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  2. -Support As CI rarely even captures Cold Silvers so who else would have an interest in the removal of the helmet as the foundation would not need to remove the helmet. Also not being able to recover any info off of the Cold Silvers seems too much of a powerplay against CI. It would make it to where there would be no use to capture a Cold Silver in an RP situation. CI would want Cold Silvers since it would be the new tech that they could salvage from the foundation. You guys already have it to where the suit self destructs if taken off and not disarmed why not keep it the same. Seems just a little too broken to be added.
  3. HUGE + SUPPORT * Main man chimp is really great to work around * He never breaks the rules and he always helps out if asked * him getting this rank means the trail mods get a higher greater role model * He is the round table rival to my square chair
  4. +/- Support * Your word counts is 133 not the 150 + requirement * You're really fun to hang around as I have had the pleasure of serving in Gensec and MTF with you * You're reason needs tweaking and your event could aswell If you fix these then you have my +Support but not currently
  5. Jet TZ

    Field Officer

    What you want to see? - Adding the radio to all Field Officer Classes Why should we add it? - So in case we cant get an RTO, our Field Officer will have a way to get in contact with base What are the advantages of having this? - Better communication & RP on both sides Who is it mainly for? - Allies & Axis Field Officers Links to any content - N/A
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  7. §3Gunther


    I think a neat idea would be adding NPC versions of SCPs, like say if no one is using 096 and someone releases him, he freely moves around and acts like the real thing, even chases and attacks like the real thing. And if someone decides to be 096, they would just spawn back at the CC. This would give us a chance to really act like we are all in danger and we could use our teams a bit better.
  8. +Support Either juniors need less health or command more. Doesn't make sense for the first rank to have more than the command, even tho researchers shouldn't be in combat a lot.
  9. +Support for research command
  10. +support Would increase level of RP but also make it that PD can't think your speeding
  11. CHIKEN

    Tank reworks

    +MASSIVE SUPPORT This is extremely annoying and not just tanks are invincible there are other vehicles that i have tested which can literally not be destroyed. If the problem could be fixed without swapping addons somehow that would be great because the tanks we have look great in my opinion. Although I think the problem might just be Simfphys i found some tanks for Neurotec that might end up working.
  12. CHIKEN

    Tank vs. Plane

    I've shot at a plane (in a tank) that was landed 5 times and it did nothing to the plane. Honestly we really need to figure out how to fix the invincible issue or things doing just dealing no dmg. Also tanks are useless and are just used for machine guns as there is no splash dmg and you have to hit someones body with the shit to kill 1 person at a time.
  13. Thats My Left

    Lefty LOA

    Name: Lefty Rank: DHOS Steamid: STEAM_0:1:123815924 Loa length: 5/19 - 5/25 Reason: Break from server.
  14. -support Base raids just lead to lots of spawn camping.
  15. -support The reason theres so many is because this is supposed to be much slower paced. Its not meant to be domination like MilitaryRP had, its meant to be more objective and conquest driven. Example: A Squad a british go and capture Courtyard. They have an engineer build up fortifications, and get a tank to fortify the area. Logistics comes and supplies them with ammo crates. Germany sees this, and launches a campaign against them to take it. Large force of germans attack, british defenders attempt to defend, they call for reinforcements as needed. It isn’t supposed to be “cap this point, then leave to the next and cap that one”, then leave that one and cap the next. “Oh we lost one? Okay send a couple people over until we cap it back.” Slower paced gameplay leads to more roleplay, which is what its meant for.
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