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  1. -support blacklists can not be appealed
  2. Sadly for this matter felix isnt on the server anymore and we dont know any actual details on what happen on his side of things also why didnt you think about appealing this eariler
  3. You will be shocked actually alot of cops call people assholes irl I have witness it my self and I live in canada just think how bad the us ones are
  4. Alright my last question before I change my mind did you actually feel offended or you just wanted him warn because y'all have beef
  5. Jeez y'all going soft this is a lame ass diss +support
  6. Honestly in a + /- support they did have a -support reason to search your house after you pulled that class 3 pistol out and waving it around +support instead of using that evidence they warranted you for a whole different charge
  7. I think after 40 warns is an automatic blacklist but you did have 40 times to stop mingeing sorry buddy +support
  8. Just telling you with the silencer it's a class 3 weapon
  9. Y'all acting like bambob killed some one jeez , like leave the guy alone hes the past he isnt hurting any of you guys he just referred a player to our community I get why everyone is on high guard but legit telling his friends not to be friends with him is mean asf
  10. Soo recently you guys have might have heard  me taking a break from gmod but I am sadly to say this but it's going to be permanent,  I requested steam to delete my account and it will be deleted in 24 for hours I did this because  my computer is messed up and I won't be getting a new one,  as I have the baddest  luck with computers

    Matthew sorry I cant tag you butt 

    I want to say thank you so for what you have done for me and this community      it means alot to   people you are such a sweet heart I am not even kidding    

    @Blitzton oh my gosh theres alot to say to you , you have grown up in many ways from we  first met    but sadly I cant keep up with the hacking harrassment  and other false accusations  what's leading me into    depression  when I first joined gaminglight there was alot more nice people ,  and my computer is completely   fired also 

    @ mikey cant find yea name but I wanna say thank you for being the coolest guy on the server I have never heard you yell at anyone in staff sits or other stuff you are such a good staff member you might not believe  it but trust me you're very dedicated   and I cant wait till that SA tag   


    @Calamity  idk if I can tag jmt ik we had our little fights and ups and down but I will always respect   what you have done for gaminglight  and keeping the alts away 

    @th3 I finally  get to tag you!  But you might be surprised  you're  on my list , I just wanna let you know thanks for what you have done   and I'm sorry about our past fighting 

    I will still be on fourms alot to see how everyone's doing though 


  11. @Kaylah L message me I'll tell you how to get ts installed