER ADMIN! Rang deserved this all the way.
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    everybody gangsta untill 1 post man make application for staff
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    As the title says do you like pineapple pizza ? It’s pretty tasty and good in my opinion
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    Denied Without even letting this be up too long, i can already see that this is going to be flooded with +supports and positive comments because most see you as a friend. I, however, don't see any benefit of your staff restriction being removed. I, in fact, see it causing more problems than benefits
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    +support even though the staff members -supporting do it with there friends all the time if johhny does get warn for this everyone else who kills there friends should get an warn to,
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    player will be perm banned
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    Yesterday was a day I really regret, not only the decisions I made but the people I let down as well. These past few days there have been a lot of drama between the Guy family and the King family and a bunch of other factors had been causing stress to build up and I was not in the right mind set. Yesterday hit and a few things happened between Alistair and some other staff members that pushed me over the edge and I blew up, and I want to say to everyone involved and to all of the new and lower ranking staff members I am sorry. And I am sorry to @Alistair as well for being an ass in ooc after the situation was over. Nothing about what I did was in any way, shape, or form right and It was very unprofessional of me. I want to apologize to all of the new Trial mods as well, you guys are new to the staff team and you look to us for guidance, I have let you all down and once again I am sorry. I also want to apologize to SMT for prp, I let you guys down, there is no excuse for what I did at all, I will learn from this mistake I made and hopefully it will make me a better staff member and an overall better person. Im not asking you guys to forgive me at all, but once again im sorry, I will see you all once im back from loa.
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    I joined E11 over 3 months ago and have fully focused on it with some minor distractions but whenever it comes down to business I always prioritise E11.
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    Accepted Staff member will be receiving a permanent ban from PoliceRP on accounts of numerous issues he has caused for SMT.
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    Hello Nu7, unfortunately the same has happened to MTF that happened with gensec, I played it a lot and realized its just not for me. I also would like to put more time into research, and also join the new medical staff branch. It was really fun in Nu7 at first, and after investing so much time into gensec to finally attend the tryouts its really sad to leave, but the more I played it the more I realized security like jobs aren't my type of role. It was great serving for MTF and I respect each and every one of you for keeping our site safe from breaches and CI. Especially you Susel. Goodbye MTF and I will see you all in Site 05.
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    +Support Wezzy has been a long time friend to me and to this community. He has never done anything bad at all to harm the community in any way shape or form. It just seems like he was blacklisted for being friends with someone he goes to school with. Now that is just wrong to have been banned because of hanging out with someone in that goes to the darn same school as him. For crying out loud its impossible for them to avoid each other they live in the same town! What is Wezzy supposed to do move out of his town or block Stormzz in real life? It is ridiculous that he didn't even do anything. If Wezzy isn't unblacklisted then that should say something about this community. Blacklisting people, for this reason, is to just tare apart a friendship for no reason. This is just unnecessary and there should be a limit. The limit should not be this high. Something needs to change now and fast. My friend that I know in real life is blacklisted from this community and I'm in discord servers with him. Will I get blacklisted if I play steam games with him? Do I need to avoid him at school? Should I end my streak with him?
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    Both of you have had mingy moments, Let push passed it and become better.
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    +1 This addition would make e11 much better and give us more things to do since the combat engineers current weapon only works point blank and e11 doesn't have any weapon for medium / long range so the marksman would be great for that
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    Hey, please don’t comment on mtf posts about minging, because we all know your history, and koala has changed for the better, and everyone needs to accept it.
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    Accepted! Please allow up to a week for any suggestions you have requested to be added in game or on the forums.
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    +Support -Active -Mature -Nice person -Great Leader Good luck gamer
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    Name: Ghostly Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:60269264 Rank: Major (MAJ) Length (Provide Dates): July 1st - Sept 12-15th (9 Weeks) Reason (If private say N/A): I am shipping out to another Military base for training. I will have my phone with me so I'll be on the forums, discord and TS.
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    We did try but some things got removed in the update Please reconsider your +/- support
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    Ok, So your right about the CERT COMMANDER class. it is great atm but thats what were are not talking about (Shouldve been mentioned) Our CERT Trooper gets 150 armor and for a tac unit thats ridicously low. Our medic gets 150 aswell untill today with the update (Armor got up to 175) Our breacher gets 175 compared to SRT which gets 255 which is 80 armor more. overall i dont want to complain alot but CERT is definetly not balanced compared to other tactical units, and that you are saying that it is NOT hard to get into, first you have to get accepted into state LCPL , then you have to be active and get up to the rank of SNR (Which isnt a 1 week thing) then you have to get accepted into CERT which you have to get noticed for to get even accepted into CERT, then comes training, which isnt the easiest at this part you can still fail to become a CERT Member. For SRT you only have to be the PD rank of SM And for SWAT It is CPL and for ARU its SGT. These are all PD ranks. As i said im not going to go into full detail as i have better things to do with my life then write a paragraph, This comment isnt biased cause i am CERT Co Commander. Sorry for any spell mistakes as i am not english. CERT doensnt need a fucking dog
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    So I can sit on top of the hospital with an awp and point it at you while you are in the hospital parking lot and if I point the awp at you and you dont know it, nor hear any commands, that means it is fearRP if you were to pull out your gun and shoot a family member of the person who was on hospital? Thats not how it works
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    cough cough me cough cough
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    + Support I was the Admin that banned you. I saw that Ramon warned you for MassRDM/RevengeRDM, So i asked him how many people you killed. He told me that you RDM'd 4 people, which counts as MassRDM. I checked your ingame time and saw that you had over a day of playtime, which is more than enough to know not to MassRDM, which is why I banned you for the 3 days. Looking back, I definitely should've went to Ramon to ask him about it further and I should've talked to you about it beforehand, but I still think that your punishment is valid, as you cannot go as a fresh spawn and proceed to hunt the cop down that arrested you, then kill all of the cops in the surrounding area. I'm sorry for any confusion or trouble that I may have caused you, and I apologize for not coming to speak with you first. Edit: After talking with Ramon ingame, I've decided to change to a + Support. Ostyn was, and still is very remorseful and I believe that he should be unbanned. I would again like to apologize for the way that I handled the situation, it was very irresponsible of me.
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    If you have not received a warning in two weeks from your most recent warning, you can appeal 2 warnings from over three months old. If you have not received a warning in over 3 months, all warnings that are over one year old shall be removed. You must talk to a member of SMT to get these warnings removed, and you must be active in game. Any questions may be commented below. Thanks, PoliceRP Senior Management Team
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