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  1. Accepted list: Smith Andrew Brock Welcome guys to SWAT! We hope you enjoy your stay and are proud to have you!
  2. Couldn't have said it better myself Echo. Thank you.
  3. +SUPPORT Warn was made out of false judgement on my side. Night was pretty stressful and after watching the video closer I seen where the warn is in fact false. So, I vote to have it removed.
  4. This post makes me sick to my stomach. We volunteer for our time to help keep the server clean of people who come around to make players times a bad time. You're not obligated to be a staff member to help keep the server clean, you applied for that, but asking for free donation ranks? That's a little far in my opinion. This post ^ explains so much (as Masterson explained) and the thought of even thinking about asking for free donator ranks is just not the best thing ever. Want the donator ranks? Buy them. Here's a question, did you apply to staff JUST so you could have access to the donator ranks? Because this suggestion seems to lead into that. Not accusing you of it, it's just a curious question.
  5. No im saying that nobody is inside the bank unless it is being robbed or unless people are in there looking suspicious This suggestion is just a joke on their part because they obviously wasn't being serious about it.
  6. -SUPPORT This was all done as a joke. Government obviously can't sit inside of the bank vault as there is other duties for them to attend to. When bank is being robbed, it is the top priority yes but until that becomes an active situation, nobody is or should be at the bank (unless they see someone go inside and gov are trying to figure out where they are going)
  7. +SUPPORT This player was also banned just today for MassRDM in Spawn and making protesting based remarks. He was banned by Brandon.
  8. -SUPPORT I warned you for posting the personal info in OOC thing (as Phil provided) and I can tell you for a fact that you had no care in the world. You even told me "It was a joke" and you didn't mean it as a joke, I didn't ban you that night because i was extremely tired and didn't think about it. But, on other things, you were banned because you caused SO many problems and I wouldn't want to see you back. Warn bans and bans over 1 year can no longer be appealed. Edit: I take that back. I did ban you that night. It was right after me and Tom Brown warned you because I asked Fame about the ending part (he told me to put it down) about seeing SMT at the time and you never did.