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  1. A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.
  2. @[GL] My Pet named Steve@Ajax @Blitzton
  3. Wolfgangg

    Serious Rp

    Here's my problem with this, Gaminglight in the past few weeks, very quickly added three new servers to the community that you guys are still trying very hard to get new players on. If back in the day when we still on only had four servers we couldn't get the numbers despite whatever we did, how would we ever get enough now on a Serious PoliceRP?
  4. Wolfgangg

    Serious Rp

    I would love a SeriousRP but I am concerned that this community lacks enough people willing to make the transition to keep the server running. I remember the first time we tried doing this everyone thought the idea was brilliant, but in reality, it was only able to last a few weeks. If we want to have a more serious roleplay experience but keep the numbers we currently have (or even close to) and not risk having another flop we must have a discussion about making the server we have now more serious. Otherwise, history is simply going to repeat itself.
  5. Like I said in a previous post, at this meeting we can brainstorm up different rules to enforce stricter roleplay, because like you said only the people that roleplay are going to show up. Secondly, we tried a SeriousRP but it didn't do very well at all because joining it forced people to leave friends, departments and family members behind. The only way we can change our culture is by working together to mold the server we have now.
  6. That’s the point though in my opinion, everyone who does roleplay and cares for the state of the server will show up. Then we can discuss and brainstorm all together with SMT about different ways we can affect change on the server whether it be changing server rules, PD rules, gang rules etc...
  7. BSI getting T-boned by FBI...
  8. +Support If it’s something important like a staff app or staff report where SMT have to use the communities responses to come to thier final decision, quoting someone without adding your own input should not be allowed. People really should be putting their own personal reasons and memories in order for it to truly count towards the individual, otherwise why would they post it in the first if someone already stated it? Seems a bit redundant to me...
  9. The Problem: Over the past few weeks I'm pretty sure all of you would agree that after the release of our new servers there has been an influx of people and staff alike posting server ads in the shoutbox. Granted all the servers advertised are Gaminglight servers they, in my opinion, have no place in our shoutbox. I have personally seen the people posting these ads interrupt conversations and inadvertently force topic changes on people who were trying to discuss important subjects, which is not fair or polite, to say the least. Solutions: There are a few easy solutions to stop this dilemma, such as only announcing events in the announcement forum for the server and or announcing it on the steam group page. I have also seen people spamming for players to join their server in the shoutbox quite often as well and personally, I believe this must stop immediately. As someone who used to jump around from community to community, spamming for more players on the forums makes the server seem desperate and is completely and utterly unprofessional. To boost activity as I said before the only thing that you can do to help is announce major and fun events in the announcements section, otherwise, you're basically just annoying everyone on the forums. Please do not tell me this is just something I am taking out of proportion too, I have overheard many conversations in-game and on discord regarding the same issue.
  10. You personally don't have to do anything at all, the FBI agent reading this will though.
  11. @Vladimir Lenin @PhenixBoy300 @TriGGs Your applications will be reviewed but due to a new SOP being developed you will need to complete an interview with command after acceptance.
  12. Like I said previously if it’s a player made /want then go ahead.
  13. Yes, if no one called him in then PD shouldn’t be able to do anything.
  14. Here’s the thing, I have been playing Garry’s Mod for about 5-6 years now and have been apart of and staff on 6-7 major communities. The only thing you can do is take a break, I would advise taking a 2-3 week LOA at least as well as not looking at the forums. Otherwise you’re going to start hating the game and you’re likely to just leave the community. Everything is only good for you in moderation my friend and you went a bit passed that, you just gotta correct your ways.
  15. Here’s why I plus supported this just so you guys can see this in a different light. It is simply not fair that if somebody goes out of their way to secretly “murder” a government official that they can still be held accountable for it minutes later even though no one saw. What should be done is that PD should only be allowed to do anything with player made warrants, not with the automatic server made ones to improve roleplay.