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  1. Now I dont know you, nor am I an active member of SCPRP, but everyone makes mistakes. However, you have to learn from them and realize that it cant happen again. Id suggest his restriction be changed from permanent to a year or 6 months. +Support unless any other objections are brought up.
  2. Timm

    my name is

    Welcome ba- err I mean hello Irwin welcome to GL!
  3. Dang man, this is one of those resignations that truly hits hard. We both rose the ranks about the same time within SRT before I resigned and you were an amazing friend and leader within SRT and always will be. Good luck within SMT, im sure youll go far.
  4. -Support While the fire addon itself is very small, the fire especially if it were spread around the map will create *astronomical* amounts of lag, and personally I dont even think the CURRENT tanks are utilized much so why add more?
  5. +Support Not sure what those above comments are about Active Mature when need be Actually tries to enforce base rules and RP as MP Kinda a minge at times but not too big an issue Good Application
  6. Mega +Support Big body energy
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    Wut Is This

    They mean militaryrp
  8. Timm

    Wut Is This

    Nah Jk welcome back g
  9. In-Game Name: Brigadier General Timm SteamID: STEAM_0:0:154179583 Rank: ET/WarDog Admin Length of LOA: 7/6/20 - 7/11/20 (might be 7/12/20, just depends on when I get home) Reason for LOA (if private that is fine): Hey there, I will be taking a LOA while im on vacation away from home so if you need me, please feel free to message me over the forums or discord! Have a good time on the server and stay active, see you all when im back. Don't kill the server while im gone Cheers
  10. Timm

    Timm's LOA

    Hey everybody! I will be taking a LOA from 7/6/20 - 7/11/20 for some vacation time, if you need me at any time feel free to message me over the forums or discord however responses may or may not be immediate. I wish you all the best over my absence and hope you all have a great time on the server. Don't forget to stay active! ~ Brigadier General Timm ~
  11. Oh and btw, you better drop in on MilRP every now and then or angery timm