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  2. Bruh when did I interview u lol and y steal my computer thing lol
  3. -Support Sorry, Just don't think you're ready!
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  5. In-game Name:hannah SteamID: Rank:PFC Length of LOA (17th-25th maybe longer Reason (some are private but mostly because I havent been having that much fun with this map and I got invited to a big clan in red dead redemption 2 with people of my age group not saying hanging out with minors is bad I'd just rather be hanging out with my own age group
  6. Lore name: Potato Steam id: Rank: Lead researcher Activity level: high
  8. To be fair, if you're planning to RDM, I don't think you'd be looking to follow the law with a low powered weapon, you'd probably buy an SG and start unloading
  9. Name Wheatley Steam ID N/A (I dont know how to check it Rank Associate Resercher Activity Level 6-7 / 10
  10. Igneous

    MFGA - Denied

    Denied. The SCP-RP SMT has decided against adding this suggestion for performance reasons, the benefit to the server, or another unstated reason.
  11. Director Smith

    CC Bug.

    Approved (I'm the owner)
  12. Fear

    MFGA - Denied

    +support as long as ccs cant use it anymore then i want it back!
  13. UMC Is no match to my new minge family, DMC!
  14. Lore Name:Cancer Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:494266552 Rank: Associate Researcher Activity Level:Moderate
  15. that's alright hope you can sort every thing out
  16. Ritz

    MFGA - Denied

    @Fool I like this
  17. BadAim

    MFGA - Denied

    What you want to see? - Reverting the Fubar to its old stats Why should we add it? - Fubar What are the advantages of having this? - Fubar Who is it mainly for? - Fubar
  18. I am sorry for leaving ARU 2x but I am going to find a department that I am not used too and try something new because I knew ARU is a good department But I want to try something new and just try to try new thing I want to give a special thanks to everyone in ARU they were a big help for me and good people to hang out with I will always have a spot in my heart for them And love and my hugs go out you guys Love: Mr. Medic Joe.
  19. + Support ACTIVE Knows the rules Handles reports fairly Responds quickly Respectful Very Helpful to other staff members
  20. I don't think a staff strike is appropriate in this instance, from what I could hear in the video he said, "Pay to win custom class, will you sign my t-shirt?" Was he repeatedly saying it, or did he say it just the one time? I get that it may be annoying, but generally, I would need more evidence than a single 11-second clip to consider warning someone for harassment or toxicity. +/- Support for me. I think a verbal counseling would be an appropriate consequence in this incident, with further action to be taken if the behavior continues.
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