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  1. Denied We don't want to promote terrorism to the demographic of our player base. Basically we do not want to promote terrorism to the young players who play PoliceRP.
  2. Agreed, Gas should never be used until all bystanders/innocents are clear from the area.
  3. We will announce that gas will be thrown on scene anyway
  4. I only give gas to my low/high command in SWAT and high command in other departments
  5. The way how I do gas is that every 3 cops killed i throw a gas.
  6. I would say there should be a limit so it can be fair to criminals. I would say that every 3 criminals, only 1 gas grenade thrown, if 6 criminals, 2 gas grenades, and so forth.
  7. Accepted And please use the format
  8. Hey guys, its been a heck of a year on GL, and its my 1 year anniversary on this server. I joined from this day 1 year ago and I just want to say, this has been a blast. I've had a lot of fun on PoliceRP, and I still do. I've also changed when I joined. I was confused, a little mingy when I first joined. But when I met my current friends , they taught me to improve and I have. I've made goals ever since I joined this community; I wanted to make friends with everyone, I wanted to a part of the staff team, and be a command member of a tactical team. All of these have been achieved, and I just want to say to SMT, thank you, as well as a thanks to all of my GL friends. You guys are awesome, and I will continue to be a part of this community. I don't plan on leaving GL for a very long time, so if anyone was worried, don't be, Lol. Anyway's its my 1 year anniversary, and I thank every member of SMT, my friends in GL, and the entire community as a whole for making me the person I am today!!! -MyanDaBeast
  9. These are really nice skins, but I agree that the city isnt needed. Other than that, good work!