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  1. - Support I dont realy see you online
  2. +/- Support The rue was made ages ago to have something for gov to fall back on. Sometimes you have situations where the Robber couldn't be more annoying and stalls and is minging or whatever. On the other hand, the hostage should be rescued at all costs wich I do agree with. But again the objective for crim is to rob the bank and for gov to make sure this doesnt happen. If we do this every criminal will just stall and end it in a shootout running out.
  3. Take the time you need and if its gonna take a while just put in n LOA and take a break for a week orso or more of course and sort eveything out before joining back. Good luck and hope to see you soon
  4. Im sure Calamity doesnt ban someone without knowing for sure its the someone he knows it is.
  5. +/- Support For staff its hard cause if someone leave and logs dont say timed out they left knowing. Of course you cant always choose that you need to go soon but you can think about it in advance. Mostly if this happens to me I notify staf so they dont warn me and they are aware and make sure the cop arresting you knows about it correctly and that your leaving. On Sanches side he did nothing wrong.
  6. If Phil responds I could judge, but if he doesnt respond we cant realy say to much other then go off your word
  7. - Support I mean its a fun idea and all but im not sure whether this is needed. Would maybe make the chat even more a pain to look at sometimes and just confusing for alot of people.
  8. Its possible but like matthew stated, someone would have to code it. If that can be done + Support
  9. Isnt this maybe a Vcmod issues cause you used to press a bind and it would lock it. But now that doesnt work for some reason. But if its something that is on our side huge + Support
  10. Freeze


    I mean either make a know lo location for everyone or choose own spot and it shouldnt be a problem. People can be mingy everywhere not just PD the thing is to control them and it shouldn't be a problem Its a good idea to have it and yes it increases RP but will also maybe performance issue's for the server and if you didnt know yet, the server can get very laggy at some times. I'd day, first make sure the server can handle it and then the other problems and after that maybe add a court house +/- Support
  11. - Support First of all, evidence is kind of useless, I cant hear springs att all from you talking loudly over it or others. Secondly, you cant base there. And yes it was a mistake and yes he should be more carefull your right about that. Nothing major should happen, staff members just needs to be carefuller next time picking someone up. - Freeze (People using "dont have him as a buddy" as a argument is kind of useless. Ryan didnt choose for this to happen or prob forgot he was his buddy)
  12. Hi everyone. Today marks my 3rd year as a member of gaminglight. And with this post I would like to thank you all for making this community what it is and what it is supposed to be. You have made my time hear amazing, with ups and downs and it has been a hell of ride. With al the amazing servers and people out there it makes me stay longer and longer. Special thanks to all the staff who I have been working with for the last couple of years and dont leave my side. Thanks for reading and I hope you have an amazing day! To the many more years that may come!