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    Good evening citizens of True North!!! Today I will be speaking about a few updates that SMT as well as JMT have been working on to bring into the server!! The first topic we want to cover is the Drug Dealer update! Rules for the new Drug Dealer is as follows; 8-) Drug Dealer Cannot raid. Can not commit major crime (Ex. A Bank Raid). Must have a shop to sell goods. May have bitminers, weed and or printers when shop is up. Can only self-supply when actively running a shop. Changing jobs to purchase drugs then switching back is an example of self-supply. This is not allowed. Can only base with other dealers (Ex. Gun/Adv Gun/Black Market/Drug Dealers). LEGAL drugs are Asprin, Cigiarettes, Alcohol and Water ILLEGAL drugs are Cocaine, Marijuana/Weed (Unless legalized by the President), Meth, Heroin, LSD and Mushrooms! With this new job we are hoping to see an increase in RP for Criminals as well as PD. We have already gotten multiple reports of FBI agents going under cover and working along side PD and TAC Units to bust the Drug dealers in True North! Great job guys!! Next thing we are going to cover is a Bloods and Crips update! We are aware of the current situations revolving Bloods and Crips and we have generally seen people only hopping onto these jobs to minge around and not accomplish anything as a group. We are hoping to change that today with this update! Currently in the map you will see two new dedicated locations for the Bloods and Crips to now base in and run their operations out of. We are hoping to see members of these gangs participate in more; Gang rivarly Drive by shootings Basing with money silos, printers etc... We have situated these locations close enough to each other to hopefully encourage Bloods and Crips to engage in more RP situations instead of just killing each other in spawn repeatedly. Now, there will be some additional rules going along side of this, these rules are subject to change if there are issues that are caused by these; Entrance to the base can only be locked, you cannot build props to block the doorway (This only applies to the building labelled as Bloods Red Zone or the Crips Hood location) Rooms inside of the building can be built in so you can build a base to bitcoin/print money or run silos| Gangs can do a drive by of any other gang members as long as no PD or Gov is around the area (Citizens, other Thiefs etc can be in the area to witness) Drive by's must not be excessive and done repeatedly, the gang leaders should be setting up a Drive by with their followers and executing it. Drive by reset limit is 15 minutes (These rules have been updated into the MOTD) Now for some photos!! Bloods Base Crips Base Now onto our next topic which will also be our last, this topic will cover changes to Basing rules that we currently have on the server! Myself along with other members of the SMT/JMT have done extensive testing with other players to find a more fair approach to how players build their bases. With the current state of basing we have seen an influx of some pretty OP base designs. These base designs include zig/zag like patterns that make it near impossible for Gov to even come halfway to raiding the base let alone criminals trying to raid a base with only a couple of members. I will list here the current MOTD rules that you will have seen and in some cases, there will be additional rules being added or changed. Additions will be colored as Green, and anything removed will be colored as Red. 1-) Basing Max fading doors (Per Base): 5 down to 4 Fading doors must be obvious and visible for the player (just like keypads) They cannot be placed in a way where your player model gets stuck and you are unsure where the door is (placing a pole in the corner as your fading door) Max buttons (Per Base): 5 down to 3 Keypad required for every door with a toggle or 5 secs open time. Do not use your numpad to open the door, instead input the code into the keypad or use a button Your base cannot force players to crouch/jump Shooting windows do not count as fading doors Max of 2 shooting windows per base, buttons on shooting windows MUST be toggled and you cannot use your numpad to open it No invisible props No kill boxes. A kill box is when you can trap a player between 2 fading doors and you can shoot at them but they can't shoot back at you. For example you are backed up against a wall and can see the players feet, but they cannot see you at all (This is not allowed) You cannot use no collide for defense/entrance purposes. You may not prop block raidables. All parts of a base must fit at least 2 people back to back and side to side. Do NOT make bases with small peepholes (otherwise known as head glitching) Half of your body MUST be shown if you are shooting over an object (Barriers, props etc). This is in effect for shooting windows as well. Whiteout/Blackout and Underwater bases are not allowed If your base is going to be primarily black, the floor must be an opposite color (White) Trap bases are not allowed. This is anything that acts as a trap door to trap or damage raiders. Keypads must be visible and not hidden. Fake keypads are also not allowed. KOS/Building signs MUST BE CLEAR AND CONCISE Bases may not be raided if there is a building or RP sign. Bases with building signs can be prop blocked off. However, they may not be used as hideaways for criminals. They may also not contain any type of raidables. RP Only buildings are designed for peaceful RP scenarios. No raidables are allowed here, thus they are also not allowed to be raided. Maze bases are NOT allowed. The path through the base’s defenses must be obvious and accessible. Text signs must be large and easily seen (80+ text size). World Glow is not allowed. Roof bases are not allowed unless the building's roof has a built in access point. Every bases' property line stops where the sidewalk/map road/fense starts. You may not extend your base or a KOS sign beyond your property line. You may not combine one way props and a non one way prop (Fence and gates) in order to see and shoot players at the same time (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1490478705) Maximum of 5 one way props per base Bases may not be built across spawn, near the hospital and near the elevator shaft outside of spawn. Do not make any bases or props that block or disallow access to an NPC. Bases must not strain the eyes. This means no flashing props or bright colors. A sky base is not allowed. A skybase is a base that is taller than the prop tube1x1x8 Walkway rule If you are basing you are only allowed 10 props for the walkway leading into your base. This means players who have the “zig-zag” base design can still set up their base that way, but with limited props. It is up to you to use longer props that make the players have to run farther and have shooting platforms above them, or continue to have fences and attempt to shoot at Gov/Raiders through them. (https://imgur.com/kSNkkaQ) 5-) Important Timers Raids - 5 Minutes/Raid -- 45 Minutes/Same Base Kidnaps - 15 Minutes/Kidnap -- 30 Minutes/Same Person Assassinations - 15 Minutes/Assasination Bank Raids - 15 Minutes/Bank Raid Murder - 5 Minutes/Murder -- 30 minutes/Same Person Mugging - 5 Minutes/Mug -- 30 minutes/Same Person General Store - 15 Minutes/Robbery Money Silo - 15 Minutes after completion/failure (Per base) 4-) Kidnapping/Hostage Taking Must /yell or /advert kidnap If the person has a gun out, you cannot kidnap To take a player hostage, there must be at least 10 PD online (This includes SWAT/ARU/SRT/CERT/FBI/Etc.) Do not hold anyone longer than 15 minutes Restraints are required to kidnap someone (or else it will be considered false hostage) Kidnapping in Spawn/AFK People is not allowed You may only have one person (kidnapped/hostage) per person. Once you rob a store/the bank, you MUST let the hostage(s) go, you can't take him/her away out of the store/bank Ransom Prices THAT MUST BE FOLLOWED BY ALL CRIMINALS Civilian -­ $5,000 Officer­ - $10,000 Senior Officer / Corporal ­- $20,000 Sergeant ­- $30,000 Master Sergeant/ Sergeant Major- $50,000 Lieutenant -­ $60,000 Captain ­- $70,000 Major - $80,000 Colonel - $90,000 Assistant / Deputy Chief - $100,000 Chief of Police (or Department heads) - $125,000 Deputy Commissioner - $150,000 Commissioner - $200,000 That all folks! Thank you so much for being apart of the Gaminglight community as well as being a member on Police RP!!! Thank you all for coming to us with the issues that you have, they are greatly appreciated as they do help us bring the best possible gaming experience for you guys on PoliceRP! Side note: There MAY be a possibility of the text screen not showing up in game, we are waiting to see if the perma propping worked for those!
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    Almost is targeting by saying that.
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    DENIED These are straight from your past post to appeal this ban, interesting to see you coming back here even though you seemed to like that there were other PRP servers.
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    Ingame Name: Igneous Discord: Igneouscheetah#2129 Funny Fact About Myself: I have over 999 Million on SCP-RP
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    Denied. The SCP-RP SMT has decided against adding this suggestion for performance reasons, the benefit to the server, or another unstated reason.
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    Accepted Thank you for the report. Appropriate action against the player and or staff member will be taken to ensure that they receive the correct punishment.
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    A form of this Update has been accepted, with most of the benefits listed, so I retract my statement for the following Update below. What you want to see? - I would like to see the rules for Upper D Block to be changed drastically. At the current moment, Security has to hold Upper D Block behind a fence with stationary barricades and just slaughter Class D at almost every moment of the day. Very few branches are allowed into D Block mainly because the way Upper D Block is designed. Researchers and Utility may come in at limited times, but usually cause distractions and allow Class D to escape. Security are stuck in D Block shooting Class D all the time, causing many people to leave for the fact that it is not a entertaining job. So currently there is no real RP that can happen because it is in a constant state of gunfire because Class D have access to the majority of the largest room on the map with very limited rules. My suggestion is this, restrict access of Class D to Upper D Block and remove a majority of the fortifications in Upper. Why should we add it? - This suggestion should be added for a variety of reasons. Class D personnel have access to a large room as is and having them be so close to breaching at all times is not lore friendly—versus being locked in cells unless for testing. It is not realistic to have people join the server and just sit in the cells but free roam access is not any better. Lower D Block should be for Class D and Upper should be for Foundation Personnel. Forcing Class D to be in lower, unless for testing, would allow Security to leave D Block more often, instead of sitting in a room for a branch. Having Class D's access restricted would allow Security to have more RP because Security would now be able to go on patrol, escort Foundation personnel more frequently, and be stationed in areas across LCZ/HCZ instead of D Block. This restriction of D Block would also benefit Researchers for the fact that they would be able to enter D Block more frequently, test on Class D more often, and increase the RP between all of the branches involved in D Block. Security would now have to guard Researchers more effectively if they needed Class D, they could get more escorts for tests, as well as just Class D getting more RP from said testing. Utility would also benefit from this because they would now have access to a much larger room in LCZ granting more access to RP, involvement in testing, and interaction with Security in D Block. What are the advantages of having this? - More RP for virtually all branches in LCZ as well as D Class. Upper D Block would essentially become an extension of LCZ rather than D Block. Basically, Security would be able to leave D Block more often as well as Utility and Researchers to enter. Right now, finding active and dedicated Security members is difficult mainly because we can only sit in a room, be insulted, then be forced to wait in another room for 3 minutes quite frequently. If this suggestion was accepted, Security would then have the ability to leave D Block and have more RP, originally designed into the branch. Class D would be slightly restricted but this would then encourage them to work with the Foundation to be used in RP besides going FPS all of the time with Security and MTF. In brief, many branches would have a RP boost for how they would now have to interact with Security and D Class. Who is it mainly for? - Security, though this would benefit other branches like Research and Utility. Links to any content - None.
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    Please stop arguing on the post or it will be locked from further comments. Just leave your opinion and take it to PMs to discuss the issue with another player.
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    So to start this off, I would like to thank Mike for accepting me as O5 in the first place, way back in November of 2018. Without his trust and cooperation with me, I probably would not be here today. It IS safe to say I would have stuck with SCP-RP had I not gotten O5 since its something I have always had a great love for, it is in part, my baby, and I watched it grow from and average of 10 players a day to Gaminglight's biggest server. Even though I am not afraid to say that I lost many good coworkers and High Command during my time, but that there were also the few who did not make it even though they tried their hardest. My wish in wake of my resignation is that SCP-RP will continue growing and that my efforts from the beginning will continue to foster a great server and community. Now for specific mentions @Igneous the 3rd Manager of my time, and by far the most proactive O5-1 I have seen. Igneous is not afraid to do the work himself to accomplish his goals and visions for the server. #ForeverMyManager @th3 Even though he is no longer O5, he was still key to a lot of projects we worked on, you'd better get Manager one of these days @Infected We never really hung out, but you def do a lot for the server. I used to think that you were just a minge but over time came to realize that you are truly good at what you do @bdogz1 Cringe AF Site Director, when will he finally get promoted? Also, DONT F*CKING EAT DURING MY TRYOUTS DOGZ @Rangiatea I still remember the MC on MilRP, those were the good days. Even though you have gone through many changes over time, you still are a great leader who cares as much about his subordinates as he does himself. "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" - Rang Alpha-1/A1 Command This branch has by far had the greatest number of ups and downs (we've had like 6 CMDRs now), and I encourage anyone who wants to take things seriously on the server to atleast try out the branch, great people in it @Psychowhen no haves milk Head Krug Walker, signing out, ~O5-2 "Jeffe" Aight imma bouta head out, BUT NOT FROM GAMINGLIGHT
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    SOOOO, Welcome to the giveaway, I'm going to be picking at random the winners of the giveaway. To join just follow this format. Ingame Name: Discord Ign: Funny Fact about yourself: First place earns 350k Second Place 100k Third place 50k. It will be chosen by a random name generator thingy. The roll be next Friday at 7 EST/ 4 PST. Re rolls will be chosen if Discord IGN is wrong. Or they don't reply in 48 hours of being chosen. Good Luck! Also you should like this so I can get top like xD.
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    It is $20 to readd a custom job. Come on man you are retired you know the deal haha
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    Hello everyone, October will be my last month as FBI Director. After being in the FBI department for 2 years I have decided it’s time for me to retire. As hard as this is for me I know FBI will be in good hands with the new FBI Director. I have learned a lot on this adventure. I will be going to FBI Reserves starting 11/1 and will be appointing a new director shortly after. I will Be focusing my time on SCPRP. I hope that everyone understands that I’m leaving because I have done everything I wanted to and FBI is a great and active department compared to when I first took over this department. Until then keep up the great work I’m so proud of y’all I couldn’t of done this without Each and everyone of you from the agents to low/high command. I had one goal when I joined FBI, to make it as best as I could. It makes me happy to see that the department has become what it is. It is crazy looking back and seeing this department thrive. God speed FBI, I will see you around, and I will be grateful. Jimmy: You have greatly assisted me in helping FBI become what it is. I greatly appreciate you and everything you have done for fbi. Colesoft: You were around when I first joined FBI. You have consistently been supportive in the department and a great deputy director. Ziege: I know you are a busy person but thank you for you’re dedication in FBI. I hope to see you continue doing well in the department. Grey: I remember the first day I met you. You were a civilian class who would give me inside info about what was going on. I know we will continue seeing each other in the alternate world of SCP. Keep up the great work.
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    Denied After a Review of your application and conduct in game, I have decided to Deny this application into the SCP:RP Event-Team. This could be due to your Attitude In Game, Conduct In Game, or other reasons. Feel free to message me on Discord or the Forums if you wish to inquire more. Reapply in 1 year if you wish.
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    The recruit class will only be for recruits when applications come out this will balance that out since alpha op is a bit better than the rct class It is only for R&D and people will have to interrogate foundation personnel intensely and will have to follow guidelines but it is pretty much for spying. You might be like that op. One they will have to do a lot to even get on the job and then will have to work their way into the foundation without getting caught as gensec in ez. There is a great challenge to this system.
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    Denied We will not be revoking your ban. You reached over 40 warnings (45) in around 3 weeks. You have received multiple warnings in 1 day. You received 8 warns in one day on Oct. 27th and Nov. 2nd. PoliceRP has one of the most forgiving warning system out of all the servers (Old warns system). I am sorry to say but you have been given so many chances (over 45 chances) I think you don't deserve another. Everyone has to follow the rules and everyone gets chances to follow these rules. But when those chances are not used appropriately, then a ban must take place.
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    Accepted! Please allow up to a week for any suggestions you have requested to be added in game or on the forums
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    Hello, I am not going to accept or deny this but rather clarify the entire situation. The YouTube and his friend did not receive a rank icon or a whitelist. Admin+ have access to change peoples jobs with a console command, which is what happened. I made sure he did not use any part of the job to abuse (whitelisting, promoting people, demoting people). The first time he was arrested he was actually unarrested by a USMP, not a staff. The other times he was arrested and he asked a staff to unarrest him he was unarrested. And about supporting a mingy youtuber, we are trying our best to bring people in to the server. The MilitaryRP community is amazing, but the server seems to have the same 25-30 people on always. Right now we are trying to bring people in as much as we can, and this was a perfect opportunity to do so. We understand the frustration of the US especially because they are the more serious side, but many of the people involved were actually compensated. I hope this clears up the situation, if you want to talk any more find me or Richard in teamspeak.
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    Its not lore friendly either that certain class D have sledgehammers and revolvers, and that certain security have fully automatic sniper rifles and light machine guns, but SMT is fine with it Ive never been on a patrol that as accomplished something, its just a chance to let security oooh and aaah at all the things they usually dont get to see This has been their job since march, and back then they didnt even have a fence and had worse guns. If this suggestion was to add another layer to the fence or to buff armor and HP on enlisted id be fine with it, but as it stands -support
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    You should rename it so it’s more accurate of a suggestion. Here is my title I would give it. ”Suggestion for SMT to add stuff into the map via edits”
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    I like this idea! There are plenty of good MilitaryRP maps and we should take advantage of that!
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    What do you want to see? - Changing the recontainment procedure for SCP-076-2 to termination, and reducing his health to around 3-5k Why should we add it? - Currently, SCP-076-2 is extremely easy to recontain, and his SWEP's hitreg makes it impossible to fight back. Not only would changing his recontainment procedure would give 076-2 a better chance to not worry about being recontained within the first encounter with MTF, but it would also align with lore a lot better, as SCP-076-2 is contained in a "killing corridor." What are the advantages of having this? - Making SCP-076-2 more desireable to play, people would actually engage in fights knowing they won't get recontained immediately and aligning with lore is always good when it comes to RP servers. Who is it mainly for? - SCP players, donators. Links to any content - N/A
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    May the gods be with you for adding side by side. No more getting stuck behind 1 gov in a raid. (RIP all the current OP bases)
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    What you want to see? - I want to see the weapons on the server reviewed and revamped to fix the damage/any other factor that plays into it. Why should we add it? - Because weapons have basically turned into water guns, my sawed off is now a confetti cannon. To put it simply, the guns that should be doing consistent damage, and high damage simply aren’t. I had a recent run in with a pro Class D, where it took me an Awp shot, as well as 12 sawed off shots to finally kill them. It used to take 3 shots before the server was moved, sometimes less. Ever since the servers were moved the weapons are all out of whack. What are the advantages of having this? - makes the server more enjoyable, keeps people wanting to play and adds a little more realism Who is it mainly for? - The entire server Links to any content - N/A
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    He was banned for hacking. Blacklists are not appealable so I will deny this.
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    MAJOR -SUPPORT I did some background checks into your Steam account and found some signs of an ALT account. First Thing | Your account was created recently, and it is public which is important for the last image This is just a rep check which of course you have none since the account was new, with no Bans on record, and reassures that your profile is public. NOW FOR THE DEAL BREAKER! 1: You have a steam level of 0, also indicating a new account 2: No friends (The Only part that is surprising, but could be a coverup) 3: Names (Nothing Really interesting) 4: Your profile is public !BUT WAIT A MINUTE! Your profile is PUBLIC which means I can view the games that you have etc. The big question is "WHERE IS GARRY'S MOD?!" Since you don't have the game that means you are using a family account as not to waste money on a community that you were banned on. OR you cracked and hacked your original game so it institutes a Denial-of-Service when steam attempts to verify the fact that you bought the game, but skips by and bypasses it. I what I think the server has security-wise one of these autos bans you. Still, we can never know for sure unless we check IPs, but you could be using a VPN, so in this case, we have reasonable suspicion and evidential standpoint to issue a PERMABAN which justifies Clamitiy and MiKeY reasons for issuing it as an alt. SO IN THE END MAJOR -SUPPORT
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    That is not true at all fbi command told you we were waiting on the final decision of this report do not throw my command or my department under the bus @Ryan The Epic Guy
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    @TerPepsi1 This is exactly the type of post SMT want to see from our players. Respectful, mature and well thought out. You guys are what enable us to enjoy the positions given to us by having people playing on the server and having fun! Now to touch base on a few thing you talked about. With suggestions SMT always try to make the best decisions when it comes to them. All of us in SMT have invested hundreds/thousands of hours into Gaminglight and also frequently RP whenever we get the chance to so we definitely like to have fun on the server and new things are always a bonus! Unfortunately however, new things can also cause issues. For example VC Mod, or just a vehicle mod in general is a staple in most Garry's mod servers, however it is also the most lag causing thing you can add. Garry's mod wasn't ever designed to fully support a vehicle mod and have them control the way you could when you build one in game using the props and various tools (thrusters, wheels etc) or even when you're using the default vehicles in game. The other issue is a lot of members that I have spoken with regarding lag issues/not being able to load into the server are simply either not a strong enough internet connection or their PC is lacking in certain areas (Generally CPU since Garrys mod runs a large amount of physics due to the source engine). The more stuff we add into the server the more things your computer will need to download/load to get in and to run once you're in the server. Having to many entities or addons to load before you get into the server can cause timing out issues (internet speed usually) thus causing a lower player count which also creates other issues for RP experiences so it is a very fine balance we need to keep. Onto the other topics of your post in regards to your lockpick suggestion (I am not sure if you were referring to this or other suggestions that you created/commented on that were suggestions, but ill touch base on those a little bit) I have edited the code for that job to include the regular lockpick however there is a process with actually getting it into the server files to reflect the change in game which is why we state it may in some cases take up to a week to be implemented in game. If it has been more than a week it, as others have stated it is usually because there were issues with the addon when we tested it. This could include the addon not being stable enough or conflicting with other addons in the server. We always try to get back to a post if something went wrong, or when I am looking into it before we accept it I will put a PENDING. However we are only human to, most if not all of us have school/work and things can slip our minds especially when other issues are presented to us that may take priority over the addon being implemented. Onto the drugs addon suggestion that was accepted back in September. The previous PoliceRP Manager and Zeeptin began setting the ground work for the addon to be implemented however there was a lot of coding that needs to be done/edited with the addon. Myself along with other SMT have spent hours researching every single effect/side effect of the mods that might not be listed in the code, actually testing the drugs so that they work the way we want them to and the way they should and make it so they are not super OP ruining RP experiences. We are happy to say we are getting really close to being ready with that addon if everything works out in the end. Unfortunately though it's not as simple as just subscribing to the addon, adding it into the server and that being it, there is a lot of behind the scenes work which players do not see. For the CAT model issue post that you commented on that should have also been fixed, the issue was it was not into the workshop pack for the server when people subscribe to it. We can add them and everything looks OK from our end of things but if a player is still having issues we always encourage them to reach out to us to see if we can resolve it with them or see if it's a larger issue. Onto the topic of addons being denied just so I can give everyone some clarification. We ALWAYS value any suggestions made, when I look at them I instantly think of the dedication the player has in the first place to not only think about ways to improve the server, but also taking the time to research an addon that fits their suggestion and do their own research on it. However this doesn't mean that any suggestion can be implemented. When I look at suggestions I think of the playability of it, the effect it might have on the server as a whole and the effect it will have on the servers community due to it being a Police RP server. In my time on the community, before I even became a staff member I saw quite a few jobs added in the past that SMT had spent hours coding, editing, changing and making it as flawless as they can which unfortunately, usually had an expiration date attached. What I mean by expiration date attached is that players usually lose interest with the job being added and only play it because it's "new". Then what happens is the amount of players actually using that job drops significantly or it is just never used again after a few weeks/months. Lets take the Construction job for example; - Great idea in theory but there is not enough for the job to do to make it a long term thing. Generally new jobs need something to do. While yes you can set up work projects for replacing a side walk, checking generators etc, there is no way to actually make the player feel like they are doing that. The player will set up cones around a side walk, stand there and try to RP out that the sidewalk is being replaced but can't actually do anything to feel like they are doing something other than placing props around an area. I spoke with a few people regarding that suggestion to get different opinions and the consensus is it would get boring because there isn't an actual way to do anything. The CAD System; - Again great idea to enhance RP but it was already added before and never was able to be used properly. This is heavily dependent on everyone in a department taking their time to learn all the ins and out of the CAD system and be able to tab out to interact with it since it has no overlay attached for Garrys mod. The issues that were present before in State when they had this is not enough people used it, some didn't want to learn how to use it. An addon like that would require the entire department to be active on it and use it which wasn't the case and it failed. I would go over a few more suggestions that were denied to kind of give you the thought process on it but I hope you can kind of understand where were coming from, from my examples above. If anyone reading this have anything to mention to SMT regarding the server please don't be afraid to reach out to us and to those reading this big wall of text, thank you for making PoliceRP and Gaminglight a space where we can make new friends, make memories and most importantly have fun!
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    It has recently come to my attention that the RP being done on the server is lacking in substance and is, in my opinion, becoming bland. In the hopes of increasing the fun that can be had in events, people need to take into account the whole player base rather than themselves. When a GM places a roadblock in an event it is their way of leading the event in a certain direction. This can be critical for the sake of the event and making it last longer. Instead of single-handedly RPing your way with /roll around every roadblock (obviously some require you to do so), make sure that you are allowing the whole server to become involved in the RP. Some examples are: Slicing through shields without clearing the current area. Shields are often set up to give the GM time to set up the next part. When you rush ahead, it decreases the quality of the event for everybody. Using abilities you have not learned If a computer has a virus and you are a medic, you should not be able to disable the virus as you are not trained in fixing computers Outrageous feats with the force This one is self-explanatory. If it has not been done by someone of similar power to you in Lore, then how would you be able to. continuing to roll until you get a 50 or above This is just about the blandest RPing ever. To continue on with the discussion, if you roll below a 50 on something, see if there is another way you can achieve what you are trying to do rather than saying "/me tries again". This will increase the depth of RP and enable events and passive RP to strive. As a server, I know that our RP can always get better. It just takes the mutual understanding of all of its members to not overstep their boundaries, and allow others to have a shot at RPing.
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    +support People like this should get more than a day tbh I'd say a month
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    Boi you don’t tell me xD jk
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    more reports are about zage and ender xd
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    I completely support this. I've been with Security since I started playing on this server and I get bored as hell doing the same thing everyday. I sometimes hop on RCF just so I can get away from D-Block. Its the D-Class population that's the hurting the rest of the server. A few months ago, they nearly killed Research due to the riots. And not really, if we can get more stuff in Lower D-Block then it wouldn't be so bad, not to mention everyone always starts as D-Class, but then again 1/3 of the server shouldn't be D-Class. And with the barricades and fence removed, we can finally add props to increase RP, like when I first started we had a checkout desk type thing near the door. Things like that.
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    @Timmemesye ye, me and Zage are coolio now and talked about it and my driving is perfection!
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    Name: Jack Hi Rank: DSAIC Status on Roster(Active, Semi-Active): Active What do you want to get added/changed?: Better weapons for the lower ranking agents so they are just as helpful as the higher ranking agents.
  43. 2 points
    Sorry was awfully busy Yup yup he has my permission!
  44. 2 points
  45. 2 points
    + Support, This man is a great guy and a great leader. Before I retired we had great times together
  46. 2 points
  47. 2 points
  48. 2 points
    Overall rating: Major +Support + Active + Friendly + Mature + Great leader Good luck Phil!
  49. 2 points
  50. 2 points
    Playermodel is too big. Those guns don't exist. Do you want a job without a playermodel and no guns?
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