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  1. If you read my sentence properly you would see that I didn’t I said “I have not received a warn in a year for disrespect and my one warn for disrespect ...” meaning more then a year ago
  2. In-game name: Danny Muller | Daniel Mullelle MP rank: WO1 Timezone: GMT Main Branch rank: RUAF Major Are you in OMON?: Indeed How active are you?: I would say semi-active Why should we trust you with being HC in MP?: (200 WORDS+) Hello, My name is Danny Muller also known as Jake, In my opinion, I should be trusted with such a role for the following reasons. I am mature, This is an important quality for all command members whether that be a high command or low command. I am respectful, I believe it is important to treat others with respect, I have not received a strike or a warning for disrespect in over a year and my 1 warn for disrespect was for calling someone an 'idiot.' I am experienced, I have been in this community for over a year now and have been in multiple command positions (Like RUAF, Dispatch and Lost Division on AnimeRP) Before this community I was a member of another MilitaryRP server, I received BG (Brigadier general) and eventually field marshal. In the past I have also been a command on gaming lights clonewarsrp, I received Plo Koon inside the Jedi council and helped to try to bring 104th back to life. I am active, I am active on the forums and in Teamspeak as well as in-game, I am in Teamspeak 12 hours a day and always reachable on the forums, communication key and this is why that is important. I hope you consider me for such a role. Why do you want to be HC IN RUMP?: (150 WORDS+) I would like to be High Command inside RUMP as I want to make the branch great again, When I last played RUMP had many members (I was one of them) however recently there has been a decrease in activity and the number of people we have in the branch, I want to help this not just on the recruitment front but everything. Recently I have noticed a few minges inside RUMP and a few people who do not follow orders, I want to correct this and help to make RUMP great again. OMON is one of my main priorities right now, Currently, I am a TS inside OMON and I feel that OMON has a lot of potentials however some people are not trying to harness the potential OMON has to offer, I intend on doing such. Most people dismiss OMON or don't take it seriously, In my opinion, this needs to change. Why should we choose you over others?: (100 words+) In my opinion, I should be chosen for High Command over others as I am mature and experienced, I am experienced in command positions and would like to help RUMP change with my current knowledge, I enjoy being RUMP and wish to spread my experiences to others. I feel as if I should be picked over others as I have never received a strike inside RUMP or in any other branch for a good reason. This shows I am mature and disciplined. I have never received any warnings on the server and have never been the reported in a sit. I hope I am considered for this role Do you promise to not abuse your powers?: Indeed Do you promise to be on duty when its peacetime?: Yep, Unless I am teaching people how to fly or training someone Do you understand that you will be in charge of something?: Indeed
  3. -Support, Your a minge and cannot lead operations, Yesterday you were screaming whilst we were trying to do a operation, In my opinion you should not be command, Wait until your more mature.
  4. You're a trial moderator, therefore, you cannot be staff on another gaming light server, Only Senior Moderators and above can. If you don't want to be staff on AnimeRP put your 48-hour notice up however you will have to wait 1-2 months until you can become staff once again.
  5. Well show the evidence and not just another witness
  6. Resigning is for command 48 hour notices are for the rest of dispatch