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  1. Locked to prevent any further disrespect
  2. Yes actually Gas is not to be used in any situation where (A) It may affect innocent civilian lives, (B) Put fellow officers in danger, or (C) is in an uncontrolled location. (A) Innocent Civilians are any person(s) not involved in the situation, or any person(s) that have been forced into the situation unwillingly.
  3. Doesn't the gas guidelines say something about you being not allowed to use mustard gas if it is going to effect any bystander s/Innocents even if the negotiations are cut off?
  4. ArmyGuy

    Gas.... again

    I saw them shooting at the SRT, I wasn't going with negotians if they were already shooting at us
  5. -Support As a Senior Moderator on Police RP, you transferred to Clone Wars RP and got Super Admin, than you left for 1-2 months, came back to Police RP as a Admin. You need to get way more active and wait more, as well as put more effort in your application.
  6. ArmyGuy

    Gas.... again

    Yeah you're right, you guys are on the more overpowered side, do you think it's easy BigJohnny trying to win a gun fight against 4 custom classes?
  7. ArmyGuy

    Gas.... again

    No gas limit, it's not gas abuse I'm honestly not going to comment t any more on this, you don't understand the armor nerf makes it, want me to value my life, so instead of course o never walked in front of the door with 2 AWPs and 2 SCARs, three would've killed them anyway most likely, I mainly did it to annoy my friends on there,.obviously Kiki you didn't enjoy it which I understand, but still time just get into a shootout in the street, or in a uncontrolleded situation so in that case gas wouldn't be allowed to be used. I say this because, obviously you never robbed the gen store for money, you just wanted to kill cops for your own fun and you got mad since I had used 6 mustard gas grenades.
  8. ArmyGuy

    Gas.... again

    That In Real Life, this is a Semi-Serious, Roleplay server on Gmod
  9. ArmyGuy

    Gas.... again

    No I wouldn't complain lol, I'm pretty sure that other SRT member was glad to no have to deal with 4 people and getting killed instantly I've been spammed gas on in the past when it was literally only me, I've found it funny and I just let It go because I really just didn't care
  10. ArmyGuy

    Gas.... again

    Why would I? When there were only me and another SRT there, and you all had high fire rate weapons with high dps, it was. 2 vs 4. The nerf on the armor makes it pointless in trying/attempting to push in a gen store, which then as you push in, everyone just goes on and pulls out their LMGs, me and the other SRT having no amor, just makes my fighting chance horrible. I'd like to see you try it. If I were to push in and get killed, than there you go, there's the free 25,000 dollars than there'd be nothing else you could do. Now things like, joking around especially when you fight someone you know and who's got a hilarious 'toxic' personality against you, makes it more wanting of using Mustard Gas in the situation and see what reaction you get and of course it was a hilarious reaction. Again, there is no fighting chance in a 2 vs. 4, while you 4 had either AWPs and SCARs and if we were to push in, most likely because this is used in every person's strat basically, then you all would pull out your Negevs or what ever other LMG you use and just gun us both down and then there you go, there's your free 25k. I only have 200 armor as CoCMDR and I suspect either the other SRT has 175 or 150. How in any way give us a chance on the fight, it's a death sentence. Summary (Main Reason Why I Used Gas) -For fun of course, obviously you didn't find it fun, you have in the millions I don't know why you care about the 25 k for the gen store robbery, next time if you want to kill cops, shoot them in the street instead so gas can't be used -Im not moving into a gen store raid against 4 criminals while there was me, another SRT and possibly some other unit. -I only have 200 armor, the other SRT either had 175 or 150, no reason even in trying to move into the situation it's a deahth sentence like I said above -Honestly I can keep on going with the reasons if you want Oh yeah and by the way, it shows you shooting at cops
  11. ArmyGuy

    Gas.... again

    I wasn't moving in front of a door with 2 SCARs and 2 AWPs, I barely ever ever spam gas unless there's like 10 people robbing the bank, or unless it's for a meme/joke and to annoy people like Duramax, it's not my fault everyone's armor was nerfed, again I was not going to go in front of 2 AWPs and 2 SCARs, especially when there were only like 2-3 other tacs, either another SWAT or SRT on, including me You should at least even be grateful of the current gas SOP, it used to be so you were able to gas at any time during any situation
  12. This would be abused, no -support
  13. ArmyGuy

    ARU Suggestion

    Valkerie obvoispyly did. Why? Maybe because he is from the UK and found it benifital to United Kingdom people, it adds more variety to the community and give more prefence options