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  1. CLOSED / BLACKLIST NOT LIFTED (SMT Vote. "Yes" = O "No" = 8 "Abstained" = 3) The Yuki Family is probably one of the more known families on PoliceRP. It has become infamous obviously for its past actions, and trouble that it caused. Those things that you as a family did have not been forgotten. It was a lot more than Asuna who caused issues on a server-wide scale that spread past RP on the server. A majority of the Yuki family became major rule breakers, and problem causers for SMT while the family was still active. You as a player cannot sit here and accuse Asuna of causing a majority of the mischief your family caused when all of you could of very easily strayed away from how he acted as a leader and player. While his actions were, in the end, worse than some of the other members of the Yuki Family, it goes without saying that all of you played a part in giving the Yuki's the reputation that you so desperately want gone With that being said, this uses up your one chance at appealing this family.
  2. ACCEPTED Rule will be changed back. Although, anyone revived and taken to jail can only go in for a MAX of 8 years.
  3. Name: Snar Mayhaps
  4. Snarlax

    Police Explorer

    ACCEPTED We will add this
  5. ACCEPTED Usually we wouldn't add in more cars, but this car will be an exception
  6. DENIED Read other suggestion on this topic
  7. DENIED This would make judiciary an even less populated branch.
  8. Snarlax

    rule suggestion

    DENIED I believe if there is less than 20 people on the server, the bank does this all automatically
  9. Could you word this a bit better?
  10. ACCEPTED We can add these! @Solois Can you come see me on ts?
  11. DENIED You can RP all of these on citizen...
  12. DENIED Tac teams are there for a reason
  13. Snarlax

    new keys

    CLOSED This is still being looked at