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  1. @BlitztonI'm gonna be the annoying 3rd wheel LOL
  2. Well, I myself -Supported it, and this rumor is completely false.
  3. Army, you were the most amazing person I knew in SRT. Even when I was in PD, you were still a great friend. I'm so sad you have decided to leave SRT, but I do wish you the best of luck in your affairs. I hope that by leaving SRT, you will hopefully make PoliceRP better for everyone, as this treacherous loss is something that's not easy to handle. You will never be forgotten by me, Army, nor shall I hope does forget you, as the greatest SRT Co-Commander ever. You have done so much to improve SRT, such as giving us vehicles, classes, more opportunities that we could never of had without you. I hope you really do enjoy your time Army, and lastly, thank you, for being a great friend. -SRT FSGT Steve1E79
  4. What rank are you in the support team division, and what is your staff rank? Support | PoliceRP Moderator What is your name? Steve (Not IRL name) SteamID: STEAM_0:0:186173874  Why do you wish to continue to be apart of support? (Minimum Of 50 Words) I have made many friends, staff and non-staff in my short time of staffing. I really do love to assist players in more ways than I already could, as I am glad to have helped the people I have already gone through. I am always ready to respond to a person in need, and I am as friendly as I could be. It doesn't matter what problem they might have, as I am always ready to help, and ask for assistance with some other support members if needed. This chance to become a support member really helped myself, as I was saddened I could not do more for this community. I am greatful to have this opportunity and expierience. My goal is always to make sure that players are satisfied to the highest amount, and I feel content later when I know someone who was in need was served well and helped through their problem. If I do for whatever reason get removed, I am atleast glad to have gotten a chance to something I've never done. Thank you for taking your time to read this! - Steve Do you promise to uphold all the support team rules? (Saying no will result in an immediate removal) Yes, I am always read to uphold the rules to myself.