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  1. Freeze

    Stsin suggestion

    +/- Support The map is very big, alot of misunderstandings can come from this, like not a accurate location name. Irl a dispatcher would send a location to officers responding wich they can put in a GPS, if they dont know where it is. So the current blimp is not that much out of roleplay. As we dont have a GPS in-game
  2. Freeze


    They removed them
  3. So I looked at the current server labels like : And thought they maby look a bit dull. This maybe for reasons like to not make the forums to busy with stuff ect wich I understand. But it still led me to try something new : + These are just examples wich I put together realy quickly. (like the fonts could be better) Just to show how it maby could be.
  4. ^^ Yea I think activity is the main problem other then that you'd be a good fit
  5. Good to see you back, hope to see you around
  6. If your planning on staying on the server (wich I hope) I think the go to donation is VIP+, gets you all you need in jobs, building and shows that you care about the server.
  7. Calamity you have been one of the best command members ive seen. You have put alot of work into swat and I highly appreciate you for that. You have been put as MSGT reserve and hopefully we will see you patrolling with us again soon. Thank you.
  8. Ya'll got rookie numbers
  9. Liked I talked about with you in TS, you did not follow the rules and as your a somewhat longer player you should be aware of the rules and keep up to date. - Support
  10. What you want to see? - To see the bailer changed/removed. Why should we add it? - Everytime gov arrest a crim I just hear the sentence ''Just bail me out'' ''Yo Il just be bailed out so gl'' ''Il pay you back''. At this point arresting people is useless, especialy when they are in a rich family and even then most people atm have around a couple of millions on them. Jail sentences like 10y dont do the job anymore and people dont care about being arrested. Sure when there arent that many people on it kinda works but when you got a couple of family members online it becomes plain useless. 600k or something is a penny in a haystack for alot of people. When they get bailed they are on the street again and so on. What are the advantages of having this? - Crime not happening repeatedly. Jailing actualy have a use besides waisting pd's time. Who is it mainly for? - Crim and gov Links to any content - N/A Either make bailing more expensive or remove it. -Freeze
  11. Yes we need to jail now +Support but I think the best way is maby n command if possible.
  12. Yea above reasons.' You just got back to the server, I'd wait a bit before applying. Get more know around the somewhat newer people. Your app is very detailed but we want to know why you should be promoted not so much your whole star wars trilogy lore explenation if you understand what I mean. But you have put alott of effort in tho so props for that. Shows that you want it. gl
  13. Freeze

    Android / IOS App

    I mean Im all for the idea but im just not sure whether this is realy needed.