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  1. Whoo! Only if I didn't have error!
  2. Accepted  Go into the ban panel (at the top it says ban) sign in, go to your profile, go to your warn and click appeal. fill the information out and in the description put the link to this in it.
  3. Pending @Roleplaygod Please reply
  4. +Support -Active -Mature -knows what he is doing -Friendly -Respectful -Leader -Takes charge -Great rolemodel(Most of the time)
  5. Name: Spection SteamID: STEAM_0:1:125456051 Current rank: Captain How long you have been in your rank (The rank you currently are): 35 days on 12/2/2018 Rank Wanted: Major How many warns do you have? 12 Do you have a Working mic? Yes Permission(Not required If applying for Lt-Cpt): Commissioner Snar, Deputy Commissioner Noot, Chief Kitty, Deputy Chief Bob Bob, and Assistant Chief Dane Why should you be promoted?: I feel I should be promoted because I understand PD to its fullest potential. I could answer any questions anyone has about PD. I have been an officer for a very long time. There have been times I have been inactive or upset but I have learned to become less upset about people. I know the map very well. I know building descriptions very well and every spot in the buildings or the map. if you were to show me a random picture, I would know exactly where to go. I am very good at finding criminals, if there is a criminal I make sure to evaluate the situation so no criminal if falsely arrested or no rules have been broken or metagame has no play in the situation. I make sure officers are doing an excellent job to there best potential. I spectate officers or overhear conversations of officers to make sure they are not being corrupted or planning on becoming corrupted. I deal with everything to my best ability and only request higher ups if absolutely necessary. I try to make sure situations don't escalate. If there was a gunman I would try convince him to put his gun down and everything would become alright. I am good a negotiating situation and make sure everything ends as planned. if there is a hostage and the gunman requests all PD to leave. Then I will make sure that the demand is made. Or all the demands are made. And at least PD is leaving to a quiet unnoticed position unless further notice. I am a great driver and know the quickest routes to responding anywhere. I enforce the speed limits and use the radar gun every now and then to find how fast people are going. During PD training I make sure that when I am assigned to a group of officers I train them to my best ability and that I am as thorough as possible. I make sure I answer all of there questions before moving on. If one of the officers have a question, I make sure I answer it or get it answered by another member of the Police Command. Every now and then I train a cadet and look on how the sargenat+ is training. I try to get officers recognized for there excellent work. Whenever there is a PD meeting I address what I believe should be improved or changed, and what issues or corrections should be resolved. I make sure that lethal and non-lethal forces are being used at appropriate times. I am very good at following orders from my higher officers or ranking in tac units. I make sure that when PD is at a raid, they set up barricades and barriers the right way and aren't blocking the entire road unnecessary. I also make sure that if an officer is abusing or is failing to act professional or correctly, I will call them to PD to have a one on one with them. I make sure if any punishments are given to them, that they are reasonable. I only call PD Meetings when I feel there is a major issue that needs to be corrected and if other departments are coming to PD command complaining or if in general all of PD is not showing there best potential. I also undertsnad I haven't been the most active due to school and IRL things. In conclusion, I believe I understand PD in its fullest potential and I am willing to help anyone with a question and can answer all of them. You agree that complaining or breaking any rules put down by High Command will result in your complete removal from PD Command(Yes/No): Yes Thank you for taking the time to read my application
  6. Pending Waiting for more community feedback
  7. Pending Waiting for more community feedback