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    Why was it not dealt with ingame? You had a staff member give you the logs... You could have asked him to bring you to a sit. Your just wasting time by reporting him on the forums
  2. +support There was nobody pointing a gun at him at the time, The SRT was looking at the group trying to pull out his cuffs soulness had walked away i dont understand how it would be fearp whilst there was nobody paying attention to him. Both warns should be removed
  3. dude theres nobody targeting you its just you made a warn appeal false and you pretty much called me out for having nearly 40 warns. Plus your biggest defense in the appeal is that i wasnt warned so you should not have been.
  4. I was at first afk but just as you were tped away eternity talked to me because i had just came back.
  5. -MEGASUPERHUGE support Love how you added the fact i have 39 warns as we really needed to know that for you to defend your case. Since your story is very confusing and i dont think your telling the whole truth so ill tell you what happened. Me spection and rhenic were raiding your base, We finally managed to finish keypad cracking your first fading door and you hit your fading door bind so the door shuts. We then said you need to open it and you finally opened it and we go in. The fading doors then shut and as we finish destroying your bitminer you open the fading doors again so all of the police can run through. This was extremely annoying as we had finally gotten in and all the police ran right in after. I dont know why your making this report trying to say "well chiken dint get warned so i should not have either" I do admit i combat healed like 5 hp then spection screamed at me and i stopped. I do apologize for that i did not know that the 15 second thing was no longer allowed. Eternity who was dealing with the sit you called about me combat healing decided to verbally warn me instead of actually warning me. Thats pretty much the full story rhenic and spection can both back it up. The warn was valid
  6. I understand there are some flaws with the weed system i put but i feel like we should still get a new one because the one we have now is pretty bad imo.
  7. What you want to see? - gmod advanced keys put into the game and new weed money making system. Why should we add it? - Our current weed system is barely even a system the weed seed is a melon and it would be cool to have like a proper money making system involved with weed. The second idea is was something i found while on another server. I thought it would be pretty cool addition to our server and add a lot of rp. What are the advantages of having this? - More RP, New money making system, and car alarms! Who is it mainly for? - Everyone on PRP Links to any content -
  8. +support for jackpot idea but i dont really think the gun dealer thing would work idk tho
  9. Mugging in public is not against the rules, Theres nothing in the MOTD that states "you cannot mug in public"
  10. gonna miss bullying you in ts and killing you in game );. Wuv you
  11. CHIKEN

    Sup <3

    I miss you bud come talk to me sometime YOU MESS WITH THE CHIKEN YOU GET THE WOLFFE