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  1. Go to your files, delete what is wrong and redownload it.
  2. -suppport Mingey Unrespectful Ex-Leader of 2 mingiest familes in Truenorth No Leadership skills Always on ARU and never trains Application doesn't look like there was much effort to it (No Offense) You litterally are trying to put ARU signs everywhere, like even in front of other department signs, like you did to SS's when they were doing tryouts man.
  3. I haven't really seen a problem with this besides with ARU Ryan. He kept blocking SS tryout signs and all and put apply for ARU inside of a SS base. Like use common sense man.
  4. I got it for free, it was 100% off for a few, I dont think it is anymore.
  5. God Checks aren't a thing Ryan.
  6. On behalf of myself and the SWAT Department, we thank you for your service in our department. We hope you enjoyed your time here. Good luck in the Army, and stay safe. -SWAT SFC Elapin XL10
  7. -support Yes, you are active and all, but in my opinion, I Don't think you deserve the LT Rank yet. Your skills with working with others, training, and maturity need to be improved. I am pretty sure you kinda put ur mouth in your mic and scream during a PD meeting, it sounded like you did that as a joke during a PD meeting which I dont think is smart. -Immature -No Command Like Qualities yet -Not much effort into the application (From My Looks Of It) -Never Trains -Can't handle the responsibilities of command yet (Just give it some time as an SM, and you'll get more experiences with the rank that could prove you good enough to be an LT, but right now, you're just not there yet no offense. You're overall just not ready in my opinion No Offense -SWAT SFC Elapin XL10/SM Elapin 1D83/SS DSAIC Elapin XB1
  8. How do you know what level you are???
  9. Is this another one of your attempts to make another ACE or ICE
  10. Welcome to SWAT. I hope you enjoy your time here and I hope we can teach you guys a few things here too! -SWAT SFC Elapin XL10
  11. Name: Elapin Rank: SS DSAIC/CAT SM Status on Roster(Active, Semi-Active): Mega Active Man What do you want to get added/changed?: Kac PDW To Command job to keep balance and hk16 to COS job when added.
  12. I thought you cant build across spawn?
  13. +/- Support yes you were a good leader in some ways to me, but you have made a lot of bad choices not just in SS but to the whole server which got you blacklisted. If you were to come back, I think you would need to prove to SMT that you can handle yourself and not go all N-Word everywhere again. I suggest if you were to get unblacklisted, a permanent staff restriction and maby a high command restriction. -Support Has Made Many bad Decisions before Didn't really like the attitude you gave a lot +support Made little good decisions with the help of others before Sounds sorry for his actions
  14. SWAT Role Call This rollcall is to make sure we have active people in the department. If you do not respond by November 2nd, You will be removed from SWAT. (P.S.) If Your Not SWAT, DONT RESPOND TO THE POST ---SWAT Rollcall Format--- Name: Rank & Callsign: Activity: Why Should We Keep You In The Department and what can you bring to the department:
  15. I looked at your new link and the tahoes look ugly as heck, basically all those vehicles are ugly and they are also slow.