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  1. I know the cause of this, I'll speak to Mike about it and try to get it fixed as soon as possible.
  2. @Tom @Mikedanoobgamer@John Kyle Lets get this bread!
  3. 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : Igneous 2. Why do you want to be the Grand Admiral? Well, I can already tell you that this is going to be a long one. For starters, I have been in the Venator Crew longer than anybody else that remains on the server. I first joined it on June 27th, which I believe was the second day that CloneWarsRP was out. Over the course of that time, my dedication to the Venator Crew has been unwavering. Almost all of the time I am on the server, I am on the Venator Crew jobs. Not only does that give me more experience on Venator Crew, but it means that I am almost always in the loop about what is going on in the server. That is paramount for the Grand Admiral position. You need to know what is going on, in order to properly prepare for anything that may happen. That leads me to the second reason why I want to be the Grand Admiral, because of my relationship to this community. I have a great relationship with almost everyone on the server, and I am able to cooperate with them to get stuff done efficiently. For example, when our General SOP was extremely outdated and lackluster, I took it upon myself to start the initiative to make a new and improved one. I contacted one of the Generals at the time, Bravo, and we got to work making a new one. We pushed that out after about a day and I like to think that it was a lot more in-depth and specific than the one we had previously. Some other documents that I have made to help improve the server are the jetpack guidelines and the communications guidelines. I also a little while ago compiled a ton of the documents and SOPs for all regiments and combined them into one post so that players could easily find all of the documents that they need to have in order to be successful in their respective regiments. Not only that, but I have proved myself in countless situations that I am fit for this rank. I am able to handle administrative scenarios such as people have issues with generals or commanders, or even Venator Crew. I have a good sense of discipline and I am able to determine the right action to take during countless situations. More recently, I have even pushed out an update for the Venator Crew. We haven't had one in a while, so I figured that it was time to freshen the crew up with some new jobs and new divisions. More specifically, I replaced Communications and Weapons divisions with Engineering and research. The focus of engineering is going to be more role-play based and they will be dealing with engines/generator RP. They are tasked with maintaining the functionality of all of our equipment, while research is going to more player based. They are going to be researching possible additions we can make to troopers classes to make them more effective in combat. They are also tasked with collecting data with regard to how the players feel about how command/high command is doing. They will be high commands eyes and ears when we are not able to be there. Another sort of "update" I have helped the server with is finally getting the ranking structure chart placed on the server. The one we had before on Rishi was very lackluster, and it didn't really have a unique vibe to it. The one I made and had put into the server brought a feeling of uniqueness while also clearly outlining the rank equivalences between branches which were unclear before. I also am almost always reachable, through different forms of communication. I can respond to discord messages within a couple of hours, I am on Teamspeak every day for multiple hours, and I am completely reachable through the forums. I am easily contactable if any issues arise when I am not on the server and will be able to handle the situation if need be. I also am an advocate for CWRP. Every day I am actively looking for things that can improve the server, whether it be in character or out of character. I always talk to players and have some pretty real conversations about the future of the server. Thank you if you actually read all of that! 5. What is the Main Purpose of the Grand Admiral? The main purpose of the Grand Admiral is to oversee everything that goes on in the server. They are tasked with ensuring that the Generals Branch is running smoothly and that all of the Clone Regiments are functioning properly. They handle high administrative actions to ensure that all high command is doing their job properly. They are also tasked with working with all of the high command and low command to see if anything can be done to help make their job easier or allow them to do their job more effectively. The Grand Admiral also has the final say (except for SMT obviously) in complaints against General+ and Admiral+. Overall, they oversee all regiments and general on the server to make sure everything is running smoothly. 7. Why should we trust you to be Grand Admiral? : You should trust me because honestly, I have been doing all of this for almost 5 months now and I haven't given the community a reason not to trust me. I have done all of my duties with diligence, and have held a high command position for around 2 months. I have been with this community, I have put in the work, and I think you all can see that. 8. How often can you be Online? : I can be on pretty much every single day for at least a couple hours, with some exceptions for work, family occasions, and emergencies. 10. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : I have two warnings. One for Staff Dis, and one for "Trolling Player with quit command" (Honestly never remembered even getting this one, and Both From PRP back in April).
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    The configuration file for the whitelist system they use allows to you assign different jobs different whitelists.
  5. 1. Name: Igneous 2. Are you a staff member? (Must be a mod+): Senior Moderator 3. How do you rate your SCP knowledge from a scale of 1 -10? 5 4. Are you willing to find bugs and constructively criticize SCPRP? Yes 5. Are you available at the time listed above? Yes
  6. Read and Understood
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    It's so frustrating
  8. Accepted Agent will be re-tested on driving next time I see him.
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