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  1. @Bravo You need to wait for the CMDR of the regiment to do the application next time. The only time Generals should be accepting VCMDR apps is if the CMDR fails to do so within 2 weeks. Please read the general guidelines again. This is still accepted, just a reminder bravooooo.
  2. Gaur

    Janos Goodbye

    Sorry was hoping to clarify cause when he said " I was banned for applying on greens server I did it as a joke but I understand the ban" I wanted to make sure the reason the ban was put into place was clear as that statement makes it seem bad on SMTs part.
  3. Crimson Base Story Arc Troopers have been deployed to Research Base Crimson on Rishi Moon as security & ground force for the Republic researchers stationed there. There is not much the research team will tell the Infantry & Navy and like to say everything is on a "need to know basis." Following the recent attacks on the Crimson Base, the troopers and naval officers have become curious as to what is being researched here behind closed doors. Any attempts to gain information on the real purpose of the base have been immediately shut down, with some curious troopers mysteriously disappearing. We have made a list of what we know so far. The base is lead by 5 Individuals & contains 5 primary research teams. Base Control Alpha Research Team Alpha-1 & Alpha-2 Base Control Bravo Problem Solving Research Team Base Control Charlie (Grand Admiral) -REDACTED- Research Team Base Control Delta (First Admiral) Experimental Research Team Base Control Echo (Lead Unknown) Applied Research Team We know the whereabouts of multiple research outposts and have documented them. --------------------------- -OOC- Crimson Base Story Arc Though a series of Mini, Normal, and Mega Events hosted by Gaur we will gain more information on what goes on behind the closed doors of Crimson Base. Now there are a few rules to this story arc Do not Meta Game or Spread Rumors about the Ending I have told 2 people about the ending and neither of them are going to tell anyone. Do not Investigate Solo/Attempt to Gain Knowledge without Event Hosted By Gaur. This Story Arc is set to go a specific way and while it still is going to allow a lot of chose by players part, we do not want you to make up stuff that hasn't been approved by the person in charge of the Story Arc (Gaur) Any knowledge attempted to be gained without an event hosted by Gaur will result in your Investigation being Voided. Please be patient and wait for the events to occur, it will still contain a lot of player options. Do not press any RP characters for information regarding the Story Arc unless it is part of an event hosted by Gaur. Do not press CWRP SMT to give information on the ending, be patient and wait for the surprise. Do not removed any research bases or outposts props. This includes the prop blocking the cave system. (This is directed more towards Staff & Game masters.) All events occurring in the cave will be voided from RP unless it is an event for the story arc held by Gaur. I know rules are lame and all, but trust me if you follow these 5 simple rules then the outcome and events will be way more enjoyable... Thanks for reading this, hopefully you will enjoy the story arc that will occur in the 2-3 weeks that our troops are stationed on Rishi Moon Base Crimson.
  4. List of Research Outposts (Part of Crimson Base Story Arc) Research Main Base Name: Crimson Base Main Assignment: -REDACTED- Research Station Name: Bravo-Winston Main Assignment: -REDACTED- Research Outpost Name: Echo-Delta Main Assignment: Study droid drop pods and find a way to disable them mid air with radar or some other device to prevent droid attacks on base. RESEARCH BASE REMOVED, ASSIGNMENT SUCCESSFUL. You should see a new upgrade on the roof of Crimson Base. Research Outpost Name: -REDACTED- Main Assignment: -REDACTED- Research Outpost Name: Hotel-Echo-Xray Main Assignment: -REDACTED- (This Document will be updated frequently.) **Main Bases are Permanent, Research Stations are Semi Permanent, and Outposts are temporary** **When an Outpost is removed, it will be archived in a separate section** **This document will be updated as you gain more information on the outposts and research base through a series of Mega & Mini events held by Gaur to explain the orgins of this base and what really occurs behind closed doors.**
  5. Gaur

    Knight's Resignation

    Wait... But... Your Staff.... Application
  6. Pending @Zeeptin @ArmyGuy & @Fame Heard it as they were in the SMT Room
  7. You directly asked if you could apply for staff there, I told you no and you proceeded to do it 2 days later. Direct Defiance, essentially rogue. When I confronted you about it, you said just perma ban me. As soon as you said permanent, I knew where you lie within the community and feared you advertising. Its not a joke application if its in the accepted section.
  8. Gaur

    Janos Goodbye

    Dont comment on teh situation if you dont know the full story. He was not banned for going over there, he was banned for defiance. It was going to be a 1 week ban but he said "Just ban me perma" If you apply for staff on another server, it breaches our handbook. We know where your opinion lies, but those are the rules of staff. Do not apply for staff here if you are not goign to follow teh rules.
  9. Denied. I will pick through some to get good addons.
  10. Accepted By Eman Already
  11. Denied. Wayyy to many unneeded addons.