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    Wow. Let me start off on this post, by saying how unbelievably grateful I am to every single one of you that dedicates time to this server. Without you guys, we would literally be nothing. The amount of time, effort, dedication, and care you guys put into the server is not unnoticed, and it is heavily appreciated. Most of you are probably unfamiliar with this kind of post, as I have not made one in a long time. And for that I am sorry Oh but how far we've come. For the last 500 days or so now, I have been working on SCP-RP. Now under any normal circumstances, I would think that's a long time. However, it hasn't even felt that long to me. The saying "time flies when you're having fun" is actually true. I thoroughly enjoy doing what I do for this server. I have been there since the very start, and seeing this server grow into what it is today is astonishing. As it stands today, we are ranked #14 on Gametracker. If you look at Garry's Mod on gametracker, we are on the first page. I can't stress to everyone how big of an accomplishment this is, we are one of the most popular servers in the entire game. At almost all times of the day, we almost never have below 35 players on. Throughout the majority of the afternoon and night, we are at or above 100 players. If we keep up this pace, and if we all keep pushing the activity on the server, encouraging your friends and colleagues to stay active, then I have no doubt in my mind that we will work our way up to the top 10. Let's make that top 10 lads
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    Good afternoon citizens of Rockford! Today we got a massive update today. --- Optimizations --- Obviously PoliceRP is not the most un-laggy server. It is Gmod, a game over 15 years old. Zeeptin, Myan and I made some great progress to improve the server. VCMod: -We made some much needed VCMod optimizations. What we did is lower the time the car is on fire and smoke after being destroyed. There will also be no more explosions after the car is destroyed to. The fire was lowered to 5 seconds from 20. And the smoke is no more from 35 seconds. This will lower the load for the server. Workshop: -Today we made a MUCH NEEDED re-doing of the PoliceRP Workshop content. We removed a LOT of content from the content pack that was no longer used. This will help load-in times to be faster and more efficient! However this was the first stage, we will still be pushing out more stages in the future to improve! --- New Server Additions --- Ballistic Shields: -We have new ballistic shields! There is 3 types: - Riot - For PD, FBI, Government CC's and SS - Heavy - Tac Departments (Not CAT). - Deployable - State Troopers. Picture: New Job: -We added a new Job called: Bank Security Officer - This job is mainly for RP!!! -- More detail will be in MOTD. --- Police Department Update --- Changes: [Added] Weapon Checker to PD Jobs. [Changed] Weapons on almost all PD Jobs. [Added] OFC now has access to Patrol Room 1/2. [Changed] Increased PD Wages. [Changed] High Command Model Change. --- MOTD Changes --- Green is Added and Red is Removed! 8-) Bank Security Officer Must always attempt to resolve the situation without violence. May not base with criminals. Can not do corrupt acts. All Government officials rule over you. If a bank is being robbed and has a hostage, you must leave and wait outside the bank for government officials. If you are outnumbered (3 to 1), you must value your life and try to get out of danger. Don’t run in and try to kill everyone with a Glock when they have Negev's. You may only have a pistol or XM1014. If you break the law, you can still go to jail! Can never shoot or evade Government. Ransome Prices: Civilian -­ $5,000 Officer­ - $10,000 Senior Officer / Corporal ­- $20,000 Sergeant ­- $30,000 Master Sergeant/ Sergeant Major- $50,000 Lieutenant -­ $60,000 Captain ­- $70,000 Major - $80,000 Colonel - $90,000 Assistant / Deputy Chief - $100,000 Chief of Police (or Department heads) - $125,000 Deputy Commissioner - $150,000 Commissioner - $200,000 President - $50,000 6-) Neutral Class' / Zones Neutral Zones - Spawn and Inside Hospital. Hospital and Spawn can not have any crime occurring in the building. Around the buildings, crime may occur. Neutral Class' - Tow Truck Driver and EMS. Tow Truck Driver, you may steal back your car, however you MUST attempt to RP it out with the Tow Truck Driver. You may NOT kill or cause injury to the Tow Truck Driver. EMS can not be Killed or be injured. --- Other Changes --- General Store: -Lower cooldown from 1200 to 300 seconds! VCMod: -Tires can now be shot. Ticket Prices: -Raised! (Check the Police Officer Guide!!) Thank you guys so much for the continued support, we hope to give you guys even more content and updates! Thanks guys! Please join the PoliceRP Discord: https://discord.gg/VzCJrWk
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    Wow. Yeah, I will go ahead and reverse this warn. With your warns you aren't even gonna be able to get staff anyway. ALSO, you didn't get staff restricted for calling me dad. You got staff restricted for saying no to me. Don't need people who can't follow instruction on my staff team. Go to Icefuse for that.
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    I would say that being blacklisted has nothing to do with it as Voxis was not only Staff on PoliceRP but also staff on SCPRP after he was unblacklisted lmao. As for being fit for staff I would say Voxis has the needed maturity as well as drive to be staff especially since he was always thinking about ways to improve and offering thoughtful suggestions for both servers. Also his actual activity isn't based off the mere instance that you never saw him on the server, given that timezones/real life can determine when someone is on. To be honest it just seems like you are being rather ignorant with trying to hold these things against Voxis when they hold no merit. Perhaps people are holding grudges due to interdepartmental involvement from what I hear. Aren't you blacklisted? Thought your account would have already been banned. +Support Voxis is probably the most qualified for staff on PoliceRP out of all these applications so far. I can't speak for activity but I'm 100% sure he exceeds all other expectations. -Mature -Knows the rules -Knows how to handle staff sits and player complaints -Has an in-depth knowledge of the staff handbook and follows it to the letter -Literally one of the best staff members I had on SCPRP, would make a great JMT member.
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    Get this image to have more searches then the actual logo please
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    +Support He obviously abused by banning him for saying the word "Nibba" as he just decided to say it in ooc directed at another person. Completely valid and he should be demoted for doing his job correctly. Lmao this is so sad. Alexa play Despacito. I was joking. -Support you were banned for a limited amount of time that honestly should be extended as you show no understanding or comprehension of your actions.
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    Dear anyone in the future. if you’re by any means want to decide stuff to be changed in My branch. I highly suggest you go to me first and discuss with reasons of why things should be changed. I believe the models are fine. Thank you
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    Nimo im sorry man but nothing you say is relevant anymore + Support
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    What on earth does that mean - support + support | neutral +support
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    Denied Failure to Follow Format (and scarily self aware about it)
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    I have staffed on and off since 2017. The amount of warnings I have issued are close to the 1,000 mark. If every single warning I ever issued that was appealed and accepted counted against me then I never would have made it to the rank I did make it to. In my opinion these warn appeals do not tell me anything about Will as I am not even looking at the ones outside of March given how far apart they are. My main issue is that yes the amount of appeals is relevant but the frequency is even more important when looking for issues such as abuse and other violations of the handbook. That doesn't tell us anything except Will is only human and several warnings he has issued have later been observed to be incorrect.
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    I'm not even okay with this.
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    Dont EVER make your text size as big as you did again Bigger text doesnt make you right
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    Heya Peeps, Its been a fun journey with you all but I'm a bit burnt out of GL and Naval and I got my exams coming up and all of that, so I know I won't be on GL as much, which is why I'm Resigning! Snar and Nolan - Was pretty skeptical about you joining Naval at first but you surprised me with your dedication to Naval, continue to do well within Naval :3 Thermite, Tucker, Pooders, Hobbs - You were probably the people I've known the longest in Naval currently, you were all fun to be around and you are all good at your jobs, well Hobbs is a bit special but oh well Brecken your probably the one I had the most expectations for when you first joined and I knew you were gonna do great within Naval and you have done so keep doing what ya doing To everyone else I didn't mention, keep doing some great work within Naval and keep the ship in tip-top shape! I will be sad to go but it makes it a bit easier knowing every one of you will be striving to help Naval to the max! :3333 - I will still be on the server from time to time but not as much, I want to say rest in peace to the 86th streak I lost today... I will always remember you... Also to the next Admiral Versio, Have fun! IF is a great battalion like the last Versio said, although sometimes it can be a bit surprising lmao. - Koga Signin out
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    Half of the time I see you post a D-Block suggestion, I just see you complain.
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    Major +Support I really do dislike how people are complaining about the fact that the Teamspeak was being recorded. Like seriously, why is that being used to try and push aside and justify Romero's actions. That is just ridiculous and sounds so dumb. That would mean that anyone could get away with anything said in Teamspeak. I thought Romero was more mature than that. He's calling Alpha a kid, but is complaining and acting like a kid himself. He's just being the typical salty gamer after taking a loss. What he's going through IRL does not justify his actions either. No one gets the special card because of that, everyone is still treated the same. Next time keep it to yourself, and if not then expect the consequences. Grow up
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    What do you want to see? - I would love to see a Slight Damage buff to RG Lightsaber or a Slight Increase in the Width of the Lightsaber blade. We don't need much maybe like a 50dmg-100dmg increase. It is completely upto you guys the SMT to decide how much, we just need a slight buff. Why should we add it? - When I first joined gaminglight/RG back on January 12th. RG was OP and fit the Lore/Damage output perfectly. You had to have courage to duel one of us because we did enough damage then to fit killing IQ,CC,etc while protecting our VIP. Now idk what changed or what happened but now with 4+ RG we would be lucky to even defeat lets say 1 Lord while protecting our VIP or Dueling. Before we would kill someone in a matter of Seconds and Now we have to chase them down a hallway if we are not dead. The damage output no longer fits the need to be able to kill people/protect our VIP. We don't really need much but we really need something. At first I thought I was just bad at dueling but it isn't. I as a Sovereign Protector can barely defeat an Apprentice who lets say has duel sabers. We desperately need this buff to be able to protect our VIPs and end threats as soon as they start. We really don't need much but we need something. DT was allowed a buff to fit the need to be able to defend their VIP, please allow RG to get the Buff they need to defend their VIPs. This isn't about whether or not we are a terrible dueler or need more training, I really thought that was the issue but it isn't. What are the advantages of having this? - -Allows for better protection of our VIP -Makes us more feared/dreaded to fight -Allows us to end fights as soon as they begin and not spend 15min chasing someone down to finished the job -Will remove the need/want for Pistols for RG -Will also increase the specialty of Buying RG. This buff will bring more people in joining/buying RG, which ultimately will increase the activity Who is it mainly for? - RG and their VIPs Links to any content - No sir
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    I think RGs should also be able to spawn RG TIEs for themselfs, as they need it to protect their VIP then off the ISD, like the Deathstar, Overall +Support
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    For starters, I don't think applications are up for this position, but I wanted to see what the community thinks about me applying to this position in general, so I decided to go ahead and post this. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : The Second Sister 2. What Regiment are you applying for? Inquisitor, as Grand Inquisitor. 3. Why do you want to be a commander of this branch? From my earliest beginnings on Imperial RP, I have striven to make inquisitors the best branch physically possible. Ever since entering the branch, I held a very high standard for myself, that I wanted to also set for the rest of Inquisitors. I didn’t only want to become a master of lore and dueling combat, but I wanted to further IQ beyond the boundaries any Grand Inquisitor or Lore command member had ever pushed it. I wanted IQ to be a symbol to the rest of the server, to be an example of what an active, prestigious, and overall cooperative battalion should be. To do this, however, I needed to fix a lot of things, and thus started my epic journey in the Inquisitor branch. I started my journey by interacting with other branches, in a way normal inquisitor never had done before. I went on redacted missions with prestigious battalions, such as DT. I used the RP ability that I had been practicing on for a long time to impress the members of these prestigious battalions, and to solidify a sort of “respectable image” for myself among other battalions. On top of this, I held lore and dueling sessions once a day, instead of the usual once a week. I helped increase the activity of the Inquisitor battalion as a Lord and pushed it beyond its normal activity. Things were however still not up to the standards I wanted them to be, so I continued working hard. After some time, I helped SMT rework the inactive and highly inefficient command structure that IQ command previously had, and I immediately took this opportunity to begin to work to reform inquisitors in the standards and image I wanted it to be. After becoming Second Sister, I immediately began a large scale overall of the Inquisitor Branch. I started by reworking how promotions were handled, and how ticks were given. I enforced tick limits to stop people from being promoted to fast, while also rewarding those who brought hard work to the Inquisitor Branch. I then started to think of ways I could further IQ activity even further beyond how active IQ already was. I worked with Smeg (now 8th Brother), and we came to the idea of “Jedi Hunt” and “Jedi Fortress” Simulations. This proved to be a resounding success, as IQ numbers boomed for several weeks after we introduced this idea. We continued reshaping and reworking dueling tournaments, as well as lore sessions to make them more rewarding for members who participated. After some time, the need for more command members in IQ became apparent. While me and Smeg were capable of running the branch by ourselves under Vader, we wanted to share our experience as Lore with other trusted members of the inquisitor community. From that point on, I began my quest to train who I felt were the best members of IQ, who could reshape IQ into the image and standards I felt like it should be at. I encountered three promising IQ members in this search, and the three were Boris (now 5th brother), Brody (now 9th Sister), and Civility (now 7th sister). I helped train them in dueling and lore sessions and helped them also break past the normal boundaries any Inquisitor would normally have. I watched them grow from apprentices to highly prestigious and well-kept Lords and Overseers. When they applied to be commanders, it generally made me happy. The family I wanted to make out of Inquisitor Command was finally coming together. After they were elected, I immediately took several pictures and blew up the announcement section on discord. An image that I had, ever since I started in IQ, was finally fulfilled. The IQ command was full of prestigious people that I’m still honored to work with, and more importantly be friends and family with. After the IQ command was filled, I sat back and took a look at the hard work I put in and was satisfied in it. The branch was more active than it had ever been and was more professional than ever. I had helped make the BEST IQ command the server had ever seen, with some of the best people I have ever met. I helped make IQ a family (even if it is a dysfunctional one ), and I was satisfied for a time. After a while, I came up with a new bar I wanted to set for IQ. I thought to myself “IQ is in a good place right now, so its time to share the love with the rest of the community”. Ever since that point, I started working with amazing people like Alum Frost, Iden Versio, Poggers, Grim, Luci, and many more. I created joint battle simulations to help not only keep IQ active, but also help out other battalions (and I still do this to this day). I wanted IQ to help other battalions out all across the server, and so I started once again on a quest to fulfill this. I got with several commanders, and to this day I still work with them in helping them boost activity in their battalions by doing joint simulations with inquisitors. To this day I’m still pushing the boundaries of IQ, and not only work for IQ to become more prestigious every day, but to help out and further RP in Imperial RP every day. The “simple” answer for why I would want to become Grand Inquisitor of this branch is very simple. I have set two standards for the Inquisitor Branch. One being a highly prestigious, organized, and cooperative branch that acts like a family, that can serve as a role model to the rest of the server. The other one, being a branch that is a beacon for Gaming light Imperial RP, that can help bring about real needed change and assistance to those on the server that need help with activity, and furthering RP. I have accomplished (in my mind) the completion of the first standard but am still working on the second. I want to be Grand Inquisitor to push the boundaries even further than what I have already pushed them. I want to bring the Inquisitor branch to the highest prestige that it can be, while also using my role to help facilitate the activity and improvement of role play across Imperial RP. I believe that the job of Grand Inquisitor should not be to just worry about inquisitors only, but to be a leadership figure for all other battalions across the server, and to help each battalion out with their problems when they arise A Grand Inquisitor should actively work with other battalion commanders and generals to bring Imperial RP to the highest standard. I apologize for my lengthy response to this question, but I wanted for readers and viewers to fully understand and see through my eyes on what I believe to be the true purpose of the Grand Inquisitor. It is a prestigious position and should be used to enhance ALL of Gaminglight Imperial RP, by bringing the Inquisitor branch to the standards it should truly be at. Even if my application doesn’t get accepted, I will continue to work with generals in helping other battalions with their activity and problems. 4. How much game time do you have on the server? I have been playing on this server since late-December and have actively played for about 5 to 6 hours each day. 5. What is the Main Purpose of a commander for a branch? The main purpose of being a commander for a branch, is to help your faction reach the highest possible standards by using any of the resources at your disposal. Being a commander of a branch also means that you should be setting an example not only for the people in your branch, but for everyone you are around. A commander should ALWAYS go above and beyond the threshold set on them by their superiors, to bring about constant and necessary change for the faction they lead. The job of a commander is to ensure the cooperation and comradery of their branch, and to make it something so prestigious, that other branches will aspire to follow in its footsteps. The purpose of a commander should not only be to make sure your branch is prestigious and active, but to also help out other commanders that need assistance. A TRUE commander is one that other commanders can go to, not only for “strictly business matters” but for counsel and advice. A true commander is one who is willing to sacrifice whatever is necessary to further whatever it is they are leading. A true commander is one who is willing to make “hard” decisions to further their branch, even if it means losing friends or what not. Finally, a commander should be a beacon for all to follow behind, not in terms of just prestige and rank, but in quality of character and responsibility. I aspire to meet this standard of a commander every day and am always willing to sacrifice whatever is necessary to keep the image I have created in IQ alive. IQ is more than just a battalion for me. It is a home for others, a safe place, and most importantly a family. I would sacrifice whatever would be necessary to watch the IQ community continue to thrive and grow. 6. Why should we trust you to be a commander? I feel that as my time in IQ branch, I have solidified the qualities I listed above as a commander. I actively work everyday in Imperial RP, not only furthering IQ as a whole, but work with other commanders in helping them out with their issues. I am constantly in my office on discord, offering counsel to not only other Imperial RP commanders, but also talking to inquisitors who need help. I constantly love meeting new inquisitors and am always active in teaching sessions to help others all around me grow. Those who have known me and talk with me will vouch when I open all of my sims, dueling sessions, and Lore sessions to the public. I do this to help anyone who is willing to attempt to learn, the ability to grow. Everyday I log onto Imperial RP, I set the bar and standard higher for myself as a commander. It is from this that I have shown not only my professionalism to other commanders but have set an example for lore commanders to follow in behind. As IQ hand, I go above and beyond my duties, and am always trying to assist other commanders out all over the server. I believe I can be trusted with the Grand Inquisitor role, because I can set the standard and prestige that comes along with the position to heights that no one has held the position ever reached before. I have shown this in my professionalism in handling both internal and external issues to the IQ branch. 7. How often can you be Online? : Every day of the week (All 7 days) for at least 6+ hours. I also can be on my phone on discord and Team Speak for official matters, or if anyone needs to speak to me who are in need. 8. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : Absolutely None.
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    Changes Wishing To Be Made For ALL CLASSES: The Same speed as a Death Trooper class, This is so we can work more effectively with them and have a quick response. As special forces the slow speed we have makes it EXTREMELY difficult to work beside effectively as DT’s speed gives them an extreme boost allowing them to be more agile and resulting in us slowing down the mission, which is something we work against. We also need to be able to spawn Royal Guard TIE for all Agents Job Name: Iden Versio Changes Wishing To Be Made To This Class: Weapons: alydus_fusioncutter (The Ability to spawn TIE Advanced as well.) arrest_stick HP & Armor: 650HP 210Armor Model Change: n/a Description Change: N/A Job Name: ID10 Changes Wishing To Be Made To This Class: Faster Speed then the rest please, he’s our medic! Weapons: tfa_dt12 arrest_stick HP & Armor: N/A Model Change: Scale to 0.5 Description Change: N/A Reason For Changes: ID10 was a weaponized droid that had a weapon, The job has no weapon and is broken. It is the normal size of a player. Which looks unappealing. Job Name: Agent Del Changes Wishing To Be Made To This Class: Different ISB Uniform Weapons: alydus_fusioncutter (The Ability to spawn TIE Advanced as well.) arrest_stick HP & Armor: 600HP 210Armor Model Change: (ADD DONT REPLACE) models/player/swbf_imperial_isb_agentv2/swbf_imperial_isb_agentv2.mdl Description Change:N/A Reason For Changes: We act as pilots and its frustrating how we can't repair our ships, and with the naval uniform, We we're suppose to originally have naval outfits but it seems they were never added. Job Name: Agent Hask Changes Wishing To Be Made To This Class:Different ISB Uniform! Weapons: alydus_fusioncutter (The Ability to spawn TIE Advanced as well.) arrest_stick HP & Armor: 600HP 210Armor Model Change: (ADD DONT REPLACE) models/player/swbf_imperial_officer_isbofficerv2/swbf_imperial_officer_isbofficerv2.mdl Description Change: N/A Job Name: Squad Leader Changes Wishing To Be Made To This Class: Different ISB Model! Weapons: alydus_fusioncutter tfa_dt12 (The Ability to spawn TIE advanced as well.) Not sure why it’s missing the DT12 HP & Armor: 600HP 200Armor Model Change: (ADD DONT REPLACE) models/player/swbf_imperial_officer_isbofficerv2/swbf_imperial_officer_isbofficerv2.mdl Description Change: N/A Job Name: Senior Agent Changes Wishing To Be Made To This Class: Weapons: alydus_fusioncutter (The Ability to spawn RG TIE | Not Advanced as well.) HP & Armor: 500HP 200Armor Model Change: (ADD DONT REPLACE) models/player/swbf_imperial_isb_agentv2/swbf_imperial_isb_agentv2.mdl Description Change: N/A Job Name: Agent Changes Wishing To Be Made To This Class: Weapons: alydus_fusioncutter (The Ability to spawn RG TIE as well.) HP & Armor: 400HP & 150Armor Model Change: (ADD DONT REPLACE) models/player/swbf_imperial_isb_agentv2/swbf_imperial_isb_agentv2.mdl Description Change: N/A Reason For Changes: We act as pilots and it's frustrating how we can't repair our ships, and with the naval uniform, We were supposed to originally have naval outfits but it seems they were never added. For the Agent Job, I’m not kind of having the same HP & Armor as a normal ST, as that Disincentives the job for some people. all these change we where meant to have in our last update and they where meant to be with us on realise so do not -support with out reason its a bug report. -Inferno Squad Commander Iden Versio IF1
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    PoliceRP "The Quarantine" Event Week (3-30 to 4-3) What is this? Basically the whole week-ish Monday through Friday we will do non-rp events, some of the most favorite events to! Why are we doing this? Well we feel like because everyone is stuck at home, we might as well give you guys a little more something to do. Schedule: The time for the events everyday is 7pm EST. Monday - 3/30 Event: Battle Royale Time: 7pm EST Tuesday - 3/31 Event: Demolition Derby Time: 7pm EST Wednesday - 4/1 Event: Floor Drop / Survival Game Time: 7pm EST Thursday - 4/2 Event: Zombie Attack Time: 7pm EST Friday - 4/3 Event: PURGE Time: 7pm EST We hope you guys will enjoy! Make sure to come to each event! P.S. Make sure to apply for event team!!!!
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    Yep, you got us. The entire SMT team is lazy, but especially Igneous, the server manager that has literally hundreds of things he's in charge of. As the newest SMT member of SCP, I can 100% say that Igneous does an incredible amount of work that the general player base has absolutely no idea about. And no, no where in my post did I say anyone was lazy, I simply said that it doesn't make sense to type out the same messages over and over and over again. That's a legitimate idea, however you also have to take into account that these suggestions aren't carbon copies of each other. They may have small differences that would make the text files impracticable, leading to the same issue. Additionally, the forum has a bind that automatically includes the default message when a suggestion is approved or denied, and automatically locks and moves the post to the correct location. To add in reasoning Igneous has to go back and manually edit the post to include the reasoning, or post a message before taking appropriate action. Either way, this takes time and effort which usually doesn't result in much net positives. Ah yes, typing a sentence with spelling and grammar errors, very professional. Most decisions are the result of a single sentence worth of decisions, more likely a paragraph or more. I don't know what you're talking about that there's one or two that get denied per week. How about checking the active suggestions page, because I see 22 active suggestions on the first page, of three total pages, with a total of 49 pending suggestions that require processing. Now, you suggest putting up to two hours of effort responding to each suggestion. That would result in 198 hours of manpower that Igneous would have to put in at max using your metrics. That's more than I work at my full time job in a week, and I actually get paid for my full time job, unlike Igneous, who volunteers for this community and is not compensated. You are right in the fact that having some communication between players and the administration staff is important, and we provide that communication in the suggestions that have merit but end up being denied through Igneous' comments, through the SCP Update posts, and through the RP Command meetings between SMT staff and the various RP command members. Additionally, in other areas, such as discipline, I do take the time to lay out my reasoning behind why I issue/uphold/revoke various punishments on the server or forums, because I have significantly more free time to be able to do so. Unlike Igneous who has the entire server and the accompanying duties to uphold, in addition to his real life responsibilities, I'm only tasked with running the Forum Diplomat Corps, updating the SCP MOTD, and processing the vast majority of warn/ban appeals. So I have the time to spend laying out my reasoning in each different case.
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    Due to escalating arguments and misconduct this application is being locked until PRP SMT render a decision on it.
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    Major -Support "Mooooooom, Jimmy's crouch jumping again!"
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    Denied. Due to no rules or guidelines being broken by the staff and or player, no action will be taken against them. Also, this could have been handled in-game by staff.
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    Now, I am going to give you a lengthy response here, as you have put effort and time into this, so should I... To start off, I disagree with you, I say this because it has been mentioned before and denied. So, it is most likely going to get denied again. As for the age restriction, I understand where you are coming from, as a younger person's view or understanding can be limited or blocked. But, the same could go for anyone, including teenagers, adults, and so on. People are human (obviously) and nothing can change that, we all have our own opinions and things are here and done for a reason. But, an adult or whoever can act the same as a child, or someone lower than any age requirement. My overall point is, no matter who the person is, age, race, religion, etc. their views can be blocked and this age restriction you would want to put into place would not only ruin the freedom we have on the server but opportunities and experiences for everyone. That is why the community, along with JMT/SMT discuss staff applications and promotions and so on. Now, the reason that age, race, religion, gender, etc. were brought into this is that they all fall into the same category of 'restrictions or laws', whatever you want to call it. Like Will and Max have stated, they are given a Trial Period for a reason to see if they can deal with the pressure and responsibilities of being a staff member on any Gaminglight server. Everyone deserves a shot, and in the Sangu Mandanna, "If you expect the worse, you're only denying someone a chance to be better”. Other reasoning above as well, if you have any questions, please contact me through the Forums, Discord, TeamSpeak, etc. - Support I want to add on to my statement by the way about adults or people who are farther advanced in age that still act like kids - The experience that staffing gives, does change many people for the better and helps them improve multiple aspects like: Professionalism Maturity Owning Up to decisions Taking Responsibility The building of Critical thinking and decision making. Also, I do not appreciate you going after members of the staff team in this report as it, too me, seems 'targetted' towards them. The people you talk about in this report, Springs(Senior Moderator), Masterson (Senior Admin), Eternity (Senior Admin), Mikey(Super Admin), Jimmy James (Moderator). Many people mature and develop differently, and while some of them have matured more than others, it is because they are still learning and become better people, hence why Puberty and Phsyocogic and Mental Developments happen every single day because we are human. If you actually look at what happens in the world, nowadays, the minds take in more information than ever and help with the development process. The final thing, as I keep coming back to this suggestion, this is a video game. It isn't a driver's test or an application into a High-School or the next Presidental Candidate. It is a video game, where people are meant to have fun, and when you become staff, you are held to a higher standard to maintain maturity and too also learn. Obviously, if people did not believe in Masterson, Springs, etc. then they would not be where they are today. Also, bias happens over jealousy, which is a clear factor of all age groups, along with maturity, professionalism, responsibility, and so on... Do not make me go into Roleplay ranks for this as-well.
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    This is something I think should be standard, with the only exception being obvious rule infractions which basically consists of rdm and nothing else a majority of the time.
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    OK Boys I don't know how to say this. I want to start out by saying how amazing this opportunity to be in this great department and meeting all of the amazing people over the years. I've been apart of this department for a long time and I have had an amazing time. I have been though a lot with Sate, starting from when I was Trooper and working my way up to Major. I am leaving because I’m not as active as I used to be and it’s not fair to take up spots from people who deserve it more than I do. I wish the best to all of lads but before go I want to give gratitude to a couple people. Cammy Even though most of our conversations have started or ended with us insulting each other you have been one of my best friends I have met through state and you are truly an amazing person I wish you the best of luck in state. Ghostly I never got to know you too well but I would like to thank you for all the work you have done for state and all the inspiration you have given me. Yobo Yobo I would like to thank you for all the work you have and are doing for State . You have done so much for us and are truly amazing Colonel. Best of luck to you man I know you will keep State the amazing department it is. Maddog Maddog I don’t know how many times you have helped me made decisions that are very hard for me but I just like to say thank you for all the work that you’ve done. Alistair When you were in state you were one of the best CERT commanders I’ve ever had I hope you are doing well and getting those frags in CSGO stay safe man. Crease Man you joined state when I did, you have been here forever. You have truly done amazing things as an FTO and I wish you the best in life my man. Ender Listened to Taylor Swift during a breakup in the command room. Nah but you have always been the one who I can always count on you if I need help. When SPMU/SPMD was a thing you were the one who I could depend on to keep it running and I know you will lead SPHP into an awesome sub department. Keep up the great work man. soulness He has big dick energy Mikey "why am I not on here" Best of luck to all of you guys and I hope to get on every now and then but that's it for me you have a great day. -State Trooper Major Jack 1H04
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    +Support - Willingness to help others - Kind and has a good personality - Active in-game and in teamspeak - Has improved in all categories in my mind Good luck Springs!
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    Find a playermodel under 4 MB bruh
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    Custom Classes that the owner is inactive will be removed. In the future, don't join a job and pay for additions on that job unless you know the owner and trust that they will remain active.
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    - / + Support: + Support: Love the idea of adding a new branch. - Support: It’s literally the same as CI, just with different ranks and goals. Proposal / Idea: Adopt similar mechanics to “CI Sleth” *How about instead of having a Factory or base outside the surface which will definitely collide with CI, we let them spawn in either LCZ or HCZ. Similar to how Anderson Robotics are already inside the SCP, and pretending to be foundation staff. *Instead of having them plan or do raids against the foundation, we can have them oppose us in a more passive manner. For example giving D-class equipment in secret, “fixing” containment cells, developing machines to “assist” people and basically spying on everyone. Doing this, can also create RP opportunities as MTF can investigate, capture and interrogate. *We can also pretend the Anderson Robotics, are like a hybrid of Researchers/Technicians, separating them from each branch. But in a way, making them apart of the foundation. Similar to how the foundation, once had control over Prometheus Labs. As by doing this, we’ll be sure to have the branch actually be active, rather than only be active when raiding similar to CI. * We should also add some more branches to seperate it from the CI, like adding: = Engineering: Fix or Create Technology = Robotics: Follow orders, and having different types of robots. Such as robots who clean, guard or assist research. = We can also add a sub branch of sentient machines = Infiltration: Focus on spying and learning about the higher ups, including who is O5. = Agents: Assaulting, retrieving and removing traces of AR mistakes. *Lastly adding SCP 1330 and 3860 would make this branch even better, especially for role play.
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    +Support If you're applying for command you should already be a mature and respected member of the community/PD so you should be trusted to be able to advertise without It becoming too much.
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    Yes... +support -active -mature -nice guy -great app good luck
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    Frequently Asked Questions In-Game Q: How do I play this game? I'm so confused! A: Press F1 in-game to get a tutorial on how to play! Traitors kill innocents and innocents identify and kill Traitors! Q: What is RDM? A: Random DeathMatch. It means killing another player for no valid reason - so, for example, killing a fellow innocent player just because you felt like it is RDM, but killing someone who just shot another player or damaged that player is fine! Q: What do I do if I was Rdm'ed? A: If a staff member is online on the server, type !report. If not, type @<message> to notify staff of the RDM. Also when someone kills you, you have the option to file a RDM case when it pops up on your screen. Q: What is KOS? A: Kill on sight! Perhaps the player who called the KOS was shot, or witnessed a traitorous act! NOTE: KOS is something that any player can type in chat which can cause utter chaos if not used properly - use your initiative and be careful when calling or following the KOS order. For example, make sure the person you call KOS on was the one who shot first in that firefight, and make sure you aren't following a KOS order from an identified Traitor (they're lying!) Q: How do I use the chat-quickly command? A: Simple - you need to bind a key. To do this, go to the Main Menu, Options, Keyboard, scroll down to 'Suit Zoom' and click 'Edit key' at the bottom. Press a key to bind it to, click 'Apply' at the bottom and voila! When in-game, press that button and you can use the quick-chat messages! Q: I can't equip a weapon - what do I do? A: It might be that your bind for MOUSE1 has been undone. To fix this, go to the Main Menu, Options, Keyboard, scroll down to 'Primary attack' and click 'Edit key' at the bottom. Then left-click with your mouse (or whatever action you usually do to select weapons) and click 'Apply' at the bottom. It should then be fixed! Q: How do I enter or exit spectate-only mode? A: Press f1 in-game, then click 'Settings', then scroll down and tick/untick the box next to 'Spectate-only mode (always stay spectator)'! Q: I have missing textures and error signs everywhere - how do I fix this? A: Simply, go over to our steam group and find the 'TTT Workshop' all the addons are over there, if you're still having trouble with the missing textures or error signs. Restart your gmod and download all the addons again. If that doesn't work, you must make a topic in the 'Bug report' section in TTT. Q: How do I access the Pointshop? A: To simple access the Pointshop, press 'F3' and you will be able to access the Pointshop. You're able to 'Click' on the rewards that are given everyday and use them for models and accessories, some models and accessories require donations. Which you can access our donation page and buy special coins to use! Q: How do I access the rules? A: Usually on your screen when you load in, there is a MOTD that is displayed and tells you everything. If you didn't read them and you would like to read them, just type '!motd' and it will display it on your screen! This may be edited further down the track, but hopefully this helps out a view people in need, or just starting to play TTT. If there are any other questions I have missed, I will add them in or chat with our friendly staff on TTT to inquire more information about TTT! There are other FAQ's in the rules on TTT which I did not put in here, so check them out if needed! Kind Regards Munchies 19/03/2020
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    +Support Hello Jake, I just thought I would comment and express my opinion. Just coming across your application especially seeing it as an Admin application, I thought I would look at it and hope to see some effort. Unfortunately I don't see much effort in this application, even if it says "Can be any length" you would still use the opportunity to provide more effort and really make your application look neat and professional. I can't say much due to not knowing you well, but from seeing some of the other's response, you seem like a genuine guy that is mature and is a great staff member. The only thing that is lacking is the application like the others said, you could of provided more effort into your application and really tell us why you want to become admin! Anyways, I don't have much to say. Just thought, I would reply and give you advice! Just try and fix up your application, you might not listen to me and that's fine, I just would like to see some improvements in this application. Just give us a bit more information about "Why should you become admin" and try and extend your response on how you would handle a MassRDM. Everything else what you're doing is fine, from what others are saying. I wish you the best of luck and I hope you try and take some time out of your day, just to edit your application and extend your responses. If this comment was confusing or not what you were expecting, please feel free to contact me via teamspeak, discord, private message on the forums, etc. I'm always free to anyone that needs help with anything or any answers to questions. I would be happily to help anything you need, I'm always free so pop in and have a chat! I'll leave it as a +Support, I just want to see some more information and I hope you take my advice. I wish you the best of luck and I hope to see you as an admin! Kind Regards Munchies 16/03/2020
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    N Word is the best Word +Support -Jess
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    Denied. The SMT team for this server has decided against adding this suggestion for performance reasons, the benefit to the server, or another unstated reason. Dept head reserve the right to blacklisted someone from their dept. SMT can revoke this if needed at anytime.
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    It seems that there is some obvious bias between people who have access to the negev, and to those who do not. So while I am going to answer the question while being as un-bias as possible, I am going to try to point out both sides of the argument and give my conclusive answer. Negev Side I paid $x for this, so the item I should have should not be changed It's just how the Negev is Non-Negev Side High RoF, Damage output Unfair to gov as we do not possess such weaponry Thesis statement: The Negev should be nerfed, as it provides unfair roleplay, and is generally overpowered. Objection 1: The Negev should not be nerfed, as I have paid for this product, therefore I should not have this item removed/nerfed Objection 2: The Negev is not overpowered, as the recoil is horrible, and it is easy to counter I answer that: The Negev has a high ammo capacity, with a high damage output, as well as a high Rate of Fire (RoF). The fact that someone can mow down five officers is unfair as Government do not have access to this type of weaponry. No single weapon within the PD has access to any sort of weaponry that can match the Negev. It's extremely high damage cannot be outdamaged, even with multiple (assuming 2-4 with M4's) officers, as the officers will simply be picked off one by one, negating the average damage overtime, while the Negev stays at a constant rate of DPS (or shots rather), until said person is dead. Let's also include the most common bank raids, where multiple people with negevs are there. There is simply no match with 5 negevs versus the government, unless gas is involved. Response to Objection 1: Zeeptin (or whoever wrote it) in the Terms of Service writes "We have the right to change any package at any time for any reason including stopping of a server or package without any notice." By purchasing said item(s), you agreed that these items could be modified or revoked. Therefore, it is not a valid argument that "I paid for it, it should stay the same". Furthermore, it is unfair to people who do not pay any sort of monetary good to be at the bottom of the chain. Although paying is necessary to gain an advantage, there is a line between, "I have a chance" and "I cannot win no matter what I do". Response to Objection 2: Although the recoil by itself appears to be pretty bad, this can be negated by crouch jumping. At this point it is basically a laser. Not to mention the crosshair that notes where the weapon is going to go, so you can always use that to counteract the negev. Although any weapon can do this, the negev with its terrible recoil completely demolishes every other weapon, with its high rate of fire, and its damage output. It's only counter is not getting shot, and shooting back. This can be said for any weapon. Restatement and Conclusion: The Negev should be nerfed, as it provides unfair roleplay, and is generally overpowered. The high damage output and its high rate of fire is what makes this weapon overpowered. It's recoil is easily counteract-able, and its damage dropoff is no less than any other weapon. The terms of service clearly notes that any package can be modified or revoked, therefore any argument saying that X purchased Y is invalid. It should also be noted that any suggestions are made (or should be made) for the common good of the server. Through this reasoning, it appears that nerfing the negev is the best logical option.
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    Hi uhhhhh Im springs I like Tacos... {Myan getting flash backs}
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    I'm tired of people using TeamSpeak to bully/disrespect other people and there being little that can be done. It appears to be Romero shit talking and insulting Alpha, not a one on one conversation until he "mutes" him and then starts mocking him. It definitely doesn't sound like he tried to make the situation worse but Romero was escalating it. He may be dealing with issues but insulting and being toxic towards other members on teamspeak isn't the way to handle it. I know Romero and I think he gets a pass for that kind of behavior too much which is why this report is well deserved. He isn't trying to make things worse, he is reporting Romero for his disrespectful and awful comments. Personally, I think he deserves a punishment that far exceeds simply a verbal warning given this is not the first time Romero has started shit or been disrespectful to other people on teamspeak.
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    +Support Not really behavior that's out of the ordinary for Romero. About time someone reported him, really tired of his attitude. On a side note, he was a Sergeant Major for 3 years cause he was inactive as hell.
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    Accepted I'll go ahead and issue Zeeptin a strike and Permanent DNP for such behavior. I apologize for the traumatizing experience.
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