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  1. High Command Applications are now open for EU spots, Please follow the format below and do NOT respond to your own application Please make a separate post in the Site Administration section REQUIREMENTS: You MUST be active You MUST have a good reputation You MUST have below 5 warnings (Speak to O5 to override this) You MUST have a private poll with the options "Yes" and "No" No rank is required Title: "Your name" "Rank" Application Example: Kade's Chief of Security Application Ingame Name: What rank are you applying for: From a scale of 1-10 how is your knowledge of lore? (Explain): Why should we allow you to have this position? (At least 300 words): How would you lead the branch? (At least 100 words): How active would you be? (Longer the better):
  2. -Support If MTF is prepared for it and have quick reactions that's just bad for you and good for them
  3. I think the roll guidelines are fine how they are
  4. The evidence is clear.....
  5. I think a 6 month Staff Restriction is reasonable.
  6. +/- Support Reasons Stated Above
  7. +Support For just removal of the Research Assistant and Security Trainee
  8. This is on Starwars and is great
  9. You can't reply to your apps, it's an instant deny