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  1. Does this mean im general now lol
  2. I think there should be like antolions that spawn on tat or another world for us just to farm for hilts and etc. The spawn rate for crystals take a while to wait for. There should be another way to grind for the hilts like boss worlds. Or SMT can make like dungeons and you need groups to fight it.
  3. Accepted Speak to a SZ CPT+ or 104th LT+ For Training PS. Make sure not to advertise apps (Goes to everyone)
  4. Well we don't have to use that map, we can always go back to desert fury. But we just need a different map.
  5. What you want to see? - A new map to have a new feel on, just to have something new for the players to experience Why should we add it? - We should add it because in my opinion, our map is pretty small and the only areas we do stuff is in between gas station and store. With maps like the following below, snipers wouldn't all be camping one area. The map will also be big enough for branches to run more operations and RP events. There will be more areas for capture points, pvp and everyone isn't all in one area. What are the advantages of having this? - More Capture Points/Sniping can be less annoying/More areas for people to combat in Who is it mainly for? - Everyone! Links to any content - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1612000229 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1685125362 (bring back highlands?)
  7. +support Has Command Experience Great guy to work with Easy Communication with him (To get in contact if anything is needed) Nice guy Good App
  8. This shows, you are not a pro minge yet.
  9. nope, I was planning it a while ago, thats why I pinged Freeze last night but look what happened now lol
  10. Nice Guy Command Experience Hardworking
  11. +Support Well known member of the community Nice Guy Has Command Experience Hardworking/Dedicated
  12. Name (which you most commonly use): Elapin First rank/character choice: Mundi Second rank/character choice: Plo Koon Do you have any command experience? If so please explain: Yes, I am a former SWAT MSGT (Command), Currently SZ Major and 104th Commissioner, Former US Colonel How active can you be? 4-5+ Hours A Week Are you familiar with the Star wars universe and have played other Star wars related servers? If so please explain: Yes, I have played other JvS servers when GL didn't have one and now they do! I also played GL CWRP and GL IRP. I played other CWRP when our CWRP went away to get more exp with Star Wars. (Close to 5000 hours on GMOD and more than 2000+ of it was me as command) [I know a lot of JvS or Star Wars lore because I have played JvS before, I was around when GL had their old JvS server and I currently still learn more of Lore even if I know a lot already. Why do you want to become command? I wish to become command because I have really into the SWRP. I want to lead many people into good paths in the server. I've always had leadership in me and as I play JvS (When its out) I want to lead the newest to the best. I would work good under someone but still helping those below me as if I were the person above me. Jedi's are very interesting, their lore catches me a lot and so then I have the desire to be one of them too! The Jedi have the stronger side in my opinion, I love the way they run things over the sith, they are good at "clearing their mind". Peace my interested and that's why I would choose the Jedi side, but I wish to help those who are newer follow through my ways to keep the server running. Yes, I will want to work higher and higher throughout the server but I also want to lead the ones below me. I know where I belong, not too high, but not too low, I have had lots of experience to choose that. This rank is where I belong or where I should start at, I know what I am doing all the time! I know about everyone applying for these ranks and I know I would be able to work well with them. What qualities can you bring to the position? I have many things I can bring to the server if I get this position. 1: I can enforce maturity and lore. I read/watch lore to help bring something "new" to the server and so I can teach those below me about the branch. (I do mess around sometimes when everyone is chilling) 2: I am Active and I will be able to bring the branch a lot of activity by being on the server to recruit and bring interest to the branch. The more activity I can bring and RP sorts I can do, it will attract more people to the branch and more players who tell their friends about the server. 3: I run my system off of respect and skill, those who are active get their points too but I wish to look for those who know what they are doing. I have experience with creating documents (rosters and sop's and etc.) for branches and they are used well. I work with everything I have and use it to its best. 4: I can bring lots of new and interesting addons/modifications to help not just my branch but other branches too if they seek my help. 5: I get my job done, no matter how difficult. If I need to punish someone for something bad (RDM'ing Yoda etc.) I will punish them. I know when to do verbals so I know how to teach my command below me to handle situations. (I have lots of experience with helping others and teaching others) Why should we pick you over your competitors? You should pick me over the other competitors because I have a great amount of experience. I am very serious when the situations come and normally, I have been in the community for 2 years and close to 3 now with Command exp too! I know how the servers run and what is expected of me. I put the best of my abilities to everything I do, even the smallest things. Overall, I am mature, active, and a well known player.