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  1. This is a spawning problem for everyone. Its currently being fixed by SMT / EMT.
  2. +Support - People aren't required to sell doors in general unless they are interfering with RP - Warn should be removed [if possible]
  3. Joe Mama

    tcoops birthday

    Happy late birthday Tcoops!
  4. - Support - Inactive In-Game Now - Inactive on TS & Forums - Poor Application [Lots of Grammatical Errors] Good Luck! ~ Joe Mama
  5. +/- Support - Decent Activity In-Game - Nice person - Inactive in TS & on the Forums - High Warns - #15 Needs to go more in depth Good Luck! ~ Joe Mama
  6. -Support - No Evidence - Didn't Follow Format - Under Wrong Section
  7. Staff Diss is a minge for 600 seconds for 2x+.
  8. What you want to see? - I would like to see the removal of the rule which states that if there is only a minute left in a bank raid tac units may move in. Why should we remove it? - It really just ruins the RP for criminals. It gives govt. and excuse to not RP and just go in guns blazing even w/ a hostage situation. What are the advantages of removing this? - Increasing RP and giving criminals a better experience. Who is it mainly for? - Criminals Links to any content - Not Needed
  9. -Support - No Evidence - He Said / He Said Situation
  10. Joe Mama

    Vizzs false warn

    +Support - Accidents happen to the best of us
  11. Sorry for your misfortunes. I wish you the best of luck on your future endeavours. Hope to see you again sometime. ~ Joe Mama
  12. This is it Chief. Congratulations!
  13. + Support - Active In-Game - Decent app - Forums Activity Needs Improvement - No Warns