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  1. I agree just because people do it doesn't make it right that's what staff is the for
  2. Be warned if you are found harboring any fugitives you will be taken down as if a fugitive. The FBI will not hesitate to eliminate any harboring citizens. you have been warned. ~ FBI
  3. I agree still your responsibility
  4. Jimmy James

    Gat’s LOA

    I talked to him in DMs about it but I didn't see the length
  5. Jimmy James

    Gat’s LOA

    Andrew can you put him on reserves
  6. Your okay Stephen don't worry about it
  7. Jimmy James


    we went over the usual activity has been pretty good recently. a reminder to not get on just because command is on because command is watching off FBI to see who is active. make sure you are in TS when on FBI and be in the FBI channel. Havoc was promoted to SAIC but that was the only promotion. that's just about all that happened a lot of the same reminders. Also we have set up a roll call so we expect FBI to check into that on the forums
  8. Name: Jimmy Rank: DAD Date: 1/18/19 Activity: so active im inactive
  9. Jimmy James

    Stephen LOA

    Ok noted hope you get to feeling better
  10. Ok noted good luck on your exams
  11. Jimmy James

    Internet down

    Noted thanks for letting us know
  12. Over the limit no matter how old they had a chance to change 60 times to be exact
  13. "If you have not received a warning in two weeks from your most recent warning, you can appeal 2 warnings from over three months old"