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    Accepted Thank you for your interest in the Police-RP Staff Team! You have been accepted into the team, and we would love to speak with you! Please contact a Police-RP Head of Staff within the next 48 hours to claim your tags and be trained, unless other instructions have been given to you. Thank you, and we look forward to working with you! ~Police-RP Senior Management Team
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    I find no joy in this, but I'll always remember the good times. Please enjoy this melodramatic video of my history of the server, and shoutouts to my Command, and the ones who helped me get this far.
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    Name: Jack Rank: HOMS, E11 1LT, Maintenance Professional, RnD AR. Senior Moderator and Event Team Member. Branch: Everything I'm in. Medical, Maintenance, E11, CI RnD Length (MM/DD/ - MM/DD): 8/29/20- 9/2/20 Reason (If private that's fine): Sadly my aunt suffered a really bad stroke and has recently passed away. She lives in Colorado and the funeral will is being hosted there as well and I live in Alabama and will be leaving my state to well...go to the funeral. I will be unable to do anything server related besides maybe come to the meetings on my phone but that's about it if I can even do that.
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    If you think you can call my staff retards and not get a warning you've got another thing coming, If you think you can threaten my staff with AND A QUOTE "your losing your fucking admin good luck" you've got another thing coming If you think how you acted in that video and in my server and not get a ban you've got another thing coming. Enjoy your 3 day break from the server, come back with a better mouth or ill get the soap. (Denied)
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    This is a overall SCP-RP resignation from every branch/the server. I just want to start out by saying that I had a lot of fun within this community, I have met a lot of people that I now call friends and overall the community is friendly. I remember the first branch I got trained for was security, and I played on there like 8 hours a day hoping for promotions and shooting D-Class endlessly. I worked all the way up to 2nd Lieutenant, but I was also working up the ranks of research as well and at the same time I reached 2nd Lieutenant I also reached Foundation Doctor (Dr. Emily S. Ross) in Research, it probably only took me like 2-3 months. I resigned from security and put most of my focus on research solely for the reason that I enjoyed working with fellow players to make fun and creative test-logs. After a while I was forced to resign and go on reserves since I was getting shipped to MCRD San Diego for boot camp. However I got discharged after a month in due to some injuries/medical issues. When I got home I decided to join back into the community and come off of research reserves as a Research Manager. I worked my way back up until I got to Foundation Doctor again, and I was still getting use to all these new faces within the server. A couple meetings later, I was given the opportunity to become Assistant Head of Research, and I took it. This was the first time I ever became high command in a branch on the server, so I was extremely nervous and didn't know what to do. I did my best to try to implement things that would help benefit research, and still I think to myself there is so much more I could do for the branch. However it was still a fun ride and I enjoyed my 1+ year of being apart of research. I was also thankful to be apart of Omicron-9 when it was first released. I remember I joined Alpha-1 and made it all the way up to like Lance Corporal before Omicron-9 was announced/implemented. I was pretty sad to see Alpha-1 go, but at the same time the new branch came with some promising features/roleplay. I worked all the way up to low command and even helped formulate some good strategic/tactical movements/formations. Overall, I had a lot of fun on the server, but with how busy I am in real-life and such I won't be able to play as much as I did. I also had something from the past pop-up into the present within the community that I am not very proud of, if you know, you know. Its time for me to focus on my job, and to focus on trying to get back into either the Marines or the Army. I won't be gone forever though, I will still pop-up here and there to play on D-Class and such. Mentions: Zeeptin: Thank you for making this community and your constant hard-work to better it. I will miss those bar stories you use to tell us in staff meetings. Igneous: Thank you for your hard-work maintaining the SCP-RP server, also thank you for fixing my VIP SCP job issue I had for like 3 months. Rangiatea: I remember when you use to HOS/DHOS, those were good times. You worked hard to get to where you are now and thats inspiring. Thank you for also giving me the chance of being staff on the server. Catsro: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to become Event Team. Weiss: Probably one of the biggest weebs (besides me) that I know on the server. I remember back then you and me were low command, and to be honest thats all I remember I have a bad memory. Other then that, you are my favorite HOR of all time, keep up the good work you do for the branch. Thank you for giving me the chance to be high command. Kuma: Third biggest weeb. I know I don't get to talk to you much due to timezone differences, but keep up your hard-work in research too. Also, Bakugo didn't die you minge. Starstep: I invited you to the server and you are one of my good friends I've known for a couple of years. You better get a new mic you minge. Besides that, keep up the good work as staff. Daedran: On god one of the funniest people I know. You were a great command member for Omicron-9. Even though you don't play on the server anymore I would love to see your return one day. Blackbeard: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to become low command in Omicron-9. Keep up the good work you do. Jay: Bro you're hilarious, we need to play Tower Unite again sometime. Keep up the good work you do in Epsilon-11. Matricies: Congratulations on Site Director, you honestly deserve it man. Keep up the good work you do. Cogs: Soul Eater kind of cringe, but going to miss you bro. Keep up the good work you do in Research and Development. Skela: Even though I don't talk to you, you are one of the funniest people I know too. Thank you for the hard work you do for Chaos Insurgency. Jackweeb: Thank you for adding me to grug bro, I will keep playing grug and destroy those security. Thank you for your hard work in medical. Glados: haha funny O5 Researcher go brrrrrrrrrrrrrt. On a serious note I have a good feeling you will be the next AHOR. Make me proud. Make all of Research proud. Slurmp: Fix your computer please, Research needs you. Rhodes: Rikka is mine and will always be mine. Mateo: I will steal Ruka from you one day, mark my words. Tomato: Play that soundboard again and I will break your nico nico kneecaps. (Also stop stealing my emotes) Karen B: The best Dr. Bright I know. Beanz: Remember that LCZ party I stopped? I want to see more of those please. Stale: Cringiest guy I know, but we need to play Tower Unite again so I can beat you in minigolf. Crabbo: :kanna_sip: Secretly a weeb. Inaccurate: Get better aim bro. Congratulations on DoRS! Kami: Get to Omicron-9 high command and beat up Blackbeard for me. Zeus: Going to miss those bell events we did. Keep up the good work you do in Epsilon-11. Camo: Who are you? To everyone else, thank you for making the community fun. Going to miss most of y'all.
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    Hello friends, family and mates. It is without greatness and sadness to say goodbye to Gaminglight and begin my journey through life. I've had the most amazing and spectacular time on Gaminglight, I have met many new friends along the way and I'm forever grateful for all the help and support I was given throughout my time on Gaminglight. Even though this is a video game, I have made many achievements along the way such as reaching climbing the staff ranks up to the Management Team. Now I wasn't the best person to be around while back, I was heaps mingy and naughty which led to my actions of getting a bad reputation on myself. I came back last year around December, with a better attitude and started acting a bit mature and professional and I was forever grateful to gain the trust and support to become apart of Senior-Management Team for the most amazing server TTT Whether this is shocking to people or not, I did not resign, I was demoted from my position of Head-Admin for TTT. Which is understandable and completely would of agreed as well, I was very inactive and my work ethics were terrible. Life has been getting in the way of games etc and I rather focus on life to get what I need to succeed in. I'm not going to sit here and ask for my rank back, I reckon it was for the best to let me go and I'll forever respect the Senior-Management Team. Special Thanks (SMT Only) @Igneous You have been there for me since day 1 and I'm forever grateful to call you a mate. You got me to where I wanted to be for 3-4 years of my time in Gaminglight, you have honestly helped me so much throughout my time on this wonderful community. You're a very hard worker and will do whatever it takes to ensure your servers are keeping up to date, I'm sorry for the inactivity and lack of effort I put in TTT. I wish you all the best with TTT and SCP-RP, I will never forget you mate < 3 @Zeeptin Thank you for the great opportunities you have given me throughout my time on Gaminglight. Thank you for all the help you have gave me throughout my time on the SMT Team, you have showed me a lot and I have learnt many new things that I would never thought I would know. Keep up the good work with this amazing community and I wish you the best of luck mate! @Jayden Cheers for the funniest moments we had together, I had the most amazing time coming into teamspeak to come chill with you and joke about stuff. Had a great time working with you and getting to know you, glad to see you in the SMT team, I reckon you will do the best job ever. Keep up other good work brother! @Rangiatea My Kiwi, My Aussie, but of course my ANZAC mate. Thank you for everything you have done for me and helped me throughout my time on the SMT Team. Was very grateful to get to know you a bit and actually talk about Aussie and Kiwi things haha, You're honestly the greatest mate and I honestly will not forget you dude. You do the most amazing work as a HoS and I know you will go far, keep up the good work mate! @Scoot Was good to meet someone like you, always manages to make me laugh and always a good bloke to have a laugh with. Cheers for the great moments we had together and keep up the great work with MilitaryRP, I wish you the best of luck mate And to the rest of the amazing Senior-Management Team. You guys are amazing and should be really proud of yourselves with the hard work you put into your servers. The dedication and effort you guys give is unreal and everyone should be very grateful and thankful for what you guys do, I honestly had the greatest experience to work with each and everyone of you guys. Learnt a lot and got to know everyone in the SMT Team and will be something that I will be forever grateful to not forget about. Keep up the great work guys and continue striving to do your best! @Emoo Can't forget about this bloke, my main man that stuck by me and always came down for a chat when he was bored. I'm very thankful to meet someone like you, a great personality and a great sense of humour. You always managed to make me laugh with some of your dumb jokes you would say and what you say in general. Keep up the good work with MilitaryRP and I wish you the best of luck my mingy mate And to everyone else that I have met and became mates with. Thank you for the great memories and time on Gaminglight. I'm forever grateful to meet so many new people during my time here on this wonderful community. I hope you guys achieve on whatever you want to achieve in and I believe in each and everyone of you guys that want to get somewhere in this incredible community. Keep pushing and striving to do your best and make sure you follow CoC (Chain Of Command) Thank you for having me Gaminglight. I will forever treasure these memories and leave on good terms. I will never forget the opportunities I was given and the people that helped me along the way, something that meant something really special to me and will always remember my time on this amazing and incredible community called Gaminglight! Peace out - Munchies - When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down “happy”. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life. -- John Lennon
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    After 9 months of playing im leaving, some people are pretty excited hearing that. Anyway here are some people that made GL fun Sinnik - best HCMD congrats on SA Sixx - How did you get LTCOL!?! Ape- Really did get major HOMS Jack - thanks for everything Jack Crest - Good luck in security Mini - my favorite Brit Innacurate - Hes actually pretty accurate Cogs - Good job on finally getting HCMD J03 - good luck bro Creamey and Saiba - both SMs when I was and now they are HCMD. Killaz - Only plays fall guys Cryolast- never heard of again Alpha - Worst mic ever heard Turnip - literally just vanished Cornbread - one of the coolest fucking dudes to play on GL Drip - She at least a 10 bro Mind - Still the biggest furry Rang - you made everything fun even on policeRP J02 - *impersonates voice* cringeeeeeeee Vinny - I need to speak with you ASAP! Anyway I most likely wont be coming back to GL after this post.
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    Firstly, This has been a long time coming and I actually planned it for when I hit my 1-year on gaming but I guess I extended it to another month, anyways to the point I will be leaving this community so I can explore many options. Over the year I have made my friends and I'm glad that I have I want to wish a thank you to the community and to the people that I have made. I'm not really good at these type of things but I'll list the people who really made me stay on the server for this long, this will not be in order so have fun finding your name! Zeus - Very funny indian man we had some good times together good luck man. Skela - He shaped CI the way it is right now it has been a very good branch to stay for the rest of my time. Orange - Orange is a very cool dude to play with and I wish to play with you some more. Enuz - Miami man Giovanni - Very cool dude was epico Dang - Dang bruv Jakub - Yes although he is banned he is one of the reasons why I decided to stay on this server when I first joined. Ritz - Yes very poggers man Brick - Very stinky man ngl Sliver - One of the coolest mutes tbh Kiddo - He was pretty fun to be with and to fight Hope - I hope you get CI RND HCMD you were a really nice person. Mike - Although after you left E11 we lost contact but u were nice Crabbo - One of the first people I was friends with when I started playing Jimmy/Stuart - Not alot of people know him but he was also a reason to why I stayed on the server. Camo - Very chill dude although I lost contact with you after you got DoC Corner - Although he left gaminglight he was nice to me Propane - One of the cool mutes in CI Coltable - He was very nice to me and I wish you luck man Lefty - Lefty for Major 2020 All CI Delta Command - Very awesome people to work with and I hope you get Hcmd one day! J02 - Very pog dude Jay - Although I did not talk to him as much he was very nice dude and knew how to command well Mason/Gh0pit - Chill dude I wish you luck J01? Jack - He was pretty chill dude have fun bro If I forgot your name I am very sorry as I didn't think of you but I love you all Goodbye ya'll
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    I am leaving medical due to recent events. I have thougt about this for awhile. I have been thinking, what would my life look like if I didn't play this? What would I do? Would it be beneficial for me to quit? Unlike last time this is not about my stress. This is about my overall freetime. I want to get back into computer programming. My school's robotics is starting back up I want to join that. I also want to overall spend more time with my friends. I feel like I have been neglecting my friends. After spending time with my friend yesterday I realized how much fun it was and how much I have been missing. I'm neglecting my overall happiness for a virtual rank on an to server. I just needed to get my priorities straight. Friend me on discord (fetus deletus #0594) if you wish to continue talking to me. To say I am sorry here are the lyrics to all apologies by nirvana What else should I be All apologies What else could I say Everyone is gay What else could I write I don't have the right What else should I be All apologies In the sun In the sun I feel as one In the sun In the sun Married Buried I wish I was like you Easily amused Find my nest of salt Everything's my fault I take all the blame Aqua seafoam shame Sunburn, freezer burn Choking on the ashes of her enemy In the sun In the sun I feel as one In the sun In the sun Married Married Married Buried yeah yeah yeah All in all is all we are All in all is all we are All in all is all we are All in all is all we are All in all is all we are All in all is all we are All in all is all we are All in all is all we are All in all is all we are All in all is all we are All in all is all we are All in all is all we are All in all is all we are All in all is all we are All in all is all we are All in all is all we are All in all is all we are All in all is all we are All in all is all we are All in all is all we are It's better to burn out than to fade away - Kurt Cobain (singer of nirvana)
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    this has to be taken seriously? yknow if you would've taken the time to talk to me and say "hey man that kinda made me uncomfortable could you maybe not say that again" this wouldn't of have gone this far
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    I've been thinking for a while now, and with the recent events, I no longer have the motivation to stay. It's been a good nine months, and I enjoyed every second of it. With the start of school, and a new job, and this combined, it all boiled over all at once. I'm just too stressed out from too many angles to trust myself to make good decisions. I said some rash things. I'm sorry for anyone I hurt in the process. I've been put on reserves. I'll be back sometime, but not soon. I'll still be floating around on my CC from time to time, but not nearly as often as before. Goodbye, Medical. It's been a pleasure serving with you all. Honorable mentions: Inaccurate: Thanks for being a great HCMD member. Jack: You were always fun. Thanks for that. Nico: Minge. Still funny tho. Gordan: Good command member. Lew: You were on my side when all others were against me. Thanks for all the support you gave.
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    From a RP standpoint this idea isnt bad, however, i can list a few issues with this 1. D class CCs have paid for their weapons and restricting when they can riot would cause MANY problems on the SMT front 2. From what I can tell based on my quick read D class wouldnt just be able to riot whenever they want, from a RP side I like this but from a management side this would very easily kill our d class population which is a significant amount of the server 3 lastly making D block smaller, IF we were to do this making D block smaller wouldnt be the worst but i doubt this idea ever happening overall from a basic "I want more RP" standpoint yes this idea is great, from the standpoint of D class, GENSEC and management this idea is extremely bad We are one of if not the only server that allows D class this much freedom to act and have it be so easy to escape, this has given us massive amounts of players who play D class, changing this would easily change how the biggest "branch" of the server plays and would ultimately be a step in the wrong direction for our player count If we were a more RP serious server this would make a lot more sense, but we are semi serious.
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    Accepted! Please allow up to a week for any suggestions you have requested to be added in game or on the forums.
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    Denied Yeah, nah. enjoy your week
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    The more and more I play on the server, the more and more I'm not enjoying it. Over the past couple of weeks, I've been losing my drive to continue. I've tried to keep going and push through it, but I just dislike doing it. Some people that kept me going and made my time in E11 30x better: Giovanni: Best friend, the one who initiated me for D4, my old commander, even my literal boyfriend at one point; he is the main reason I stayed, because he wanted me to make it to command, he wanted me to stay in E11. God, I appreciate you. Can't even put it into words. Zeus: My current commander, best friend right beside Gio, and someone I constantly look up to. You're doing great with your job, especially with all the recent resignations, and I'm sorry I'm adding to the problem. You can become the best commander for E11, I guarantee. Shaquavius: A blacklisted friend that let out my inner dipshit, that was the first of the ban wave, it was a sad day and we wish you never left, you were the spark E11 needed. Swole: A mentor that was just a dumb meme, but one that I adore, glad I was able to talk to you, and I'm happy to be friends with you. Danny (Clistro): You legendary man of money, the rich man who created Rho and introduced me to people like Ritz, Rainbow, and the other minges that kept me happy. Sad to see you leave the server, but you've still left an impact with your stupid MTF branch. Mateo & Dempsy: I feel like I recognize you like a best friend, because you're so easy to vibe with. I wish I could spend more time with you. Ritz, Rainbow, & Jakub: The blacklisted trio, you guys were the fuckin legends who treated the rules like a toy, and I'm happy I decided to be dumb as shit with all of you guys. Fuck all three of you, I love ya. And everyone else I may have forgotten along the way or forgot to put in this post. Don't feel bad, I just have bad memory. I'm going to become a bit less active, and just roam around the facility on Rho, my CCs, Red Right Hand, and all the other classes I have access to. Sorry I'm leaving so suddenly, I'll still try to talk on Teamspeak and Discord, I love every single one of you. Thanks for making my time on the server so damn wonderful, I can't express how happy all of you made me. Thank you. - Zone
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    God knows if I handled it, was like 5 months ago, I believe I would of dealt with the situation, or would of passed it to an PoliceRP SMT Member. but nice -111 rep
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    Huge +Support I have made countless sits about him all of them have been verbals. Staff keeps on telling him to stop but he continues. It's very annoying and just unfair in general.
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    Dogs are better. If I had the space or money I would get a Chinchilla or two Rabbits.
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    Locking because this doesn't really need community feedback. However the Senior Management Team will take a look at whether any model changes will be necessary.
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    Yo boyos it has been 1 year since I joined the server (kinda). I fully started playing about 1-2 months after I joined the server, I was just a D-class who fucked around and vibed. The first ever branch I joined was technically security, still have the whitelist till this day, and only played security for 1 day. The next branch I joined and I really enjoyed was technical, back when beanz was a senior tech and mike was tech manager and doggo a engineer. My 2 most memorable moments of that time was beanz showing me around LCZ and meeting felwinter for the first time...he then chased us trying to kidnap me and beanz, that was super fun! I was able to get senior technician in under a week and stayed there for a hot minute. Then the day I got PK'd. CI just raided and I couldn't find a junior and he wasn't responding in foundation comms so I looked around LCZ and HCZ a good 5-10 times each. He wasn't anywhere and I started PM'ing him where he was and he wasn't answering so I thought CI got him and made it to EZ and he is just AFK. I waited outside a checkpoint and a security HCMD came by I asked him for a escort to EZ to find this guy, he said sure so I followed didn't find the guy so I left. Later on some coldsilvers were huntin me down and I got hard PK'd for entering EZ. Another good memory that I have was me getting banned from entering medbay by a regular surgeon lol. I left the server for around a month or so and came back after beanz got AHOT or DDOU can't remember. I started back in technical and worked my way back to experienced technician then a medical trainer asked me if I wanted to get trained for medical, that trainer was doctor Nefario. I decided sure why not and joined medical. Also during this time a curtain security OFC was also named and jack and we started arguing in OOC of who was the better jack, this was the beginning of the jack army. I was on medical a lot and just vibing in medbay, I was noticed by command fairly quick and rose through the ranks. A good friend I had during my early days was a guy named pie, aka box, he showed me the ropes. I became a surgeon and the only active one at that, if I go back through discord surgery logs me and Nefario were the only 2 people who ever did surgeries. I was able to get senior surgeon by rang himself for working on a redacted member, soon after that I was banned for a week for accidentally calling someone the funny F word, I was calling a good friend of mine that in discord and my big brain self had the same push to talk for discord and gmod so yea (not an excuse tho). After that I was placed on a command DNP by my higher ups and so on, I was able to get elite surgeon but stayed there for a hot minute. I was able to work so hard that they were forced to lower it and then fully remove the DNP, 2 days later I was promoted to doctor in medical. My first command experience was pretty good being able to promote my first ever member of medical was of course doggo of maintenance lol (he wanted to try to get 05 medical on which just came out). I was super active still on doctor and with no competition (sorry brandon lol) was able to get field work supervisor and I stayed there for a hot minute. Inaccurate was promoted to DDOU and the AHOMS spot was open and me, smokey, nefario, and trap hunter were all going for it. Also during this time I joined a funny branch called Epsilon 11, those boys were super fun and I'll talk about them later on. I thought I had a OK shot at getting it since my activity but I would have to jump trap and nefario and I thought that was impossible. With some drama later with the AHOMS pick 05 decided to pick trap hunter for AHOMS, also a new medical command rank was introduced, it was called chief manager. A week after trap got AHOMS I was chosen for chief manager, sadly jumping my good friend and trainer Nefario who I thought for sure was going to get it. Later on blarg decided to leave us for imperial RP and was sad to see him go but that meaning a HCMD spot was open above. Trap hunter a few weeks later got it and meaning the AHOMS rank was just above me. On 6/27/20 the unthinkable happens and I was promoted to AHOMS, ngl I shed a tear. I was super pumped about getting AHOMS and then during the MTF meeting the next day I got E11 2LT which was super pog. I mainly focused on medical espacially when 3 of our command left. Gordan, who came back 2 days later, creamey, and the HOMS trap hunter. I started working overtime to make sure everything was gucci. Well a few weeks later I was promoted in E11 to 1LT which I was super grateful for. But a week later my main and biggest promotion I will always hold dear to my heart, on 8/1/20 I was promoted to head of medical staff. I couldn't believe it, making it to a head of a branch? Impossible! But alas it happened, I couldn't be more appreciative to my branch members and command, I would of never of reached this glorious rank without my fellow comrades from medical, all other branches, and this amazing server. I talked a lot about medical because that's what I remember most but some good memories are from around my time. I first joined E11 to test a rumor going around. A DNP was put on everyone named jack and I wanted to see if other peoples wrong doing would affect my reputation, well my trainer was saying he couldn't train me and such and giovanni walked over and took one look at me and said "That's the one jack I'll allow to be trained." ngl I was shocked. He was able to tell me apart from the other jacks. Another was when 173 wasn't on the server and me and glados were on technical and he on Dr. Bright and we made a cafe lol. Also when he got staff and brought all of MTF XD. I would list the people who helped me through this journey so far but that's more fitting for a resignation which THIS IS, syke, I won't resign till the jacks become 05 >:3 Seriously I wish to stay on this amazing community for as long as I can and make the most friends I can. Hopefully I can see a lot of things to come and I was able to see a lonely technical man reach 05, a medical man reach DOURS/DORS and a stupid janitor man reach DOL and JMT. I love you all with my heart and can't wait to minge with you all some more! I'll make this post next year!
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    By your terminology that's like saying "SMT is sh*t" but I didn't use the whole word so I can't be banned for it
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    Good job, you played yourself -Support
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    Yeah no not another one.
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    Ok so basically I got my grades today and they came out really good! And I am doing engineering and I really want to focus on this course to get a good future in my life. Unfortunately I will not have the time to play on the server and I wont be able to put maximum effort into the server as I once did before. So I will be leaving I cant believe I am actually saying that however its the best move for me at this current time of my life! I have played on the server for 8 months and with that time I have gained new friends that I will never forget! Skella, orange, Boozle, Coltable - Legit been with me my whole journey on the server and you guys are the homies and honestly thankyou guys for supporting me through all of the bad and good times on the server love you guys! igneous - Legit the coolest manager and honestly really nice guys hope you have a good future bro. Castro - Thanks for all the help bro you have been great. SMT - Honestly you are all really nice people and have helped make the server very enjoyable for me! Thank you! Cogs and bazooka - Great people and Great R&D high command you guys should have a great future in the branch don't fuck it up :). Blackbeard - Great commander and one of the most nicest people on the planet! Keep on working on Omi9 and you will soon succeed. Ghopit - How can you not like this guy! honourable MENTIONS(Cool people): Scar ,Neo, Jack s, Alex Donwood, Sogi, Giovanni, Fool, Starr, Mike, Zeus, japan, Ritz, Rainbow, Comrade, Kami, Kilo, Frog, Gordan, Stale, Blackout, Sixx, Creamy, phill, Matrices, silver, Propane, Enuz, Tony, Inaccurate, Gam3, Grim, Jay, lefty, Hope, Fizzy Soda,M8VP, Crabbo, October, Kiddo, Evil, Badaim, Beanz, Weiss, Soviet, Squash, Jog Hanson, Jack web, Jo2, Doggo, Ape, Rektify! If I forgot you don't take it personal as honestly everybody on the server is great!
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    -support Security is constantly bitched at 24/7 and honestly I feel bad, if anything let them have some more freedom.
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    You guys were pretty cool but this is the end. I just lost my last reason to get on the server. Cool people Zone Mike Zeus Crabbo Bye guys.
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    Hey guys, I know most of you really don't know me especially since I really didn't stick around very much on the server and this might come as unexpected. So heres the deal, I saw an aspiring server and I wanted to assist in the launch of the server. I noticed that not many people were applying for my favorite Darth so I applied for him. Completely unexpectedly I actually got it, and I was super happy for the chance to do so. However, I've noticed my lack of activity on the server was concerning to me but even more so when I was asked individually about my activity. I didn't quite understand my lack of activity either to be completely honest, I had fun to an extent but nothing really clicked very hard for me. It finally hit me just a couple minutes before making this, I'm not in my right genre. I've never really been a die-hard Star Wars fan like a lot of people. I've enjoyed the franchise enough to watch the movies every once and a while and get it's merchendise but I cannot say that I am extremely dedicated to it. I'm aware that there are very many people who would be more worthy and thankful for this position than I am, and its completely unfair to those people who could be twice no... three times better than I could ever be. So for those reasons I am resigning from Darth Thanaton. I am extremely thankful I was able to fill this position in the first place. I am extremely thankful I was able to help start this branch and the server. I am extremely thankful for everyone I met along my short time here. I am sorry if this causes any problems with the CoC, but I plan on getting a job and keeping my grades up and well, I cannot see balancing my JvS, SCP-RP, School, a Job, and everything else I don't want to say here. So If I need to treat this as a 48 hour notice, so be it, I can stick around for the next couple days just please let me know though. Honorable Mentions: Pixel - You were the first person to make an impression on me and welcome me to the server, you're a good person and I hope you go far in the Jedi Council! Pentagon - You were a great Darth Malgus, congratz on getting Revan you deserve it! General Jackus - haha four arms go brrrrr, all serious good luck with Sentry man! #SCPGang Creamey - Quite possibly the single best combination of command members that could've come of the inquisitors, best of luck to you Grand Inquisitor. #SCPGang Kami - If there's anyone that should take my place, I'd want it to be you, stick with Inquisitors and you'll go far. #SCPGang To All Inquisitors - Remember, we are the darkness, we are fearless, remorceless, merciless warriors. We take what we want without hesitation. To Everyone Else - Thank you for sharing this fun experience with me, hope to see you around sometime!
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    You did some good work for security, man. I wish you the best of luck in whatever chapter of your life you are now stepping into. (Also, I know for a fact that at least one SMT has time to watch the video; 5:20)
  32. 3 points
    I will be changing the rule in order for this to take effect. The rule change will now incorporate government into the FearRP rules to where any government in any number (1v1,2v1 ETC) can put someone under FearRP if they have lethal pulled out prior to the criminal pulling their lethal weapon out
  33. 3 points
    +support for a warn/ban -support for a perma. Yes exploiting can be a perma, but this doesn’t seem like a perma scenario, I’d give him a 1 month ban.
  34. 3 points
    -Support First and foremost I wanna just say this now don't turn this into an argument please I dont wanna see this be a back and forth Issue where it's gonna be constant arguments. Now for my Opinion: I don't think this should be added for multiple reasons but for now I'll list 3 of them here just to get a point across as soon as I can. 1. Unfair for CI- This gives CI another force they have to go against just to make it to LCZ, Then they would have to go through 2 MTF branches, Maybe even 3 then Security? That's a possibility of 4 Branches they would have to fight and stop 80% of raids before getting halfway through HCZ. 2. Take's away from MTF- Nu7's MAIN JOB our sole reason we are here is to make sure SCPs are Recontained and Stay Contained that would mean patrolling HCZ and with HSU having to patrol LHCZ while the rest of Nu7 besides a few patrol UHCZ I again see this only as another branch CI have to fight as otherwise this isn't needed at all. 3. Generally No Use for it- Security are supposed to be LCZs force thats why MTF aren't really supposed to be there unless Defcon 3 or lower. Security's job is to make sure LCZ doesn't get compromised at all so it's safe for Research and Utility to walk around so as I see it you don't really need HCZ access 24/7. Finally: I just don't think this is needed really you guys have your duties and fun in LCZ and can go into HCZ when needed but other than that I really think you should just leave it to MTF as they are the force that works in HCZ and EZ.
  35. 3 points
    Look, We all enjoy some passive rp once and a while. However, we've had bunk inspections 4 days in a row and its frankly getting annoying and upsetting a large portion of the playerbase. Its very annoying to have to sit in your bunks for an hours standing, only to have to do PT due to bad RNG, at best if this was done once a week or so it'd be mildly ok. However its happening daily and getting really annoying. I think a limit on bunk inspections(i.e. max 1/week) or perhaps leaving it up to regimental commanders for doing this on their own would be the best options for this type of event.
  36. 3 points
    BNA=Furry Anime. NGL though she do be cute.
  37. 3 points
  38. 3 points
    Manger Six is my favorite child of his
  39. 3 points
    Ok so basically I jumped into 682 acid and turned into ciggy ashes so yeah.
  40. 3 points
    +Support Ok so yes Nimo did get staff restricted for saying well some bad things but he has fulfilled his punishment and people can change over time + everyone deserves a second chance as well it is obvious he is very loyal to the server he has been here since I can remember and he has a streak of 300+ Finally if SMT feels he's ready to be un-staff restricted theres no reason why this guy should not be staff and he was a great staff member in the past.
  41. 3 points
    I will be conducting support training Wednesday 9/2 between 7PM and 8PM CST, please let me know if there are any issues. If not I will see you there.
  42. 3 points
    +Support -Active -Redeemed himself -Member since 2017 -Trusted bruh just give him staff
  43. 3 points
    -Support I understand you wanna make D class supplier better, but this aint it chief. I don't wanna be rioting and run out of bullets and have to spend extra money or have a limit or wait for a supplier to flag on while rioting. Its would be annoying to say the least. This would directly nerf the d class population which is a huge part of the server.
  44. 3 points
    Should've been a ban when I think about it. All you have done on this server is just to cause havoc with no intentions of role playing at all, as it has been proven in these videos which documents the entire sit. I was quite tired at that time as it was 11:00 PM for me, and I've just followed the guideline. However, due to this incident, it should've been a 1 week ban instead of just a 600 seconds warn. You mocked me, Bagel and the server. Saying unnecessary things like "boo hoo, aw weh eh, boo hoo". Also dissed the server by saying, "What is this fucking server." Also staff diss by "Why don't you do some thing instead of fucking complaining, so dumb." "If you are going to warn me for staff diss, you better get a brain." You also tried to cover it up by saying "snowflake", "snowflake". You said you do not care because I am not a "snowflake" "you warn for staff diss is so funny." This whole documentation of the video basically summarizes why you have received the following warn. 08/29/2020, 02:41:04SCP Water [GL] hope Staff/Player Diss x3 l Server Diss x1 l NITRP l bruh.
  45. 3 points
    -Support I get where you're coming from Jay but you are missing very key important details about this. 1. Security cannot be in HCZ without reason in the first place, Whether they are escorting research or medical scientists they can't be there. 2. Wardens have to be requested by MTF in the first place so they won't be there unless we ask them there so if this is why you are making this you are putting a downgrade on yourself. Gensec if there without reason should be reported to command regardless so if this happens dont go to the forums about it. I just see this post becoming an argument Security vs MTF and we don't need that right now. If you have an issue this is an SOP rule and I am more than positive Security High Command will be willing to talk with you about it they are nice people and I've had plenty of talks with them about issues and they were more than willing to work with me.
  46. 3 points
    If you guys dont know I joined gaminglight on 8/21/2019 and It's been a blast so far! This community really is something else and no wonder I've wanted to stick around for so long. All of the people on this server helped me stick through some tough times and I've been in many branches! I first joined Technical on 8/21/2019 trained by DOU Hoovy and boy was that a fun day I got to screw around and even have some fun times. About 2 Days later I joined Epsilon-11 for the first time under the command of Blackstone. Blackstone promoted me to PFC on my first day for saying "Good luck on your test." I then played on E11 till the ran of MSGT and left it for A1, I was double promoted by DoC Catsro and A1 Commander Arium. I was also around for the day Blackbeard retired from DoC sad times. At around 9/27/19 I was promoted to Engineer in Tech by AHOT Reaper and I promoted a Junior Tech Named Roy to Technician. That Technician then changed his name to Beanz. Beanz was flying through ranks and was soon an Engineer and I was a Lead Engineer. Beanz and I would always hang out and do some awesome RP events with other Tech on until one day the DOU came to us saying he received a letter about how good we are doing and I was Promoted to Tech Manager and Beanz was promoted to Lead Engineer. About a month flies by and Im playing Left for Dead 2 with A1 COL Victus when I reccomend to AHOT Pure that Beanz should get moved up to Tech Manager. At that very next utility Meeting Beanz was promoted to Tech Manager and we were both finally the same rank. Another Week or Two goes by and at a Command Meeting it finnaly happens. Beanz gets Moved up to AHOT and I was so happy that someone who could lead Tech into a bright future took the position I decided to put more time into E11 and got Low Command there getting promoted to 2LT. I then resigned from Technical sadly leaving it in good hands with Beanz. I passed my Trial Period and got moved up to 1LT and shortly afterwards Beanz was made the DDoU! We all were extremely excited to see what he could do. About another month goes by and I get promoted to CPT in E11 but then E11 Commander Gh0pit decides to Promote me to MAJ and Beanz who was also in E11 got 1LT. We both on the next day were captured by man who went by the name of Corner. Little did we know that was Corners last Day and he resigned. Beanz soon also resigned in E11 to Focus more on Utility. A Week after, I wake up one day to something I though I would only see in my dreams, I was Made an E11 COL skipping over the LTCOL spot! It was a fantastic moment I wish I could've shared with Gh0pit but he resigned a Day or Two before that. Sadly part way through my time as COL we lost another great man, Fool resigned and Nu7 was left in the hands of Bread and Novah who went on to do extremely good things! After 3 Months of extreme fun on E11 I decided my time there was over and I transferred to Nu7 getting a MAJ position, I made E11 great with Gio's help now it's time to put my help somewhere else. About 20 Days of me being in Nu7 I get offered a Vice Commander Position and I accepted it. I was helping to the best of my ability trying to keep everything nice and our activity up. I had some amazing help from Novah, Pixel, and Bread! They are all amazing people and I wish Novah would've been around later but the 48 Hours came up and Novah moved over to ImpRP which I still have mad respect for btw you helped make Nu7 great. Pixel was moved up to COL as soon as Novah resigned and after 4 Days of that happening I was moved up to Commander of Nu7 and I've been doing my hardest since to keep the branch up and Running. Gaminglight has been amazing over this year and im hoping we can stick together as a community and grow to keep it going for another one. Some Mentions I have- Giovanni - Helped me Make E11 Great and moved on to CI. A person who is always nice to hang around! Kami - Hella fun RP 24/7 and a Great Command Member! Gh0pit - Was an amazing E11 Commander and an even better detective! Skela - The talks we have are always nice and I see you going really far! Curtis - Helped out a ton when I was E11 COL sad that life got in the way when you got High Command. Zeus - Even with your timezone differences you still amaze me with how active you can be! Th3 - The fact that you came back to help your branch is amazing and I appreciate you for that! Rang - Stop Kidnapping me pls sir. Really though fun guy but dont get to know him to well or kidnappings are often. Blackstone - I was so sad to see you go and I was hoping to enjoy more time in E11 with you! Bog - When you resigned after training me for FTO I felt so special I was the last person you trained! Hoovy - Is always the impostor and never has a say about it. Igneous - Jack is the impostor obviously Danny - Absolute Mad man, Leader of the wallet warrior guild. Daedran - Was a fantastic Omi-9 COL and a Great DoC hope life isnt to hard on you. Blackbeard - An absolute cutie man, Great guy but kinda smells. Sinnik - You know what you did and it's hella funny. Catsro - DoC from CI? Pog champ that was good though you were great! Dogz - Site Director 682 Beanz - Fantastic Man Words can't describe how great you are keep it up! Bread - You do a lot of work and a lot of us appreciate you thanks! Some more mentions I have - Swole, Pixel, MattO, Travar, Bacon, Badaim, Watkin, Comrade, Boozle, Silver, Crabbo, Drip, Alex Donwood, Zone, Camo, Creamey, Jay, Phill, Jaco (Utility One), Mint, October, Propane, Kuma, Mindstone, Pie, Stale, Comrade, Doggom and tons more! I love all of you and thanks for an amazing year!
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