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  1. + Support Great Guy Previous Member Knows the Rules Not a Minge Professional
  2. Big - Support If you have a problem with an SS agent report it directly to one of their higher ups, in this case, me. Loitering around the SS base or Federal Property (as marked by SS) IS A KOS/AOS offence depending on the situation. TOM is 100% right in this situation to be able to have his sign there. Our signs go beyond the property so we can give YOU a heads up NOT to be there, NOT so we can kill you sooner. Why would we warn HIM when he is doing nothing wrong. If you would like me to read my entire SOP to you, grab some popcorn and meet me in TS and I'll go word for word for you. Yours Truly - SS Director John Kyle
  3. - Support Could be handled in game Not a huge reason to get mad, just a small mishap of crossfire, happens all the time
  4. Known ya for a hella long time Rhenic, best guy I know
  5. Im gonna make mine a - Support
  6. +/- support Kinda active Pretty chill guy Smart when it comes to rules ~Get more active in game
  7. Agreed, but warns are there for a reason, to learn. Keep in mind Im pretty sure ive got 19
  8. However warns to me don't mean that much, I think I have about 19 Everyone learns