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  1. +/-Support Now this staff member does say "SCP-RP is trash" and that could be seen as Diss towards the server. But does the staff member has their OWN opinion, YES! But should this staff member say that, NO! If you don't like something keep it to your self. If you think it will hurt someone's feelings, then also keep it to your self. "If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say it at all!" -A quote from somewhere. But what if you do want to speak up? Then go ahead in a non toxic but a constructive criticism way. I believe this staff member should get talked to. (I changed it! OMG)
  2. I remember the training and that sick awp shot you took with that guy holding a F'ing toolgun!!! You got into staff sit too, which is funny. Thanks for the kind words, its really appreciated.
  3. Well Spection, its sad to see you not a Head Admin. You were awesome and you're super funny. I hope we can still play on crim and PD High Command! Thanks for the kind words. ~Matthew
  4. Matthew

    Unknown ban

    -Support Please follow the format...
  5. Not really needed......and there is a CC for it. -Support
  6. +Support When you were staff on PoliceRP for a bit, you were very professional, mature and respectful to everyone. I believe you will be a great bonus to the Junior Management Team and I also believe you are fit for the position. Good luck. ~Matthew
  7. S.R.T Accepted Applications / Denied Applications If your name is provided on the list below, congratulations! Your application was reviewed and approved by S.R.T Command! S.R.T Accepted Applicants: David - Good Application! If you have been accepted and your name is on the list above, please contact an S.R.T Field Training Officer (FTO) for proper S.R.T training! You have 14 days (6/24/19) to be trained properly! If you do not receive training within that time, you will be denied and removed from S.R.T. This means you will have to apply again! S.R.T Denied Applicants: Death - Your Blacklisted from the Community.... If you were denied, this means you, unfortunately, did not seem fit for S.R.T. All applications are carefully reviewed by S.R.T Command and we will only choose the best-fit people! If you were denied, or have seen your name on the list above, this means you were denied! Please wait until 06/24/2019 to apply for S.R.T again! - SRT Commander Matthew
  8. I think you should change the warn to "RDM x2 | LTAP" +Support
  9. Matthew

    Noots LT app

    Accepted High Command has decided to move you up to Colonel as your past PD High Command.
  10. Matthew

    apis report

    Your not PD Command.
  11. Matthew

    apis report

    He is not in event team so uhhhhh he should not be helping. Why are you doing little mini events and stuff @Apis
  12. Pending High Command is still reviewing you application.
  13. Congrats! Welcome to tac units!
  14. Although it gives people choices, I think the tow truck we have right now is the only server working one. We've been trying to add the tow truck for a while but could never find one that works with the server until a couple of months ago. So if it works, +Support. But once again, its not really needed and IDK if these will work.