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  1. Joe Mama

    Penguin FailRP

    +Support Evidence is pretty clear Didn't drop proper amount Undid hostages restraints without finishing negotiations @penguin Feel free to give your story if I missed something.
  2. Happy Late Birthday Billy! Sorry I'm a bit late, can only check forums on my school computer
  3. +Support - Admin said it was false
  4. Great work taking down dangerous gangs, lol.
  5. -Support - Not really needed
  6. +Support - Been a long time - Deserves a second chance - Really active and nice Good Luck! ~ Joe Mama
  7. -Support - He's allowed to give lower ranks weapon - Should be a player report
  8. +Support - It's a more realistic looking dog
  9. I mean, right now I think bitcoin could use a bit of a buff, especially the smaller ones. Those suck and make no money.
  10. Poor man was just trying to get the latest scoops for the news, not bullets to the head
  11. -Support - Not needed in my opinion