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  1. A lot's been going through my head lately, most of it hasn't been very pretty. As much as I want to continue to be in community, but I am no longer able to do so. I'm not here to write a story, but I will at least say that I've cherished my time here and I was honored to be able to serve such a wonderful community for the time that I did and I want to say Thank you to every one who ever was nice to me one of my main reasons of leaving is aru is coming back and a few more private ones. Thank you so much smt for accepting me to be staff 2 times, even though its hard to say good bye I feel like this choice is right, I have been in this lovely community for like almost 2 years and competed my goals I made swat into a respectful family that's what I wanted to do mostly, and I will never for get what they have done for me Good byes @myandabeast Thank you so much freaking much for accepting me in to swat I will never forget you @Josh H-Y. thank you for being the best co commander on the server you have helped me out in a lot of ways and I will always @Fame thank you for being a really good brother and being really supportive we have been though a lot of shit and we still made it @ExoTic Maddog thank you for being a like a real friend honestly I never had some one this close to me in my life and I am so happy for everything you have done for me and just know I will never forget you @soulness oh my lord do you ever remind me of my self when I first joined swat your breaching is honestly amazing, and you were one of my close friends and I'd say your like a brother to me honestly, And ps the give away is still happening I am a person of my word and will never lie, Thank you so much gaming light community I will never forget the endless nights of fun,
  2. Awe gaur I am sad to see you go
  3. We are 2/2 meaning we are a tie but I give it to duv he is a very good sniper and was an actual challenge,
  4. Oooo SRT can actually afford a bearcat almosttt +support
  5. He does got a good point
  6. I do agree the wm family breaks NLR/rdm/ failrp a lot and it does remind me of the yuki family a lot tbh. But that's what happens when a family is poorly maintained and no consequences are given out to the minge players, but for the PD family they never did anything wrong in my eyes , they were just a standard crime family I honestly rarely seen them break rules, but that could just be the time I joined the server.
  7. And there is way to much shoot outs as it is with that mingey wm family as well
  8. -support this rule stops family's who have like +20 plus players in there if this rule would get added there would also have to be a limit on how much people can be a family
  9. + - + PD hasn't had a model change in a long time plus looks more realistic -support the PD player models have the gl logo on there and I am guessing it cost a little bit of money to add that
  10. I am so so speechless fame of course I will always be there the time you were a yuki I knew we would go far as friends and like what I said you were going to become manger in a few months and you did I am so happy that we changed our ways for the better, thank you for everything you have done for this lovely community for real