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  1. +Support With the return of Mika and Hannah, the only point of this appeal is the name. She likes having "Yuki" at the end of their name, its not the old leader, its not ALL the old members or anything. Its simply a last name that she wants her family running around with. @Rhenic Alright lets not lie, we do get a few complaints about our shootouts xD
  2. +Support I don't see why not.
  3. -Support Haven't seen you ingame (i don't think so at least) Inactive in TS Forums activity needs a bit of improvement aswell
  4. @Joe Mama @Rhenic @DURAMAXDIES3L The King custom class?? LETS GET ITTT!
  5. -Support Firstly, I don’t like when people request a different staff member due to that staff members ranking or experience with staffing. They’re doing their job & they know what they’re doing. They are staff for a reason. Then, he’s had multiple problems with you throughout the day, so he knows what punishment should be dealt, you simply want a different staff member that doesn’t know about your previous actions that day. As Duramax said, you’re in no right to god check someone, and you didn’t simply hit them to “god check” As you said, you wanted a different admin, so this is an immature way to express yourself. In my eyes, the war is valid and well deserved.
  6. -Support T-mods are almost always promoted at staff meetings. Activity is a major issue if you’ve been a T-Mod for over a month. I’ve never seen or even heard about you.
  7. Never new you left (We're always in contact through snapchat soo you can't be mad) But Welcome back, and i can't wait to hear you sing at the worst times possible xD
  8. +Support Active Mature Great past experience Great Role model as he is a great Co CMDR of SRT Seems as if he knows SCPRP fairly well Good luck!
  9. ? BrycE ?

    Serious Rp

    -Support Anime RP and SCPRP are new, i believe we should focus on issues with those and their playerbase before we release our 7th server.
  10. -Support He can tell someone not to do something, he is staff. Evidence doesn't show him switching over. He didn't hand a punishment or anything, all he said was not to do something. You're interupting him, he can physgun you. Telling someone how they messed up or not to do something is NOT a sit, its him trying to help you not make a mistake. He even clearly said it wasn't a sit. No physgun abuse was used, you interupted. He might've forgotten to cloak but i don't think thats worthy of a strike, And theres no evidence of him taking his own sit & he didnt even administrate a sit he clearly just told death not to do something again.
  11. +Support Well Deserved Active Mature Great staff member I believe you should be the next admin for PoliceRP, you are an amazing person & friend overall, and i look forward to all future encounters with you. Goodluck!!
  12. I was a chef why i no on roster
  13. +/-Support Great Guy Good application Long time admin Activity has died down a lot, i used to see you on all the time, now if feels like its been a few weeks since i've seen you. I do believe there is a few other admins that are more active that could fit the position, when i used to see you ingame i didn't see you on staff too much either. Other than that this is a good application, and i wish you best of luck.
  14. +/- Yes he broke a rule Maybe he didn't mean or intend for it to go this far. But this is a serious offense.