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  1. +Support Meets the requirements to appeal
  2. +Support Meets the requirements to appeal
  3. -Support Sorry, but if you liked the server so much you shouldn't have kept breaking rules
  4. Oh jeez, I thought you were leaving out of RP. Sad to see Jack Bauer go. See you around tho!
  5. +Support • Long time member • Active • Good application • No warns • Great guy • Mature Good Luck! ~ Joe Mama
  6. -Support Sorry but I feel you should put a bit more effort in your ban appeal
  7. A staff report doesnt necessarily have to be a staff abusing but could be a staff not doing their job correctly.
  8. +Support • Meets the requirements to appeal
  9. "barely even a system the weed seed is a melon" lmao +/- Support While it would be cool to see added, it would most likely cause lag
  10. -Support I think it would cause more problems than we already have
  11. -Support • Disrespected the owner and caused issues on the server
  12. The player is banned if I'm not mistaken so...
  13. -Support • Evidence is clear that you broke rules