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  1. This is THE ONE WARNING TO EVERYONE. Especially to @Country Roads...Take me home @PhoenixWildFire @Lvl 50 Chicken You all are ridiculous. Stop arguing, stop commenting on the post. Everyone is to only leave +/- supports and NOTHING else. You will be warned on the forums if this continues. Do not disobey.
  2. @laithremembersDont reply but make you've paid 10 dollars for this change on your class
  3. There is a way. You can fully rewrite the class by changing everything you'd like to see changed. Depending on what you wanted to change on the class would determine the entirety of the cost for the rewrite.
  4. I love my McLarenP1 but it's a CC car The GTR is very easy to handle actually, I could easily show you how to handle it well if wanted
  5. One time Snar was a foreign Mexican taxi driver who kidnapped me and trapped me in a closet for about 15 minutes before Rhenic called the cops
  6. In-Game Name: SRT CPT Steve 1T79 Rank: Captain SteamID: STEAM_0:0:186173874
  7. I'm +Supporting because almost nobody read the report. He isnt loopholing in any way, so its a false warn..
  8. You cant do any kind of money making sessions on governmen. The president and VP are citizens
  9. Well if I'm correct then ya probably just secured yourself a denial from command
  10. My guy you cant respond to your own app from what I remember
  11. It's not like GTA 5 bull shark testosterane ?
  12. Thanks man, I'll try removing all CSS files and reinstalling it all
  13. You arent a mess Hannah, we all majorly mess up in our lives and I know one of my major mistakes was not thanking you sooner. We are all just human beings, but as a person, you are the only thing that can bring you down in life. No matter what may attempt to break you, it does not matter. You control your self, and nobody can own you other than yourself, and if you hold yourself high, you can achieve more than you thought you could. Nobody in this world is a mess or a disgrace of any kind, as we are all human. Internally however, you can hold yourself to a higher being and through that you can learn to express that to others to improve life as a whole for all.
  14. Hannah, I still remember the day where I had lost a lot of hope in things, and you compelled me to strive on, and you honestly have changed me for the better. You inspire me to always do better, and you are always going to be a trusted person with a glorious amount of passion, loyalty, and fortified grace and leadership. I wish you farewell for now and give the best of luck for you for whatever may lie on your path of fate, and I hope destiny provides and cares for you well enough to prevail greatly in everything you cross, with each goal you surpass, and each class you pass with a soaring spirit. I may not be able to repay the debt that I owe you for assisting me in my life, but I will try to the best of my ability. Goodbye for now Hannah, and I will always keep you close to myself. Best of luck towards college!