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  1. So any updates on what happened? Dont really have anything to work with here.
  2. Accepted Go into the ban panel (at the top it says ban) sign in, go to your profile, go to your warn and click appeal. Fill the information out and in the description put the link to this in it.
  3. ACCEPTED Please come speak with me in TS to be trained
  4. Being dead on the ground does not count as NLR because it is not a new life.
  5. Speak with SMT please about your year old warnings.
  6. There isnt much of a good reason to HAVE to pull out your weapon after getting out of jail in front of officers. If you'd like to test your weapon, do it in private. We can't just exclude certain cases because then everyone could say "I didnt mean to get officers attention."
  7. @War Gamer What happened with the sit you called ingame?
  8. Denied. Due to a lack of evidence, or for no rules or guidelines being broken by the staff and or player, no action will be taken against them.
  9. They must have 40 warnings of only PoliceRP to get perma banned.