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    @Igneous It's time to give up that throne buddy. Your time has come.
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    Accepted. The punishment being given is a removal of the Superadmin rank from Th3.
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    What are you suggesting? - Security CCs get an adjustment to their rules, right now, they are a Custom Class with 200 HP, 200 Armor, and MTF tier weapons. I would like to see that either their NLR is adjusted to an MTF tier class, around 3 minutes instead of 2, as the reason Security has 2 Minute NLR is to balance the fact that they are the weakest combat branch. An alternative to this is to remove their ability to enter HCZ/EZ and act as if they are an MTF with a 2 minute NLR. Security CCs have not been doing their job as security, and instead are taking MTF's job, while also doing it better, as they spawn in LCZ, which can be a better position, say midway through a CI raid, so CI are across the facility from MTF, and only have 2 minutes of NLR. Either Security CCs should have to do their job as security and stay in LCZ, instead of being MTF with 2 minute NLR, or have their NLR adjusted to 3 minutes. How would this change better the server? - Currently, Security CCs are more of a defending force than MTF. They are constantly patrolling HCZ, stopping raids and breaches, taking MTF's job from them. They do this better than MTF because they are custom classes who can come back every 2 minutes instead of 3. This is an issue towards MTF activity, as their job is taken and it decreases morale, and this hurts security too, as they don't have people defending D block, as all their high ranks are on CCs in HCZ. This discourages security as they are wiped out without their high ranks, and then they get off, hurting security activity. Are there any disadvantages of making this change to the server? If so, explain. - The only real disadvantage is that the people who own the CCs are most likely not going to be happy with this, as it is a nerf. Who would this change mostly benefit? - Everyone Please link any workshop content, screenshots, or anything that you think may be helpful to those who view this suggestion - N/A NOTE - It's a one or the other suggestion, not both
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    What you want to see? - A tweak and/or removal of the new rule on CI and non-combatants. Why should we add it? - I understand that there is a struggle to find balance. No one wants these “RP branches” to die out because CI constantly threaten them, but the new rule is far too restrictive on CI, and they see no advantage to it. At the moment, no one in CI (excluding sleuths and Maynard) can kill or shoot utility and we have to let them do “their RP.” In return they can’t call us out, but 9/10 times that we see utility we’ve already been called out. Furthermore, it doesn’t make sense (RP wise) to have a janitor going around on defcon 2 cleaning things. I understand that you guys are trying to “make it fair for everyone,” but this rule only hurts CI. From what I’ve heard, there was no consultation with CI command before this rule was implemented. (Yes Aleks is talking with them, but that’s after the rule was implemented). What would I like to see: a reversion to the old rule, CI won’t kill you as long as you comply and don’t do stupid things ie “holding a weapon, running away, etc.” I understand that this is a semi-serious RP server, but you have to remember that CI is a group of terrorists and war criminals who believe in killing as many as it takes (including their own) to create the perfect world/society. Let’s talk about E4, they are the most redacted unit there is. If you’re below the rank of COL and you even utter their call sign you risk termination. Why would they not be allowed to kill non-combatants. Finally, this rule is unfair because it doesn’t work both ways. Our CI non-combatant classes aren’t protected by this rule. When we try to do research you guys interfere. Imagine this, if there was a rule that stated “MTF cannot kill R&D” I bet people would find it outrageous. What are the advantages of having this? - Just making it more fair. Who is it mainly for? - CI Links to any content - N/A I apologize for the rant, I’m just voicing the opinion of many members of CI. I’m prepared for the flood of downvotes I’m probably about to get lol. Please just try to stay civil in comments
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    Well its been fun kidnapping janitorial and making them clean random stuff up or making from run a bar or having them fight in the gladiatorial ring and of course my personal favorite the blind dates. O yes we had fun but i'm afraid all great things have to come to an end and by that I mean Janitorial not me. I'm of course internal I shall live on for ever from on top of DNB mountain where i may grant my blessing to pilgrims that make the dangerous travel powers of unfortified shenanigans. In case you a bit slow on the pick up *cough enuz* I'm keeping up with the trend on the server and retiring due to my new job requiring me to fly to the work camp and working 3 weeks straight before flying home for 3 weeks than doing it all over again, on top of the angry duck that want me blood dead for no reason. Ok maybe their is a reason or maybe that a story for another time? Now don't panic I'll still find time to bully you guys once I get back,. Now for the big list that makes people left out because there not on it! Thanks Gibson for always being by my side, no matter the hour. Alex or what ever the hell your calling your self now, your a dam good leader who know how to get people inspired but plz just pick a bloody name! Just one that all we ask. Giovanni No clue who this guy is just thought I would put him on here to make the other PFC's bad because their not on the list, but also a long time friend. Squirrlez really no clue just making them PFC feel worse. ( And don't think i'm done, I'll smite you let) Dang RND has found Good and competent Hand and maybe the first RND HOR that not fucked up we ever had? Rookieblue you jumped me in rank and went straight for 05 so your dead to me. (You a dam good cop -Harley quinn) Thank JackDaniels you stood me for me when i couldn't stand up for my self. Orange you keep the roster going when me and Alex couldn't. Booble you may be unfit for command but you bet I'll push you for COL! Coltable I still dont know what you do? Bionicle I want one mommy plz. Propane more like pro-Lame also A great teacher if you get a chance to learn from this man take it! Bazooka you're going far. Silver as a going away gift I'm leaving you with a strike. Zeeptin I'll buy Gaminglight for a dollar fifty and let you ban silver again And to my wifefu who ever the hell that is? Now I'm only leaving CI no the server its self so when I get back to "take care" of that bloody duck, I'll be back no simping while i'm gone
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    Partially Accepted Based on the information and evidence provided, the following actions will be taken: 1) I will update and clarify SCP 457 rules. SCP 457 is very rarely played as many people have pointed out, and these types of issues haven't been run into before/often, so we didn't know there was a problem with the rules. Moving forward on the next MOTD update, the following will be added to SCP 457's rules: - To be recontained, SCP-457 needs to be extinguished with a fire extinguisher. If 457 is sprayed by one or two fire extinguishers it will retreat from the area. If 457 is sprayed with three or more fire extinguishers it is extinguished immediately. At this point 457 can be safely cuffed and returned to its cell. 2) Due to the vagueness of the rule, the player in this case will be educated about the upcoming rule change moving forward. 3) Additionally, this incident was already handled in game by a staff member. Player reports are to be used for incidents that are not handled in game by staff. If you disagree with a decision made by a staff member, a staff report is the proper medium to air this grievance.
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    Job Removal: CI Sergeant ================================================================== Job Update ================================================================== Job Name: CI Beta Operative Job Model Change models/ninja/kestrel_casual.mdl Adding tfa_an94 weapon_m9 Removing tfa_csgo_galil ================================================================== Job Update ================================================================== Job Name: CI Delta Command Adding tfa_csgo_aug Removing Tfa_csgo_ak47 Armor: 175 ================================================================== Job Update ================================================================== Job Name: Gamma Command Adding tfa_1887winchester Removing tfa_csgo_sawedoff ================================================================== Job Update ================================================================== Job Name: CI Long Shot Adding tfa_barret_m82 Removing Tfa_m98b ================================================================== Job Update ================================================================== Job Name: CI Sawbones Adding Weapon_armorkit Armor: 125 ================================================================== Job Update ================================================================== Job Name: CI Shades Task Force E4 Adding Tfa_vikhr Removing tfa_csgo_sg556 ================================================================== Job Addition ================================================================== Job Name: CI R&D Field Researcher Job Description Field Researchers have been specially trained by military forces to be a perfect combatant and a great researcher, combined to complete onsite tests inside the foundation with its own self protection. Model models/player/hitman_absolution_47_classic.mdl Adding tfa_csgo_usp tfa_1887winchester dradio Health: 150 Armor: 150 Notes: Needs channel radio 30, /ci , cuffs ================================================================== Job Addition ================================================================== Job Name: CI R&D High Command Job Description R&D High command is especially elected by the CI administration to lead the R&D branch to great success, with research being excelled to great lengths of creativity and quality. Model models/player/suits/male_03_shirt_tie.mdl Adding tfa_mp5 Tfa_csgo_deagle Dradio Cross_arms_swep Health: 150 Armor: 125 Notes: Needs channel radio 30, /ci , cuffs ================================================================== Gun Changes Beta's An94- Was already on SGT Delta's AUG- On Security Senior NCO Gamma's Winchester- An armory gun Longshot's M82- Bread told us to add it to only one job Shade's Vickhr-Is already on another SF
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    With comments like that you wont be getting HCMD.
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    I don’t think I need to remind anybody on here that suggestions are not the place for you to hash out beef with any other branch or person, so here’s what we’re going to do. I’m not going to lock this because I believe this type of change should be throughly talked about from the community, HOWEVER, any arguing from this point on, whoever it is, will either receive a demotion from their rank or a short ban on the server, depending on the situation. Post your opinion, RESPECTFULLY, and move on. If you disagree with someone else’s opinion, please keep it to yourself because everyone is allowed to have differing opinions. Thank you.
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    If you don’t wanna read Zeus's Essay here is a summary (I was 1 of the D class there) 1. You killed D class not out of self defense which is a rule that Researchers need to follow ( RDM/MRDM) 2. You Shot Out Of Spawn BEFORE A D CLASS CAME INTO SPAWN (failrp) 3. You didn’t just decide to close the door and just kept shooting after dying (nlr) 4. You should’ve received an LTAP because it seemed you knew what you were doing and left 5. You need proof to backup your claims
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    I’m probably about to get a bunch of thumbs down for this comment but -support. Initially before I joined O9 I was firm believer that CI needed to be the best and the strongest and they deserved the best weaponry. I still partially believe that, but MTF classes are far behind in their load outs. No offense to Bread, but this is like when he purposely put the overpowered famas on Nu7 to gain an advantage except you did that all across the board. You can call me “mad cuz bad” (admittedly I am bad lol), but still this is unfair. O9 and CI are meant to be more of a stalemate, and after 1 day in O9 I can partially understand why we have less activity. It’s because of CI being so much stronger than us. The E4 class is a perfect example of you blatantly attempting to buff CI. You traded 2 mediocre weapons for better weapons. Both the Winchester and vikhr outclass the weapon previously filling it’s role. No offense but if this happens I believe Nu7 also needs a buff to their operative because the CI alpha is currently 125 | 100 whereas Nu7 operative is 100 | 100. As the retired head of longshots I thought that everyone had agreed upon pushing for either 150 | 175 or something along those lines. You ignored all other changes that were wanted universally.
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    -Support I believe that going out of your way to report someone that trusted you for personal gain on a Garry's Mod server shows your immaturity and how impatient you are to receive any staff rank you strive for. For that reason I think you need time to understand what you did and try not to do that again in the future so that you will be trusted again.
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    Logging in.. Welcome | Researcher | W Loading note.. To Clef (Light), So its that time huh. I remember when I was your boss and not the other way around, fun. Well, I'm not writing this to talk about the past. Knowing this job, you're leaving with memories you want to both keep and forget. I'm writing this because you worked hard to get to the point you were at. It's sad to hear that your leaving. But know this, you have helped a lot of researchers in your time. You have done some life saving tests that had helped us figure things out on SCPs. You were also a dear friend to me along all those journeys. I wish you had given me a heads up. I would have written a better note. Clef (Light), in my book you are a researching hero. I wish you luck in the adventures you find later in your path. May the great beasts we hold give you with luck. From your friend, W P.S. Don't let the horrors of the foundation scare you in life. May those horrors give you the bravery to move forward. Uploading Note... Note uploaded Signing off...
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    I don't think that's how it works.
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    PARTIALLY ACCEPTED This situation and the final decision involves a variety of factors, and as I have recently been accused of favoring CI, I will, as always, discuss all factors that have led to my decision in the case. 1) Established Precedent From a Previous Report Under a previous report from a player on April 6th, 2020 (https://gaminglight.com/forums/topic/54954-oranges-player-report/) CI personnel reported that E11 personnel violated then MOTD rule "You may not shoot/interfere with Chaos Insurgency/D-Class that are outside the foundation unless it is on Defcon 3 or lower, and Epsilon-11 has been called. You are to act as if you were not there." E11 personnel had been requested by a Site Administration member despite not being able to validly due so based on the MOTD. In this case, the following actions were taken: - Case presentment established that the MOTD always trumps branch SOPs. - Established that it is the responsibility of branch command members to request updates to the MOTD when they would like rule changes. - In the decision that I previously authored, I stated, "Given the various factors involved in this report, such as confusion between MOTD vs SOP supremacy, the E-11 being requested to guard the DOC, and the clear directive of the MOTD, I will not be issuing a warning or taking enforcement action against the player in question. HOWEVER, this decision servers as a notice to all branches, reinforced by my personal conversations with each branch's command yesterday, that that MOTD is the law of the land. Any further actions that violate the MOTD, even if in compliance with branch SOPs, will result in warnings or other sanctions. Additionally, E-11 Command is directed to ensure their SOP is in compliance with the MOTD, or go through proper channels to suggest edits to the MOTD." 2) My Current Affiliation with CI While I am currently a 1 LT with CI, this does not, nor has ever impacted my ability to make impartial decisions based on warnings and reports that I handle on a day to day basis. I have played on this server since January of 2019, and have held the following positions: - GENSEC Command, Senior Field Trainer - Utility Senior Technician, Field Trainer - Utility Junior Janitor - MTF E-11 Private - Research Associate Researcher - CI Command, 1st Lieutenant, Supervisory Field Trainer, Head of Sawbones I have been involved in every single branch, including MTF, with the exception of the recently formed OMI, NU-7, Utility Medical, and O5/Site Administration. I approach each situation and each report in a neutral manner, and I believe that my experience working in these branches in fact makes me better suited to handle these types of reports, as I know the difficultly of working D-Block as a GENSEC Lance Corporal and having people line bait, I know the difficultly of being a researcher and having D-Class minge when you're trying to complete a test, and I know the difficultly of being an E-11 MTF member and trying to keep the facility secure from both CI and MTF. I am also acutely aware of the difficultly of being a command member and making decisions that affect others while being constrained by various policies and rules through my current position as a CI command member, previous position as a GENSEC command member, and real life experience as a police officer. 3) Facts in This Specific Incident The following occurred during this incident: - While on DEFCON 4 OMI WO Kilo requested E-11 personnel respond to the Foundation, which violates the following MOTD rule: You are not to shoot/interfere with Chaos Insurgency/D-Class that are either inside, or outside the foundation unless it is on DEFCON 3 or lower, or on DEFCON 4 and have been requested by a command member of Utility, Research, or GENSEC. - STF D4 Frost responded to the request for E11 assistance, but ordered E11 personnel to remain in the Entrance Zone, also violating the following MOTD rule: You are not to shoot/interfere with Chaos Insurgency/D-Class that are either inside, or outside the foundation unless it is on DEFCON 3 or lower, or on DEFCON 4 and have been requested by a command member of Utility, Research, or GENSEC. - When CI personnel confronted OMI and E11 personnel after the fact, E11 LCPL Rhodes specifically cited OMI's request as their reason for entrance, and OMI WO Kilo's statement when told he does not have the authority to make such a request of, "It's out of date" showing that he was at least aware of the rule being in the MOTD. Whereas given the above information, Including the previous report precedent in which all branch commands, including E-11, CI, Research, GENSEC, NU-7, Utility, and Site Administration were advised that the MOTD trumps any and all SOPs, including that a verbal warning was provided in the previous case to those individuals that violated MOTD rules based on a misunderstanding between the MOTD and SOP, and including that it was specifically stated that further instances of this type of misconduct would result in additional sanctions, the following actions are being taken: A formal warning is being issued to OMI WO Kilo for FailRP - Falsely Requesting E-11 A verbal warning is being issued in the form of this report response to STF D4 Frost for FailRP - E-11 On Site Without Proper Authorization
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    Name: Rektify Rank: Vice Commander Reason for leaving : It iz what it izzzzzzzzzzzz Do you agree to stay active for 48 hours?: Technically, I'm on LOA but sure. Listen lads, it's been a long time coming for me. I'm pretty burnt out and I think I'll be dipping again for a while. Will I come back as command? Maybe. But I'll still be on the server every now and then. I don't feel like putting names here because I don't want someone to feel left out. You know how I feel about you and, if you don't... uh... idk haha. As for my fellow Experimentals... RIP AND TEAR!
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    Suggestion: Anyone interested in having a custom class in a branch (GENSEC, MTF, CI) must meet and communicate expectations between the branch high command and the CC owner. The CC owner and all people on the CC must comply with the branch's SOP, and would have a rank within the branch. This coordination would address issues within this suggestions, such as restricting certain CCs from certain locations, and is better managed by the branch's command members, who regularly deal with these types of issues on a day to day basis. Benefits: + CC Owners and Branch Command able to communicate expectations and restrictions clearly + CC's having an RP rank allows them to still fall under normal command structure, promoting a better sense of unity rather than just having CC's that do whatever they want + Individuals with CC whitelists are held individually accountable for misconduct, and can be punished accordingly, rather than an entire CC developing a poor reputation Cons - Will require enhanced coordination and communication between branch command and multiple individuals. I recommend keeping communication between the branch command and CC owner, and having the CC owner be responsible for communicating expectations to the people on their CC. - May result in less interest in CC in the Foundation Branches, as people will need to comply with SOPs, which some people purchase CCs to specifically not have to do so.
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    Weiss is being removed my from CC for violating GENSEC SOP, this was an isolated incident and will NOT be happening again.
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    Zeeptin told me to post a pic once I got it so here it is, it finally came.
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    In-Game Name: Jack SteamID: STEAM_0:1:102743983 Paid By: STEAM_0:0:496437054 (same person just issues signing in on the store on my main account) Custom Job Branch (D-Class, MTF, Security, CI): Security ($50) Custom Job Name: Security Artillery Unit Color of Job: rgb(31, 0, 81) Job Description: After seeing many of their friends in the foundation get slaughtered by d class, and the Jacks, these 5 men decided to became cybernetically enhanced soldiers and make sure D class will never be able to escape again. Model (Workshop Playermodel MUST be under 4mb, and the word Playermodel and Ragdoll must be in the title or description. YOUR MODEL MUST EXCEED THE HEIGHT OF THE 1X1 PLATE): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=921167181 Model Path: models/player/n7legion/human_soldier.mdl Weapons: tfa_csgo_awp, tfa_csgo_negev ($20) Secondary: tfa_csgo_deagle the medkit: tfa_fas2_ifak Base CC $80 Additions: STEAM_0:0:127963272 ($20) STEAM_0:1:419318201($20) STEAM_0:1:174348602 ($20) STEAM_0:0:504483356 ($20) 200 HP 200 Armor ($130) Gun Addition: tfa_m3 ($20) Tranq ($10) Elastic restraints ($10) Total: $400
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    If you have any disagreements with this update. Please PM me on discord.
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    Of course the guy with the commie picture would say "our"
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    What is your in-game name?: Shadow Guard VI Bizdrop What is your steam name?: [GL] Bizdrop What is your steam ID?: STEAM_0:0:500893653 Do you have any other experience with staffing?: Yes on a small Starwars rp server that the owner shutdown it was called inferno Imperial Rp it got like 20 - 30 people What date did you start playing on the community? 2 months ago What date did you make your forums account? A few weeks ago Current rank on server? Apprentice How many warnings do you have on the server? I have Zero Have you donated? I did to get Royal Guard and Apprentice What rank are you applying for? Trial Moderator Have you read the staff guidelines You will be tested on it: Yes I have Timezone: EST Why do you believe that you deserve the rank? I believe I deserve the rank of trial moderator due to my past experience as an Admin on another starwars RP server. I would like to help the growth of this server while also making sure no rules are broken. I would be able to stop the minge during the late hours and take any staff calls that other staff may not be able to take seeing as they have school. I pick up new things very easily and I remember things I have learned quite well. I want to be able to help share the load other staff members will be bearing on Imperial RP and I believe I would be able to do that. These reasons and more are why I believe I am qualified to become a Trial Moderator on Gaminglight. I am also nice to the community i gave away 2 free DL-44 to a DT and Purge and got someone Apprentice and Royal Guard. How would you handle someone that is Mass RDMing and when you bring him/her to an admin sit all they do is curse at you? I would first strip his/hers weapons so that they cannot fire anymore. I would then bring them and try to talk to them, since they are cursing at me i would make sure to try to talk him down and say things like "Hey man there's no need in cursing at me, i'm trying to figure out what going on, i've gotten reports of you MRDMing" If he continues I would gag him and say what all I need to. I would then say i'm going to ungag you now, so please give me your side of the story of what happened (I'm trying to see whether he is in the wrong or not. I would use common sense here to determine if he is lying or in the wrong). Once he has explained I would then gather what i've been told and determine my course of action. If he doesn't explain and continues cursing I would then gag him and explain to him that that was his final chance and I am now going to issue punishment according to the staff handbook.
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    Current MOTD rules allow SCP 343 to do this. They also allow 343 to do the reverse and tell CI where MTF/GENSEC are. + Support to allow 343 free access to the playable map only.
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    -Support The falcon is mainly used in D-Class, and D-Class aren't supposed to be powerful. D-Class already get control of d-block a lot, I dont want everyone with 10$ to be able to melt Gensec.
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    In Game Name: Azius Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:246842155 What is your current Rank: CI 2LT What Type of Command Position are you applying for (High Command / Low Command): High command Do you have experience in Command, if yes explain: Yes a TON, I have been High command in technical and E11, also low command in A1,Security and CI(now) Date of when you first joined MTF / Chaos Insurgency: joined E11 on 3/15/2019 resigned on 3/29/2020, Have been in CI ever since. How many Strikes do you have: 0 What is your main goal of being Omicron-9 Low / High Command: I want to get back into MTF and do this with some valuable and meaningful work. Do you think there is any issues with the branch and if so how would you fix it (High Command Applications Only): A lot of dedicated players join excited to have fun but not enough command are on to promote activity and reward good work. What do you think of Omicron-9's ability to keep the facility under control from GOI's and what do you think can be improved (High Command Applications Only): Their ability to prevent ci is good and strong but there isn't nearly enough consecutive teamwork. Why should we accept you in Omicron-9 Command (150 word minimum): I have tons of experience in MTF and CI knowing how both sides play and treat each other allowing me to proactively lead my branch but also predict my opponents moves. But my speciality is not just in rp stuff, I believe that I am very good at doing administrative things such as keeping the roster up to date, putting in the time to make sure documents are up to date and easy to understand, keeping recruitment and training active and making sure it's a positive experience to encourage people to join the branch. I also think I can have fun and jokes when appropriate but get serious and unbiased when needed. As mentioned in one of the questions above I think I will be able to join the branch and do genuine and meaningful work to improve the branch for others and make sure everyone's having a positive experience and wants to return and play another day.
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    This should be accepted and the ban extended
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    Name: Calamity Rank: Second Lieutenant Reason for leaving: I go where I am needed within Gaminglight and Omicron-9 was where it needed help since it needed members and a new addition to SCPRP. Now Omicron-9 is in a stable position. Sadly I need to focus on real life and continue to help PoliceRP. I have have so many good memories of Omicron and I appreciate having the opportunity to be a command member here. Blackbeard - You are a legend for MTF and that will never change. You are doing excellent work of being a commander. Keep it up! Rektify - Sad to see you resign from Omicron, you are an amazing person and I wish well for you in your future endeavors. Camo - You are an absolute unit, you also make me laugh all the time. You are a great guy, keep it up! Happy - Ever since I joined Omi-9 you have put in so much work. I have never recommended anyone for promotions, here I was recommending you to get promoted and you did. Keep it up, I want to see you as high command one day. Thank you to everyone in Omicron-9, you guys are amazing, keep up the fight. Do you agree to stay active for 48 hours?: Yes
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    I personally never liked any of the new rules in place on both sides. I think all this has created is just a huge headache on every side that we all hate. I honestly want to go back to the time where if CI raided they kill everyone or take utility/researchers. I want the time where non-combatants can only fire if fired upon by CI or just flat out murdered, as it MAKES SENSE. I understand how this can be frustrating to research during a mass test, but I think if CI could compromise by not messing with major RP situations. Like a research mass test or a mass utility patrol, and if that is being taken place then the person holding such event can contact CI who are on the server saying what's going on and CI can avoid said area. If non of that is going on then it's fair game. Utility and research are able to attack if attacked upon and can be taken again (I honestly love being taken, it adds some rich RP from my days in medbay), and CI can kill non-combatants if they wish or take them. Also where we can call Ci out again. If this is an issue we could maybe extend the time from each CI raid, but changing the rules of witch who CI can kill is getting very confusing. Take this as you wish but this is my personal view.
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    076-2 looks at a researcher Researcher-"THEY JUMPING ME THEY JUMPING MEEE!!!"
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    Hey im MTF Nu7 HSU Sword G5 I accept the warn I was I get it. I apologize to I didnt know I could not call CI Raid or things like this for someone else when on NLR. It wont happen again my bad.
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    I know this will be a shock to all and it's so sudden, but I've been thinking about this for a long time . However it's time to move on. I've got to focus on college and my personal life. I've been on gaminglight for a very long time, I believe its 2-3 years. When I first joined, my goal was to make new friends, join the staff team and help and reach a high rank in staff. All of these goals were reached and I just want to say thank you to those who helped me along the way. It does make me sad to leave the staff team, but I have to do this for my personal life. I will miss all the fun times I've had on each server. But don't worry, I won't leave gaminglight. I'll still be on the servers to rp and have fun daily. I will just be leaving staff as I no longer have time for it. To these people I mention, you guys are the best! If I don't put your name in, it's just that there is a lot of names and do not take offence if I don't put your name in. Zeeptin- The greatest owner of a community I've ever met. I want to thank you for the opportunity to join your staff team and the SMT team. I hope to see your community grow and I wish you all the best! Matthew- You MINGE! Jk don't ban me pls. But I have to say, your a great friend and a great manager. Keep on going with PoliceRP in the rank. I believe that PoliceRP will reach in the top 10 rank! Good luck bro! Eternity- You are an awesome friend, and I think of you as a brother. We did a lot of things together in PoliceRP; laugh, minge around, have fun! I wish you luck in SMT! Snar- My man, to be honest I would not be a part of SMT if it wasn't for you. Thank you for accepting me to staff when you were manager. I wish you luck with everything and you are a great friend! Hotshot- What can I say! You've made me laugh a lot when you became SWAT Commander a long time ago. Your a great friend and I wish the best of luck for ImperialRP! To the entire SMT and JMT team, Good luck with your servers! It's been awesome working with you guys! To the PoliceRP staff team I will miss you all, good luck with rising in the ranks, and again it was awesome working with you! Just a repeat, I am NOT leaving gaminglight, just the staff team. I will miss you all......
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    Oof, awkward moment when you're caught in a lie.
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    Security Roll Call June 23rd - June 30th Rollcall is now active. If you are in security and wish to retain your rank, you must respond by June 30th, 5pm EST. All ranks from LCPL to Colonel are REQUIRED to respond to this roll call or you will be removed from the roster, as well as the discord. Additionally, make sure you are in the discord or you will be removed from the roster regardless of your response to roll call. Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/FskBEhm Format for Response: Name: Rank: Current FTO Rank: Current RCF Rank: Why should you retain your rank (Command ONLY | 150+ words): Any Notes, Questions, or Concerns?: Disclaimer: If you lie about your rank, FTO rank, or RCF rank, you will be subject to a FULL removal from security.
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    I'd say getting the lights shut off/tesla's on woud be reward in this scenario. As for the 60+ Roll system, perhaps we can do something like 50+ you just turn them off, but anyone else can turn them straight back up, while with say a 80+ You'd break it and a technician would need to fix it?
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    -Support for jay getting in trouble +Support for kilo getting in trouble cause he is only a WO that called that and only utility and what not can call em in All in all -Support this report is kinda wack neither of them knew about this so yea a -support from me.
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    If I remember correctly, this specific update was requested prior to OMI even being implemented, but I'll admit I'm not 100% sure on it, the months blur together for me. Additionally, we had dealt with a dust up on this before, if a branch wants an update to the MOTD, they need to approach me/post a suggestion/literally do something to say they want a rule updated. MOTD > SOPs always, and saying, "It's out of date" is not a valid defense, considering I just made some pretty significant updates to it recently regarding CI's combat rules. If CI can talk to me/Hoovy/SMT and get rules updated and added, I have no idea why it's always MTF that seemingly decide they can just disregard the MOTD and do their own thing. It's frustrating because I've literally reached out to every command a number of times and previously worked closely with OMI command to get their info added to the MOTD and it never happened.
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    hey guys, just wanted to thank you all for the feedback. ill try to take what you guys say better to heart, and ill try to prove more that I am suited for having a RIG!
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    nvm we gotta bet these scp ppl
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    TTT Weapons Guide and Classifications With Tips SHOTGUNS The first weapon type is shotguns these consist of 3 shotguns in game, 1. Double Barreled, 2 .Shotgun, 3.Striker. With these types of weapons they generally do damage up close. However based on what Shotgun a player uses there are advantages and disadvantages of using these weapons. The Doubled Barreled shotgun is a high risk, high reward gun. If you can land your shots then you can get the kill, but beware if you miss you most likely are dead. When using this weapon Left Click will fire one shell but if you Right Click then the it will fire the two shell in the barrel. The one shell shot has less recoil than the double shot, so save the double when you are sure you can make the kill but use the single if you are at a bigger distance. Moving on to the shotgun it's the goldilocks of the group. It has better range and more ammunition than the double barrel. However it does less damage when compared. And the finally the Striker is more of a run and gun type of gun. It has a fast fire rate and a lower range than the Shotgun and double barrel. So its good for getting the drop on someone at a medium distance. Finally the ammo these weapons take is a small red and white box (Shotguns pictured below) Assault Rifles and Pistols The reason these two categories are grouped together is because of their same ammo. They both take the same ammo. But to start off the Assault Rifles consists of M4A1, AUG, and the Famas. The M4A1 is your typical all around decent rifle, it has a moderate fire rate and moderate recoil. The AUG on the other hand has a 1.5x scope on it making it better at longer distances however it has a slightly slower fire rate than the M4A1 but a higher damage. Then the Famas has a faster fire rate and lower recoil but a little less damage than the M4A1. In addition to that the Famas and M4A1's iron sights may be an acquired aim but with good practice you should be able to master these weapons. The usage of these weapons are at short to medium range with bursts firing or single shot as your target gets further away from you. The next category is 9mm pistols this weapon category consists of a Glock and Pistol. The Glock is fully automatic and has some kick to it. On the other hand the Pistol is semi automatic and does more damage per shot. However with both pistols the recoil pattern messes up line of sight at times making it hard to shoot. But both are a good option for when your primary runs out of ammo. It would be wise to pick up another weapon then an Assault Rifle because both weapons consist of the same ammo pool. But if you feel confident you can pick up an Assault Rifle and a Pistol. The ammo type for this category is a gray rectangular box with bullets on the side of it. As pictured in the first picture. (Pictures Below) Heavy Pistols/Revolvers The next category of weapons is the Heavy Pistols and Revolvers. On the server there is the Desert Eagle, A3000 and the Revolvers. A general rule of thumb with all of these weapons in this category are high risk and high reward, emphasis on high risk. With the Desert Eagle and the A3000 the fire rate is slow but the damage is high. The A3000 only has 5 shots and can kill fast if you land those shots. The Desert Eagle does a bit less damage and is more forgiving with 7 rounds. For the Revolvers they have nearly identical stats and do moderate damage and have 6 rounds each. When using these pistols aim for the head because if you can land your shot then you can kill very fast. A tip for these weapons is getting behind someone or staring down someone so you can get the first shot off on a person. The ammo type for this weapon looks like a red and black box. Submachine Guns Submachine guns are abundant in TTT because of their versatility. These weapons consist of the Vector, TEC-9, PP Bizon, MAC-10, and the MR-CA1. These weapons have different functions and uses. The Vector is an all around great weapon for close to even medium range with a good firerate. The TEC 9 has a ton of recoil when shooting so the range is severely limited and burns thru ammo fast. The PP Bizon has the largest mag out of the class and has a decent firing rate. However it does not do that much damage and is very inaccurate at distances. The MAC-10 has the slowest fire rate bust is very accurate and damage output. And finally the oddball MR-CA1 is interesting because it has a scope and acts more like a DMR SMG hybrid. It has good damage and range but struggles at short distances where an iron sight would thrive. Altogether these are one of the most versatile weapons that will even outclass a Shotgun or an Assault Rifle. The ammo type to look for is a gray box with yellow markings. (Pictured Below) Machine Guns Machine guns in TTT are a spray and pray type of weapon. This category consists of only 2 weapons. The Ares Strike and the H.U.G.E 249 . The H.U.G.E 249 has a fast fire rate with a lot of recoil to control and a small damage per bullet. The Aries Shrike on the other hand has a slower fire rate and does more damage than the H.U.G.E 249 but also has less recoil. There is no ammo type for these weapons, its just your clip and you are done. Tips for using these weapons would be closed corridors or with a teammate to coordinate covering fire or to kill multiple people in a hallway or room. In addition to that the range on both of these weapons are short and spread out in a cone shape. (Pictured Below Snipers/Designate Marksman Rifles (DMRs) Snipers and DMRs play a huge role in TTT for picking off people at a distance. The weapon class consists of Rifle, Rail Gun, SG550, and Pocket Rifle. The rifle is the all around generic sniper with good damage and moderate recoil. The railgun is different as if you charge is up before you shoot you can deal extra damage but don't hold on to the trigger too long or you will explode yourself. The SG550 is the DMR and has a faster fire rate as it does not need to be chambered back into the rifle. The SG550 has small recoil and does less damage than any of the bolt actions ( Rifle and Rail Gun). And finally is the pocket rifle with 1 shot in the chamber with decent damage. However if you miss you are a goner. So these weapons should be used at long distances or when some is staying still and you can land the headshots. Any of these weapons will deal massive damage to the head if hit, but be aware if you miss either hide or get ready for a fight. Usually when you take out a sniper you want to have a more for giving sidearm such as a Pistol or Glock. The ammo to keep an eye out for is a yellow and black box, stock up before you start to shoot !! (Pictured Below) Grenades In TTT you are allowed one throwable and there are 3 on the server that have different uses and effects. The first grenade being Smoke Grenade, this grenade makes a thick smoke cloud that obscures vision. Some uses of this are for disappearing, covering ground faster, or offensively for blinding an opponent. The next grenade is the Discombobulator, this grenade does no damage like the smoke grenade but pushes people, weapons, ammo and certain props. Some uses for this would be pushing players off a building remotely and pushing a player away from you as you run. And last but not least is the Incendiary Grenade. This grenade upon explosion spreads fire around the area that the grenade landed and does an area of effect damage over time. Some uses of the Incendiary Grenade are in close quarters trapping people or closing off an entrance or hallway, and straight up damaging players. These grenades can be tossed or rolled based on what situation arises. (Grenades Pictured Below) Overall some of the best loadouts I have found is as follows : Any Shotgun,Glock, And Incendiary ; Rifle ,Glock, Smoke; and finally Famas, A3000, Discombobulator. However feel free to mix and match and see what works for you !!, If there is any weapon changes or buffs/nerfs I will update them in here for everyone to learn. Note: These are weapons accessible to everyone not only traitors or detectives.
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