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  1. Masterson Im saying that if Im going to get warned either everyone gets warned or no gets warned. Also this is possibly a case of Favoritism since all the people that went off the cliff as Gov weren't warned but I as the crim was.
  2. Calamity is it really fair when he has his own video and even went to someone he saw and only gave them a Verbal when I got a fucking warn I was the only one warned how does that make sense when others were seen doing it by him but I was the only one warned
  3. "Since when was going down the cliff FailRP?" was what I said. Then I saw the !warn from someone and hearing others say it was FailRP as shown by the FBI saying it. So I kind of realized quickly that something was wrong.
  4. I didnt intend to go down the cliff and said fuck when I messed up the jump so its really clear to me at least that going down the cliff wasn't intentional
  5. Questions Your In-game: Ghosted UMC Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:65436734 The admin's name in-game: Crow The admin's steam name (If you know it): Unknown What warning did you receive: FailRP Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Why do you think this warn was false: I think it was false since even though I never intended to go down the hill I still went down but I got warned but a bunch of gov went off the hill after but didn't get warned they only got verbally warned so I feel this isn't a very fair warning as I was the only one warned when I know a SWAT flew off the cliff and one Slid down it since i was in the SWAT patrol room chilling with them. Assault one of the SWAT got told he was only getting Verbally warned so if I'm the only one getting warned then isn't this unfair since many more people went off the cliff then just me. Also with my video you can see that I wasn't intending to go down the cliff with me swearing. I was trying to jump on the side to get back to the front and not go through the front door which would have a bunch of Officers watching it. Thus I feel this warn should either be removed or everyone who went off the cliff with me should be warned since this isn't a fair warn then since it maybe valid but I'm being the only one prosecuted for this. I think this is a clear cut case of Favoritism from the Staff since other members weren't warned when I was warned so either everyone be warned or no one is warned. Also apparently what I've been told by other members in the TS at the time Crow himself went down the cliff yet he didn't say anything and also if he did shouldn't he warn himself since he also broke a rule? Any extra information: I conversed with Freeze and Matthew after and both said to just make a warn appeal. (Also Warn is shown in the Video and its also evidence.) Also according to Crows he has his own video of this and he said himself that an FBI along with a SWAT car went off the edge after me which is FailRP since it isn't allowed since you would be dead. As you can see in the Video the FBI is Nathan so that is another person to add onto the list of people that might get warned.
  6. -support since anyone could just shoot out the tires also for people spawning in a car that has popped tires it will always spawn in like that which means its very annoying to bring out a car especially if its expensive since you don't get money from selling a car Another problem is that since your still shooting the car it would still probably damage the driver of the car As well if you strategically place them in choke points like I don't know Cliffhouses turn then you can easily force people to either run through them or drive on only half the map.
  7. I think all Departments are fun just some have a little bit of attitude between each other or towards those of other departments that isn't really teasing. ie making fun of PD