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  1. +support Most are REALLY OLD Warns from when I join But it is just a day, he can wait for just a day.
  2. Your In-game: Elapin Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:237084328 The admin's name in-game: Toxicwolf The admin's steam name (If you know it): STEAM_0:0:174597840 What warning did you receive: Failrp/FearRp Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED):https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2050217655 Why do you think this warn was false: After the situation happened, I was asking SMT about it because I was confused on the situation because I saw others do it so I thought I could, then they clarified it and put it in the MOTD. I asked him literally right after it happened. Any extra information: Admin said I could appeal it. Also I was afk during sit so couldn't say my side much but yeah, he said he would let me appeal it because he understood my situation.
  3. I watched every single video twice, once you learn to read those logs, you did do damage to a family member, he can attack you al he wants if he knows you did regardless, you attacked a family member. I was just pointing all the other things out that you did. I don't want to turn this to an argument so please just wait for other reviews.
  4. -Support For RP reasons, when you shoot a suppressed gun, the sound isn't as loud so you get away with more crimes, another thing is that it is a very STRONG pistol. VIP Thiefs Spawn with the weapon so its perma and they dont have to keep buying weapons unlike normal thiefs.
  5. -Support Using Teamspeak or Discord counts as a way of comms. If it is said that you were shooting a family member, they dont need to advert assist, they can kill who ever is attacking the family member. Saying how Jay as disrespectful, thats just how Jay talks. Cussing, That happens everyone on the server, your friend and you litterally cussed saying, "I hate F*#@ING guys that pick on the new guys" You also were raising your voice and interrupting him as he speaks, thats also disrespectful on your side. When you look at the logs, you only looked at Jays damage, compare the other 2, they are around the same. Both Havoc and Derick damaged you, Jay just got the finishing blow and from logs, it looks like you were in combat with Derick their FAMILY MEMBER. When you stated in your 6th video, that you admitted to get him low, he has all his rights to shoot you because you shot a family member, saying how derick said he was "low" is his perspective on how he see's lower damage with you kept bringing up in your video, there wasn't really much point of it. Please don't bring up that he was picking on the TMOD, because now you are basically calling him a bully. You didn't take that part seriously, it seemed you tried escalating the situation to something not needed. Both you and your friend were disrespectful too, the sit seemed like a joke to you because it seemed you laughed quite a lot. Calling him unprofessional? Do you think that seems right? This sit shows that you and your friend are trying to escalade the situation, like your said in your discord,"This guy is f*@#". It does show you were trying to put words in his mouth.
  6. I think he is saying, if I go down, I take you with me saying if I get warned, u get warned with me lol.
  7. -Support Telling a staff member to "F Off" is not smart to do. This server has the rule of common sense, would you tell an administrator of a job your working at to "F Off" If the staff member took this offensively, then he has all his rights to warn you, it depends on the player. If they take it offensively and make a report of it or warn you for it, its completely valid.
  9. There time is up here, people of this community will move on in life and soon they will have to move on from this. Most of those people you listed above have been here as long as I have or longer and I have been here for almost 2 years already. People sometimes just loose intterest in gmod or their opinions of some things get in their way. Sometimes they leave for family or life issues, but everyone is gonna leave at some point.
  10. Why u alone, where the rest of the Omegas?
  11. -/+ support Not a lot of benifit to it saying not a lot of people even go on the banker job Could be used for RP Scenarios but rare
  12. Yep, my state might be going on lockdown soon. Our governor said don't be surprised if the school doesn't start up after summer. My state got 3rd most Cases in US All of our gyms and activities all shut down. This is one of the rules for us... You can not be with a group larger than 10.