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  1. Update on my build finally completed took me like an hour and half here’s some pictures of the final product . I have another monitor coming in the mail soon but other than that, that’s it. Thanks everyone for the help Also I haven’t messed with the rgb colors yet so that’s why they don’t match


    WARMONGERS The Warmongers will be the most elite and dangerous family in all of Rockford. We are a specialized group of the most wanted and notorious criminals known to mankind. We have no mercy its kill or be killed. Anyone who stands in our way will be eliminated. We have no allies if anyone poses a threat in anyway they will be taken care of. If you think you have what it takes to be one of the Warmongers MSG anyone with WM in their name in game or join our discord. The members of the Warmongers will be known in game by having the initials WM in their name or having a member tag in our discord Our discord to join - Feel free to join even if you don't want to be apart of the family
  3. Why don’t you just start a new family and call it something else lol
  4. @DURAMAXDIES3L@? BrycE ?@Joe Mama @Rhenic
  5. True legend RIP I hope they still find a way to put him in every marvel movie like he has been
  6. I would like to hear deaths side because death does say “Robby don’t take your own sit”
  7. You could sell your 1080tis for so much since they stopped making them IM THE REAL CHIKEN YOU CANT EVEN SPELL IT
  8. this is my final Build most likely I would have really liked for 1080 TI But now that Nvidia decided to cancel them it won’t be happening thank you everyone for your help
  9. Wait this whole time you weren’t gay?!? Well that doesn’t explain alot -support
  10. Eh the 1080TI is way better than the 2080 the 2080 TI is god like
  11. Yea im hoping the sales for cyber monday and black friday are really good because i would like to get a i7 9700k and a GTX 2070 or GTX 1080 TI