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  2. -support Police"RP" (Role-play) having a skin what looks like a police car and says staff member or a staff rank takes the roleplay out of situations on the streets
  3. +/-support: Your really nice i just dont see you a lot on staff
  4. Actually. Just like god mode. If you change jobs it removes it as you have died. But they shouldn't be buddahing random people. Only a few. But +support.
  5. That's just in lore but can't be done ingame. But +support I was going to make this but didn't come around to it.
  6. If we do add this rule then after 106 beaches he can't be in his cc room to take the boy as they enter. Also can't camp lcz (aka be by d-block constantly.) if so then +support
  7. Screenshot from ARU Discord: You should've known that time on ARU doesn't count towards time on PD when applying for LT.
  8. Yes I understand, And I apologize for making this mistake with the edits and redo's. Next time that I do a Custom Job on another server I'll take the hour Re-checking the guidelines, re-read the weapons unavailable, and carefully do the calculations before purchase. I can safely assure you this is the last Custom Job I'll create on the Scp-Rp server. I can only imagine how annoyed you are with me and my ridiculousness with this post.
  9. Yeah. It's too easy to recontained. I was 106 once and got recontained immediately due to then seeing me and being near the door. This extra challenge may also allow RCF to become more useful in the long run, as they already start out in LCZ and may be the ones to help recontain 106.
  10. In-Game Name: Chief Steam-ID: STEAM_0:0:105726197 What is your ULX rank? Senior Admin What is your RP Rank? WO in Gensec What is your Time Zone? PST How would you rate your knowledge of the SCP world? (1-10): 8 Do you have any experience as a Gamemaster or Event Planner? (If so, explain it): Yes, I was a part of the SCP-RP Event team in the past. How active are you? (1-10): 6.5; I can get on after school and I help with events and do some after that for a few hours. Then on the weekends, I am on mainly the whole day unless my family has me go somewhere with them. How many warns do you have? (Across all Gaminglight Servers): 9 warns Why should we allow you to be an Event Team member? The reason why I think I should be is an event team member is that I have been a part of the community and server for a long time. I left the Event Team because I started to run dry with event ideas. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to contribute to it anymore so I resigned/left Event Team. But I have seen tons of new events and have thought of many new event Ideas. There is now a Utility branch with 3 different types of sub-branches. I know how to incorporate them into events and how to make fun events that involve them (Some SCP breach Events) I have recently been reading up on SCP lore of new SCP’s and, I have recently watched/read the 3 hours of the Ouroboros Cycle. I can use that storyline as a Storyline Event (with Approval from Hoovy) That’s why I want to be apart of Event Team. Describe an event you could create (The more specific the better): An event I can do is, The Ouroboros Cycle Storyline event. It will end up starting how there is a certain anomaly that is an LVL 5 Reality bender. There is a person who is in charge of making this mission a Success (we can choose any Site admin person to RP this character (possibly Catsro)) Essentially they are constructing a device (The Micro-HID(With a SNR ET member to supervise me while I Conduct this event)) Then at the End of the Event is when he Murders a member of the 05 councils (As it is in the Lore) and defects from the foundation and forms the Chaos Insurgency. (which is why Catsro is best) Then It would continue from there slowly building up the storyline (Excluding the 001 event with the Broken god as that appears in the storyline (we are just going to ignore that)) Everything underlined and bolded is a backstory of this. Now, for a casual event that isn’t a storyline event. This is another SCP that is from the Ouroboros Cycle. It is a researcher that got trapped inside of a miniature black hole device that the foundation was trying to use to create an Unlimited Power supply to the facility. Something goes wrong while he is inside and gets sucked into the black hole. He does “Turn into the Being” As the being suggested that It has the memories of “Calvin” (I think I will be watching the video to clarify this) Essentially “Calvin” can remove the anomalies from this reality. But there is a twist of him believing that the 05 Council also needs to be eradicated to Free this world of sins. They shut off the array to let “Calvin” show the council his Power as he removed the Mirror SCP from the reality. He can also see where the Mirror came from. To essentially start this event off we will have a group of researches (Including me RPing as Calvin(technician)) to go to an empty cell or on the surface to do some tests on the Blackhole device. There will be something that malfunctions, and Calvin walk inside and don’t realize/hear the alarm until it’s too late. Then he transforms and then the Event will play out as the Backstory above including MTF bring a D-class (while escorted by Security (to include them in the event) Then there will be some research attempts done then the breach happens. After the breaches, MTF will need to go the armory in EZ to gather reality Anchors to help contain “Calvin”. To end this Event the Technicians will need to fix the Array to contain him inside of the anomaly (Supervised by an ET member). Then the MTF will start to chuck grenades at “Calvin” to get him down enough (not Shooting)(and “Calvin” is buddha's) then when he is low enough or that they corner him back into the containment chamber the Technicians will attempt to activate the Array to contain him (rolling a 75+) If that doesn’t work MTF are going to chuck grenades into the cell till “Calvin” is at 1 HP. CI Could capture Calvin if they have R&D on to create an array which will be supervised by a Different ET member. (Even though it is a part of the Ouroboros Cycle it won't be included in the storyline event as this isn’t the level 5 reality bender that is going to be killed as this happened afterward.) So, an overview of the Calvin event is that He breaches, he assists d-class who he chooses (as he is sentient and is still part human (He thinks that)) So MTF must contain him either in a cell created on the surface or in one of the glass cells in the facility. Event Guidelines: “Calvin” can noclip around the facility as he can bend reality. But he can’t Shift Noclip and can’t noclip through ceilings or floors. Only through doors. Uses the old SCP 106 swep to insta kill people as that is when he folds them up and removes them from this reality. Sticky grenades or Flash grenades will be used as the Reality anchors. For Characters we just need some researchers, mtf, security, d-class, technicians. There may be an MTF robot to help contain Calvin if mtf can’t do it. Have you read the Event Team Guidelines? Yes What is your favorite SCP? Why? SCP-2399 as it is a massive structure that is related to the origin of the Universe. As it is related to the 001 the broken god and is supposed to be the thing that destroys it. And in the Ouroboros Cycle it explains how it got there and that it was caused by the Chaos Insurgency.
  11. -Support you scream way to much over radio, your immature when it come to promoting ARU, you are over all should not be in low command
  12. Ummm, it's already a rule? "An attempt must be made to use a D-Class in the femur breaker first, however, if the attempt is unsuccessful an MTF/Security unit may take the place of a D-Class." in the MOTD Also, a suggestion likes this was made before, I think
  13. I am changing the tfa_csgo_awp to the tfa_svu. ($10) Server: SCP-RP SteamID: STEAM_0:1:41786016 Proof of Payment:
  14. like what everyone else has said Steven your actions are ridiculous and you tried posing as a cadet and tried to get me demoted.
  15. In-game Name: Doggo Rank: Lead Engineer Are you an FTO/Containment Engineer: Yes Concerns or ideas for technical branch: same as beanz'
  16. Name: Pooders Call-Sign: 1S57 Rank: PVT Activity: 3
  17. Today
  18. In-Game Name: Brandon Current Rank: Jr Janitor Rate your activity on a scale of 1-10: 3 Are there any changes you would like to see: None at the moment.
  19. Bread

    Bread's LOA

    Name: Bread Rank: COL Reason for LOA: Need a break for a bit Duration: 11/21 - 11/24
  20. this is SCPRP , recontaining scps shouldn't be comforting
  21. Yes when he breached on his own he's easy to deal with (Also there is more then one MTF unit...) but when paired with other SCP breaches it only gets harder. It kinda gives MTF comfort that there's an easy SCP to deal with. Also 106 would just camp LCZ, blocking access to D-Block.
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