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  1. im better than both of you
  2. -support I really wish we could get a new weed system cuz our current one is awful but the suggestion i made was denied for it... Also it will probably cause a lot of server lag
  3. You missed the part where you talked to 682 and made a deal that if you freed him he would not kill nimo or you and just kill CI..... You stated all this in the discord screenshot. Or are you saying you were lying about what you said in discord? This is where you broke failrp and the rule about teaming with SCPS.
  4. +support Admitted to breaking rules Evidence is clear Teaming with SCPS is against MOTD
  5. RUST SUGGESTIONS Changing to a Lightly Modded Vanilla Server or 2x: The entire map and style of rust is built for vanilla as well as the looting for military crates,heli, Bradley, and airdrops.Ive played 5 different wipes so far and I've only rann launch 3 times and I only did it because I was bored. Having the game at 5x makes monuments less needed other than the rare exception of taking Bradley. 5x I believe is just too much and I think if we go to a 2x or even a lightly modded vanilla it would be a lot more enjoyable. If we go off player count the most popular servers are all vanilla or lightly modded. There's a whole other side of the game that people that play on the server don't experience. Like raiding wooden bases with bows or using spears to break through a incorrectly placed wall etc, this is because in the matter of an hour you can get end game loot. Blueprint Suggestion: I've talked to a lot of the rust players and I think if we converted over to blueprints it would make the server a lot more enjoyable and be less end game PVP type stuff. It also makes people appreciate where they are in the wipe so they are less likely to give up and play on a different server. Rust was originally blueprints but was changed after a year to no blueprints and the game kinda died off by a lot. Since they changed it back the player count of rust have excelled and done a lot better than it was before so I mean I feel like we should take note of that and switch to blueprint. Nerfing the kits and removing some: If the vanilla suggestion is accepted than the VIP kit: Revolver, 10k wood, 5k stone, 50 extra pistol bullets, 5 syringes, wolf headdress & full wood gear, 200 Low Grade, 300 cloth, 1000 metal frags, and 200 scrap. For Vip+: Thompson, 100 extra bullets, 10 syringes, 20k wood, 10k stone, Coffee Can & Roadsign Gear, 500 Low Grade, 500 Cloth, 2k Metal Frags, and 500 scrap Also make both kits redeemable every 12 hours. For the explosive kit 15 satchels and 5 bean cans and redeemable every 24 hours. Remove the building kit and basing. I would add a food kit with like 10 pork and a tools kit with wooden tools both redeemable every 2 hours. If we decide to stick to 5x than we just need to remove the charcoal and lower the HQM to like 1k. I don't know why the charcoal is there because it can give you an infinite amount of stone and crude oil if you recycle it... Fixing certain addons that don't properly work: The clan addon that was added is one that is useless. The only thing you to do is use clan chat which is pretty disappointing. If we add this one you will have clan friendly fire off and have all the codes to a clan member base which is very useful: The raid block addon doesn't work at all its completely bugged out. I think this should work a lot better: I don't know exactly what other addons are on the server but I think these should only really be on the server: quick smelt, raid block,clans, tpr,home, and trade. Adding rads back into monuments: it makes doing things too easy: The entire point of the launch is to be as quick as you can since no matter what gear you have gone up the building you get rads. Instacraft Change to 1/2 Craft: Makes people take time to craft readable and such instead of just being able to make them mid raid instantly when they need more Change the max group to 5: 8 people are just too much like 5 is plenty 8 is ridiculous Having a server manager for the rust server: I think the server has proved worthy when we hit 70 players one night. I think we should definitely have a server manager because it would make things like implementing addons or giving someone a punishment a lot faster and better. As well as we won't have to bug Zeeptin for everything which is a big plus. I copied some of Jeffes ideas as well so creds to him on some of this stuff. PLEASE READ MY REASONING BEFORE YOU +/- SUPPORT

    Nexieys Ban Appeal

    +Support Deserves a second chance Great staff member and player on SCPRP I dont see why he should not be given a second chance. I understand how DDOS threats are a serious issue but I think everyone deserves a second chance after they proven they have matured and changed.

    CHIKENS Appeal

    Steam Name: CHIKEN Ingame Name:CHIKEN SteamID:STEAM_1:1:114115699 Have you donated to the server? Yes Staff Restriction Length:Perm i think Staff Member that Staff Restricted you: Valk i think Reason for Staff Restriction: I don't know for sure but i'm pretty sure its because i dint talk to valk after my 48hr Why do you think that your Staff Restriction should be removed? (longer the better): I've played in this community for a long time now and i've had the staff restriction for about 2 thirds of my time here which is like a year and a half or something. I was originally staff on MILRP but i lost interest in staffing and became inactive. I decided to give staffing on PRP a try and pretty much the same thing happened. The reason i've waited so long to appeal this is because honestly i have no interest in staff in GMOD at all. I've played rust since its been in alpha and I've pretty much became addicted to playing rust, I know pretty much everything about the game and what it takes for a server to be popular. It always irritates me when i get on the server and there's new players who don't know what there doing because we have all been there, and i think i could definitely help out a lot with that type of stuff as well as making the server and community more fun to players. I have been talking to scoot and just trying to sort some things out with the server and i would really love to apply for staff but than i remember that i'm staff restricted.Now I know I do have a little bit of a reputation for thing, but i think for those who really have gotten to know me can say that I could be a pretty good staff member if i really tried to and that's pretty much what i'm trying to do with the new rust server. I would even take if it could be changed to a Perm staff restriction from all GL GMOD servers instead of just GL staffing in general. I'm pretty horrible at typing these things so please have mercy
  8. +support Much needed update Very balanced and fair


    -support Honestly i've played rust since alpha and i've seen many servers just have a shit ton of addon's and its all just kinda complex and confusing. Also there's always bugs that happen when you have two addons that kinda work on the same thing, that's why most servers try to stick to the least amount of addons possible not to mention the possible exploits. None of these addons are needed to make rust more enjoyable which should be the ultimate goal of any addons we add to the server.
  10. -Support The rule should DEFINITELY stay although i think it should be changed to for defcon 3 or higher they need to be called in, but defcon 2 and lower they should be able to go in without being called in
  11. -support 200 HP with 175 Armor at starting rank are you joking? thats literally the same armor i get as a CPT in CI also you guys dont need a long / medium range class as you mainly deal with things inside of the facility.