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  1. All commanders and Generals must respond to this otherwise your rank will be removed, application are excused from this Name: Rank: Date Joined (Roughly): In-Game Name:
  2. All Gamemasters MUST respond to this otherwise your rank will be removed and you must reapply Name: Rank: SteamID: In-Game Name:
  3. Denied However I am stepping down from my First Admiral Position and will be handing it down to you, come speak to me for roster access, white listing, and everything else
  4. Accepted Come speak to me for roster access, white lists, and everything else
  5. Accepted These have been gone through and all but Marsh has been added
  6. @Gaur @Spection @myandabeast @Fame @ArmyGuy @Max @Max @Max SMT ping time I don't want it btw, I'm fine
  7. Eman

    Alphas Tmod app

    Denied Very low community support
  8. Accepted I should deny for advertisement, but I'm going to let it go this one time, if it ever happens again then consequences will happen Come to speak to me in TS for your tags in TS and on the forums
  9. Accepted The 91st Recon Corps has been replaced with the 41st Elite Corps
  10. Denied Due to the removal of the 91st Recon Corps, this is being denied
  11. Fixed for these ranks, however they will only be able to access this whitelisting by the Administration Job offered to the Staff team. Otherwise the appropriate ranking jobs are allowed to whitelist to their battalion and staff shouldn't need to be called unless it is for an application or a special case that a whitelist is needed to be given and the appropriate ranking is not available or on at the time
  12. [Added] 41st Elite Corps Magna Guards Bomb Squad/EOD to Clone Core Executive Officer Jobs for all departments Chief/Engineering Officer for Venator Crew Chief/Research Officer for Venator Crew A Temple Guard class for the Jedi [Removed] 91st Recon Corps [Fixed] Chief/Medical Officer's access to the radio channel 74 Miscellaneous weapons added to Venator Crew
  13. Your allowed a primary and secondary with the purchase of the Custom Class, and the third gun you buy can be either primary or secondary