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  1. - support some people are not as active on the forums, no use
  2. - support that is half life 2 stuff I’m not sure that’s changeable (base game)
  3. - support No Effort Commander is LTC+ explain more on questions 2, 5, and 7
  4. True buuuuuttttt. The player base is dropping and we are losing older core players so I’m going to + support this
  5. Agreed. But with other reasons I will give this app a +/- support
  6. Can we not have arguments in an application page. This is purely for + or - supports. + support I think everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt if you were ever minding (never seen you do that) hes very very active. - Senior Gamemaster Gibbi
  7. Naval Name: oasis Naval Rank: LT Date you joined: 2/23/19 Last promotion? (date & person who promoted you): 5/4/19 (Naval High Command) How is your activity (be honest): Active Do you have any Naval strikes?: 1 if you haven't got on please tell me why?: LOA
  8. The sheer size of the models for the use of one person is not acceptable - support
  9. If we could do that then + support but the hi is something else
  10. GibbiGibbi

    Force Choke

    that is why senior gms can strike people + Support