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  1. u'd love this but i dont think we got anyone to run the department
  2. omfggggg these are some awesome memorys and when nolan was manger!!!
  3. well gov n should be doing resetsat there base and crims shouldn't be doing resets at all there is a hospital for a reason use it, and i think gov can only spawn there car Grand Theft auto use to be a big part in this server and not it has gone to crap even higher up staff members do this and the people who can't respawn there car tell them to bad its roleplay deal with it i am tired of people using the semi serous part of police rp to not actually go with roleplays , and this never has been a problem in the past its just like calling a staff member to pick your car up when its stuck
  4. image.png.433e2a0bd155fe911bf702bf93b583f7.png

    When i Pull my Knife out 

    1. [GL] Joe Mama

      [GL] Joe Mama

      *sees Hannah with a knife* Oh sh*t, someones getting mugged

  5. i don't think you understand the advantage you have if you spam abuse it ig i am old school when everything was about skill and not hiding , and this isn't just a gov thing this also makes raiding pointless because it's 2 shots with an awp and some one just needs to hide and press a button to get cheap shots on you
  6. even higerups do this this thing needs to be added again it makes carjacking so useless and its fail rp
  7. What you want to see? - rule being added about buttons and spamming / having a timer for how long they have to hold the button for so like 4/5 secs i think would be fair Why should we add it? - i think this should be added because the new basing update these shooting windows could be easily abused What are the advantages of having this? -Balances everything out for raiders/gov Who is it mainly for? - raiders/gov Links to any content -
  8. What you want to see? - making car jacking a thing and disabling the return car thing from far away Why should we add it? - because when you carjack some one they just go back to the dealership and fail rp by returning there cars What are the advantages of having this? - less fail rp less staff sits over silly stuff ,, idk why this was added anyways Who is it mainly for? -crim Links to any content - N/A
  9. -support you dissed calamity he has worked so hard for his rank you don't even know not only that you were copbaiting just shooting around begging to get the cops to raid your base.. ban should stay -Hannah
  10. And you never know if he's talking about the one in gaming light I personally don't like it because there's rarely anything to do in there
  11. I mean it's not really disrespect I hear this all the time on police rp -support
  12. Inactiveeeeeeeeee  🙂


    jk ily ❤️

  13. So because of recent attacks on our smt team I just think we should show them they are still respected and loved and the staff members who were also attacked , first i I wanna say this to my little brother fame I already know how much effort and how much days and nights of staffing to be at your rank and I know you do hell of a good job at it and hopefully one day this server will allow 2 managers and I think you are fit,btw my favorite memory's of us was the mugging game and when me you and asuna made a bar , Matthew my god I remember training you and how much hard you were in swat and of and staff and srt like you are high command in 2 departments It's so amazing how far you have gotten hopefully you will get the head admin tag soon, My favorite memory of us when we did that warehouse when that guy jumped with his tool gun and scared the hell out of me and I 1 shotted him in the head, Logan , you are very nice and we use to be closer than what you are you need to stop being a stranger and talk to me more xP, snar: I definitely know what you have done for this server and I seen you when you were head admin for police rp you were the friendliest admin ever and still are, my favorite memory was when me and asuna would always run up to you can call you daddy to freak you out when he had his small model , @Matthew @Snarlax @Fame @Logan