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  1. if this is a form of player dissing i will take it down i just thought it was funny when i was making it
  2. idk how you wish for me to show it im open for ideas though
  3. +support i was there for that he dids it to everybody big ol bully ;-;
  4. uhh mine was being more open about who i was i think i did a good job other than that just same ol me
  5. so for hospital there is a weird bug to where if you have a certain amount of heath and you buy 50 percent heath you have a good chance of it going over the 100 heath limit i ended up with over 120 to 150 heath due to this bug
  6. yeah i got harassed today pretty hard about it not gonna lie nonstop playing dissing and generally being annoying and shit like that killed my mood to play tonight
  7. being apart of that community (femboy status) i think this would be a good idea but there will be people trying to ruin the event and cause people to run away so if you can do it the right away im all for it
  8. no no dont touch me there this is my no no square
  9. 10-4 LT springs after months of our high pd command it is with great honer to serve with you and work with you it wont be the same without you good luck in the feature and you will always have a place on pd.... you are now clear 10-7 we have the watch from here
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    i smell colors