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  1. - Support Even for a warn report its not something I'd warn for. You made similar reports of people just bantering around about small things your making a report over. Calm it down thats all. Its something not warnable, if you want further action to be taken go to state high command.
  2. I think I understand what your suggesting, for new players they have no idea who is called what on the forums and people replying possibly do know so they can @ them, so I dont think its a big of a deal for the moment.
  3. SWAT Applications will be closing this sunday! We wil be holding tryouts once every while. They wont be open for a good amount off time so this will be your last chance! Thanks everyone for their support!
  4. [SWAT LOGO] Accepted list: WinkleStink SkullCap Mersive If you have been accepted, please contact a Field Training Officer ASAP for training! You have 14 days to be trained by an FTO. Failure to do so will have you removed from the department and you'll have to reapply. SWAT Commander Freeze
  5. + Support Defined false by staff member in question
  6. Freeze

    Goodbye kind folk

    sad to see you go man, goodluck to whatever may come!
  7. Its not apealable, your not the only one who give us a story that they are better now and I truly believe that but if we allow 1 person dozens want in.
  8. In the end old blacklists from SMT, especially retired *he is back tho now Can not be apealed.
  9. Freeze

    New sound

    sometimes if you download n addon that overrides the standart one it will do that. So finding the addon and removing it helps. If that doesnt work maybe download a normal one? Other then that idk and then google might be your option
  10. if they were all 1 year old warnings I'd leave it but as it looks like 4 warnings in 2 days shows he is not back to learn/better himself. + Support
  11. Warn for RDM is valid. The arguing, I'd have to see it cause the discord link(?) shows nothing and redirects me to my own account. So cant see the evidence myself. for the moment - support In the end the warning is not gonna go, only a new warning for rdm and this one removed but why the hassle. A warning is a warning only thing you can do is apologize and own up to it. goodluck
  12. I mean its not the most realistic but it is the most practical. If you block of all lanes, cars will keep honking, annoy you and other officers. Its more work to keep both closed and its not needed for the general flow of trafic. Its fine like it is now. - Support
  13. Corona is f'd up. Everyone thought it was nothing and a day later half of n country's population is infected. Oh man did Carona teach them n lesson