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  1. Marked, have a nice break!
  2. -Support Minge Said Hard R 3 times 57 Warnings permed on PoliceRP as well Comes back on server after each minge to minge more until he is caught NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  3. No I can't according to Igneous The highest rank is considered "Site Administration, and the SOP says "except for Site Administration" which doesn't make sense.
  4. SCP-RP Global Report Form It has come to my attention that a lot of people are scared to report problems because of the chance of punishment. I have made this report that ANYONE can fill out if you are scared of getting punished by your High Command for reporting a specific problem, your name will need to be recorded but will NOT be released to anyone but Dep Site Director+ Link
  5. +Support Great researcher Knows Lore Rps well Good Luck!
  6. Kade


    SO's will soon not have access to almost every door, so this problem will be fixed soon
  7. We already have 012 -Support for 1123
  8. Talking Points from this meeting Disrespect Just stop the disrespect, no more verbal warnings. Recent Promotions If you have a problem with the recent promotions please go about messaging Dep Site Director+ with valid reasons. Problems/Bugs on the server and talking to SMT Keypads, disrespect, ANYTHING, do NOT be afraid to come to somebody and talk about a problem, nothing will happen to YOU for telling SMT/Site Administration anything. This also includes problems or complaints with High or Low Command. Google Form Igneous gave out - Link Do not hold Security accountable for EVERYTHING Security works just as hard as everyone else, besides the obvious minges.
  9. 48hr Notices for Foundation I just want to make this clear that ANYone who puts out a 48hr can not have a takeback, this was already a rule but I am reminding everyone. There are few exceptions to this and you MUST come speak to the Dep Site Director+ to authorize a "takeback".
  10. Kade

    were can i apply

    Archive This @Igneous
  11. Archive This. @Igneous
  12. I recommend that you lower the font size.