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  1. Name: Kade Rank: Member # Events Ran: 3 How will you improve yourself on this team going forward? Do more events, I'm so sorry.
  2. Kade

    Minge hour

    It is mostly the time when no staff are on and there is nobody to enforce rules. If you get evidence of wrongdoing and feel like it needs a report, resort to the Report Center of the SCPRP section.
  3. Well the backspace in chat IS caused and fixed by alt tabbing, happens to me. Your going to have to be more specific about the other stuff.
  4. Must be client side then. Works fine for everyone else.
  5. If that didn't fix your problem try doing this. Disable ALL of the options in the booster when you join the server, then see if it works. I can assure you it is NOT the fps booster that is causing your problem.
  6. I am super glad that you had fun on our server in your first 3 hours! If you keep showing bravery and follow orders you are sure to rise the ranks to become something better in security and maybe MTF. If you have any questions about anything speak to me in game or shoot me a pm on the forums. ~Site 05 Heavy Manager Kade
  7. All you have to do is alt tab out of gmod and back in, works everytime.
  8. Name on roster: Kade Rank on roster: Cpt How active are you: Active Who should be the next Major? Idk What can Security improve on? A lot of stuff. Why should we keep you in Security? (30+ words) Hi it's Kade
  9. In-game Name: Heavy Manager Kade From a scale of 1-10, how is your knowledge of lore? (Explain): I would rate my knowledge of lore a 9.5. There are a few tiny details that I might need to research on but everytime a new SCP is added I research them so I know exactly what they are. I also know everything about the ones on the server as of now.  Why should we allow you to have the position? (At least 300 words): I believe that I would make a GREAT Site Admin for multiple reasons. I have great leadership skills. I lead everyone very well when I am on, I make sure that every SCP in the site is in their containment chamber where they need to be. I make sure everyone is doing what they need to be doing and that the site runs smoothly. I make sure that Security is posted across the site, MTF is ready for CI raids and SCP breaches, and I make sure that the Site is running at PEEK efficiency. As the Heavy Manager, I am already doing the job of the Site Admin because nobody else does. Most of the time nobody higher than me is on so I do occasionally check up on LCZ. Another reason I should be promoted to Site Admin is that I am a great person and I follow the rules. I make sure everyone is doing good and ask if they need any help. I ask security if they need help finding there way and help them. I make sure that everyone is able to do their jobs at the best of their abilities. I am a very nice person to be around as well, you can ask me for advice or ask me how something works, and I will never turn you down. Being a leader means that you should help those in need and that is what the Site Admin needs to do, be a person you can go to and count on, and I can do that. I should also be given the opportunity to be Site Admin because I know how to do things out of the game, such as making documents, rosters, and forms. I can be a huge help to the O5 and higher-ups in Security and MTF. I am also good at making Discords and keeping everyone organized. I should also be Site Admin because I am VERY active. I am on the server almost all weekend long, I am on every day after I get school/work finished. I play on Heavy manager and staff most the time so I can say I am the most active person in the Site Administration Branch. There are many other things I could say to try to convince you to support my app, but I know that the true things that you guys look at are what I do in-game, and how I act on the server, so I will also let my actions prove why I should be the Site Admin and let you guys express what you feel about me. Have a nice day and I hope you liked my application. How would you lead the branches? (At least 100 words): I would lead all of the branches very well. I will make sure that they are all doing what their SOPs tell them to do as well as the MOTD. I will make sure that security is stationed all around the site( which I already do as HM). I will make sure that all 3 MTF branches are doing exactly what they are suppose to be doing in any situation. I will make sure that EVERY single person in the entire site is following orders and keeping the site as secure as it can be. I will be a fair but strict leader to all of the branches. How active would you say you could be? (Longer the better): I bet most people can say that I am very active and I am on almost every day all day after school, there are a few times where I might not get on 1 day out of the week.
  10. Most MTF and NTF jobs can't access 1.001 radio which greatly reduces communication.
  11. We are definitely gonna put one in my office.
  12. +Support for Nimos finding, that would be AMAZING, honestly I would be the security guard just watching cameras all day.