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  1. Jeff Junior

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    Yeeeet I finally got 1k post ;D
  2. It sounds so weird when someone has a Swedish word in a English sentence xD
  3. 100% agree he can cause super many problems sometimes whit staff
  4. as i saw you sometimes on the server u where a fun guy hope to see you around sometimes
  5. nha country cuz Bröd is swedish xD
  6. ^^^^ age is not the problem when it comes to Mass RDM and Rdm/minging it is usually older ppl then younger ppl
  7. +support -Good app - Good amount of posts -feel like he will do great as a Forum diplomat Good luck -PRP Admin Jeff Junior-
  8. +support reason above what cole said ^^^^
  9. Someone already made a suggestion on it and it got accepted I think they are working on puffing in