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  1. He was issued a 6 hour minge by max, BUT minges are currently broken, anything over 3600 seconds will go to 1 hour And No proof of him being punished at 30warns, and yes, his last warn was about 3 weeks ago.
  2. He his his 30 warn mark, 7warns ago, and hasnt had a warn in over 3 weeks, what if he was already punished for it by a different staff member? Vizz looked over his warns and looked for a reason to punish him. @Logan @Jeff M. @maral the great
  3. +Support I've talked to Max, he said that he was just told to issue a 6 hour minge due to someone having 43 warns, checking Tommys warns, he hasn't been warned in over 3 weeks and he only hasn't hit 40 warns on Police RP, so it makes 0 sense to punish him for it out of the blue.
  4. ? BrycE ?

    Staff report

    +Support Clearly shows Walrus RPing a situation that was perfectly fine. Evidence is clear Shouldn’t use powers to avoid an Rp situation, especially when the officers main intention is to RP the situation out. Hes a Head admin, he should know better.
  5. -Support Inactive on forums Inactive D-Mod You gotta be active for something like this, I honestly haven’t seen you in a few weeks.
  6. ? BrycE ?

    Injoker's LOA

    Hope you feel better! See you soon ~ SM Bryce
  7. Captain juulin on duty again? -Support, Free for everybody
  8. Roxford VL? As a SNR LT for YBN? So wyd roxford, VL or YBN?
  9. Name: Bryce King SteamID: STEAM_0:0:187707301 Current rank: Sergeant Major How long you have been in your rank (The rank you currently are) : Going on 6 weeks (6 weeks this Friday) Rank Wanted: Lieutenant How many warns do you have? 12 (all inactive, over 3 months old) Do you have a Working mic? Yes Permission(Not required If applying for Lt-Cpt): N/a Why should you be promoted? : I believe that I can be an amazing asset to the low command of the police department due to my activity, and dedication I have towards the government branch’s of this server. When I first starting Gaming Light many people knew me as a minge and I had a horrible reputation from the start and I realized how bad I looked and decided to change for the better, so I began to be more serious when I role play, not be mingy, and to make friends with people so I wouldn’t be known as a minge. Since then I’ve came a long way and has worked my way up in multiple departments and I believe I am ready for this position in the police department. On top of everything, I’m an extremely active player in all departments I am apart of. I role play as a police officer for a few hours a week, I try to be on daily for at least an hour, due to the fact I gotta be active on SWAT, The National Security Agency, Secret service, And on staff, I still try to remain active on PD. I am low command of NSA and as becoming low command of PD I would know my place, and the boundaries for it. I really love to help other officers, or people who would like to be an officer aka Cadets. Often while I role play as the deputy chief of staff of the NSA, I often take police officers (for the most part the Ofcs, and Snrs) as a ride along to enhance their role play experience (yes this is allowed.) I try my hardest to try to keep this department as professional as possible by telling officers what they did wrong, or how it could've been done better, and then tell them what they've been doing an amazing job at. Whenever i run into an officer that isn't doing their job correctly, I follow the chain of command and take it to a low command member. I hope to help improve this department in any way i possibly can, whether its helping out with meetings, or even helping out new members of this department. I am well up to date with the MOTD, as well as the guidelines of being a police officer. I will keep up to date with all guidelines and rules that of this department. I promise to remain active, to show maturity, and to be as professional as possible at all times. You agree that complaining or breaking any rules put down by High Command will result in your complete removal from PD Command(Yes/No): Yes, by all means.