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  2. grade:A Total: 24/25 Creativity: 5/5 Usefulness: 5/5 Writing: 5/5 Presentation: 4/5 Realism: 5/5 Notes: The dark color on dark color was kind of hard to read but besides that I like a new take on what pestilence is +1 brownie point for working with Research
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  4. + Support While I do see where Theta is coming from in his statement, I think that this would be a good addition to Purge, so long as it is used appropriately, and doesn't take away from the main purpose of Purge Troopers. Best of luck! Hope to see some purge troopers zoomin around the air!
  5. Denied The report being displayed isn't much of Staff Report content, but would be suited better as a Player Report. In this circumstance, however, the individual in question had already been punished in-game for their NLR infraction, meaning a player report is entirely unnecessary. Due to how FellowWanderer had handled the situation as well as the rule breaking they had engaged in, I will be speaking with them to ensure this doesn't happen again.
  6. it was good having you in R&D man
  7. HCMD. I love you, I will miss you. Goodbye, now I die [INRP]
  8. Can we buff the Trench to 80 damage The only reason it was nerfed because some cheater got pissy because his aimbot and wallhacks wouldn't save him from skill +support
  9. Bro just summoned the keyboard warriors of gensec +support
  10. +support this was such a good weapon that many people spent money on would be a real pleasure if it got buffed for everyone that had bought it
  11. before yall minus bomb me pls read What are you suggesting? - Buffington the golf club from 40 to 50-55 How would this change better the server? - as of now the golf club is completely obsolete compared to any other weapons. I wouldn't use it if I had a gun to my head Are there any disadvantages of making this change to the server? If so, explain. - gensec screaming about dclass nerfs Who would this change mostly benefit? - any golf club owner Please link any workshop content, screenshots, or anything that you think may be helpful to those who view this suggestion - n/a
  12. This is a great application; I really like that you have experience as SF and as a Senior Command member, you also put in a great amount of detail and explanations into it as well. I also really like the fact that you are open to criticism and even offered an invite to those who have complaints. That in my mind is what really seals this application. I believe you would make a great member of the guardian squad. +Support - RRH Guardian Uniform 81
  13. Grade: 85/100 [B] Efficiency: 25/25 Questions were quick, simple; and to the point! Great work! Insight: 15/25 Felt you could have asked more questions such as what Delta-5 did and what they knew about the various SCPs on site. Presentation: 22/25 You used a unique document that you clearly put a lot of effort into, however there was no spacing which made it harder to read. Writing: 23/25 Only minor grammar issues such as not putting the period at the end of your sentenced and you used some creative writing to specify lies in the document without flooding the document with sounds of torture.
  14. Gotta agree with this. Purge flying around with jet packs seems out of place.
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