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  1. In-Game Name: Tom SteamID: Effort SS Rank: Director Reason for leaving: I have got bored of GamingLight in general... it's time for me to move on and pursue other things.
  2. I really don't know how to start this but firstly I just want to say thank you to everyone as a whole for helping me out in bad times and good times. I've been playing Gaminglight / Garry's Mod for roughly 6 months and in them 6 months I have legit played EVERY day, all day... no breaks and I have came to realise that I'm wasting a lot of time on garry's mod LOL. My time at GamingLight has been very fun (most of the time), however there are also some things that I don't like... I'm not going to go into detail about them because I don't want to get community blacklisted but if SMT want to PM me I'm more than happy to answer your questions I also would like to say thank you to EMT, some SMT and JMT for all the help you have given to me and the community. I would also like to say thank you to some individuals down below: @Josh H-Y.: Thank you for always helping me when I needed it or when I was being dumb lol (probs like 2 mins) but for real you're a great friend and someone who I'm certain I will still talk to like everyday @JMS: OMGG JMS you are literally the funniest person I have ever met and also a really good friend I will obviously still talk to you so I don't really need to put much for you xd @Igneous: Igneous... We have been friends for a while now and you have helped me out sooo many times, I really appreciate your friendship and I hope we still talk (ur still bad at RL tho) @ArmyGuy: My post will probs be removed because of this but... ArmyGuy was an extremely competent guy and did care about this server a lot... obviously he ended up quiting and did some really dumb stuff to get him blacklisted... never the less, I still respect the work he did for the server. @Kitty.: Kitty... You are a really good friend and someone I can rely on to lighten my mood ik we will still stay in contact so again... I don't really need to write much Myan, Carpenter, Mike and Eman: I thank you guys for all your hard work on the server and thank you for how much you guys care about the community. Goodbye...
  3. [GL] Tom

    tcoops' Resignation

    sad to see you go buddy...
  4. SWAT had standards... to get in you had to be a well known member, active and knew how to rp
  5. Jeff..... but we can still play other games
  6. Name: Tom Rank: Director Duration of LOA: 5 Days [1/9/19 - 1/14/19] Reason: Private
  7. Shiloh Dynasty is reallly good
  8. Sure, I'd like for staff to hand out more minges and bans for those who deserved it but warns should get cleared and they still should be used in most situation of users breaking obvious rules (if they have 30mins+ on the server). Even if someone gets banned, I still think that they should also recieve a warning so staff members can still find out that the user has broken rules. Can't type much lol (in class)
  9. -Support Extremely low effort shown
  10. Welcome Mr. Chainsaw XD Hope you enjoy your time here at GamingLight! FAQ you are more than welcome to come to me (through the forums)
  11. [GL] Tom

    It's Rando

    Hey Rando good to see that you're enjoying your time here at GamingLight!