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  1. I think it would encourage people to boost and even buy Nitro if there were rewards for them doing it. Maybe something ingame or a sweet ts tag or anything really. Because right now all you get is a cool diamond by your name. Just thoughts that run through my mind~
  2. Pretty much any SMT To my understandings
  3. You were great, bye!!! Do well in your future endeavors!
  4. In-Game Name: Kade Steam Name: [GL] Kade SteamID: STEAM_0:0:178907499 Are you a Senior Moderator+? Yes, a Superadmin How many post do you have on the website (150+ REQUIRED)? I have 1650+ How often are you online on the forums? Everyday every 30 minutes What timezone are you in? Central Standard Time Why would you want to join our Forum Diplomat team (100 Words Minimum)? I would like to join the GL Forum Diplomat team for a couple of reasons. Keeping Gaminglight safe from Discord, TS, Forums, and In-game has been a priority since the beginning. I am already helping in three out of four of those ways. I would like to complete the circle by helping in every way possible. I would also like to join because I have been a forum diplomat before and I enjoyed it. As a forum diplomat you get to read so much more stuff because it's your job, and with this responsibility, it will help me read those posts I don't get to read on a normal day. Would you consider yourself to have good judgement? If so, how? Yes, I believe I have very good judgment when i comes to sensitive topics and what should happen. How would you deal with a situation where a user is spamming the shoutbox due to getting banned from one of our servers? I would ask the user to calm down and then tell them to proceed to the Ban Appeal section of there respected server(send link), I would then take a screenshot and delete the messages.
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  6. So like the gates...+support But it is kinda hard not to ignore beeping in your ear.
  7. I have been here for 1 and a halfish now so I was excited to see scprp come out since I played on them a lot. But to answer the question a staff meeting when it was announced.
  8. If you are using the name thing to "see" d class through walls or know they are around you that is metagaming...