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  1. Denied. The SMT team for this server has decided against adding this suggestion for performance reasons, the benefit to the server, or another unstated reason
  2. Noted! We have reviewed this issue with our servers and we will be working hard to fix it ASAP! Please allow up to a week for any bug fixes to occur as we go on a first come first serve basis. Thank you!
  3. I stand corrected after looking at the swep, however, it's still equally as easy to fix.
  4. Not true. The run speed on all of the government jobs can be manipulated quite easily and has nothing to do with any sweps.
  5. Branch Updates [Updated] Alpha 1 [Changed] Weapons [Changed] Some models [Updated] Research [Added] Representative Of Anomalous Affairs [Changed] Models of some jobs [Changed] Weapons of some jobs [Updated] Chaos Insurgency [Added] CI Sawbones [Added] CI Hotshot [Added] CI Senior Delta Command [Changed] Weapons of Some jobs [Changed] Models of some jobs [Updated] Janitorial [Added] Senior Janitor [Changed] Weapons of Some jobs [Changed] Models of some jobs General Updates [Added] SCP Self Breaching THE RETURN... If you played the server long enough ago, you may remember we had a rudimentary version of self breaching. Well, it's back and better than ever. The SMT Team (Especially @Rangiatea) and High Command have created rules and guidelines for our new SCP Self Breaching. I'm hopeful that implementing this will allow for better experiences for every group that resides within the server. More Chaos for Class D and CI, More containment for MTF, More mobilization and containment for GENSEC, and most importantly, more people enjoying playing on the SCP's themselves. I expect that we will have to refine and evaluate our rules after it's been used because after all the best way to find errors is indeed crowdsourcing. The rules for SCP Self Breaching can be found in the MOTD. [Added] Buddha Command for Event Team The event team now has access to the Buddha command, allowing for easier role play in events. [Added] Brooms Janitorial has been lacking since the removal of Trashman, so I decided to give them their brooms back! [Changed] Health of SCP 076-2 With the new recontainment procedure for SCP 076-2, his health needed to be lowered significantly. [Changed] Price of Medical Supplies The price of medical supplies was too high in the past, considering the fact that they have to buy them a lot the prices have been lowered significantly. [Changed] MOTD The MOTD has been updated once again thanks to the help of @Rookieblue, who also had help from @Chief_. A lot of the newer rules come from the suggestions, and some have just been clarified or changed due to problems coming up in the server. Final Notes Yes, I know, I have not made one of these update posts in a pretty long time. However, that doesn't mean I've not been developing the server or making changes. Habitually I tend to do things individually and implement them right away and not hold back for a big update like this, so most of the time I really don't make these posts because they are small changes that don't really require one of these. I just want everyone to know that even if I do not make one of these update posts, changes are still being made, and updates are still being done. The server is always in active development, as something is always being worked on. Thank you again to everyone who has made suggestions, please continue to do so. They help me and my fellow SMT determine what the players may want, and what direction the server needs to move in.
  6. Denied. The SCP-RP SMT has decided against adding this suggestion for performance reasons, the benefit to the server, or another unstated reason.
  7. What server is this on?
  8. Please follow the format linked below so that your custom job may be granted.