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  1. Amazing post good times back then oo hades squad was fun being near #besteventsSOUL
  2. -From My experience with him I Feel He Will Do Great As Support
  3. I think you should be ACCEPTED for Support! - Active - Friendly - Mature -Friendliness
  4. I think you should be ACCEPTED for Support! - Active - Friendly - Mature -Helps Players
  5. I think you should be ACCEPTED for Support! - Active - Friendly - Mature -Quinten Support+
  6. Your In-game: Quinten assassin Your SteamID:STEAM_0:0:87024671 The admin's name in-game:Elf Timmemes The admin's steam name (If you know it):I dont What warning did you receive:Wasting staff time// Lying in sit// Ltaprp/LTAP Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Why do you think this warn was false:First off i crash alot on policerp at random time because of the vcmod and when i crashed that time during the sit i called i informed all staff on ts that had their mics open that i crashed during a sit since i did not know who was during the sit so timmemes may of been speaker mute since their was alot of people muting in channel 1 of policerp or he was not even on ts i dont know which one most likely 1 so after informing staff i thought i would be fine since i was loading back in at that time so i went though my day normal till today whiich today i noticed i had a warn on me. i did not waste staff time since the sit was about someones friend failrping and raming me in the front of the car because his friend was running after me as a cop to arrest me the person i was reporting said he did not even care if its failrp or not since it is his friend he does what he wants which is a vaild reason to call a sit on him also i dont know even know what LTAPRP is even,for lying in a sit i did not understand why he put that since i did not lie at anypoint in the sit since i did have proof at that time he did say he does not care if its failrp and i provide it to him Any extra information: I noticed it today since i was warned by mistake on darkrp which that was fixed but i saw i had 2 warns then i realized i was warned on that day
  7. Steam Name:Quinten Ingame Name:Quinten Admin that Warned you:Munchins Reason for Warn:Door blocking and raiding without calling raid Why is it false:He warn me by mistake instead of warning the other guy he fixed it but told me to appeal it since he cant remove it Evidence: