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  1. Kade

    Dondis 48

    There are no 48hr notices, you have left event team as of now
  2. +Support 60+ Warnings Multiple Bans
  3. What's up Jack, so we would like you to use the correct Ban Appeal format so we have all the information needed for this case. Now I do understand your confusion on why you were banned on one server for your overall 60+ warnings. But 40 warnings is a ban from a server, 60 warnings is a little much and need to be stopped. If you have any questions about our Ban Appeal Process or format, or any other question regarding your ban please do so and ask. ~SCPRP Super Admin/Forum Diplomat Kade
  4. Thanks for all your hard work and sorry we lost touch, I luv yah and hope to see you again sometime
  5. So all of you have probably noticed the lack of me in-game and on TS, and why there was no LOA ever posted. I have gone through so much in the past month it is crazy. One of my best friends died to a tumor by his brain earlier this month, school is a prison as all of us know and I have been focusing on that, and it is also around the time for Marching band contest. AND, my parents are opening up an office for their business and need my pc to do so, so I am going through a conversion from PC to a duty laptop. So on top of all the stress and heartache, I have not found the time to even get on here and post an LOA, nor get in-game. I believe I am through it all and can now be active again starting tomorrow, I am SO SORRY for all the inconvenience I have caused my SMT or fellow staff members. I hope all of you can forgive me for my absence and let me continue being who you know me as, and not just an inactive SA. But I want to thank @Igneous and @th3 for being there for me and understanding my situation the whole time, love you guys.
  6. I really don't know of any fix, SMT might, but this has been a thing for a while I believe.
  7. Hello, so to get your issue resolved find th3 first, if you can't find Igneous in the TS. They will be able to sort out your donation issue!!
  8. Let me check it out Yea the armory keypad cracker (bkeycardscanner_cracker) needs to be replaced with this one (keypad_cracker)
  9. -Support + Responds to Admin Chat - Engages in RP scenarios - Handles sit unprofessionally, made long groan noise for 20 seconds thinking of what you should do. (Saying "I guess" at end of sit is not confident in your decision) - Joked about banning someone, wasting time on staff and ruining staff experience with players - Other various small things, rather not go into detail Overall, I do not believe you are ready for SMod after 30 minutes of overseeing you staff. I recommend working on professionalism, activity, and confidence.