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  1. Jimmy James

    Springs LOA

    Noted thank you springs hope you get to feeling better
  2. Noted thank you corn take your tone if you need any additional time let us know
  3. We look for around 7 days in game time but we are lenient on it and less than 15 warns
  4. Yes i feel like SMT should be deciding this and not the leader of his family
  5. + support Clearly shows diss but why wasnt this handled in game?
  6. + support Clearly shows breaking Priority rules, invisible props and breaking NRL and not appearing to care about it.
  7. -support He was actively driving away when you tried to kidnap him. Now the rules are unclear as how fearrp works with a vehicle but he was leaving as you adverted so i wouldnt jump out of my moving car just because you said kidnap
  8. Noted take your time corn
  9. Take your time 4 man let me know if you need longer
  10. I mean you don't have to remove it from one spawner to put it in another th3... but this should be bright up to pd suggestions
  11. Thank you for all that you have done for the department you will be missed for sure. Tale care of yourself fist always we will be here if you ever want to come back.
  12. +support Ive never had a bad interaction with him Past staff Longtime member Good guy
  13. Noted Have fun corn