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    Change Log - 11/13/2018 (9:04 P.M.) [Changed/Fixed] *Section* (Basing Rules) "No major crime during a PD/FBI meeting (UNLESS, highest PD/FBI Command on AND all tactical unit command that are on, agree otherwise)" (Basically saying) Highest PD/FBI Command and all tactical unit command that are on during the PD/FBI meeting, are allowed to authorize major crime if they all agree
  2. Pretty sure this is a bug, with the developer, IDK if we can actually practically fix this
  3. Family's Name: Owner's Name (Of Family): Your Steam ID: SMT Member that issued the ban/Strike of the family: When the Family was "banned/striked": Reason for ban/strike: Your Dispute/Why do you feel it should be unbanned/blacklisted/un-striked: Families run off a two strike policy TWO STRIKES than the family will be "banned" from being used STRIKES/BANS are always maintained by SMT and SMT ONLY Once a family is banned or blacklisted from being used, the Owner of that family NEEDS to wait 2 Weeks before starting a new family up again You may NOT remake a family, that sounds like a original family that was banned Current Known Blacklisted/Banned/Striked Families At any time, SMT may issue (your/a) family a strike or ban, if they feel that it's needed, if the family is causing too many problems Only SMT may hand out strikes/bans towards families
  4. @Aaron213223 Is this true, were you stealing staff members and advertising?
  5. DENIED How about this, wait your 3 Week Ban and a last and final chance will be given to you
  6. DENIED Still classified as ARDM on staff member / IDK why you think as a (Player/Member) you're allowed to "God Check" a staff member
  7. ACCEPTED Player will be issued with a Perma Ban
  8. ACCEPTED Play will be issued with a 2 Week Ban
  9. DENIED New staff rank is being added in "Senior Admin" / You may not skip the rank / Improve your activity as staff
  10. ArmyGuy

    Admin Suggestion

    ACCEPTED Will be added in soon
  11. ArmyGuy

    Admin spectate TP

    DENIED We had this in the past, but it was abused. Any staff member was able to use it off duty, and we weren't able to turn it off just for staff that are off duty, that would've messed up privileges
  12. Denied That's not how it works and would just be unjust
  13. Are you still banned in the TeamSpeak?