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  1. I agree I feel fear rp was broken for sure here but I don't think it was intentional
  2. -support Here is the definition of fear RP straight from MOTD for anyone confused here: Fear RP is in effect - respond to situations like you would in real life. For example, if someone pulls a gun on you and you are unarmed, you must follow their commands. you were in an active shootout you stopped and put your weapon away and stood in a corner they came in with weapons out at you therefore making it fear rp. This warn is valid
  3. Jimmy James

    Ban Request

    +support Has no intention to follow the rules and an update hes at 32 warned in the short time this request was made
  4. If you have an issue with my FBI message me about it, but I watched that video and I know my agents did exactly what they were supposed to there if you want to discuss it you can private message me but I will NOT put up with you dissing FBI on a constant basis its unacceptable @Gaztoof
  5. My dude you have 26 warns in 3 days you need to cool your jets and read the MOTD and maybe actually follow the rules outlined there
  6. -support Not enough evidence You probably should take a break bud you should have been warned for player diss in this video. You have an extremely negative attitude that nobody wants to deal with.
  7. -support Honestly I would suggest you get a much longer minge after all of the rules you broke in that whole video if you want to minge go do it somewhere else we dont welcome people like you on our server. If you continue to diss my FBI members and the department I will make sure you are warned because they did nothing wrong in any of those situations. -FBI DCOS Jimmy
  8. Jimmy James

    SpadeH’s LOA

    Noted have fun spade
  9. +support Great leader Good role model for all members Been SM long enough Big turd boi
  10. -support 31 warnings and you just got warned today Work on your attitude and behavior in game before you apply for staff
  11. Our Assistant Director job cannot use the undercover NPC I have attached a video below showing what happens
  12. Jimmy James

    Charlie’s LOA

    Okay I'll get it changed
  13. Welcome to the most elite tactical unit in Rockford Adam and Danny
  14. Jimmy James

    Charlie’s LOA

    Noted have fun