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  1. i cant read dude.... listen you probably read the book at some point look through your word documents and search for dialectal journals thank you very much
  2. Alright boys i need a little help with some homework. I need scarlet letter dialectical journals chapters 1-6 THIS IS SERIOUS PLEASE HELP ME I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO READ IM IN ENGLISH 10 HONORS AND I HAVE NOT READ A PAGE OF THE BOOK. ITS DUE TMMRW AND ITS A BIG GRADE!!!!!
  3. +support He warned you while you were afk, he simply could of minged you for 1 second to remove your props. Would of definitely been a verbal if he would have just spoken to you. Also it is not allowed to block off roads NO MATTER WHAT. @Friendly Steve Lets hear your side aswell please =
  4. -support I would not really call it harassment, he wasn't calling you names or dissing you. He was trying to argue his point on the sit which seems acceptable. I think you should of just had a discussion with him in-game instead of threatening to report him as that just pisses someone off more. I would say a talking too is enough no need for warn.

    Logan False Warn

    im not fighting you literally put in your last post saying QUOTE ME IF YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT

    Logan False Warn

    I said for the story part because he will disagree with my opinion on the fact because he did warn me lol. Also its not a witness he literally was the one who warned me lol.

    Logan False Warn

    Logan can agree everything i said is true (for the story part atleast) Also neither side had evidence in the sit

    Logan False Warn

    Your in game name:CHIKEN Your Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:114115699 The admin's name in-game:Logan The admin's steam name (If you know it):negative What warning did you receive:ARDMx3 / No advert Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Why do you think this warn was false:Well first of all it should be RDMx2 because i killed the first one for stealing my family members vehicle. Ok so i was at general store and me and Bigjohnny saw one of my family members stolen vehicle there. I killed the first VII member who stole the vehicle who attempted to drive off in it. Then the other 2 got into their car and i went over to them with my gun out. I aimed at the driver and said "GET OUT OF THE CAR NOW" i could not really hear what he said that well because bigjohnny was screaming at him as well, but i heard him say no. I then counted down from five and after i finished i killed him. I then turned around to the other one who was in the car but got out. I said "PUT YOUR HANDS UP NOW OR IM GOING TO KILL YOU" he said no and i counted down from five once again and he said give me a sec, so i waited another 5 seconds and then killed him for still not putting his hands up. He then called an admin and argued that I dint advert anything. I told him "I dont need to advert to put you guys under fearrp" It became a huge argument and logan ended up getting jeff jr. They decided that because i dint advert carjack or kidnap that it was rdm. But he and his buddys also broke fearrp so they got warned as well. I dint advert because i wasnt going to kidnap them or carjack them yet. I wanted them to do what i said to do which all of it was in rp and they dint listen so i killed them. I gave them plenty of chances to just listen and obey what i was saying as i have them under fearrp. If i was going to kidnap them i would have adverted when i was going to do it or carjack them. Everything i did was in RP and it dint make any sense to me why i would have to advert to tell someone to do something whilst under gun point. I know and have seen many people do this several times before including myself and have never been warned for it. Therefore i believe the warn is false and should be removed. I was just trying to RP as VII was the opposing family/gang to my WM, and i was gonna smack talk to them in rp before i kidnaped them/carjacked them. Any extra information:I spoke to Myan afterwards and he said he would speak with logan about it and that he thought it was false as well.
  9. As i said in the report, I was trying to disable your vehicle so i could kidnap one of you. Also i knew it was you because all of you guys use pink cars.
  10. CHIKEN


  11. Your in game name:CHIKEN Your Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:114115699 The player's in game name:VII BRUCE The player's steam ID (required):Unknown What did the player do:I was ramming his vehicle as i was hunting down all of the VII in RP. Which i was going to then try and kidnap 1 of them and hold the rest at gun point, But then Bruce decided he would just prop abuse and push my car out of the way. Now unfortunately there was no staff on so i had to make a player report. Evidence: What do you believe should happen to the player: Warn for Prop Abuse Any extra information:NO STAFF WERE ONLINE
  12. Your in game name:CHIKEN Your Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:114115699 The player's in game name:Kondracky The player's steam ID (required): I dont know it but hes a known member of the community What did the player do:Ok so i was on DOC tonight and he came along and was just being a minge and abusing the fact that there was only 1 staff on at the time. I argued with him for like 30 minutes about the fact that i dint want him there because he was battering ramming all the cell doors open and using advanced dupe to spawn this big cell for him at the top of the doc which pretty much made it so anyone could break out because there was a ladder leading to it. Finally after arguing with me and then arguing with colesoft to the point where colesoft had to threaten to minge him and warn him for no complying, he finally left the DOC. He then continues to change his name to terrorist pull out an awp and start shooting at me for no reason while im inside the DOC. He then starts adverting that hes gonna kill everyone because hes a terrorist. He also assists a bank rob that was in progress and wasnt even his family members. Right after i finally get colesofts attention he says he has to get off and colesoft tells me to just make a player report. He was literally arguing with me that his CC was a GOVERNMENT class (which he did have a battering ram, taser, and spike strip) Then he goes and rdms and says hes now crim. Evidence (required): What do you believe should happen to the player: Possible removal of his CC and warn Any extra information: He also threaten to get me demoted and that he would just kill me. BTW Cole told me to just make a player report...