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  1. Your attitude was extremely dissrespectful and you told us to just perma ban you. You didn’t care when gaur gave you direct orders not to make an application on a blacklisted members sever, and when we confronted you, you said “just perma ban me.” If You can’t listen to direct orders from your manager than Neither Gaur, ArmyGuy, nor myself want you playing on our servers.
  2. Pending Flame isn’t staff restricted
  3. Fame

    High Command

    A lot of High Command Positions are opened up due to some people leaving. I am going to be a bit harsher with accepting these, so make sure your application is good. Application will be posted later today. Jobs that are avalible. Kirito Vegeta Goku Garra
  4. You left some very important stuff out of your story. Next time you appeal don’t lie and make me look like the bad guy. Actions have consequences. Denied
  5. They should not have killed you. That’s RDM and FailRP. You would go to jail for murder in real life if you shot a cop for going into SWAT base as swat. Still we ask that you have permission.
  6. I’m going to accept this but please be aware that rude/abusive comments are not needed here at GamingLight. Please do not let this happen again. I’ll be watching your forums account closely~
  7. Denied We’re not deleting the quote feature nice tags btw.
  8. Fame

    Updates to AnimeRP

    We are going to include all updates into the sever, and also a new map!!
  9. Yeah it was just an event. Not everyone is going to like the events we do but a majority of players loved it! Thanks for the feedback and watch dissrespectful comments