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  2. +SUPPORT Great Vice Sovereign Would Be Even Batter With Sovereign Well Written Application Good Dude
  3. I mean I’d be willing to make it one Molotov instead of 3. taking it off the class is just ridiculous
  4. I like the test idea, but I would strongly suggest using Google Docs or some other form of documentation to write down your future tests.
  5. Denied Your conduct ingame has been atrocious
  6. -Support You player diss alot. Not to mention, quick to anger, and are very snappy.
  7. 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : Chombos 2. Why do you want to be a Sovereign Protector of this branch? I would like to become the Sovereign Protector of my because we do not have a leader. It makes me very sad that our beloved leader Kennede has left us and I wish to fill in his place. 3. What Level are you currently?: Vice Sovereign 4. What is the Main Purpose of a Sovereign Protector for a branch? (100 Words): The Sovereign Protectors job is to lead the Royal Guard Battalion and make sure all our Guards are doing their job. As a Sovereign is the highest, most loyal and achieved rank. To be bestowed this rank in a graceful and tremendous honor. As a Sovereign we are to respect, trust, and Believe in our guards and know what they are capable of, why they deserve to stay, and how they could affect our battalion. From what I know as a Vice Sovereign, is that mainly since I am the only Official VCMDR+ in the battalion is that there is a major struggle and I believe that as a Commander of RG I will be able to change that. From the power of being a Sovereign, my purpose in battalion is to guide our Guards to a new level and enforce rules, bring them to an understanding and hope they enjoy and stay, and make sure no problems occur like in the past. 5. Why should I trust you to be a Sovereign Protector? (150 Words) You should trust me as Sovereign Protector because I know my Duties as a Sovereign and I am currently a Vice Sovereign in the Battalion. So far I have done my job and have not messed up to my knowledge. I honestly hope I can start commanding as a Sovereign Protector, With this rank I will be able to accomplish many goals as I have always hoped to command. I do believe I can command and you should trust me as the Sovereign because I dearly wish to help our Battalion. The main reason in particular you can trust me is because I have a home in Gaminglight. I have been trusted of the rank of Senior Moderator and Gamemaster for quite some time now and have realized many times in my experience. 6. What is your Lore Knowledge? from 1-10: I would say probably 8 1/2 7. Explain your Lore Knowledge: My lore Knowledge is vast as I know a lot about RG, to give a brief understanding of my capability with lore: Royal guard, known as the Emperors Royal Guard, are a protection unite used to guard what we know, The Emperor and Lord Vader. We are an elite unit of members served as personal bodyguards to the Galactic Emperor also known as Emperor Palpatine. The Emperor's guards were a silent, imposing, and deadly force armed with force pikes, Even though they make not speak. Sovereigns of this unit have that ability. In addition to strict requirements of size, strength, intelligence, and loyalty, only the most skilled soldiers. (This Should Explain my capability) 10. How often can you be Online? : Depends on day. Weekends: Average around 5-7. Weekdays: Average Around 2-5 MY Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:153364199
  8. +support we need this especially with all the custom classes having 3khp or more and there weapons being op. We don't stand a chance
  9. Major +Support - Active - Mature - Responsible - Experience with Events A fantastic staff member and would be a perfect fit for Event Team! Good luck Luckygoose!
  10. Today
  11. +support -active -mature -kind I thought you were already event team lol good luck
  12. Alright I changed it, Im not sure what I was missing, if there is still missing errors correct me on it and Il try again. Alright, I changed it
  13. -Support. A suggestion to do this literally just got denied by EMT. It wont happen.
  14. +Support is active is fit for the job is trusted Good luck!
  15. Hello Gunther, As annoying as they are, usually they can only throw 1 at a time per like 5-10s and having at least 2-3 people with a fire extinguisher whos jobs become to extinguish in this situation usually fixes it. I hate the things for the very same reason you state, it is an enclosed space and there is not much room to go if theres 2-3 fire pits in our security area. But its not annoying enough to the point of being broken like the hammers were. I did assume however that they got grandfathered. Because of these reasons, I'm going to -Support. Its annoying but its not broken.
  16. Big rip you did good my old friend you were amazing I’ll miss you
  17. -Support the Molotov is barely a problem also FIRE GOOD
  18. I'm in security and I don't think molotavs are that big of a deal. It's called getting a fire extinguisher.
  19. That's not the problem, we can get extinguishers but the fact is, the can take up the entire area with fire, and then mow us down with MP7's, trying to extinguish it leaves you wide open for an attack, and since the fires are so big and spread out, its hard to counter them since you are stuck behind fire. And then combine that with 3 CC's who all have the molotovs, that means there is nowhere to go since the entire area is up in flames.
  20. + Major Support + Super Active + Well Known + Never Had A Problem With Him + Good Pilot in my Opinion + Good Leader + Make a Great Vice Marshall
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