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  1. +support Active admin Mature Good application
  2. This was considered when it came out but we decided against it due to the chance of somebody abusing the role As far as FBI goes this is denied
  3. Jimmy James

    Tob1as' LOA

    @Tob1asI will just mark you as TBD take all the time you need
  4. + support In the video Lt wolf was in the bathroom with killers friend and killer had no way of knowing his friend was cuffed so he ran in that room to kill wolf who was the initial target of this shootout and to kill the hostage that was already dead.
  5. -support You left event team less than 1 month ago and to me your application really doesnt prove to me that you are going to stay and contribute to the team again. I feel like you should take more time off and focus on staffing before joining event team again.
  6. +support lemon is always on in the later times of the night and always proves to be a mature and respectful member.
  7. Ive accepted my loss and its a real life example so if you are offended by a relatable example to something outside of GL that may affect me in game then I'm sorry for you. I never discourage anybody in game to talk to me if they have issues outside of the game because it does affect how you play and interact with other people.
  8. Unsure how this relates to how he preforms as a staff member. My dad died recently can i use that excuse for making bad decisions?
  9. Your In-Game Name: Jimmy James Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:86323167 Staff member's In-Game Name: Will What did they do? This staff member has consistently warned other members without getting both sides of the story. While it is within admin+ to warn for obvious rule infractions, Will has had multiple warn appeals that have been accepted and i will link those below. This has gotten to the point that the staff member is handing out warns carelessly and he has caused unnecessarily stress on these members and he hasn't upheld his duty as a senior staff member. Evidence (REQUIRED): What do you think is an acceptable punishment? I will leave this up to SMT as he is a senior Admin but i feel a serious punishment is deserved
  10. + Support You cant put somebody on fearrp with a gun on safety This staff member should be talked to about this his false warns are getting out of hand...
  11. Your In-game:Jimmy James Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:86323167 The admin's name in-game: Will The admin's steam name (If you know it):STEAM_0:0:129363914 What warning did you receive: RDM Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Why do you think this warn was false: So as seen in this video we were taking the police officer hostage and i see this car come by that i knew was government. I pulled my awp out in preparation for a shoot out and saw them start to slow down and i saw our hostage was yet to be in restraints so i took the shot as they started to stop to get the first shot off as we didn't have the hostage in restraints and we all had guns out so we knew we were KOS at that point. Skip ahead we shoot and kill the swat team and i get warned for RDM. The reason will was shot was because the hostage wasn't in restraints at the time of me shooting and we were going to be KOSed by swat so i took the shot because we were going to be in a shootout. Any extra information: So not only was this a false warn but in my opinion this wasn't an obvious rule infraction and should have been taken to a roof and discussed, but Will decides that he can warn me without getting a full picture of the situation.
  12. As I said I dont recall the exact sit but if sits were stacked and you had already left and I was provided evidence of clear FearRp you may not have been at the sit but I guarantee you I would have brought you if you were on
  13. I dont know the exact situation but if its LTAP I'm sure I checked logs and if you show that you disconnected by user during a situation its ltap and I'm sure somebody reported it. But either way I dont warn unless I know its valid and there is no proof here to dispute so I'd say both warns were valid -support
  14. - Support You applied for staff on another community one day ago showing you aren't serious about joining the staff team. If SMT or JMT would like proof of this i can provide a link privately but im not putting it on our forums
  15. Thank you for your service and everything you have helped me through the months. You will be missed by all I know you were a bit harsh at times but I know everyone respected you and it was necessary. I appreciate all of your loyalty and dedication to FBI you built up FTO to be what it is today. I hope to still see you around and you are always welcome back.