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    Hello SCP-RP, This time must come for everyone at some point on a server and this is mine. I've enjoyed my time on SCPRP and have gained a lot of new skills and experiences as the management of the branch on this server has been more intense then the one on MilRP by far. But lately I've been feeling like I haven't been putting much effort in anymore as this job takes a lot more then updating a few forms every now and again. I'd rather do this then waste more time as there are expectations of the job I am holding. I'm sure War-gamer or Madviking will be more then able to take on the position I hold now but I am no longer able to continue this with confidence. I apologize to those who weren't expecting this as I have been on LOA for this week but I needed some time away and it made me realize this is fairly stressful. But I will never regret the time I've spent on SCPRP as this was my new home after MilRP had gone through some issues and for that I thank every single one of you who I have met, looked up to and mentored myself. Security is one of the base foundation branches and helps set the stage for a lot of new players on this server and I've been happy to be apart of it since january of this year. Keep the server running well and never forget the experiences we've had. Thank you so much everyone.
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    Hey guys! I'd just like to give everyone a little update or explanation on why you may have seen my activity decrease or will see it decrease. Currently, right now in my life, I've got a lot of stuff going on. I'm more involved than I ever have been. Right now I'm just trying to figure out how to properly balance everything. Attempting to find the balance between just starting school, looking at colleges, planning college visits, working a ton of shifts to help pay for school, finding time to go to the gym, helping my parents, doing homework, and also making time to hang out with my friends, you guys might see a little bit less of me than usual. I'm still doing my best to get on in my spare time, as little as I seem to have it these days. Don't get me wrong, I'm by no means going to be absent, I'm just giving you guys a little glimpse into what's going on because I feel it is important for all of you to know I'm not abandoning you all. Love you guys
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    Hey guys, I'm starting a series on my YouTube channel called LivePD: Truenorth Police where I do ride along's with various officers from various departments and record it, then put the best clips together once I've found enough of them and put them into an episode. If that sounds interesting to you, check out the trailer right here: Thanks! -Corn
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    What you want to see? - Fixing the playstyle discrepancies between US and RU. With the server regaining population again, it is well past time to finally fix the differences between the two sides. Why should we add it? - For the last year or so, it has been painfully obvious that the US and RU do completely different things. At the simplest level, US has a larger tendency to focus on the role-playing attributes of MilitaryRP, while RU focuses more on just the fighting part (War, KH, Raids). Going into more depth, it falls down into 5 main categories: (1) War Planning - A typical preparation for war for US begins something like this. If it is TDM, we get into a convoy, transport each person over to the main fighting area, unpack, set up for war, and then repeat as necessary. For Domination, we set up specific squads for each point, and use the radio to organize troop movements across the map to each point that needs it. However, for RU, communication is much less lackluster for both gamemode. After spending significant time playing as RU, it was made clear that RU has a much more "all out attack" mode. It works quite well, and is a viable plan, especially when paired with the higher skill level of most Russian players. But the problem arises when players who want to roleplay more are part of this. For players that would like to have strategic planning, Russia seems to be the wrong side to choose. Something to note about Russian strategies, is that the radio is used much less than teamspeak. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem, but the majority of RU communicates in cliques, often being in a private or locked channel with friends than communicating as a whole faction. Once again, for players that wish to work more as a team then small squads roaming around the map, this isn't a benefit. Now, some people would just simply say "Well then they should go to US!", but there in lies the issue. From a server standpoint, we should not be herding people into one side or another based a set of criteria. Take this for example: If a player wants to roleplay a lot, currently they would go to US. But if they ever want to play as a different job, with different weapons, and different team members, there isn't really an option for them. The most they can hope for is to play solo against their friends on US, for a war or two, and that isn't right. We need to be encouraging people to try out both sides, so that the gameplay doesn't get stale. If each side dedicated themselves to roleplaying as a team, instead of just nothing but point & shoot, people can get fun and exciting roleplay out of both sides, each exclusive from the other due to the creative minds of the people leading them. (2) After War Briefings - This catagory isn't something that can really just be changed manually, it will be changed over time as the other categories evolve into what the suggestions are. As it stands now, US usually takes longer (honestly a lot of times too long) debriefings discussing how to improve in war, strategies for the next war, and overall concerns. Like i mentioned earlier, 6 times out of 10 they take too long, and end up just being repeated statements and ramblings. Because of these longer debriefings it leaves less time for roleplaying, which most of the US forces desperately wants. It brings something new and exciting to the repetitiveness and frustrations of war. To try to maximum the time for roleplaying, limits on the number of PTS's that are taken should be implemented. For RU, debriefings are the opposite. They are usually straight to the point and precise, but also sometimes lack the roleplaying qualities of discussing strategy. If RU as a whole starts to practice more roleplay like actions, then this issue would probably take care of itself/ (3) Events- From a more administrative point of view as a wardog, I've noticed that mainly events that are more story based seem to please the US, while events that are more fighting based please the RU, and they don't like to go to events that don't have what they like. The biggest issue within this category is finding a sweet spot of both that will please both sides. To do this however, US needs to be willing to do more fighting heavy events, with PIC's and NPC's, instead of getting bored like they so often do, and RU needs to be willing to engage in the roleplaying part of things. For those that were there, a good balance of this happening in the past (and what I hope to happen for all events eventually) is the event by SA Awg and myself. In this event both sides had to hunt down a bomber of a village, and fight through his citadel, and execute him. It was a great balance between the roleplaying of US, and the fighting of RU, and almost all players came out of it pleased. But on some occasions, when events like these happen, people from both sides would opt out of participating. For this catagory, I would encourage both sides to be more open minded about events, and participate in them as much as possible. Even if you don't fully enjoy the event, your reactions to specific events can help wardogs and staff make better events for everyone in the future. (4) Peacetime Occupations- This category is a lot like the (1). Because of this similarity, and to avoid repeating myself, it will be straight to the point. US does missions and training, while RU almost always just does KH. This should be fixed for the same reasons as (1). US should have KH more often (Especially now that were on ghanzi), and RU should have roleplay missions. This gives a better balance and commonality to both sides. (5) Job Requirements / Usages- This one is something that just recently came to my attention, and it was something I had thought was fixed previously. Mainly it revolves around the jobs of ATC Controller, and FORECON/KGB. Before I get into this catagory, something to note: These jobs were originally created for the US side. ATC and FORECON were made part of the roleplay on the US Side, and then were later added as jobs. KGB and the RU ATC were added to balance it out and keep it equal. Because of this, there is a very large difference between what the two jobs entail on each side. On a grand scheme of things, ATC is used to control pilots in the sky and have set codes for what to do, and how to act. Both sides originally used them often when the job first came out, and then activity on them dropped off. Recently however, US has made significant efforts into using them again, and I believe it would be in the best interest of the server if RU revived it as well. In all honesty, this isn't high on the priority list, but it would be a nice touch for each side to have a dedicated airspace. The big issue of this catagory is the FORECON and KGB jobs. For US, FORECON is meant as a *special* special forces job, something like SEAL Team 6 is to the Navy. It is meant for those who excel at everything, the best of the best, and is very choosy about who gets in. The problem arises when we go to the KGB. KGB on the RU side, is nothing like FORECON. Currently, it is nothing more than just another free job you get when you hit SGT. Obviously, each side is entitled to how they want to have people unlock jobs, but in this case, it needs to be regulated server wide. The Scout and Crewman jobs get access to exceptionally good weapons and vehicles, and allowing enlisted to have access to them on RU, while US requires you to be an officer, creates a very large gap in the fairness between sides. The simpliest solution to this, is to make KGB more restrictive. It by no means has to have as much thought or backstory into it as FORECON does, but a simple raise of the unlock rank to CPT/MAJ would balance out the sides incredibly well. What are the advantages of having this? - This problem has been on the server for a very long time, and it would be great to fix this once and for all. The server population is rising again, and now would be the best time to cement Gaminglight MilitaryRP as an actual semi-serious roleplaying server. The only way for this to happen however, is if both sides come to an agreement on how to act. Who is it mainly for? - The server as an entirety. No one side has all the issues, and this post by no means is meant to convey that. Both sides need to improve in certain areas of gameplay so that the server can come to a good compromise. Links to any content - N/A PS: Once again, this in no way is meant to target one side or another. Both sides have things they need to improve on, and I implore you to read the whole post before commenting.
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    So everyone as you read in the title of this I am now leaving research. People who I don't want to name in case any of you dislike their decision and would like to ask them to think other wise (although that's not really necessary as this thing is already put up and I know what happened to Nimo). Its honestly been great in research and I don't honestly thing I should have got HOR in the first place as people used to know me as incredibly mingy, but when I was just a low level researcher I wanted to make it to the top and I did which should show all of you not to give up your research careers just like you I lost inspiration countless times and wanted to quit I think I even had a 48 hour posted before this one for research but anyway I have hope for the future of research and Weiss I am glad you are going to be the new HOR as I honestly thought you were way better then me. The only things I hoped to do before I left was to have all of you do these tags that I talk about and be less mingy in general so as a HOR's last wish please for the love of God (yes this is a pun) PLEASE DO NOT MINGE (even in my last words i'm trying to manage you) a lot of researchers have been minging lately and it needs to stop. For the rest of low command please be more involved in the fourms I don't want you to share my fate. Also for baguette Sorry about that med bay thing. Also Security please add those escorts role back I fuc[DATA REDACTED] loved those guys. Well now that I said everything I'm now going to be with Oppenheimer, good bye its been fun everyone. -Not really signed but existed by HOR Spookie Sorry Wesearch~
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    Introduction Hey guys, I am making simple/quick teamspeak banners if anyone wants one! PM me on discord (Calamity#0272). Glad I can help you guys out! Tell me what you want it to say (Normally I do staff rank, and some in game ranks) What color you want the background to be What do you want in the banner (Normally do custom classes, logos, Gaminglight icons/design) If you want anything else on it, you can always ask for me to do so and I can do my best Examples
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    Due to support for weekly events i'll be hosting an event every week at Saturday 8:00 PM EST every week. We'll be switching between fun events and story events by whatever we have planned or player choice each week.
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    It shouldn't be. The original photographer of 173 (Keisuke Yamamaoto) has no say in the concept of 173 itself. His ability to copyright goes as far as the picture and design and that's it because its his picture thus his design. However, 173 itself was made by the Foundation Wiki which information retaining on there is for free use. Let me explain. The image of SCP-173 (officially called Untitled 2004) was given to the Wiki by Kato for the purpose of the wiki however, he never released the image by the Creative Commons and because of this he holds copyright privileges to the photo. Those who use the photo or its likeness is able to face legal actions. However, The text on SCP-173 wiki is different. The text of the wiki (so everything about 173) was released in the creative commons BY-SA 3.0 and because of this anyone is able to freely use the concept and information on SCP-173 Provided they do not use the image restricted.
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    Please make sure suggestions are pertinent and relevant! What you want to see? - A set off communication commands that would work like adverts EG. /mtf /e11 /a1 /nu /ci /f and these commands would be job restricted. Why should we add it? - it would be a better solution to comms seeing as people can use that to metagame. What are the advantages of having this? - less metagaming, redacted info stays redacted. Not everyone uses /r and not everyone can be in the same radio channel at the same time. Who is it mainly for? - everyone Links to any content - addon is done just need to add job names, its less than 1mb EDIT:
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    Hes reporting the two staff for not KNOWING they can run away, the video is for proof the two staff dont know this rule, it's not showing what happened, because that's what this is for. The report is for the two staff saying that running away is not allowed in any way, but it is. This goes for everyone. He recorded the two staff saying they DIDNT KNOW that running away from cuffs was allowed. This doesnt show the running away part because there is no need for this. I suggest you read what I said above, hopefully that will help clear this report up a bit
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    An issue I am seeing frequently on the forums is that people are so quick to respond to a post with a -/+ support and they dont even read the entire post and watch the video. It CLEARLY states in the motd that if the officer is distracted you CAN try to make an escape. Its simple and its provided in the video. To people -Supporting saying its failrp to run in cuffs, it is if the cop is right there with you, but if they are distracted they can run. -/+Support From what I see in the video, John Kill used his powers to bring someone that had escaped in handcuffs. Without acknowledging that they may have been distracted and left him unsupervised. He brought him back. Obviously John Kill is not completely intact with the MOTD, and no one really is. I think this should be a verbal warning I think it was a honest mistake and nothing malicious.
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    I'm genuinely confused by this report...if the cop gets distracted and leaves them, they can run. If the cop comes back, you cant run...simple
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    Accepted! Please allow up to a week for any suggestions you have requested to be added in game or on the forums.
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    Accepted! Please allow up to a week for any suggestions you have requested to be added in game or on the forums.
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    Delayed due to constant message spam.
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    You will have access to 2 lives. But only one of them will be allowed the rank of COL+
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    I was searching through random shit and decided to look at this forums, saw this post and was sickened. Not only is this just disgusting and terrible, this looks like an act of pedophilia. As assuming this person is an adult. I am truly supportive of this guy getting perma banned and hope that this shit never happens again. +Support
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    Be glad that isn't you lol. I saw it at first and I thought it was a report on you.
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    you know how to lose a bunch of people easily make all of them write 150 words to keep a low rank WO+ considering war didnt make it any rank
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    Accepted Congratulations! You have been promoted to LT!!! Come talk with me to receive your promotion!
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    +Support - Active soldier. - Lieutenant Colonel in the Marine Core; Shows composure and leadership skills. - Can undergo stressful situations and can complete any mission/operation with accuracy.
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    What you want to see? - I would like to see the addition of Security Senior Command (MAJ-COL) have access to the roster so that more than a couple people can keep things up to date. Only Security High Command (Three people) have access to the roster and majority of the time only one or two people actually update it because of their schedule or other reasons. Why should we add it? - This addition should be made because High Command is not always available. Having more people have roster access would alleviate some of the responsibility from High Command as well as having Enlisted-Low Command come to more people for simple things like their roster entry. Security has the most players of all of SCPRP with on average 100-150 players at any given time with only 3 people to make sure everything is up to date. What are the advantages of having this? - Roster updated more frequently, High Command won't have to be messaged/pinged for just roster changes, as well as keeping things more neatly managed. Who is it mainly for? - Senior Command though it would benefit High Command. Links to any content - None.
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    Completed! Please allow a restart of the server to take place before seeing your custom job/changes in-game. Server restarts happen every morning at 5 AM EST! ?
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    Accepted! Please allow up to a week for any suggestions you have requested to be added in game or on the forums.
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    I love this SWEP! I'm going to need to do some testing with it, but thanks for bringing it to my attention!
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    Most inactive manager ive ever seen.pls demote @Zeeptin
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    alexa add papa johns to my shopping list
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    Name:Hunt SteamID:STEAM_0:0:431015836 Rank:LT Reason for Resignation/Retirement: I don’t have time to be on of command anymore Do you agree to stay active for 48 hours after this post?:yes Do you agree that once you post this, there is not any “take backs”?:yes
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    I have something like this planned for the 1st update after release and it better then the model you gave
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    - Support Tbh I think its being taken a bit out of context. Yes he did phys gun you a little bit. As he said it was a mistake he forgot it would affect you happens to me to when I point at a car. If he would have done it on purpose he wouldve held you the whole time. You can hear him saying 'stop'. You dont say that when your purposely trying to block you from shooting. He should be more carefull but removal or a strike seems unnecessary to me. And the last video was you guys arguing about what happend and he showed you what he did. Also should not be taken out of context. This just picking on the small things. This could have easily be dealt with in-game and im not saying what he did was good but dome sympathy could be shown.
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    As you admitted to your mistakes and it shows that you take criticism well and apologised for it wich is a good thing as command. It doesn't change the fact that you did it but atleast you know that to. Just make sure to learn from this and improve yourself on it. I would like to give you a chance +Support (Changed opinion)
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    Support cause i created it <3
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    You're able to access the logs if necessary
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    I agree, you can see we were complying with the cops orders as our family member fled the scene while we distracted them, he was gone before anyone even gave him orders, and as viper said, he doesn't want any punishment, just a re-read of the MOTD. Yes, the MOTD does say that, except you left out half of the rule. If you are handcuffed, you must comply with the officer. Not doing so can be considered FailRP. If the police officer gets distracted and leaves you alone, you may attempt an escape.
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    So long as not every event is focused around nukes. Maybe once in a while you can throw in a bomb. Put a lockbox on the nukes and bombs and throw away the key maybe.
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    The following link will show and explain to you how to install TeamSpeak, the primary communication method that Gaminglight uses. Teamspeak Installation Tutorial After installing, be sure to connect to ts.gaminglight.com! Credits to @Mr. NoPlay for this tutorial!
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    Official GENSEC Training Video Project Mission Over the next couple weeks I will be working on a GENSEC training video to expedite the training process for all our Trainers. The goal of this video is to decrease training times for Trainers, improve information retention rate, and provide the Foundation with well-trained Security Officers. To Be Involved Members of Command from all Divisions are invited to participate in the creation of this video with many sections available to choose from. I will be explaining the sections further down in this thread. To reserve a roll, all you need to do is reply to this post in the following format (only apply for sections available for your branch): In-Game name: Section of Interest (see below): Time Available During Weekends: Are you skilled in any video editing software? (not required): How it will work Sometime after you've written your reply, I will send you the script for your section of the training. The script must be accepted by High Command members before implementation. Once the script is accepted, you will receive your section. If you have any suggestions for adding/modifying the script specific to your section, it must be approved by High Command. The video will take place in-game in multiple locations and likely over several days (due to scheduling command members and time constraints). While doing your part, it is important that you RP as though it is your legitimate profession. Although this server is to be enjoyed for fun, we'd like it to be as immersive and informative as possible for the Trainees. Sections High Command Section (05, Site Director etc...) Into and Outro (1 for each or someone can do both) I know High Command is usually very busy, but his section won't take long and to hear from the Highest ranking members will greatly increase the appeal of the video Security Command Sections: Section 1: Introduction Section 2: Conduct and Basic Rules (NLR, PTS, Golden Rules etc...) Section 3: Branches // GENSEC // D-Class (What they are and the Ranks/Specializations of GENSEC) Section 4: Zones (More detail for zones pertaining to your Branch) Section 5: DEFCONs Section 6: Faces and Formations Research Command Section: Section 1: General job description and duties (Tied in somewhat with what your interaction will be with GENSEC) Section 2: SCPs (Multiple people can do this section) MTF Command Section: Section 1: General job description and duties (1 Command member from Nu7, A1, and E11 is preferred) Section 2: Chaos Insurgency I look forward to working with all of you! Thank you for your interest in the continual improvement of our server! ---This thread was approved by Igneous, th3, and Rangiatea.---
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    +Support I'm the one who recommended this guy
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    He now has the screenshot of his warns now
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    Very competent on the field Is very conscious of the server rules, and follows them well
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    I like how unique the test is, I've never seen a test done on 049-2
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    Name: Charlie SteamID: STEAM_0:0:444734228 Rank: LT Reason for Resignation/Retirement: Unfortunately, I’be gotten bored of PoliceRP, I don’t find it fun anymore as I feel it’s the same thing every time. Do you agree to stay active for 48 hours after this post?: yes Do you agree that once you post this, there is not any “take backs”?: Yep
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    Sad to see you go, you were the one of the best and most active in CAT and Command
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    Theres also the fact that 75% of the time they spawn in the ground, or break on impact of spawning.
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