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  1. Ghosted

    why me ;-;

    You get what you asked for Swifty
  2. I feel betrayed am I that forgotten of a command member? Like jesus christ how hard is it to remember one of the only LTs around for SWAT...
  3. -Support unless we can finally agree on speed limits and can actually see the speed we are going then I dont think this will work.
  4. +Support If they want to be taken to jail don't waste their time doing interrogations on them if they ask to just be taken to jail. Also if your going to waste 5-10 minutes on an interrogation put them in for like a year or two since you wasted all that time doing an interrogation when they should of been in jail if they asked for it.
  5. My First time on PoliceRP was with Alistair, Speedy and Williamm and it involved me money grinding with a pro bitminer from 2 of them and then going on a hostage negotiation spree and getting money for the highest ranking cops we could get our hands on. My First time on any GL server was MiliRP when I tried to join the RN and had to wait a while but I got in eventually and made it to the LTCMDR or Navy equivalent on the server to COL Then I promptly forgot about the weekly meetings and got striked multiple times for it and eventually removed because CCs were to enticing... ahh the good times when I could shotgun the shit of Scheffer before I had a 40mm grenade flying at my face.
  6. Seems about right Cop shoots crim then Crim murders cop and walks off
  7. Also Server doesnt have Photon so we couldnt even use the vehicle you want
  8. Ghosted

    qasmokes gone rogue

    This bot is the bane of SWAT its like everything you mention him he appears to slap you with a react or be banned I wish it wouldn't do this in every command channel we have or even in the announcements section its dumb
  9. Phil no! Don't flip the switch think of all the SNRs that will die!