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  1. Toby.

    Pride month coming up

    i think its a great idea tbh
  2. -support I understand where you are coming from as in you were in a bad mood we've all had those days but you have to know how to control yourself. Even though you might not have meant any of it its still a valid ban.
  3. So ive been on a loa for like 2 weeks and i come back and my cc is there but my model isnt in the content so for everyone else im an error. is there anyway to get it back in the contentpack? Name Of Class: Hazard This is the link to the model:
  4. My gun was on the Hostage at the end as soon as they rushed in i awped him in the head then went for the dogs
  5. +support Even some gov were messing around too and ender was the only one to get mad i think this should have been a verbal mostly because we weren't trying to ruin someones rp we were just having fun and took it a bit too far. Plus we didnt have any warns about it before hand and i dont even think the admin checked our warns before warning us.