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  1. May the gods be with you for adding side by side. No more getting stuck behind 1 gov in a raid. (RIP all the current OP bases)
  2. You guys are getting them back. Had n discussion with Alton and Steve last night. (spoiler alert?)
  3. Wine, or just alchol in general, works both for me (bambob flashbacks)
  4. - Support + I could see the fun in it - Wont be used by alot of people (know that now already) - Looking at how it operates it will lag the server - Wont stabalize the economy at all
  5. there was n idea by Snar or Valk I think to make a certain area have the ability to be controlled by 1 of the factions. Whoever holds it earns money or whatever and they could kill and fight over this. Basiclay king of the hill. Idea was disbanded/forgotten about (prob didnt work out.' good idea tho + Support
  6. -/+ Support This is a hard discussion as you got 2 groups. Gov and crim and everyone knows who is - and + supporting. We cannever make both sides happy. Never + Makes ''cancer'' bases easier to actually properly raid. + No endless raids by gov wich we just get tired from. - I like n challange - Shouldn't be to easy - Government can come back (so can crim) with alot of numbers, we have gass, you name it. - Embrases tac to actualy think and play smart (+Running through stacked up fences is not that tho) Again, its hard to even out the rules because in the end every side will just rant about it
  7. dont think 5.99 is n problem but + support
  8. Freeze

    Stafff Skin

    We should give staff helicopters! + Support
  9. Freeze

    Stafff Skin

    - support Staff is here to support the players and watch for those who break rules. We should be flying around not driving. If we drive we interfear with RP : Copps pulling over, getting in the way ect ect If people see staff driving arounf they are not gonna minge infront of you. but if you are cloaked they will
  10. Prob wasnt intended to exploit, just to amuse him self and like others have said, video only shows him doing it 1 time and even if he did, maby tell him not to do it again. Warning is not nessacary
  11. - Support whenever there are alot of hobo's on the only thing I have with them is problems, minging, breaking rules acting dumb ect. Not needed, 5 is fine.
  12. + Support Friendly Helpful Proffesional Active Ready