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    Well I am not unbanning you lol calling me that
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    Closed Player was banned, due to himself lying about being in the military and being disrespectful
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    DENIED You have no place in this community which is reflected in your response to the community feedback which you should have expected. Ban is going to be extended to a permanent ban and you are going to be punished on the forums additionally.
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    PoliceRP Status Hello everyone! I recently just graduated college last week so I will be focusing a lot more on the servers and Garry’s Mod from here on out. I just wanted to fill you in on some ideas that we have circulating for PoliceRP and let you know our current thoughts from an SMT standpoint. This week I am trying to focus on the Departments of PoliceRP. At this current time, I am not satisfied at the state of these departments and would like to make them better. A lot of the departments do the same things, have the same items, and aren’t that unique! I would like to change that in the near future. My end goal with this would be to have something or multiple things unique to each department so that every department has or does something special. If you have any suggestions for something that could make your department special and unique do not hesitate to post in the suggestions section. Last week I was able to optimize the server a lot by condensing the player models for all the custom jobs (yes, I know there is a ton lol). PoliceRP should see a better loading in time for most people and is MUCH more responsive off of restarts and crashes. In the coming weeks, I am going to be looking into optimizing the server further to push 128 player slots once we can get 100 players on without lag. AND of course, we are still working on the new PoliceRP map which will play a huge role in lag reduction. So we will see! Early next year I want to push PoliceRP to one of the top gmod servers in the world and I believe we can if we can get these topics worked out!
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    Good to see what the tac units were doing on duty
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    You chargeback $750+. You will never be unbanned.
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    Denied I don’t know who said that it’s 10 seconds. But it’s not. The MOTD states no combat healing, period. Warn is staying
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    Why hasn't this been denied yet? He Arrested me again..
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    -support, Ya gone goofed If you think it's vague then go to the suggestions and post about how you want it made more clear. You were in an active situation...
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    What you want to see? - An automatic lag command paster Why should we add it? - People need it, you have everyone going "Lag Command?" in OOC and some people don't respond and it leaves them there empty handed. What are the advantages of having this? - Instant Lag Command Response, happy players who are looking for the command, less strain on players of server to respond to every request of "Lag Cmd" Who is it mainly for? - Everyone is applicable Links to any content - I've coded it up, use the code inserted below or the file attached to this post. -- Coded by @Superzorik hook.Add("PlayerSay", "LagComm", function(ply, text, team) text = string.lower(text) if string.find(text, "lag command") or string.find(text, "lag cmd") then ply:Say("LagCommand: gmod_mcore_test 1 ;mat_queue_mode 2 ;cl_threaded_bone_setup 1;r_3dsky 0") return false end return true end) LagCommand.zip
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    -Support I know for a fact that Mazgrid is stolen valor. You have no integrity and no respect for the men and women who wear the uniform. You don't deserve to be staff at all. You were a cool dude when I first met you and then you had to lie to ME (an actual soldier) about being in the military. Everything you've told me about being in the military is so wrong and false on so many levels, from saying you went to Iraq for 3 days (deployments usually last 9-12 months) to you making like $32,000 - $36,000 in the National Guard as a 1LT. (1LT in the National Guard only make around $7,400 a year) People die in the uniform so that we can all be free and you disrespected everyone Soldier, Sailor, Marine and Airmen that gave there life so that we can be free.
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    Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have a great Christmas and a even better new year. This community is something special and love you all (no homo) @Cherry Force @Chad B @gamikzone @Taco. @BrycE ? @Tobizz @Koda @Felix @Rhenic @BUBTHESTUD @Jeffe @Timmemes @Bambob01 @Quaked Here are are some of the people I consider my friends on GL and are the people I’m thankful for! (If I forgot you sorry I’m like half asleep right now) but I hope everyone has a great Christmas! And and of course I’m thankful @SMT for everything they do for the community! @[GL] Phill = best SNR Mod
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    The restrictions are in the handbook, Nimo knew that he was getting restricted because I even warned him and gave him a second chance to do his 48 hrs after he posted no in the resignation, but he refused. He understood where he went wrong when he refused to do his 48 hours, it was very obvious he was geting staff restricted. It was also right after your demotion which affected the decision making process heavily, as you had gotten a second chance as a SnrMod and then just quit and refused 48 hrs. ——— I know you are a good guy and have the right intentions for the servers, but you make the wrong decisions some times. And I understand that. I hope that you really have changed +Support
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    I think you are the only one who finds it sad yeah
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    ACCEPTED @Munchies sorry for the inconvenience
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    Too many essays in this thread
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    What you want to see? - I have been talking with alot of people about being stationed on a new map for awhile instead of the venetor. I have found a map that would be very sutible for this and even if it doesn't become the new base for awhile it would still be a great map for events. The map is big and has alot to offer. I would prefer that it becomes our new base for awhile and I will explain why. Why should we add it? - This map provides everything we need as a server. I'm sure some of you here remember the rishi moon map. Now I know we can't go back there because the map was broken. Well, I found another map of that same layout but instead of a moon it is a forest planet. It is beautiful and has some fog on it. It has more mountain than rishi had and some changes to the base. First big change is a better training room. It has built in formations on the ground and a built in trigger discipline machine. Both those things are on a bottom floor so the training room has two floors to it. Every bunk has two floors so the top could be bunks and a BCO office and the bottom can be for DB's. Another issue I remembered about rishi was we had two hospitals. This map removed the hospital cross over one building so we can use it for something else. This map has everything a base needs and more and now has a new vehicle bay to it for the 38th and a special building there too we could use for other 38th things or trainings. A big part why I'd love to see it added and used as a new base for awhile is it provides a chance for more and better RP. Right now as a GM it's hard to always run events that include everyone. Most events we exclude one or two battalions because we can't think of events that would include everyone. Many clones are starting to complain about the new big number of jedi and how they jump into every fight and can't shoot droids because of the silver rule. This map fixes these problems because it is so big and the jedi have their own temple that GM's can run multiple events at a time for specific battalions and coordinate with BCO's for patrols and stuff so they can have mini events happen with just them and not huge battles every event. Jedi could have their own events and battles and clones could have something at the same time and then maybe they could combine and work together and stuff. Basically this would give GM's more creative freedom. This map allows every battalion to have fun and do specific things related to them without having to have a huge event every time but many mini events and some big events throughout the day. This would also make it so battalions could train and keep up with tryouts and trainings and rosters and stuff without having to be in a event all the time or not in an event at all. This map is an improved version of rishi in every way and provides so much to GM's and the community in general and would allow more growth in my opinion. The biggest problem I see with the venetor for RP right now is we can't do mini events with just a few battalions because if the ship is attacked everyone knows it because it makes sense. We have alarms and stuff so every event has to be a big event. This map would allow small skirmishes and events related to one or two battalions and still allow big events with everyone. What are the advantages of having this? -Better RP, more space, better mini events related to each battalion or group and better giant events. Who is it mainly for? -Everyone Links to any content - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1593923653 Side notes. I am very happy to help set up perma props and get the map ready as our new base. Also, I know venetor crew wouldn't be as useful without a ship but we barely have them as is and they don't do much except passive RP. They would still have jobs running the base and keeping order like that and we could still do off map events and stuff but I feel in the case this is better for on map events because it offers more to the community as a whole.
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    Accepted Please remember to ONLY post on ban appeals IF you knew the person or know the person, and you MUST put a reason with it. With that said, do NOT start arguments in these appeals, these may be taken to voice chat or to private messages, but never on the forums in an appeal.
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    Just admitted to crashing the server That's how you know you stuffed up
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    Like it says, this lasts till Christmas and will be for 50 credits. Tag people that you think should get it. (MAXIMUM OF 5) And in order to qualify yourself, explain what You most like about Gaminglight. Also if an SMT member gets tagged, I’ll see about getting them a donator rank when in game. You know what happens then Let me know if this isn’t allowed.
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    To continue to make things less repetitive we are going to make some serious changes to the server that will completely change how the server works as a whole. Completely Removing The War Timer The war timer will be removed completely and you will be able to decide what you and the troops you command will do when it comes to missions. Serious Role play We will now be enforcing serious role play on the server. Officer+ will be receiving much more responsibilities on the server including holding a certain amount of training, PT's, promotions, and hosting missions each week. CPL+ will also be taking a much larger role. Introducing WAR DOGS For those who are not in the staff team and would like to be a part of the event team, we are introducing WAR DOGS. War Dogs will create events and missions for Commands and Officers of either faction to complete. Civilians Will Be Removed The reason behind their removal is that they have removed some of the aspects of a MilitaryRP server. Many players have sadly abused the jobs and not used them for what they were meant to be used for. If you have any questions about any of these changes or what else is to come, feel free to ask questions below. I will respond as soon as possible! Sincerely, Manager John
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