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  1. Welcome to Gaminglight hope you enjoy your stay !
  2. Welcome to Gaminglight enjoy your stay
  3. Still have more then u and I am proud xD
  4. Oh okey but i am still going to be neutral cuz I can’t read it
  5. I can’t find him ? Can u give us the link to his wants instead of just the warn section of the forums
  6. +/- support can’t read everything too tiny why did you not Handel this in game ?
  7. Mega -support I dont want a nother fight between cops and Yukis it destoreyd so much in the Community made ppl lave thanks to it i dont want that tho happend ever again. It is not Worth it., It will just cause fights and fights that is not needed we alredy have enough shootouts as it is I think that a lot of the ppl that was in the yukis and is high ranking staff is because yukis got banned I maybe wrong whit that but it is my opinion when I look at it they changed as ppl they got super more nicer and it was super fun to rp whit them when they left yukis/family got banned
  8. ye he did look at the ban appel
  9. ye xD i mean a minge is kindy worst then a ban cuz then you need to be there and staf afk and that is worst then a ban in a way
  10. A 2-3 week ban would be good