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  1. +Support • Evidence is clear • Has 40+ warns
  2. This is under the wrong section. This is PoliceRp, but you're looking for the Scp-Rp.
  3. +/-Support • Decent activity In Game • Poor activity in TS • First forums post • Poor Application • Incorrect/Incomplete Answers Good Luck! ~ Joe Mama
  4. +/- Support • While you were a good formal staff member, I believe you should improve your activity since you just game back. Do that, and it'll be a plus support!
  5. -Support • While I do believe you are able to appeal some of you warnings, you cant appeal 30 warnings in one appeal
  6. +Support • For at least one warning because he fits the requirements
  7. +Support • Staff member said it was false
  8. +Support • Staff member said not to warn him too late • Staff said it was false
  9. +Support • Warning is false
  10. +Support • Staff member says hes okay with it being removed
  11. -Support • Sorry to see the whole permissions mix up, I think you deserve admin. Just wait to reapply!
  12. -Support • Lack of evidence • Reasons above