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  1. i have been sp;awning in the pd for months and its getting kinda annoying is there a fix to this my steam id is STEAM_0:0:422051471
  2. I liked the custom one to it just this map feels like all you are doing is driving around in circle's so I thought people would like more driving room as well
  3. for these questions Depends. Does it really fit policerp? yes he has a bank a pd and you can add a jail • is it necessary? i mean this map has no really good feeling to it it's basically a circle wouldn't you want to have more space to drive around?
  4. What you want to see? - i would like to see the police rp map the same as anime rp Why should we add it? - i think you should change the map to this one because the current one is getting pretty old and the houses and clubs on this map looks way better than the current one there is way more places to drive so you aren't always driving around in a circles all the time trying to find something to do / What are the advantages of having this? - could be better fps as it is larger and players aren't super close to each other, better club role plays / better police chases / and not driving around in circles Who is it mainly for? -EVERYONE! Links to any content - N/A
  5. Hopefully they don't add the armor because how does this make se Damn so PD high command are basically turning into a tac unit ?
  6. Very big -support PD isn't a tac unit if PD low\high command had these weapons there wouldn't even be a point for tac units if you wish to have these guns join a tac unit or even NSA
  7. Sorry but -support in real life nothing stops a hobo from getting mugged on the streets it is roleplay because murder's \ robbings happen IRL with out reason js
  8. Happy late birthday!! , @tcoops
  9. Bobby no!!!!! What about our midnight patrols together
  10. How much money is it to add in a custom weapon from the workshop ?