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  1. +Support You are one of Gaminglight's top donators A permaban seems a bit much You did RDM quite a lot, however you may have changed your ways You are a long time member Changed my mind, you were an awesome guy, you deserve to be unbanned
  2. The spawnpoint of the SRT Chemical Specialist class still spawns in spawn and not in the SRT base
  3. -Support You argued a ton with Snar in the discord after told not to You were very mingey off-duty You had very little knowledge of the staff handbook You literally walked around the map dissrespecting EMS You showed terrible respresentation for the staff team of Gaminglight
  4. Also, good news Munchies, we changed maps and RP increased so much! I really hope you come back! Have fun!
  5. Munchies you promoted me to LCPL, outve all of the SNR's, probably 9+, you chose me, please, don't resign Munchies!
  6. You are a sinner if you put that tainted poison on pizza