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  1. This honestly made me tear up I a mess so thankful I helped you do better as you deserve this world remember You will always be ok and if anything you face haters drama what ever I know you will make it thew it I never even knew I have helped people out, that's my goal in life I am going to be a social worker and help people in my future I am going to do more tags later. You are definitely in it
  2. Respect mikey we need to hang out before I go for like half a year
  3. Only thing I can see maddog getting a warn is for mugging in a public area at this time
  4. Motd rules doesn't state anything about killing the president in mugs +support
  5. Hello every one I am just letting you know I got accepted into collage and that fun stuff so alot of my time will be around school as I don't have a computer for gmod and where I am going to I cant let it be an distraction from my school work I will be leaving next month on the 15th possible ways of contact would be my discord I will leave it , I just wanted to say I will miss y'all so much and I hope everything will be the same when I get back, My account will be taken over by my friend kayliee as she likes garrysmod a little People who I love and respect the most @FAME! little brother I will always respect you and what you do and you better be manager when I return @Blitzton you have full edit access to my custom class you can add/remove people just dont let minges on it please, @Snarlax even though you might not see this I own lots of respect to the work you fame and zeeptin has done and I hope I see you when I get back @ExoTic Maddog honestly this is fucking hard you are one of the most amazing and outstanding people I have met on gamlinglight and no one could take us on while we are on the team keep being you please , @myan thank you for being the longest tac team leader the stuff you have done in swat and for swat is speechless asf and you will always be my commander even though I am not on the team at this moment @elapin jesus you are one of the people who actually didn't change into being a big jerk I hope everything will be good before I go and yes your class is coming I need to do 1 good deed before I go, @Calamity we have had our hard times I have ranted to you alot of times also you are a pretty good person with a good heart just please dont let the power take over you @Freeze I better see you as swat co-commander when I return you butt face My discord Sadie-<3#2139
  6. When you tell your best friend /sister that  your computer  broke and they just laugh and say thank god no more e boys and gmod 😂

    1. Shadow The Hedgehog

      Shadow The Hedgehog

      e  -  b   o  y  s



      im concerned

  7. Please don't diss gaminglight staff they do there best for your roleplay experience is better and in this report the staff member isnt doing anything wrong or breaching the staff hand book, I know you might think the staff team is bias and corrupt but I can promise you they are not, next time please have audio in your report to for people can see and hear everything what's going on, thank you -hannah
  8. -support no proof that swat was distracted
  9. My computer is broken so I won't be in game or discord at all for a few weeks byee

    1. Shadow The Hedgehog

      Shadow The Hedgehog


    2. Hannah King

      Hannah King

      I'll be getting a new one in 9 days!

    3. Shadow The Hedgehog
  10. steam id STEAM_0:0:422051471 Harley Quinn player model bugged out , it shows that i am an error for people and the hitboxes are big also the bodygroups dont work kind the same problem my hannah king model had link https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=919247105
  11. Turning up!!image.thumb.jpg.25e5f2250c5a69c5936179ac3cab2d5c.jpg

    1. [GL] Joe Mama

      [GL] Joe Mama

      Looks like you're going to have fun! 😄

    2. Hannah King
    3. [GL] My Pet named Steve

      [GL] My Pet named Steve

      O h n o h a n n a h i s g o i s g o i n g t o h a v e a h a n g o v e r 

  12. - support Sadly this suggestion has been suggested in the past and got denied not only that but it will be hard to enforce