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  1. Hannah King


    how much money is it to buy out the dead pool custom class
  2. Custom classes who have the hitman swep has to follow hitman rules still No Rdm hits can only be done when no one is around and there needs to be a reason for the hit already rules for this :3
  3. please appeal the ban chiken we can't lose you!!! you were changing for the better please... you didn't fail anyone chiken you did one hell of a job for srt you seemed really happy as well
  4. just put in the question on the custom class forums and once he does custom classes he will tell you i'd say name the class you want to buy as well so he could check what's on it and what the total cost will be.
  5. Hannah King

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    it was a fun war but it ended up personal i don't hate you and i am not mad at you ether, but you will be blacklisted from the kings due to betrayal
  6. You're r next but you're death will be recorded
  7. Hannah King


    you on the bottom
  8. Hannah King


    Looks like Kings stay on top ? It would be nice to have a battle with you though
  9. If th3 removes a post I know it's for the better I have trust in him and his actions