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  1. Types of security would need to be apply, so that they can be their own department, but I agree that you should be able to just join the base security guard and work your way up through the ranks. The same with SCPs, meaning that some SCPs are available but the keter SCPs are application. This is so that SCPs can seem accessible if you prove your maturity. I'm telling ya it would take almost 3 weeks worth of in game time to get to level 30 on your own, and that would KILL the player base who wants to enjoy the rp of becoming an SCP. Now some may say this leads to minge, but we decide who we allow into the application and accepted phase, not time on the server, so I would say it is the exact opposite.
  2. Thank you Mike, I will be in touch with you if you have any questions!
  3. What you want to see? - Semi Serious Roleplay (See down below for more info) Why should we add it? - Adds a motivation to roleplay and adds a professional tone that will draw people to the server and convince them to stay there What are the advantages of having this? - Improved RP, leadership opportunities, less minges, more organized and fun gameplay, less time standing around waiting for XP Who is it mainly for? - Everyone on the server Links to any content - Police RP does this really well First off, I would like to thank all of the managers who put a ton of work to make this server running smoothly! I have a bit of experience with SCP in the past, and I have seen some ways in which servers are run. Don't get me wrong here, the way the server is run now is good for some jobs . Here's the problem though: When we make certain jobs XP related, like SCPs and Security and etc, it doesn't motivate people to roleplay. My worry is that we will have a lot of people who aren't motivated to RP because they have no leadership to guide them. With departments and leadership, there is always a central figure to look to and guide yourself. In the department system, you give yourself opportunities to be a leader. The problem with xp is that we are leaving new players to fend for themselves without giving them options to be a part of a TEAM. For example, if someone joins security, they are all just a bunch of security guards with no goal or drive (besides kill anything that is a danger to them). They are missing a key component that applications and departments would bring. The XP system in itself leads to less roleplay all together, and it is much less fun to just be a security guard standing independently with no goal or drive. For example, we have radios, but without a command of security to train and teach people,...... no one will use them. They miss the opportunity that semi-serious roleplay and entertainment brings, including communicating with a team. The same point can be said for SCPs. If there is no organized security to hold you back and instill fear in you, you won't be worried about roleplay, and you would go around killing everyone. Part of what makes SCP so great is the strategy involved, and that is why the semi serious roleplay is so important in keeping the fanbase dedicated. I'm sorry to say this, but the XP system will not lead to long term growth of our community base on SCP, because people will not want to stay with a server where they feel as if they are not part of a group or goal. So, what I am asking for is that we replace the XP system with an application and department system. This way, when someone who is new joins the server, we are able to stand as a unified body as one, and not just independents waiting for an SCP to come and attack. If you have any questions on what I believe is the best course of action for this server, please post them and I will be happy to answer. I urge you to please consider this, it is of utmost importance to the server. I only want what is best for this server, and I look forward to the future of this great server. Razonix
  4. +Support Security Guards do not spawn with keycards making it almost impossible to escort anyone, or access anywhere in the base
  5. Jason, you are a great man, and you will go far. I hope to talk to you as friends many times in the future my man!
  6. Dang man! I loved spending time talking with ya man. We will miss ya!
  7. October I’m so sorry you are one of my favorites just blanked bro!!!
  8. Well, it was a long ride with Secret Service. I remember joining right about when Mike became director of SS, and oh my those were the good old days. I spent my time trying to make SS a better department in any way that I could. I remember all of the good friends that I made along the way, and all of the memories that I will have of those days. But times have changed and so has policy, and while I don't agree with a lot of what is going on, I do thank High Command for all of the good times. There is nothing to gain by complaining about how things are run at this point, I just hope that if anything, this stresses how important it is for people to communicate. In the long months that I have been in SS, it has been a pleasure to protect the President with you all. I hope to see you all on the server, and I will be there for anyone who needs me. Keep being a shining light in the server! @Tom -We joined SS together a long time ago as little POs, and I have the pleasure of saying that you are one of my best friends. You're a great leader, and we just didn't see eye to eye in the end. John Kyle- Don't let SS fall, they are counting on you, and you are the face. Romero- I loved all of the long talks that we would have late into the night. You are a good friend to me. @soulness -You are a good man, and I thank you for all of the good times on SS. @Mikedanoobgamer- You were my first director, and I thank you for teaching me what I know about Secret Service and all of the memories @Igneous- Oh Egg man, It was always a good time when you were on the server. I thank you for all that you taught me about SS and the good times. Darkspiker- You always had my back day in and day out, and I thank you for that man! Elapin- You always knew where to find me and always had the best questions for me Emmu- You are a great man and I look forward to seeing you in other places thriving Logan- My homie, I look forward to the future and talking to you soon. Thank you! And a great thank you to all of the old members like my boy Kagen, Freddy and Nade This is Razonix, signing my last 10-7 respectfully to all of SS Goodbye
  9. 1. Name: Razonix 2. Are you a staff member? (Must be a mod+): Mod 3. How do you rate your SCP knowledge from a scale of 1 -10? 9 4. Are you willing to find bugs and constructively criticize SCPRP? Yes I will always find ways to make it better 5. Are you available at the time listed above? Not this week but the next rounds I will
  10. Always fun times with Felix here! Look forward to still seeing you online! Can I have a burger though?
  11. I'm going to have to defend Logan on this one, I see him on an immense amount of times. He is only asking for what he has earned. He has more time than 98% of the candidates for admin, and he is always willing to help Gaminglight. I love the quote, "You get what you earn" and in my opinion Logan has earned this rank 10 times over with his actions in game and on the forums/TS. There are not many people that I would go first for a problem other than Logan. Give him a chance, he won't prove you wrong.
  12. +Support Active Dedicated Experienced Deserves the rank Great addition to the team
  13. November Roll Call Name:Razonix Rank:Assistant Chief Status on Roster: The most active What are you thankful for? My amazing command who never ceases to make me proud
  14. Good luck buddy! Will always be available for someone that I trained!