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  1. Steam ID who paid: STEAM_0:0:155840014 Class Name: Dare Devil Name for who paid: Cows Police RP Adding Armor no format to how to make this xD
  2. Is there anyway I could talk with someone on why I was denied I just want to know what to improve on
  3. Not what SS has IRL local PD
  5. New Skin: Ingame name: Cows Job name: Dare Devil Steam ID who paid for it: STEAM_0:0:155840014
  6. Ingame Name: MiKeY Job Name: Dare Devil Server: Police RP Players SteamID you want added to the job: STEAM_0:1:156470521 The person that Paid SteamID: STEAM_0:0:155840014
  7. ingame name: Zoobzy Job Name: Dare Devil Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:214365226 person who paid: STEAM_0:1:214365226