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  1. +support tbh chad has to be one of my favorite admins he is super nice friendly easy to goto if you need help i really do think he is ready for this role of being snr admin as he has been a mod in the communty like a year ago, and he is mature asf
  2. how much would it be to add in a guitar https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=809221855
  3. Hannah King

    Gang Unit!

    - support for the tac unit and the problem is we had BSI but it got removed because it was inactive
  4. tcoops you were a very kind person to patrol around with even though you got bored of gaminglight i understand i wish you the best where ever you goto and i will never for get the times we patrol together you were 1 hell of a swat member and never gave up once thank you for everything you have done to the department even though you might seem like you didn't do alot you actually did your fair and i accapt that, and you are the best team leader anyone could ask for
  5. welcome even though you killed me with a chainsaw -.-
  6. I have gave it some thought and I needed a change I am still in swat just in a sub division of it everything will be the same
  7. it has been an honor to be in swat but i really do think its time for a change for me just because i have left the department doesn't mean we won't patrol together you guys are family and i did my best for swat and tried i will be joining the srt team but once again that doesn't mean we wont patrol or hang out like we always do @myandabeast thank you for being such a good commander i have always looked up to your leader ship and everything @Josh H-Y. Thank you for being the best co-commander you have helped me in many ways and i hope after this we will still be close to each other @Matthew i have so many things to say to you , you have grown up in a lot of ways in the communty i remember when we first met and we were instantly friends @ExoTic Maddog You're my brother and on matter what happens ill be here for you @tcoops Thank you for everything you have done for swat honestly @JMS Thank you so much for everything i enjoyed seeing you move up the ranks @soulness Holy you remind me a lot of my self when i joined swat at first your breaching style and your leadership is just amazing @Emmu06 don't give up you are a good swat member and will go far trust me @elapin i know things look hard for you right now but just know things will get better for you and you are such a sweet heart until people piss you off i gotyour back always
  8. People need to know you're a tmod that means moderater in training of course you are going to make mistakes buddy In my eyes you're doing a good job
  9. @BigJohnny you put your steam id in to remove
  10. i like it but the thing is alt tabbing out of game and doing this is really risky as family members can shoot you up at anytime