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  1. -support Man i love the fact you just put the time it was for you in the question of what your timezone was. Give him manager 10/10
  2. I dont think you understand how suggestions work.... If you post something that make people feel a different way your going to be criticized don't be a snow flake.
  3. He was behind the wall at first by hospital and he had to jump over it. Your making it seem like i tried to clearly break fearrp which i dint. I really wish the sit would have been ingame because i could of shadow played and showed my POV to explain how I thought it out. ^^^
  4. Honestly i understand how it looks like fearp but from my side there was a delay in your mic like i dint even hear hands now until i had my negev out. Also it would not be combat healing because there was literally no other officers there because i had just killed them all, after this i literally walked into car dealership and spawned a car and no one saw me or did anything. I apologize for this im not even joking about the mic delay first warn in 2 and a half months unlucky );
  5. Name: CHIKEN Rank: MG LT-CMDR/LT Sub Branch: MG MG MG MG MG MG MG MG MG MG Activity (active, not active, etc.): Most active
  6. MASSIVE +SUPPORT Kai is not only one of the most active but dedicated staff members on 1944 Rp. He has a shit ton time on the server and even know he works he gets on every single day for at least 5 hours+. When hes on staff he is nothing but helpful and extremely understanding to new players. I truly believe he is one of the couple staff members that will end up becoming SMT. He has worked and definitely deserves this rank he is applying for. Love you Dawg -CHIKEN
  7. I mean i still play on SCPRP and 1944RP daily so and the warns count to that aswell so im active.
  8. Your In-game:CHIKEN Your SteamID:STEAM_1:1:114115699 The admin's name in-game:Multiple admins The admin's steam name (If you know it):no What warning did you receive: Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Why do you think this warn was false:I have not been warned in 6 weeks and i believe i can remove 2 warns for every 2 weeks so i can now remove 6 of my warns. Please correct me if im wrong Any extra information:Black lives matter
  9. Name:CHIKEN Rank:LT Call Sign:LT34 Steam name:CHIKEN Discord ID Name: CHIKEN#2053
  10. I got banned from all other GL servers FeelsBadMan
  11. YO awg i think your drunk that roster you put under "useful links" is the RU roster and all RU links LOL ahahahah ALL THE LINKS ARE RU LINKS XD except Luftwaffe
  12. Its really not hard to join the branch and rank up a few ranks like you can have multiple lives. Then it wont just be a dead branch.