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  1. We dont need immature people here
  2. Well smt will look into this I dont really understand who would put a ban saying this isnt the place for you..
  3. So could those warns be for some one else have you ever had like the same name of some one? Or last name? It does like really bugged out 1969 is like older than me xD
  4. Ohh I remember this! Didn't it cause like crashes
  5. I mean that is smts job to do they didn't sign up for the job just to be lazy And this idea looks cool
  6. +support Knows leader ship Very kind Helpful Mature -support I would really like you to improve on activity I never see you on the pd job , could be the timing I get on
  7. Hannah King


    Potato computer?
  8. Still can't believe  I got banned  from 7 eleven 

  9. Hannah King


    What my he said ^^
  10. Hannah King


    I still get 50/80 fps