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  1. I think you should be ACCEPTED for Support! - Active - Friendly - Mature -Friendliness
  2. I think you should be ACCEPTED for Support! - Active - Friendly - Mature -Helps Players
  3. I think you should be ACCEPTED for Support! - Active - Friendly - Mature -Quinten Support+
  4. Name:Quinten Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:87024671 Support Rank: (Support-Support+)Support Staff Rank: (Trialmod-Manager)Senior Mod In your opinion, are you active in support? (Yes and why) (No and why) : Yes i feel i am since i am on mostly every day and most nights very late helping in the support channels
  5. Your In-game: Quinten assassin Your SteamID:STEAM_0:0:87024671 The admin's name in-game:Elf Timmemes The admin's steam name (If you know it):I dont What warning did you receive:Wasting staff time// Lying in sit// Ltaprp/LTAP Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Why do you think this warn was false:First off i crash alot on policerp at random time because of the vcmod and when i crashed that time during the sit i called i informed all staff on ts that had their mics open that i crashed during a sit since i did not know who was during the sit so timmemes may of been speaker mute since their was alot of people muting in channel 1 of policerp or he was not even on ts i dont know which one most likely 1 so after informing staff i thought i would be fine since i was loading back in at that time so i went though my day normal till today whiich today i noticed i had a warn on me. i did not waste staff time since the sit was about someones friend failrping and raming me in the front of the car because his friend was running after me as a cop to arrest me the person i was reporting said he did not even care if its failrp or not since it is his friend he does what he wants which is a vaild reason to call a sit on him also i dont know even know what LTAPRP is even,for lying in a sit i did not understand why he put that since i did not lie at anypoint in the sit since i did have proof at that time he did say he does not care if its failrp and i provide it to him Any extra information: I noticed it today since i was warned by mistake on darkrp which that was fixed but i saw i had 2 warns then i realized i was warned on that day
  6. Steam Name:Quinten Ingame Name:Quinten Admin that Warned you:Munchins Reason for Warn:Door blocking and raiding without calling raid Why is it false:He warn me by mistake instead of warning the other guy he fixed it but told me to appeal it since he cant remove it Evidence:
  7. nimo i love u but i am going with Super - support for now since i have not since he put effort like coming on and playing or in ts to show he has changed he might of but he should not appeal his restriction unless he is coming on the server and ts their is no reason he should not be on the server and ts since he just staff restricted so he should be play and on ts to prove he changed so he does not deserve it untill he does that


  9. I would like to say this so everyone knows we already have a player who is already almost level 200 But i see your point what i feel is not to make it easier to level up but to make npc/player give u more xp when u kill them so when we do events the player can gain it that way and dueling since it more logical to do it that way in the long term so if we just lowered the amount u need to level up it would not be smart in the long term
  10. @zackery101 just want to ask in the pic it shows u took 3 screenshot was the 3 screenshots the same or are their different