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  1. Cant think of how many times this has been suggested. Everytime it was denied. Causes major lag. Not needed It indeed would be cool but cons overrule
  2. I dont see you on that much tho, thats maby that we prob play different time zones. Other then that your a great guy!
  3. Sad to see so many lifes ruined.
  4. Freeze


    + Support This could realy help RP in different situations Help Zeeptin with cc when people want a certain bodygroup on there model Overall a good idea wich couldn't hurt having -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. ^^ Yea, I want to see you online a bit more thats it. Also tip, warnings that are 1 y old or older can be apealed to be removed. Having alot of old warnings will haunt you to the day you are here
  6. ^^ Seems this is more of an atack torwards bambob rather then a actual False warn report, get more mature and have a wonderfull day
  7. Congratulations and welcome to SWAT! Hope to be seeing you ingame!
  8. Freeze

    False Warn

    Kinda see where he is comming from, Report about RDM > Person acused loggs of. This is in his perspective, he prob didnt know you lagged out or something. So was prob a mistake. so yea need side of Smalls
  9. Just for information his warns are about 53 atm
  10. + Support Better training area for cadets, no more interuptions when training. Garage actualy being used what its meant for. Unused rooms being given a purpose.