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  1. Marked, please come speak to Command.
  2. Fair enough, my apologies.
  3. There's evidence of the false Rank in the first picture on the roster for his name says CPL while he's playing on the LCPL job. In the second screenshot you can also see him adverting in chat for all PD "Tactical Units" to come to SWAT base, which was authorized by neither SWAT or SRT, and if it was there will most likely be consequences for allowing that sort of behavior.
  4. Alright, I have two parts to my post here. Responding to Part 1: +SUPPORT - At first I hadn't even realized the fact that his name was different for his rank, thank you for pointing this out. Responding to Part 2: +/- Support - I am +/- as there is not full clear evidence to support this argument part of the report. My Side - SRT decided to host a small (around seven man) group training under the authority and watch of PD CPT Chad. This training was meant to give a little first hand experience and insight on what SRT as a tactical department does on a day to day basis. We gave them this privileged training with hopes that they would become interested and determined in Joining a Tactical branch such as SWAT, SRT, or CERT. The outcome, however, was nothing less than a (excuse my language) shit-show. We had Police Department operators rushing into situations such as Bank Raids claiming they were training and certified to be in there. Thankfully, most stopped having this behavior after the first warning from me and other command, Patty on the other hand insisted on the Tactical branch. Whether he was joking or not is lost on me but I gave him two warning, the third and final was given at a PD Meeting where he set up a "PD Tactical Information Booth" for interviews and acceptances. I informed him that if I caught him doing anything such as this again it would be taken to high command with the push of severe punishment. NOTE - As I said +Support for the false rank, but +/- on the Tactical Part to this report as there is no evidence more evidence than my word as of yet, and I refuse to push a full +Support on word Alone. If any of you would like to ask me any questions on this matter you may message me through forums, or in game as I am on around 3-10 EST.
  5. Army, there are so many ways to describe you. Driven, determined, in most cases friendly (except when you played For Honor with me ;)} Gasoholic, and most importantly hard working. Even whilst being SMT and not always SRT, you still managed to benefit the department a ton. Pushing our updates, making sure they worked, taking in feedback. All of these things have made you pretty damn special in a lot of peoples eyes, so, thank you.. Thank you for being there for us and supporting us in our endeavours. Now even though youre leaving the department, Im praying that it doesnt mean goodbye. Stop by and say hi everyone once in a while for us, ok? - Special Response Team Lieutenant Blitzton 1E67
  6. I guess the pursuit finally found its brakes... (Inside joke). I’m sad to see you go Jason. Neverreally knew you all that well, and yet, we still had our inside jokes and stupid little car fights. Log on once and a while to say hi, yeah? Good luck with your future endeavors Jason
  7. I had 5 cruisers pull me over earlier for something I wasn't even aware of. They all tried to force me to get out, so I went down the only way I knew how, Guns, Fucking, Blazing. Merica.
  8. Upon joining the custom class there's 2 major flaws, 1. There's only one slot (0/1) or (1/0) as opposed to (0/2) (1/2) etc. 2. I've tested the hitbox within single player with multiple hitbox-addons all coming out with a clean cut, precise result. However, logging into the class with the server comes out with nothing like this. It's almost as if the whole box was doubled. Even when crouched, someone originally aiming for my head could still hit me. I'm coming to you asking if there's a fix to these problems or if me and Milip would have to pitch in for another Slot/Model. Hitbox Singleplayer: The blue outline is the hitbox for the model / Hitbox for the crowbar Hitbox Multiplayer: N/A. Addons don't work on the server.
  9. +SUPPORT+ - Mature - Very Active - Has great Leading qualities - Knows the rules inside and out - Great Application - Has been Admin for quite some time and worked hard at it - Great Decision Maker Good Luck Willyboi!
  10. Job: The Hunter Spawn Places: Underground Pd Training Room/Bank Room before vault.
  11. Other than the Galil being traded out for an AK (Odd choice imo) this update seems awesome! I'm glad to see the actual Troopers getting some love.
  12. + SUPPORT! - Very friendly person - Active within teamspeak - Mature - Has a well made application - Has staff experience Good luck Duv
  13. "aNyThInG" hUr HuR hUr
  14. TO CLARIFY Members of CAT do NOT have to leave CAT in order to join another tactical department for John Kyle himself has announced them as an assistant tactical unit. Since their main priority is protecting the President/CAT/SS they are NOT considered to be a full Tactical Team.
  15. Ingame Name: Blitzton Job Name: The Hunter Server: Police RP Players SteamID you want added to the job: STEAM_0:0:160208087 The person that Paid SteamID: STEAM_0:0:160208087 Paid just now through Gmod.