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  1. Well played Michael someone can accept this now
  2. -Support They can only put a hit on each other once after that they have to wait like a 5 min cool down or something like that it may even be longer i just know it exists.
  3. Does anyone know king ingame? or is he even still a admin? if he is and you know him please tell him to check the forums because this has been up for a week and a half now lol.

    CHIKENs Ban Appeal

    To be fair there wasnt always a form you used to just have to get an admin to get it removed and honestly i keept saying i should probably do it and never really did it which is my own fault

    CHIKENs Ban Appeal

    Steam Name: CHIKEN Ingame Name:CHIKEN SteamID:STEAM_1:1:114115699 Ban Length:Perm Admin that Banned you:Snar Reason for Ban:40+ Warns Dispute: I dont have 40+ warns, I have 34 warnings because i have 6 that were duplicated and 6 that had already been accepted. Evidence: These are the 6 that already have been accepted These are the 6 that are duplicated
  6. Well shit lets be honest we all saw this day coming. I started playing in this community in early 2017 and I never thought I would stay to become a dedicated player on here nor did I ever even think about donating. Ive had a lot of fun on here and I would just like to thank Zeeptin for truly starting one of the best garrys mod communities. I've been on a lot of servers and GL is definitely one of the best on garrys mod and i think it particularly because of you as the owner. Its weird because even know i knew this would happen at some point, I still feel pretty hurt over it. Its probably just because I got banned when I was actually trying my hardest to improve on my negative qualities. I would like to apologize to Will Newel,Jeffe, and Blitzon. I'm sorry i failed you guys i know how hard it was for you guys to get me into SRT but i really was trying my hardest and having fun with it at the same time. I would also like to apologize to Fame and Snar for always being a pain in their ass when it came to reports on me and just dealing with me in general. I'm really really going to miss all you guys, I have made some many friends and met some many people through out my time on GL and though some have been negative a fat majority of them have been positive. I tried my best to appeal it and everything but now that there’s no hope for me coming back i hope everyone’s has a good rest of there life. I love you all -CHIKEN
  7. No criminal in real life pulls out a gun and kills two TAC UNIT patrol officers in the middle of the day in the middle of a city street
  8. Yea man I hate mingles with their mingle attitude and everything like that and how they mix everything and fix everything
  9. I mean I’m no longer in WTAP but to be fair they did like 6v20 you guys in basement of subs after the negotiations to end the war dint go so well in which we did kill you snar spection and fame and like every other king
  10. Your In-game: CHIKEN Your SteamID: STEAM_1:1:114115699 The admin's name in-game: King The admin's steam name (If you know it): nope What warning did you receive: LTAP Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Why do you think this warn was false: So it was during an event and i had accidentally shot another guy on my side (idk what he was called) and he tped me and asked why i shot him and i said it was a mistake and the map was dark and foggy so i thought he was a droid once i realized he wasn't i stopped shooting. i only shot like 3 bullets and he said he just flew by and saw me shoot him. The guy dint even call staff on me because im assuming he thought it was a mistake. So anyways he brings me and i explain my self saying sorry the map was dark and foggy, he said ok just do not do it again. Stormz was flying around and was there for a little bit of it. He then said he was going to return me and that i wasn't going to be warned. I said nah its all good dont return me i have to get off anyway. I then said goodbye to Stormz and him and logged off, only to find out he warned me for LTAP. I never had the intention to LTAP the sit was over he literally said he was going to return me and i told him i had to get off. I dont have any evidence because i dint even think i would need it lol. I think he maybe grabbed the wrong steam id or something because im like 99% sure i told him i had to get off anyway. Any extra information: Stormz was there for a little bit of it. Also the map was like super dark and foggy.
  11. I had respect for michael before this because he was an active SM in pd and would actually do his job farely well. Today me and north came to his house because he had a sign up saying that he had the right to bare arms and that he had multiple arms. we asked him what arms he had and if he had a license. He refused to comply and was just being rude for no reason and player dissing me. He called emmu and emmu took our side, he then started player dissing me more saying im the biggest minge and nobody likes me. Emmu and north can both confirm this, he also said how he was going to report me on the forums and get me permabanned because i deserved it he said he had everything recorded. He probably rewatched the recording realized he was in the wrong big time and decided to try post my warns. heres one of my videos on our situation today i can upload mord if needed. He was also warned by emmu for player dissing me. he was defending me as i told him what happened in ts
  12. CHIKEN


    Official WTAP Family Criminal Page Only the best, most notorious, and successful criminals allowed. Anyone who opposes us will be eliminated. You are either with us or against us we have no allies. Do not make a wrong decision during these times of war. You have been warned Join our discord here: Were coming for you Kings
  13. -support I knew voxis when he was a staff and before he was a staff member. When he was staff he was a completely different person than he was before. Especially once he got admin he became very ignorant and was extremely annoying to deal with when it came to staff sits. I also remember how he would always complain about how the server was eating up his life and he couldn't do anything he liked to do before. He tries to do people favors in return for them to do things and acts very fake around certain people. This is my personal opinion on the matter and i would be glad to speak with anyone who disagrees on it. He holds grudges on pretty much anything anyone does and treats everyone differently in a bad way. I feel like the reason hes getting so many plus supports is because he just has been sucking up to everyone and doing all these favors for anyone thats high in staff. Also after seeing Ruinz post i have to agree thats just straight immature