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  1. Yea, NSA is where I meet most of my friends. Its kinda sad that we are being taken out but it may be for the best.
  2. Or did we fire you? Only the (What used to be) NSA Command knows.
  3. Seb

    Aj Staff Application

    +/-SUPPORT Good warn count for the account age Past staffing experience Activity is ok. Question 18 never actually explained what will be done after you unmute I think you would be good in staff but I think you should add more to question 18!
  4. Name: Seb SteamID (PROVIDE THIS, "STEAM_0:0:XXXXXXXX"): STEAM_0:1:64183914 Status on roster (Active or Inactive): Active. Can you attend the weekly meetings? (YES OR NO): Yes.
  5. Also Robby left because I needed to ask him a question.