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  1. Yes this is a custom class so you would have yo pay to get in and you would have to be accepted to join
  2. Jimmy James

    EAD applications

    Below is the link to the EAD application Open to SAIC https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Jas9oQE9l4PdANn39amWm152QSz9l_bCbZHTxy1UhCM Apps close Thursday 3/21/2019
  3. Jimmy James

    Jimmy's LOA

    Name: Jimmy Rank: Assistant Director LOA Time: up to two weeks Reason (Private if needed): I need a break from the game and discord so I'm deleting everything for a little while just to clear my head and I will be back after that but until then i won't be able to be reached unless you have my personal info
  4. -support Warn is valid
  5. Its been great good luck on your future endeavors
  6. + support Crease im not sure what to think here because I never had any issues with you I believe you deserve to win the appeal. I wish you the best either way
  7. Jimmy James

    ripmysoul LOA

    Noted have fun
  8. Andrew you will be missed. I know even as a PA you made an impact on me as an agent and a player teaching me most of what I know today. I would never would have made it where I am if I didn't have leadership from you so I thank you for everything you have done for this department and I hope we can see you again.
  9. Jimmy James


    There will be a scheduled training on Friday, there is a time vote on the discord. If you don't have the discord let me know and it can be provided to you. I want as many FBI there as possible so let's have a good turn out.
  10. Bump so I can find this
  11. Like gat said once you get VIP+ you will get FBI whitelist
  12. Good luck mjay you deserve it
  13. +support I know he was minging that night sorry I couldn't do anything th3 but I think a week began or 10000 minge would be good