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  1. Kade

    911 Calls - Denied

    I also like that Idea @Dredgen. I'll see what I can do!
  2. Kade

    911 Calls - Denied

    What you want to see? - IF POSSIBLE, this might not even be possible, but making 911 Calls viewable only to dispatchers while they are online, this allows for realism, AND this punishes people for not having their radios on, as well as not letting EVERYONE go to 1 911 call. Why should we add it? - Realism, Allows for dispatch to send only needed units instead of EVERYONE going just because its on their screen. Gives dispatch something a little extra to do. What are the advantages of having this? - Like I said, disallows for EVERYONE going to 911 calls who don't want to listen to dispatch. Who is it mainly for? - Government Links to any content - N/a, in the server.
  3. My Main concerns for the TMod, you seemed to keep placing it near the edge, so it could roll off again, you made no attempt of getting it "unstuck", it looked like you wanted it to keep rolling off...
  4. Your In-Game Name: Kade Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:178907499 Staff member's In-Game Name: OG Ryan and Zesty What did they do? Unnecessary use of Physgun Evidence (REQUIRED): What do you think is an acceptable punishment? A Verbal Warning or Strike if you deem necessary. @[MillRP] [PoliceRP] Josh @RyanWhiskey
  5. Should be able to Disable Ownership. That would be a JMT/SMT job.
  6. @TurdBerglar seems like a Custom Class issue, I would recommend finding a Forum Diplomat to move this thread to the Custom Class section.. Or Copy and paste it there.
  7. Uhh Dispatch is it's own department. And i will fight you
  9. You say a lot has happened but we haven't heard you say anything about anything. So for me it's a -Support until you "figure" out why you were Restricted. There is a reason and you would have had to been told. That just isn't how JMT/SMT works. There is SO much communication there and you know it.
  10. They guy in chat lmao "whoever keeps saying Owo needs to disconnect" hahaha
  11. I totally agree with you. I think it should be instant removal if caught not on staff (not afk) when sits are sitting there. When I joined PoliceRP I thought it would be as good as SCPRP where staff would hop on if needed or nicely ask a Senior Admin who would INSTANTLY grab that one call. I have also noticed Senior Admin+ are not as convienent as they are on SCPRP, I think PoliceRP staff need a field trip to how SCPRP staffing is done.
  12. TBH even if they add more weapons, these are the GOTO weapons..and that isn't going to change most likely.
  13. I NEVER play on Crim. Being government is my only income. I have 7 mil from being EMS getting 1500 a revive for 3 YEARS. 3 years to get 7 mil...when crims over here with 99999999999999999999999999999