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  2. This would be hilariously entertaining +Support if Snar raps rap god
  3. + Support He knows the rules Is professional Can adapt to difficult situations
  4. Steam Name: Malikai Hill Ingame Name: Nickly SteamID: STEAM_1:1:158351254 Ban Length: PERM Admin that Banned you: (Unknown) Reason for Ban: MINGE/Grow up The reason I feel like I deserve to be unban is because I play your scprp now and I take it more serious I was 15 when I got banned I am now 17 and I have grown up and I have matured I would like another chance please
  5. Welcome! Just be active on state and im sure you will make cert and doc!
  6. + / - + Active - Low forum activity + Cool dude
  7. Nathan1

    Nathans Loa

    Im going to go loa for like 2 weeks because im honestly loosing interest in clone wars rp and dont want to hate it totally.
  8. +/- Support = As stated above you could've waited an extra day but it's good - I like that event were we could get NATO or other outside armed forces into it - Active - Was recently struck a couple of days ago (5 Days) for Command Disrespect which wouldn't be tolerated in the event time
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  10. th3

    Change name

    Its been fixed
  11. +Support +Knows lore +Is active in-game and on forums +Has a great deal of time in the community + Has good reasons why he should be chosen - Could've just explained one event to us that had a good structure and not a whole lot of "mini-events" that don't have a lot of structure/story to it
  12. This might of been posted in the wrong section as we don't have you on our rosters please head to the MTF Section of the forums and see if they can help you out over there
  13. +Support this would help new people that really don't know their way around EZ
  14. Perhaps add in more as this will be an update for down the road and you should look at every job and see what you do or don't want added or changed with them.
  15. +Support I do think this would be a good addition to the bunks for MTF as it is a little confusing for those first time MTF Nu7 or NTF who don't know the exact way around and may get a little lost.
  16. th3

    CI Scouts

    I think C.I. should really include the added weapons in with their update. +Support on adding snipers to CI but perhaps restrict them to certain ranks. That is really up to Spartan on how he wants that worked out.
  17. If I wanted to make a Mortar crew for military rp would I be possible.
  18. Posted a day early. Make sure you in the future resubmit applications when the minimum time is. Your last one was denied 6 days ago. However since it is only 1 day it isn't that big of a deal but don't do it again. Pending cause you just posted it as I was going through. Need more feedback!
  19. Pending Great App! However you cannot be an Event Team member and a Trial Moderator at the same time! This will remain on pending until either more feedback from the community or you have been promoted in a staff meeting!
  20. Pending You should really elaborate more on the buildup on some of the events you have included, Also needs more feedback.
  21. Lore:NTF brought pocket dimension escapee to me for questioning Rank:Junior Researcher Clearance level:1 List of Personnel:(me)Jr researcher Nickly Med staff MR.pills SCP:106 Questions asked with answer: Nickly: what's your name. Mr. pills: Mr. Pills Nickly: how did you get to Pocket dimension. Mr. Pills : He saw a black man grab him. (Was he really referring to 106?) Nickly: what did you smell. Mr. Pills: A decaying smell Nickly: Did you see anything leading you out. Mr. Pills: A red glow Nickly: anything else I should know Mr. Pills: its a Maze
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