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  1. This is honestly amazing -- Great job Matthew. This update is great, you don't see such huge updates often so this is great to see PoliceRP making some cool, unique and much needed changes.
  2. 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) and your SteamID: 31st VCMDR Timm 8989 - STEAM_0:0:154179583 2. What Regiment are you VCMDR+ in? 31st Demolition Corps 3. Why do you want to stay as a (vice) commander of this branch? This branch is my home within 31st, the place I care about most and where ive most of all my effort into. I want to continue to make this branch a even higher quality, and become even more active. Furthermore, id like to continue to help this branch strive for greatness and excel through the ranks. 4. How active are you on the server (include timezone)? Everyday - Anytime from Afternoon, to Evening or early morning. (EST) 5. How active would you say your battalion is? If it is inactive, what are you doing to fix this? Currently, the majority of activity is a mix of NCOs and Enlisted, so not alot of promotions happen often whenever me and Emoo arent online, and we are only 2 people so its more often then not. I believe this discourages activity, and as a result makes it semi active so as a result weve been trying to be alot more strict about minging, tryouts, and have I personally have been working with NCOs to get them on their way to Officer. Furthermore, when no NCOs are on I do 31st tryouts myself.
  3. Accepted! Speak to a Vice Commissioner+ of 104th or CPT+ in game to receive training.
  4. Lets not argue on this application. However, personal fueds should not sway a + or - support.
  5. -/+Support It was I and Pheonix who decided to ban you, we had 3-4 people say you continued to RDM after being told not to. (Jess, Time Watcher, and 2 others I cant remember I believe it might've been Tempest) However, considering all the variables in this situation, I suggest the ban not be removed but reduced.
  6. Timm

    Tempest Ban Request

    -Support Got on RU simply to RDM me and others. After being asked to stop nicely, you continued to and responded with “No” and “Make me”. You then continued to taunt me about how “I couldnt do shit because i’d be breaking staff handbook if you take your own sit”. So yeah simply put if anything you should receive a ban instead. This type of behavior isnt and wont be tolerated.
  7. Accepted Speak to a 104th VCOM+ for training.
  8. +Support Something like that with | Constant War | and | Vehicles and Aircraft | would be nice and | Domination |
  9. Timm

    1LT ERiCC's LOA

    Sorry im just now seeing this, but im sorry to hear youre stuggling with school. Good luck man. If you need an LOA extension, please respond to this post saying so or message me over discord.
  10. Agreed. This update and map change did a ton for the server as a whole. Excited for whats in store, and for whats to come.
  11. (Click here to view improvement) Thank You ~ Ill make this short and sweet ~ Exactly one week ago, things were looking grim for Military RP, and had been for a while. Many people lost hope in the server, and were discouraged. Rumors were spread about possibility of the server being shut down. To be completely honest, I got discouraged at times too. I was scared the server would be shut down. I didn't want to lose everything that we had worked so hard for, and that those who came before us had worked so hard to establish and achieve. Player counts were dipping down to an average of 10-15 players daily and lower, and the server ranking had gone down by 100+ rankings. However, there were a select few who held hope in the server, despite the dozens around them that had lost hope and gave up. They kept grinding regardless of the situation at hand. THOSE are the people I want to shout out. Those people who stayed loyal and stayed with us and pulled through the hard times. With the help of these dedicated few, we have managed to raise in server rankings by 100+ rankings. That number may not mean alot to you, but it sure does to me. It's a respesentation of how resilient this community is, and it's a beautiful thing. Today alone we held 25-30 players from Midday all the to 8 PM (EST). We had 10 people on up until 1 AM. Sure, you may compare that to other servers and think, "Well, thats tiny" or "Thats nothing what are you talking about?". For Military RP, it shows improvement. So thank you. WE AREN'T THROUGH THE ROUGH JUST YET; Now, let's not waste this opportunity. Lets continue to strive for betterment and growth, and continue to expand. That being said, I hope to see you all on the server soon. "militaryrp.gaminglight.com" To MilitaryRP Management and Zeeptin: Thank you for sticking with it and giving it your all. This map change and update really was a game changer, and im very thanksful for the hard work you all put in daily. You could've scrapped the server then and there, however, you gave us a chance to prove ourselves and bring the server back as a whole. For that, I am grateful.
  12. Timm

    Unban appeal

    So confused. You sure you are on the right forums?
  13. I don't think the vehicles part should be accepted while looking back at this considering vehicles were severly nerfed and cut back on. However, I do agree with the other sections, so my original +/-Support stands.