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  1. Lol this escalated quickly
  2. Gaur

    Your Opinion Matters

    Fame it’s very mature of you to make this post and recognize somthing major that the community feels. #Proud xD This will obviously not be an overnight thing. It will take some time to earn some of the members of the communitys (who have a negative view on SMT) trust back. Now honestly we can see that you recognize how the community is feeling, but you are speaking for the rest of PRP SMT and they should be posting here explaining. Because honestly it would look and be better coming from mutiple SMT members then just one speaking on behalf of many. Especially the higher ups. (Carpenter was the only other SMT to post)
  3. Yeah uhh state has definitely had a downfall due to very poor timing and decisions. It was kinda obvious this would happen.
  4. Gaur


    It's mega disappointing to see that they would remove CERT jobs essentially killing the Sub-Division, especially when there have been multiple occasions where they said this would not happen. State does not deserve this in their current state, there have been multiple changes in power and now one of the biggest benefactors State is being removed. There is no question this will affect the population and application rate of state police. Even if its just a "Sub Division" there is still a commander and multiple commanding officers in it that are affected by this decision, let alone the future High Command of State Police. It truly is unfortunate that CERT Jobs are being removed after the command has worked so hard to revive it and the commander has done such an amazing job at getting members. I personally liked the idea of ARU, but I don't think its right to take things away from the people that have worked so hard for them, especially when they didn't do anything to deserve to get them removed.
  5. It’s definitely very barren in some locations. But just give the map a try there is much to do. #RIPTacoBell
  6. Your name: Gaur The Car: Ford F-150 Raptor (PD) Your rank in the department(only for government and must be in high command for that department: Job is Homeland Security Rapid Response. Owned by Jake Ramory, custom class to get F-150 Raptor added into the server. Proof of purchase and accepted(Only for custom classes): This was 1 & 1/2 years ago btw so his content count is 8 but the posts dont show.. Link to the custom job post: Best proof i can give, unfortunately. Im just a player of the job so you would have to check Jake's SteamID for proof of purchase.


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      Sad days... sad days....

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      Sad days, indeed. 

  8. Long story short. I have been asked by Zeeptin to resign from my position. I do not believe it would be right to pretend I wasnt. He believes that my pushback has prevented the SMT Team from achieving what is needed from them & he believes it is what will be best for the SMT Team and the community. I believe I have helped the community grow in terms of opening SWRP and that in no way did I damage any part of the community or team intentionally. I apologize if I have affected anyone personally and sincerely apologize to the SMT Members if you believe I have had a negative effect on you. Gaminglight is a very big part of my life, I have been here for over 2 years now and it seriously hurts to resign. I appreciate every single one of you for making my experience great. I am not going to list anyone besides the current managers as it would be wayyy to long of a list. Also Almost forgot Zeeptin - I appreciate the chance to work for Gaminglight and appreciate you giving me manager. Snar - You have been one of the most influential people on gaminglight. Not only did you start my staffing career by promoting me, but you helped me get into SMT. John - You were also very influential to me during my course as manager, as I did many things on CWRP as you did on MRP. I appreciate getting to know you. Eman - Ahhh how you have surpassed me. You are probably one of few staff members that I have had the privilege to make an SMT member (let alone manager) I am very proud of your ability to step up and run CWRP to the tee. I appreciate all the help you have given me no only as a colleague but as a friend. Fame - You are hilarious at times and I am very grateful that we met. BTW your still a ucki in my mind. But seriously I appreciate everything and you are such a hard-working manager. Mike - You are the other one of the few staff members that I have been privileged to work with. I am proud of the position that you have gotten and may you continue to do great. To the other SMT members: You were all very great to work with. I appreciate all the good times. Please do not make the same mistakes I did. I sincerely apologize if I have had a negative effect on anyone of you. You all are so hardworking and don't ask for anything in return. Not all heroes wear capes, boys!!! To the community: I have surpassed many feats at gaminglight. I have held many positions from; Colonel to Manager. Let me tell you something if you commit you will get places, I used to think I would never make it past admin and I did much more. I appreciate every single one of you for making my experience great. And again apologize if I affected you negatively. I would also appreciate it IF YOU JOINED CWRP, THATS RIGHT SHAMELESS PLUG EVEN THO IM NOT THE MANAGER ANYMORE - . Think of it as a gift to Eman and I . So gracious to be given this chance, even if it did not end on the best note. I hold no grudge aganst Zeeptin and understand fully. ~Gaur // CWRP & JvS Manager (No Longer)
  9. Gaur

    Gaur Ts power removal

    Lol chiken was dissing me. called me things like a "4 foot freshman" just the usual from chiken...
  10. Gaur

    rdm in spawn x34

    Lol that looks like some fun...
  11. Accepted Speak with me in TS