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    New Highs

    I am trying to be as active as possible, but its no fun running around while everyone else is afk
  2. +Support Been in a sit with you before, unbiased and listens to both sides, knows how to conduct a sit Active in game,forums, and in ts Great app
  3. Don't put this in this section, you should ask this in general.
  4. +Support It's just a family name that she wants to use, no reason to -support that
  5. If this isn't fixable, I recommend disabling bitracks before they steal everyones money
  6. F Guess I will never see him in a marvel movie again
  7. This seems to be a serious glitch, @Aaron HotcherHotcherhow did it happen to you?
  8. Welcome back! I remember you from the Andromeda family
  9. +Support Active Can be trusted Mature and respectful Seems to know the lore Put effort into application I would like to see what he can bring to the server
  10. +Support Should be banned for a long time for MassRDM x2
  11. -Support Not active, I used to see you on all the time
  12. @Jack Ron @TurdBerglar @Danny Muller Imma win some dough
  13. +Support should have been unbanned, I recommend speaking to smt in teamspeak to get unbanned
  14. +Support should be added to the current job bundle