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  1. @knightwolf2050 Please fill out this format instead Moved to proper section
  2. Yeah, Zeeptin is way in the lead on this one lol
  3. Some of the more specific VIP+ jobs are: Kidnapper, Murderer, Prostitute, Advanced Gun Dealer, and VIP thief
  4. -Support • Sorry but this just got denied and I doubt SMT and Zeeptin has changed their minds
  5. Sad to see you go Calamity, you've been SWAT for a long time now. Thank you for all of your hard work and for your service in the department.
  6. I've seen this suggested before and it would be nice to see some more judge action going on but some officers just ignore the court aspect even when a judge is on. This comes with some Pros and Cons so for now I'm going to +/- Support.
  7. Sorry for being late, congratulations Noot!
  8. Go to account settings and then go to "Signatures"
  9. This is great news. Always lovely to see PoliceRP become less laggy for players. Thank y'all for working hard on it
  10. My completely unbiased opinion, PoliceRP!
  11. While it is a cool addon and idea, this suggestion has been brought up quite a few times before and denied so it's gonna be a -Support from me.
  12. It's been a while. Cool to see them bacl!
  13. I can almost compete https://gyazo.com/8ca8e399320c2598758d1aeaad8d6d63
  14. +Support Meets the requirements to appeal