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  1. Ghosted

    tcoops' Resignation

    Tcoops just try to have fun and remember that Mitchel will always have your back with Kitty Also the Sexy family should have a reunion some time
  2. What happened to you not joining SRT?!?!
  3. Ghosted

    SRT Resignation

    Blitzon it was fun riding with you
  4. Also Bambob I feel offended am I not good enough to mention on the list of people who played in the rocket league matches?
  5. No it gets spent on this and stupidly high prize pools for the winners of this stuff...
  6. @deathstriker124 @Rhenic @Seb @Speedy Valvano Lets go!
  7. Also wrong server your suggesting this to... (Hint this is PoliceRP)