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  1. +Support Active Mature amazing friend / person Respectful Deserves rank Good luck!
  2. W E W A N T A L L T H E S M O K E
  3. You can appeal 2 old warns.
  4. +\- Support Eternity is an administrator of the sit, he called the sit, and he died due to the “mass rdm” seems like self sit. -You killed in spawn. -Jeff did nothing wrong, he took a sit as he is supposed to, though the jailing seems a bit unnecessary
  5. Bigjohnny is the owner & i am a member myself, i'm unsure on who's being removed but @BigJohnny
  6. +Support Administrator gave feedback
  7. -Support, if a mingey ofc pepper sprayed me for no reason, I would loose my s^^^
  8. BrycE ?

    Raid rule

    @Jason Tucker they’re not adverting who they’re raiding. This is simply to help staff and clear confusion. In real life you wouldn’t tweet “carjack” or “presidential assassination” now would you? It is to help staff and make sure people wait their timer & for confusion purposes.
  9. -Support havent seen you in game in a long time had issues with him on staff previously when he was staff; didn’t know the motd and argued about a rule he had broke. Inactive on forums & teamspeak. going into depth on Q16 would be nice.
  10. +Support Accidents happen, i do want him to confirm it was an accident tho.
  11. +Support accidental ban, chad didn’t mean to.
  12. Agreed. but you're already a trial moderator?
  13. I believe his application should be Denied due to the lack of activity I have seen from you, if I see you in TS a few times this week, that will more than likely change my mind because this is a really good application. ~ Support+ Bryce King