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  1. There’s no clients being used I’ve used the negev for over a year I know how to use the gun lmao. Funny how the whole community ACTUALLY thinks I’m hacking when I’m literally aiming with my mouse lol. I have plenty of videos of me doing the same stuff. Videos from the past are worse from the ones from the present because I got better obviously. It’s not impossible to hit shots like that when your good lol. I don’t need to hack on gmod roleplay when I’m able to easily kill people without. Hacks
  2. BigJohnny


    Staff members don’t have to follow rules I guess. Staff members throw EMP’s at me while they are on gov all the time people do the same stuff I get warned for all the time but nothing happens to them. Stop being biasd and treat everyone the same. Just because someone is a staff member doesn’t mean they are the most honest person on this planet and can easily lie to your face. So stop lying and trying to get away with being biasd. I’ve seen a bunch of minty staff members minge their asses off and broke plenty of rules but no one do anytbing because they are all admins and defend each other on here and never need evidence for anything because I guess they are all telling the truth
  3. Your In-game:bigjohnny Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:190683417 The admin's name in-game: calamity The admin's steam name (If you know it):na What warning did you receive: failrp Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Why do you think this warn was false: Because I a cop was chasing me then i repaired my car and got back in it and drove off and then he called staff and the trooper said im not allowed to do it but i dont see anything in motd saying i cant repair my car while a cop is chasing you. ive only heard that about the admin repair when it was always isntant but since this one doesnt work all the time you would be allowed to do it. I see people doing it all the time and they never got in trouble either. Any extra information:
  4. BigJohnny

    False warn

    I would have gladly had the sit for the failrp Not trying to make excuses but what if I logged out before I knew a sit was was being called on me?
  5. BigJohnny

    False warn

    Your In-game:bigjohnny Your SteamID:STEAM_0:0:190683417 The admin's name in-game: Greg The admin's steam name (If you know it):na What warning did you receive: ltap/failrp Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Why do you think this warn was false: I don’t remember intentionally ltaping my pc has been blue screening lately and my gmod randomly closes out sometimes. I would have logged back in and had a sit. Any extra information:
  6. He’s the one reporting me where’s his evidence. That’s everyones excuse when I call a sit WHERE IS MY evidence since I was the one that reported him. Where’s his evidence? Just because he’s a moderator doesn’t mean he’s truthful If you didn’t see anything how did it look like anything? He wasn’t driving in the first place why do I need evidence to back his claim up? Just because a rule that was made up that isn’t in MOTD a means that it’s a rule? How is a rule that isn’t in motd being enforced . Exactly it’s semi serious rp not SERIOUS so if there isn’t a rule stating can’t mug person that’s driving then how am I being warned for that. Where in real life have you ever seen the amount of crime there is in this server? Obviously it’s not a serious realistic server. Itd be nice to have some video of him driving around me trying to mug him instead of him backed into a pole at 0mph
  7. Your In-game:bigjohnny Your SteamID: The admin's name in-game: SM Nucleus The admin's steam name (If you know it):na What warning did you receive: FailRP (Mugging someone while they were driving) Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Why do you think this warn was false: The warn is false because when i was mugging this officer he backed into a pole and then was still he wasnt even moving at the time i was mugging him and the offcier didnt have any video evidence to back himself up on whether or not he was moving. if he drove off he would be moving but being at 0 MPH backed into a pole is not moving. while another officer stops and points a gun at me while im trying to get this guy to drop 5k the state trooper is yelling at me you CANT MUG ME WHILE IM DRIVING YOU CANT MUG ME WHILE IM DRIVING and i keep telling him im killing him if he doesnt get out of my car and drop my money because his car is literally not moving why is he complaining. Then the SNR officer shoots me and thats when i killed both the officers then the state trooper called a sit and nucleus said that is common sense that if someones moving i wouldnt be able to mug them yet theres really no rule against it so i dont see how im being punished. i see people doing it all the time i do it all the time to staff and other players while they are moving and nothing ever happens. this guy wasnt even moving and he didnt have any video to back it up. nucleus said he talked to another staff member and said it was failrp and is common sense. yet theres no rule against mugging people in a moving car while this guy wasnt even moving and has no video. Why are rules always being made up by staff members. are rules being discussed in staff meetings to be enforced on the players? because these rules are coming out of no where and arent in the rule book... Any extra information:
  8. There were like 5 other people doing the EXACT same thing as me. And you picked me only. The “situation” wasn’t even a situation it’s just friends messing around staff participate in it all the time so do other players. No one is ever warned for it. Only time I didn’t return to where my friends had were isnwhen cops decided to mess with us and I got killed. Then I wait till the finish there situation n leave then we go back to what we were doings. There were literally multiple people running out of spawn killing and shooting but I’m the only one brought to the roof. Warned and minged with no discussion about it. Because either you were inpatient and don’t want to deal with it or you purely just wanted me warned. You could have conducted a sit with the people that reported me like every other staff does.
  9. So how come other staff members and players were doing it with me and willy brought only me. Everyone should have been punished but he decides to slam me with a warn and nobody else. Why isn’t it in MOTD why haven’t I heard this from SMT? Why is only staff getting told this then when a player does it he gets warned and minged as if it’s a known rule on the motd getting sick of these made up rules that are enforced by staff that aren’t in the MOTD how is there supposed to be a rule that’s not in motd... I’ve even seen you and your is cute family do the exact same thing in spawn so how am I to be warned and minged but no one else does...
  10. Saying fuck off and he doesn’t give a fuck doesnt seem like disrespect to me to be honest.
  11. Your In-game:Bigjohnny Your SteamID:STEAM_0:0:190683417 The admin's name in-game:SRT MAJ Willy 1X10 The admin's steam name (If you know it):na What warning did you receive:RDM l ARDM l Mass NITRP l NLR Multiple times Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Why do you think this warn was false: I think the warn is false because I never RDMed anybody if I had consent from the people I killed to kill them. All 4 of us were killing each other which people do pretty often when they are friends and are messing around. I’d be minding my own business walking around doesn’t matter what I’m doing minding my own business hanging with my friends no one has to come and interfere with me but cops decide to interfere and then open fire on me. If I die I usually sit around at spawn until all the cops clear up and the situation finishes up. But if I die by my friends I’d go right back to where we usually mess around which we have all done that including staff and non staff members have done the same thing and never got picked out the crowd and warned for NLR when no sit was conducted. He said like 6 people or something was reporting me but then no one was brought to the rooftop n he didn’t want to explain who was reporting me or have anyone brought to the roof just seems kind of suspicious then he said there’s no argument for it ima just get a warn and a minge. I talked to my friends they said they never reported me but willy said my friends were the ones reporting me. Then I talked to my friends that were staff that I was messing around with n he said if I was doing something bad he would have froze me or said something. I think it’s suspicious that I was brought to a rooftop and told I’m getingn a warm and minge no discussion about it. He could have brought everyone that was doing the same thing as me and talked to them too but he only brought me and warned and minged me. Why If there were 3 or more people doing the same thing as me even staff I’m the only one brought to the roof and punished. And I discussion went on. I personally know that I don’t kill people without valid rp reasons unless they are my friends and we are messing around. And if I hit someone unintentionally with my gun while I’m in a gunfight because they get in crossfire It shouldn’t be ARDM because if it was ARDM why would i ATTEMPT to do it when I know I could just do it. There were multiple players and staff involved in the situation and I find it weird I was the only one brought because I was doing the same thing my friends were doing that didn’t get punished.. Any extra information:
  12. Who tf took that picture
  13. Fuel tank should be able to be upgraded or something with money