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  1. -Support Deserves, Former PD member. Cussed me out when he was blacklisted trying to blame me for his blacklist. Very toxic player overall.
  2. Being high wasn't that bad, i kinda enjoyed myself, i just was panicking all day
  3. its not that bad, its just sore and irritating more than anything, and the IV they put in my arm hurt a bit ty bbg, i was off of all the meds
  4. Firstly, its a tool, not a weapon until its used as one. Secondly, "no evidence of micspamming" means there shouldn't be a warn for it, "seen you do it a lot" doesn't count. If someone has a tool out in PD hitting the glass, why not detain and arrest him? why ruin RP by making something so simple into a staff situation, It's clear and well known that Steve doesn't really like bigjohnny, so yes i do believe its a false warn. +Support
  5. +Support Amazing staff member & person as a whole.
  6. +Support Amazing staff member
  7. BrycE ?

    Rose's Support App

    +Support, Reasons above.
  8. BrycE ?

    Unban Appeal

    If the blacklist wasn't meant for you, then why is this neccessary? -Support
  9. +support, old warning, meets requirements
  10. BrycE ?

    old warning #2

    Your In-game: BrycE King Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:187707301 The admin's name in-game: Close man The admin's steam name (If you know it): Idk What warning did you receive: RDM, NLR, LTAP Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Why do you think this warn was false: I honestly do not remember any RDM or NLR, and a sit was never announced so "LTAP" shouldn't have been valid from the start. I honestly don't really remember the situation, i know I've never LTaped tho. again i havent been warned in 8 months, and if you go 2weeks without being warned you may get a 3month+ warn removed. Any extra information: