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  1. Almost one month ago, I sent this message in our command discord: Today, I sent this message: In the entire existence of the Gaminglight SCP-RP Server, before it was even announced, I have had the pleasure to watch it grow. From an average player count of 10 to 40 to 70, I have been there every step of the way. The amount of growth and success we have had is astounding to me. Just seeing how far we've come in just a few short months, is eye-opening. This post is going to serve as me expressing my gratitude for everyone who has helped our server become what it is today. Without all of the dedicated Management, Staff, Command, and even regular players that hop on every day just to have some, none of this would be possible. Everyone as one collective helps our server maintain a positive environment, and continue to grow. And hopefully, when we get a higher player count, we can continue to grow to even larger numbers. Thank you all for contributing to SCP-RP's growth, I especially appreciate you Here's to even more growth, for the server we all know and love.
  2. This application is a copy and paste with some very minor changes. If you chose to re-apply for staff, be sure not to just copy your previous one and re-post it. Not to mention your only 2 posts on the forums have been staff applications. -Support.
  3. +Support I like your application, and I've never encountered any issues with you. I think you should be given a chance at staff.
  4. +Support I believe you deserve a shot becoming staff on our server. Never had any negative encounters with you, so good luck!
  5. The whitelists issue is the easiest to fix, and the bodygroups being broken is something that has to due with the model itself,nothing wrong with the job.
  6. Glad to hear that you are enjoying the server!
  7. We're saying that you can change the name on an account, you dont need to make a new one.